Dead Body Love - Candles

Dead Body Love is rather old project of Italian harsh noise. The first work was released 15 years ago in 1995, but at one point activity of the project was put on hiatus for long years and just a few years back Dead Body Love started releasing his albums once more. I've heard a couple of works of this project and they stuck in my head not only because of a fancy title of the unit, but also because of good, intensive sound.
Before analyzing this album I'd like to praise Impulsy Stetoskopu label and their work with releases. Those albums from the label that I had in my hands, they always surprise me for their carefully thought over and realized ideas. Hand made, but highest quality packaging. This release is packed in sealed A5 envelope. On one side of the envelope - flame of the candle, on the other side - painting of Max Beckmann. Instead of post stamp there is a logo of the label, in places where addresses should be - information about the album and contacts. Inside the envelope there are four big color photos, related to conception of the album and printed excerpt from "Naked Lunch" and also CDr in envelope, marked with candle wax. This is one of the release that is good simply to hold in your hands. One long track, playing for more than half an hour is the whole album and that's no surprise because pieces of Dead Body Love are rarely short ones. Album starts with high pitched feedback, surrounded by episodic noises and squeaks. It goes that way for some five minutes when finally drowns in the flaming sea of Dead Body Love sounds. Low frequencies are almost not audible through the whole album and the sound is concentrated on middle and high ones. You can hear a second or two of low rumble and it is lost in the sound. Such distribution of frequencies is one of the reasons why this record is exhausting after several listening sessions, but I'd say that's one of positive aspects of it. What's most important is that Gabriele Giuliani masterfully controls intensive attack of noise for more than 30 minutes. There's not a second that "Candles" would transform into unjustifiable bleeps, chaos of sounds and noises. The slightest change in this album is well placed, well thought over and of vital importance for further development of the track. It's monolithic, solid piece of noise which I silently liken to HNW because of its intensity. Uncompromising sound in this work melts the details and presents totality as the most important thing. Of course this work is neither innovative, nor somewhat exceptional. It is not so, but when I listen to it, the word "classical" spins in my head. Legendary noises during their best years and so on. Harsh noise in all its beauty and power. All that is found in this album. And of course the impression is strengthened by unique packaging of Impulsy Stetoskopu. Truly good release. It was quite some time since I was listening to harsh noise release with content and light fatigue. I recommend "Candles" to those who likes classic.

Format: CDr
Released: 2009
Label: Impulsy Stetoskopu
Edition: 120

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