Bizarre Uproar / Gelsomina - Assisted Self-Sterilization

Finns have joined their forces to restrict the birth control. Operation, lasting 55 minutes and from the operating room of Bizarre Uproar and Gelsomina, one goes out fresh and carelessly looking to the future. We have 4 pieces of energizing harsh noise chaos. The first piece starts with a few shouted words and here we go. The name of the song because of my lack of knowledge of Finnish language remains unknown. The fact is that there are many metal things "torture" - chains, tins or whatever but it sounds fiercely and good. The second song "Bizarre Sterilization/Bizarre Castration" is much longer and begins a little calmer (it sounds similar to failed departure of a plane made of rusted metal junk), but "calmer" is a conditional term. The sound is intense, harsh and destructive to the speakers. Just there is less chaos. About a half of the song the vocal is heard, but soon it blends with all the other sounds and one doesn't even know whether it's screams or it's just illusion. But, all the same, the moments of appearing voice lasts till the end. The title song - the longest one, that lasts for almost half an hour (24 min) - begins with muddy, repetitive imitation of rhythm. The vocal with powerful feedback joins in with the bunch of other nice sounds. But the beginning of song I'd even say melodic. Yes. Here and there are sounds of some feedbackish pseudo-melody. The voice ends and we dive into the sea of harsh noise. Through the middle of the song, the chaos becomes something that one might more or less call rhythm and after that once again - energizing harsh noise with that same "melody". The last song - again with unclear Finnish name Ei Enää Ä Äpäriä the part two. Here, from the very beginning uncompromisive harsh noise attack. The end of this piece is really nice, when through the wall of harsh noise one can hear something non-ear-destroying, similar to the siren and once again, when I catch myself swinging to these harsh melodies, the piece ends. The album is packed into plastic box with an inlay where a woman (I guess) with gas-mask tries to sterilize some guy in the shower and with some written words. Kill yourself, cut yourself etc. After hearing this I do feel very energetic (the symptoms of sterilization?) and for some reason I want alcohol. And to listen to it once more. Disinfection is needed for sterilization. Superb!

Format: CD
Released: 2007
Label: Freak Animal Records
Edition: 300

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