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TR-25 Mazakon Tactics - The Entrancing Cage CD

Sacha Mandler has been constantly drifting in-between styles from harsh noise wall to synth pop and back, but his
longest living death industrial project remains strong in its ideas and sounds. After several releases on tapes and
CDrs here comes the first full-length CD. Painful, dark and personal release that has been delayed to be released
far too much, ranging from dark ambient to death industrial, to power electronics. Nightmarish soundscapes,
recorded 2008-2010.
TR-29 Creation Through Destruction - Belt Zone Circulation

Creation Through Destruction is a more raw harsh noise amplua of Dr Alex. This CD is a collaboration of
Creation Through Destruction and four Japanoisers - Government Alpha, Contagious Orgasm, K2 and
Hiroshi Hasegawa. The CD consists of 4 long tracks that were recorded in 2009-2013 by Dr Alex, using
radio static, field recordings (wind, water, trains and various machines) and additional sounds by aforementioned
Japanoisers. Sounds - more than an hour of playing time, ranging from drones to pure harsh noise attacks
while exploring the cosmic theme of four gas giants - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. After delays and
represses this is finally out and well worth your attention. Digipack with 8 page booklet. Limited to 300 copies.
TR-36 Pogrom - Father:Land CD

Highly praised new Pogrom album goes further from political themes in order to explore eternal theme in music - death. Love and death are two eternal laws, going hand in hand since forever. Varied and perhaps weirdest album of Pogrom - from drums and guitars to poetry of A. Crowley; from noise walls to cover of Lithuanian black metal gem "Dausos. Gyvenimo pilnatvė". Most of the material in this album was prepared for the gig in Belgrade that Pogrom didn't participate. 40 minutes. Re-released as digipak. 300 copies
TR-39 Sewer Goddess - Hymns of Infliction CD (Filth and Violence, Terror)

Sewer Goddess - Kristen Rose's death industrial project from USA that does not need huge introductory texts because sounds and international recognition talk for themselves. For a decade already it explores not only death industrial, but also sludge, power electronics, noise styles and transformed from solo project to full band, going beyond the boundaries of contemporary industrial styles. We are turning back to the roots of this project in this compilation - sounds that started Sewer Goddess and attracted everyone's attention to it - pure, raw, primitive and filthy industrial soundscapes when Sewer Goddess was still Kristen's solo project. Material in a CD fronm 2008-2009. Co-released between Filth & Violence and Terror.

TR-40 Velemara / HSSK / VR / Fulmar 2x tape
This double tape release was one of the slowest moving projects ever. That's why I'm so glad that after almost four years of struggling, this 4 way industrial/post mortem/power electronics/noise release is finally out! Almost 1.5 hour of sound under the main unifying theme - city. You must not be a genius to see that some of these projects are directly associated with urban motives - because of their aesthetics, albums, live performances or overall message. But truth is, I could not believe myself how good this double tape sounds and what an amazing atmosphere it creates! The best material to date, presented in four different styles. More atmospheric stuff in black tape:
Velemara - debut and only album release via Autarkeia several years back. He presents CMI-style industrial at its best. Seeing him on stage or listening to his releases, you can feel that the spirit of CMI is alive. In another country, another form, another mood, but it's here. Gloomy scenery in blind alley of the city.
HSSK - he does not appear so often with fresh releases, however the person is active in industrial scene for more than 10 years. Though you could call HSSK sounds as post-mortem, the project provides a bit different sound trip with unconventional instruments in this split while remaining loyal to himself. Darkness and desperation is here. Here you see a ray of light and here it's gone in the mist of the city.
White tape with more noisy approach:
VR - in late years, VR (Vidine Ramybe) explores skyscrapers through HNW sounds, but not in here. In this split you find primitive and raw power electronics, right where VR started years ago. And though I don't see huge buildings before my eyes while listening to these four tracks, but damn, they are so full of energy and pain.. Powerful!
Fulmar - debut record. There is not too much you can say about harsh noise, or there is too much and you can start going through all the technical details, trying to put them into one picture. Several live performances in Lithuana and recording. Searching for a shore under waves of noises. And while you are searching, all the people around you, helps you by throwing stones. Alter ego of one pretty well known Lithuanian power electronics act.
TR-41 Pogrom - Liberal Cunt

Re-release of the first pogrom album. Raw and primitive PE
TR-42 Pergalė - Antropologija CD

