Coma Detox - Reduced to an Invalid

This cassette, I can say without a doubt, is one of the strongest debuts in the scene of power electronics in 2009. Not without a reason right away after this self-released cassette, Coma Detox was taken under the wing of Nil By Mouth label which is well known for its high quality releases. Reduced to an Invalid is filthy and rough straightforwardness, attacking without compromises for almost 30 minutes. Unrestrained transmutations of noises, absolute energy and domination - this is what I hear in this album. Despite the fact that there are plenty of vocals in this release and there are no lyrics, but this does not prevent from enjoying he final result. I don't even miss them; maybe they'd distort the picture of my imaginable mud in the dark basement. Sound fits to my ears better than good. The base of this album drowned under the filth of low frequencies and the whole construction of album tracks, consisting of feedbacks, sounds of tortured metal, elements of thick noise and delayed voice is built on top of it. The whole impression is filled up with hardly felt, unclear rhythm. Not even the rhythm, but more like nervous hidden pulsations. There is not a second to take a breath in Reduced to an Invalid. No lyrical deviations, samples or melodies - just solid and continuous operation which doesn't heal you, but mutilates even more. Despite the intensity and the fact that there are no innovations, this album not only does not become boring, but everytime while listening to it, it gladdens me with primal angst, raw energy and filth. Ah, there is one minus. After the Nth time I sat to listen to this album, I no longer know where is side A and where is side B. Nothing is written on the cassette so I didn't try to guess and describe every piece. Anyways, the album as a whole is very good. Cassette is packed in a plastic bag between some interesting medical collages/photos. I'd say album with feeling and not pretended. Since this moment the name Coma Detox must be remembered. Must.

Format: CS
Released: 2009
Label: Self-Released
Edition: 55

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