Bizarre Uproar - Mother One

It is like that with the creations and releases of this Finn and his label Filth and Violence - either you start sincerely hating him after the first contact with his releases, because they hurt you, destroys morally, depreciate etc. Or you become addicted to them like to some cheap drug and you never know whether there is a chance to get rid of this addiction. Releases of Filth and Violence didn't go too far away form the ones released a couple of decades back. Rough, vulgar, black and white collages that don't leave too much freedom for your fantasies. They just spit some visuals, disgusting for most of human beings to the face and that's it. The current cassette I am listening to - a perfect example of such concept. If you want to understand creations of Bizarre Uproar and thoughts of person behind it more than superficially, it is not enough to listen to "noises" and to drop an eye on several covers of albums. They are complex, much more complex than dirty noise in, let's say, this album. In this cassette - strange trilogy of motherly lullabies of sick, rotten woman before going to sleep. With references to nazis, rot of the body and it's deformations, strange understanding of motherhood and many other secrets of maternal singings. Together with this xeroxed cover there are a couple of photos - what's in them I simply don't know, but the fact is, that it's something wrong with them. That hard to understand message in sound is fulfilled in three pieces that repeat in both sides of the cassette. At first the sound mix was rather strange. While listening through headphones it seemed that the sound pushes my head to the left. Equalizer also, as I see it, the right side hardly reaches the middle and the left one is filled to the end. Because of that while listening to this release for the first time I thought "what a disgusting and unpleasant work" and laughed. The sound itself is not strictly structurized power electronics, but it is not meaningless harsh noise hysteria also - it is the middle point, mixture, in which his tortures executes this maniac from Finland. Squealing and yelling voice, a girl, surrounded by metallic reverb gracefully chirping the words I do not understand and manipulations of noises. No, nothing in this album is said straight. Everyone remains in front of theirselves. Some of them become angry because of that, some become sad, the third ones tend to moralize, but I think that it's best to let maternal instincts of Bizarre Uproar to operate and putrify. Mother One feeds a good dose of poison to unhappy children with the tainted milk, flowing from his masculine breasts.

Format: CS
Released: 2008
Filth and Violence
Edition: 50

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