Various - The Report From Distant Lands - Russia

If I understand it correctly, this release was the first from the planned series of releases, dedicated to noise/ambient/industrial music from different countries. Impulsy Stetoskopu is the label quite often i itiating interesting projects. It has published three volumes of "Industrial Music Encyclopedia", publicizes old Polish industrial scene records for wider audience and overall is quite an original label with peculiar design ideas and so on. Apart from tasteless font, design of this compilation is pleasant and conceptually well fulfilled - three tapes, marked accordingly to colors of Russian flag. All in all I am very careful when exploring Russian scene because I have an impression that apart from shitcore and dark ambient, other styles of industrial is music is almost non-existent.
So I start from the white tape. Dizen Porno starts from the longest track in the tape, playing for almost 18 minutes (tapes are 90 minutes each and thus there is plenty of listening material). The start is boring. Pairs of notes separated by long gaps of silence and elongated through the whole track. I'd say it's experimental, but there are almost no experiments with sound so I don't know. Then we have Zen Porno which is if I understand correctly, the project of the same person with slightly different name. A little more musical track, directly reflecting the title (oh the title is Space Wave, I guess there will be some nasty oscillations in action). And well, I am right. Bubbling, some squeaking and Tibetan bowl or something like that in background - minimal, a little more interesting than the first one, but overall weak work. After such sloppy start we have All Blacks - In Love With A Witch. It is an ordinary drone/ambient, but in this context it sounds so good! Pleasant multi-layered harmonic change of synth chords enriched with sparse additional sounds. All in all the mood gets better with every minute of quite good quality sound. Exit In Grey is the first band in this compilation that has more than one physical release (at least with the title that is declared here) and it's no surprise. It's really nice and sadly dreamy drone/ambient. Also this is the first track with vocal, despite the fact that it is pitched-down to abyss. So I mark this duo for check later. The tape ends with a short Riby Dien track. After the calm and melancholic waving we jump into collage of dissonances, high notes, rotten records, weird rhythms and voices. Perhaps it would sound ok in some different place, but in this particular compilation and tape, it's very poor. B side starts from the second take of Riby Dien. And it is just as weird, short and confusing as the first one. M.F.C. presents a little longer, but monotonous lo-fi with filthy synth lines, hidden sample or talks etc. All in all it would be quite interesting, but it's so distorted and "filthified" that it get more boring than boredom. Booby Mason is a musician who has slightly more releases and I can even find a short blurb about the project. He is noise musician and owner of Zelenina and Hiroshima Toy Pet labels. It seems that at the moment of submitting tracks to compilation, most artists were amazed by sound/silence effect. Tape one is still playing, but I hear N-th track which can be described as simply "pulsations" and I am not surprised when in an 8 minute track I spend 4 minutes listening to silence. I don't get it. Tape is finished with one of the projects that I've heard before - Kshatriy. The name hints that it's field recordings made in particular part of Russia. And yes, these are processed field recordings, but they are quite interesting. Yes, there is loads of silence in here, but sounds of surroundings manage to reflect more colors and make it far more interesting than experiments in studio or computers. My absolute favorites from the white tape - Exit in Grey and Kshatriy.
Blue tape. It started more actively from rhythmic Instant Movie Combinations track. Maybe not more actively, but at least the start is more interesting. Though the project does not get over distorted sounds similar to radio noise, these few minutes gets my attention after the white tape and I'm glad this does not last too long. Obozdur seems rather active project with quite a lot of releases. Though most of them are CDr and web releases, the project at least is not made specifically for this compilation. And you can feel that from their sounds. Experimental sound collage that is not my taste, but it has a weird, dark chaotic atmosphere. 