After 5 years of silence, Lithuanian psycho black/rock or whatever, is finally released. 6 tracks, 40 minutes.
TR-43 Sick Seed - Prison Songs CD
World consists of various prisons. Different geophysical locations, different cells, different guards though couple of things are common to them - darkness and sounds, echoing from dark cells of everyone's own slammer. What do different protagonists see when they peek into others' cells. And what sounds do they hear? New Sick Seed album explores different angles of that in his newest album "Prison Songs". Dark, weird, scary and different from what has been released any time before it. CD in jewel case with more than 45 minutes of fresh material. Filth and Violence and Terror co-release. Artwork by Si Clark
TR-45 Tiese - Show CS
After 4 years with no physical releases, countless delays, changes of plans etc. I am proud to finally present the second release of this Lithuanian duo, consisting of Vilius (Lys) and Antanas (Gana2). They get unbelievably better with every live show and without a doubt, this release is a huge step forward in rough, harsh sound that Tiese builds so professionally. They do not get involved into cheap verbal constructions, but remain true to themselves in sound. Joy of dynamic and energizing noise just before the summer starts. Let the Cobra bless you. C-46. 100pcs.
TR-46 Knurl - Phenohalasin CS

Prolific Canadian noise alchemist starts yet another harsh and noisy journey to microworld. This album is not the one that you can of the "easy listening Knurl with some rudiments of music". On the other hand, it's not a blind, uncompromising brutality. Tape balances in the area that Knurl started to explore in late years - in between anxcious thoughtfulness and shattering world. This is euphoria, hanging in high frequences and the one you can feel physically. It gets calmer just in rare occassions and you are thankful to your ears that they got through it. Until the next wave of noises. Master of this release was lying in here for far too long so I am truly sorry, but at the same time truly happy to say "it's out". Magnificent harsh noise. C-40. 100pcs
TR-47 Arkhe - Deep in Sleep CD

The very first thought to offer a release to Arkhe came during artist's visit in Lithuania, Armageddon Descends festival. More than a half of autumn has passed and this CD is finally out. Not noisy, but more industrial and weird release. You cannot grasp it from the very first listening. Just like you cannot grasp the calm, powerful, but frightening existence of taurus when you meet it eye to eye in an endless silence of the universe.
TR-49 Oorchach - Ontologia CD

After more than 10 years, one of the most unique Lithuanian industrial projects releases a disc of autumnish audial melancholy. Long wordless compositions, rising the morning mist every time you spin the record. Trembling archaic journey through the listener's senses. No words and no need for them. There are just guidelines in the fog.


  Terror #1 magazine

Arma (Agharta/Bruzgynai), Bitter/Terg, Bizarre Uproar, Brethren, Clew of Theseus, Clo Goelach, Coma Detox, Gas Chamber, Haare, Hum of the Druid, Knurl, McKaras, Molester, Mourmansk 150, Wertham, reviews

Download and print it yourself >>
  Terror #2 magazine

IRM. Jake Vida, Slogun, Sick Seed, Barrikad, Dieter Muh, Mikko Aspa, Impulsy Stetoskopu, reviews.
44 A4 pages, offset printing.
TR-01 Dead Body Love - 10 Luglio 1976 CS

The album in best traditions of Dead Body Love, dedicated to tragic Seveso accident. More than 40 minutes of intense, polluted harsh noise for approaching 35 anniversary of Seveso. Pro-printed tape with insert. 100 copies.



Existence Establishment
TR-02 Vidinė Ramybė / Vomir - Split CS

Always improving Lithuanian power electronics unit Vidinė Ramybė presents 4 dirty noise tracks. Nastiest and filthiest record from Vidinė Ramybė released up to date, varying from almost wall-like noise textures to hysteric variations.
Vomir - harsh noise wall orthodox from France. One long static track. Edition of 100



Heathen Harvest
Damned By Light
Musique Machine
TR-03 Various Artists - Kad Te Moja Čakija Ubode CS

Compilation of Balcanian and Lithuanian noisers, inspired by infamous Krsto Papič documentary about life of simple and raw brutality in Bosnian village couple of decades ago. Though at first it had to be more or less HNW compilation, the final result is quite diverse. Balcans offers orthodox harsh noise wall attitude while Lithuanian side is more varied and quite far from walls apart from perhaps Vidinė Ramybė. Lithuanian view on monotony and brutality seemed quite different. Anyways, the final result is quite satisfying 80 minutes tape. It is packed in a6 box with 12 page booklet. Edition of 100

Dead Body Collection, Sturmgeschutz, Gigant, Placenta Lyposuction, Pogrom, Vidinė Ramybė, McKaras, Oorchach, Girnų Giesmės



Heathen Harvest

Andrew Macintosh (Special Interests): First, the concept. The movie, who's title translates into English as “When My Knife/Blade Cuts/Strikes You”, made in 1968 by (then) Yugoslavian director Krsto Papic, is a charming little biopic about knife murders in certain villages in his homeland. The main link being human stupidity. As always. It's not like you can get away from it anywhere you go, and Papic demonstrates, through a very simple method of interview, intercut with the occasional charming folk song, the inane and mundane “reasons” people get shived - “A Murder Because He Cursed On His Kalja Cabbage”, for example, or “A Murder Because He Got Drunk And Wanted To Wipe Out The Whole Village”. One could account a ready abundance of weapons, over-use of alcohol, macho culture, the whole pseudo chin-rub, but the personal accounts of the murderers themselves seem to suggest just basic stupidity.
Anyway, the romanticism of “primitive instincts”, “raw brutality” and “worship of knives” is the “sacred feeling unites all artists in this compilation”. Excerpts from the movie are interspaced with the tracks themselves, and the whole is packaged very neatly in a cardboard box with the title written in shit on a human body (and the projects' names in the same substance on the same medium on the back of the booklet). So, it's all about the filth and violence.

