Trepaneringsritualen ‎– The Totality Of Death

Is it possible to review two different releases that have been put out by different labels as one? Yes. Such an unusual case is 2 Trepaneringsritualen discs, released via Malignant from USA and Silken Tofu from Belgium. It is a collection of rare or unpublished tracks. Trepaneringsritualen (I thought I'd never learn to write this title correctly without help from the Internet) is a project of Thomas Marin Ekelund from Sweden. It was started in 2008 and was immediately widely acknowledged in industrial scene. I won't try to analyze the reasons behind this, but perhaps one of the biggest factors is the unique mixture of raw and primitive old school ritual ambient and death industrial which emits somewhat intangible energy in live performances and albums, and you don't go evaluating the complexity or novelty of sounds, but just enjoy your journey through occult labyrinths. Despite the fact that this is the 2 hour long compilation of selected tracks, they are reasonably divided into two discs and quality masters were made so there is no discomfort as in listening to some "best ofs". Though logically this release is split into two parts, one of them is enough to get acquainted with creations of Trepaneringsritualen because every part of this so called "programme" reveals not one or two, but dozen faces of this multi-edged project. Programme A disc is released by famous Malignant label. It's more than an hour of playing time and consists of 14 tracks. Disc starts from short, repetitive guitar loop, unique and trademark vocal of Thomas Martin Ekelund, filtered through effects and overall aggressive track Death Reveler. Starting from the very first songs, these discs represent fundamentally different pictures. Programme A, though varying from calm, subtle and minimalistic, ambient-like compositions to straightforward aggressive death industrial, seems slightly more active and not that atmospheric as programme B. At least I get this impression now, when these discs are spinning one after another for 40th or so time. But let's say it's subjectivity and you should try that on your own. After the first active track, you get journey down, to wander in more subtle industrial sounds until the programme gets back on track with strictly structured All Hail the Black Flame. As for me, such track is the trademark of Trepaneringsritualen and whenever I hear this title, I think exactly of this sort of sounds. Or something like Judas Goat - calm and grey parts varying with exploding ones and returning back to tranquil and feverish realm. The disc ends with very good Death in June C'Est Un Reve cover. Programme B, released by Silken Tofu, starts from the song entitled the same as Thomas' label – Beläten - crackling of fire or something like that, several layers of field recordings, loops of rhythm and monotonous hum in the background. Despite the fact that the first track is followed by exploding Eucharist Of Shit & Piss (I'd say the most aggressive song in the disc), the introduction was made such that if we make an assumption that programme A disc was sounds of the active participation in rituals, the second disc is the following frightening aftereffect of them or post-trip or whatever term you like. Slowly changing synth notes, rudiments of loops, recognizable vocal and gradual sinking into the moldy grave. Both of these programmes are different and equally good and well characterizing creations of this pagan, chaotic, antireligious, satanic, manifold project. Old schoolish filthy sound, intertwining loops, dark passages and explosions of hateful energy. If you never heard of this project, I think these two discs is truly one of the best starting points you could get because in these 2 hours of sounds you'll find everything to be amazed of.

Format: 2xCD
Released: 2013
Label: Silken Tofu, Malignant Records
Edition: 500

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