6 minutes is the perfect time for these sounds because otherwise it would get boring. Cyclotimia duo, existing for 15 years, is perhaps the most famous of all the guests in this compilation. Though I have a few releases of theirs, I don't remember them sounding like they do here. 13 minutes of R2D2-like beeping sound themes, variating from dark ambient to avantgarde and so on. Yes, there are some nice seconds and rudiments of sounds, but they are very short and episodic. Not bad, but once again - for how long would I listen to these collages? Gradually we move to Wozzeck sounds. This duo from St. Petersburg transformed from free jazz to noise band, playing sax, drums etc. I guess they didn't do that in this track because all that I hear is thin laptop noise. Sagittarius Promo Group is a project, most likely created for this compilation, in fact surprises me with quite good quality industrial/noise. There is something missing, but after all the mediocre outputs on this side of tape, it sounds very good. So after listening to half of the compilation, I cannot find any track that would be at least average. I am not talking about truly good outputs and projects. But B side is starting. It starts with ritualized industrial track by Mimi Hatua. All in all that's slowly changing single-layered pulsations, but that minimal pseudorhythm is rather interesting in its sound and developing while ends up in delayed mess. All in all - not a bad start. Admi track is also rather pleasant. Primitive rhythms, several delayed background layers, flutes or something like that and decent tribal/experimental track. B side with all ritualized stuff sounds interesting and strong. RajFAjH seems to be the oldest project in this compilation. According to information that I can find, this project was formed in 1991, passed through the sea of black and death metal while finally stayed in dark ambient and black metal area. You have heard all the things they offer and my biggest wish is to fast forward these hums and so on. Post Materialists represents slightly different genre in sound and slightly different level in quality. It's psychedelic noise rock. Lulling guitar loop from several notes and a number of instruments and voices, appearing and vanishing from the whole picture and creating a very lively atmosphere. Now I'm seriously listening. B side is closed by Three Dead Dogs - nothing special, quite average, listenable industrial/noise, leaning more towards noise side. After noticing quite a lot of known names that prepared their tracks for the red tape, I guess it's dedicated to harsh noise. Red zone is opened by rather active Russian noise project in later years .nyctalops. Long, varied and slightly chaotic, but rather interesting track. I've never heard Shum Davar though. Here we have more noise generator sounds and not switching of pedals, but the overall impression is decent. Perhaps 13+ minutes are slightly too long, but after listening to weird experiments for 3 hours, I'm quite happy about it. Dhnw throws in some statics as one can guess by the title of the project. Aggressive beginning of a track was very promising, but the more sound went under distortion and disintegrated into small textures, the less interest I had in them. Razxca is most likely the most productive of all musicians in this compilation with approximately 400 (!!!) releases. All in all - not a bad track with huge amount of reverb, but not the one that could be remembered forever. And Blockhead's Guts awaits at the end of tape which is quite a pleasant surprise. I've expected yet another drone/noise track, but what I got was fantastic filthy and disgusting power electronics. Why have I never heard about this project? This track is truly the best in this compilation! Short, but excellent. B side. I've heard a little of Rose Sobchak, but had
no opinion about it. The same attitude remains after listening to this track - just some average noise. It's quite different with Lowhumgaz. Of course it's subjective and personal, but all these brutal mechanical sounds of machines and motors is never-ending source of inspiration and never get tired of it. And though Helldozer is rather monotonous, it's a really pleasant experience to listen to it. Alisa-Yhtye is another project, existing for more than 15 years and for me personally it is one of the best Russian noisers. After noticing that the length of the track is 15 minutes, I had my doubts if the artist will have enough of what to show, but he had. No boredom, no thoughts and I've just listened to the highest quality noise in this compilation. And the tape ends with Redhaos track What's Your Name. Well, such chaos is a little bit more difficult for me to understand. It's one of those avantgarde noise tracks where people shouts anything, sound is changed in any way possible, something sounds somewhere, but everything is very unclear. All in all - it's a rather interesting compilation. At least for the fact
that it presents one of the most mysterious and least known industrial scene in the world (at least for me). Of course you need to understand that everything is different in There - life is different, sound is created in different ways and sound evaluation criteria are different. Colors of tapes are divided into ambient, experimental/industrial and noise. Well, and such division stands up. Anyways, report from Russia is highly appreciated and I'm waiting for other reports from other mysterious countries. Though I also hope that I'll not have to write such long reviews anytime soon.

Format: 3xCS
Released: 2011
Label: Impulsy Stetoskopu
Edition: 100

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