Now, the music. I have no love of Wall Noise. I particularly hate Static Wall Noise (or Militant Wall Noise, or whatever dicky term some fuckwit's come up with a few minutes ago that I'm thankfully unaware of), that miserable, imagination-less rip-off of minimalism that has flooded the Noise scene with a gazillion lazy also-rans who want the quickest, easiest foot-up on the bandwagon. As I've argued before, if you really need to listen to one static tone for however long, you simply hook up your own gear (because the great majority of Noise fans are also Noise makers) and do it yourself. Paying good money or even trading to hear someone do something you could do yourself is like paying someone to tie your shoelaces. And with Wall Noise, it's just as musically satisfying.
Sadly, the great majority of this compilation is Static Wall Noise. Which makes reviewing superfluous. What is there to say about a number of tracks that are all just variations on lead buzz going through effects units? Who hasn't heard it before? Who would want to hear it again? There's no point even describing at least all of side one of this thing. It's fucking Static Wall Noise, you could play it in your head without resorting to anything physical. Side two, fortunately, involves a bit of variation. Pogrom's sound at least has some development, slow but certain, with some vocals and very muted sounding samples. It's nice, but needed editing. Then there's another bit of Wall Noise fluff, then McKaras plays “Srbosjek”, single source Harsh Noise antagonism with vocals that, while not my normal thing, is a welcome distraction from the main form of this album, and the occasional shouting involved gives the spiral a nice pacing. But it's Oorchach who really begin to redeem this album with the unusual “As Prapjausiu Tavo Bugnus”, taking a persistent tribalistic drum pattern as the base, adding a gritty synth tone as a riff and occasional effected acoustic sounds, modulating the rhythum pattern throughout. Simple, effective and pleasing, it's a great pity this kind of thinking is relegated to a minority here. Girny Giesmes finishes the album with “A Bit Of Poetry, A Bit Of Knife”, a nice, cloudy, ambient piece based heavily on echo and soft, distant sound.
So, two good pieces, two acceptable pieces, and the rest – I've made my case clear, I believe.

TR-04 Volksmorg - Volksmorg CS

Volksmorg - joint pogrom and body cargo project. Two heaviest and fattest guys from Lithuanian scene. Debut record. Days and nights, spend in the basement with alcohol. Piles of tapes recorded during several years. And no one remembers how the recording ends for one is too drunk. This tape - couple of bleakest and most drunken sessions. No thought, idea, poetry, nice epithets, fancy conspiracy theories, hate about this or that, propaganda and so on. Only
humming of noise generators. Dark and viscous experience, saturated in stink of spilled beer and your own piss. 46 minutes tape. And special thanks goes to Daina for mastering of B (vodka) side for we were not capable of doing that. This release is not even hand numbered and on the inside there is a guy sucking kock. Truly worth checking out. Edition of 100



Damned By Light
Heathen Harvest
Pure Stench

Andrew Macintosh (Special Interests):I've had many listens to this album, mostly late at night in the dark when settling to sleep. The sound is murky, sludgey, dark and oozing, with all the abstracted visual emotions that entails. Low end humming, rushing, droning and very slow pulsing recorded nice and musty with plenty of glutenous feedback in the layers. Interestingly, the second side has a better fidelity than the first, thanks to the mastering of Daina, and this changes the sound from slow moving tectonic filth to more rushing, aggressive roar and clash with the occasional metal clang and bang over it. Two moods, both bad. The slightly homoerotic boys posing on the cover with electronics and alchohol, our pals Levas and M. (Pogrom and Body Cargo), have recorded a jam session not based on cosmic trippiness and synth wankery but drug sickness and hangovers. Pure Noise sludge. And after seeing the inside cover I'll never get an erection again.
TR-05 Body Cargo / Pogrom - Resistance CD

