2016 03 08

Pogrom - Father:Land CD (Terror, Old Captain)

Highly praised new Pogrom album goes further from political themes in order to explore eternal theme
in music - death. Love and death are two eternal laws, going hand in hand since forever.
Varied and perhaps weirdest album of Pogrom - from drums and guitars to poetry of A. Crowley;
from noise walls to cover of Lithuanian black metal gem "Dausos. Gyvenimo pilnatvė".
Most of the material in this album was prepared for the gig in Belgrade that Pogrom didn't participate.
40 minutes. Re-released as digipak. 300 copies


Pergalė - Antropologija CD (Terror, IPR)

After 5 years of silence, Lithuanian psycho black/rock or whatever, is finally released. 6 tracks, 40 minutes.

2016 02 17

Bizarre Uproar / Garden of Power / Xenophobic Ejaculation / Pogrom - Red Scum CD (Terror, Filth and Violence, Angel Press)

40 minutes of power electronics. No compromise. Names and titles say it all,
no additional comments needed. Vinyl version coming later.


Bizarre Uproar / Pogrom C64 (Terror, Filth and Violence)

Tape to be sold during Bizarre Uproar / Pogrom / Jukka Siikala gig in Russia.
Live studio recordings while preparing for live action. Black chrome tapes by Terror,
Purple chrome tapes by Filth and Violence. Tapes, not sold out on tour, will be available later. 100 copies