This album has united two Lithuanian projects under a theme of resistance. Papua New Guinea cannibals' resistance against outsider effects is different from resistance of interwar period Lithuanian guerrillas, but you can find these associations on a musical plane, and Body Cargo and Pogrom each present their own interpretations. Both projects deliver four solo tracks each. Body Cargo's creations are filthy post-morten and Pogrom this time seeks a balance between aggression and romance (there's even a piano!). There are also two joint tracks, where first Pogrom does sounds and Body Cargo delivers vocals and then vice versa.
10 tracks and a playing time of more than an hour. This is the first Body Cargo release on CD!
You can also find a symbolic link between two labels that released this album. Cipher Productions is geographically closer to Body Cargo themes and Terror is on the same land as Pogrom. Jewel case packaged with an 8 page booklet, 300 copies.
Co-release with Cipher Productions



Noise receptor
Heathen Harvest
Radikaliai (in Lithuanian)
Pure Stench
Existence Establishment
Memory Wave Transmission
Damned By Light
TR-06 Umpio - Sauna CD

Reissue of the sold out UMPIO "Sauna" tape, originally a C-30 on ObscureX, with a bonus intro recorded in a 90 degree Celsius sauna situation, and 4 crunchy junk electronix bonus pieces recorded in summer 2011 featuring SS Offizier PPT on radiator electronix, from a session for a tape that never happened. A solid full-length junk noise trip, co-released between ObscureX and Terror.
TR-07 Svaixt - LO

A tape with little music, but lots of experiences. It is a document of the trip by Laurynas and Audrius to Mustang kingdom in Nepal. Early morning rites in the majestic 400 years old monastery of Tsarang. Rituals to expand the cavities in the sun that slowly lighten the mountains. Escape from the noise of the noon of Kathmandu to the stupa of Boudhanath. 5 o'clock morning rites in Tsarang monastery. The room of the Oracle and the hands of the architect - chopped off and hung on the wall so that he nevermore dares to create such grandeur. Sounds from this journey. Orange tape, comes with 12 page booklet with desription of a journey, packed in a nice orange bag. 40 minutes



Noise muzak
Heathen Harvest
Radikaliai.lt (Lithuanian)
TR-08 Knurl - Pyrolysis CS

Knurl - playing for almost 20 years with his instruments, constructed from saws, springs and the hell of metal objects. Once again he presents top notch uncompromising harsh noise. Cold, straightforward, raw and brutal Pyrolysis consists of two tracks with overall playing time - 46 minutes.



Damned by Light
Existence Establishment
Heathen Harvest
TR-09 Umpio - Tripamishqi CS

I won't be mistaken too much if I say that Umpio lately became the synonym and standard for the word junk noise. This Finnish guy can obtain the wonderful atmosphere and not loose the quality and harshess. This time it's about slaughterhouses. 30 minutes overall. A side - harsh junk noise. B side - calmer and more atmospheric sounds



Existence Establishment
TR-10 Oorchach - Vigilia

Oorchach, at least in Lithuania, has become a synonim for ritualistic tape loops and giddy journeys to the depth. Dry lips, constructing verses. Birds, screaming behind the window. Your wish to fly away is trong, but you remain here, holding the moment of vigilance. This tape must be listened to and to written about. 30 minutes.



Radikaliai.lt (Lithuanian)
Heathen Harvest
TR-11 Lys - Klaida ir Užuojauta

First release of Lithuanian drone/ambient/noise maestro that has been not self-released. Watching his constantly improving live performances, it would be simply a mistake without compassion not to ask him to make an album for the label. And for me it truly seems the creation of a master. Precisely composed drone passages, merging with walls of noise. 40 minutes. The album title translates as Mistake and Compassion.



Siggnal (Lithuanian and English)
Noise Muzak
Heathen Harvest
Radikaliai.lt (Lithuanian)
TR-12 Breaking The Will - Choosing Death CD (co-released with Narcolepsia)

First full length album in discography of this harsh noise artist from USA. The sounds that were recorded to tapes, released during 5 years of activity, were not only visible and audible in excessive sea of information and sounds, but always attracted attention with truly high quality and well done cut-up harsh noise. This conceptual release was in plans for several years already and is finally out. Almost 40 minutes of preparation, execution, playing,  destroying and annihilation is documented in this digipak CD, released in 300 copies. Choosing Death mood varies from darker droney parts and field recordings to openly aggressive and fast cut-up harsh noise. Without a doubt the strongest work of Breaking the Will to date.

TR-13 Machismo - Bodies in Perfection CS

The first thought that comes to my mind after seeing Machismo, Striations, Abuse Patterns titles or Depravity, Anabolic Dimensions labels, is filth, inconvenient themes and oppressive darkness full of aggression. This is the perfect example of USA power electronics scene - no clear structure, no compromises, no lyrical deviations from the core of noise. 20 minute tape full of raw hate, dedicated to victimizers and oppressors in best vein of USA power electronics. 7e

TR-14 Creation Through Desturction / Black Leather Jesus - Split CD LAST COPIES

CD for old-school harsh noise fans. Creation Through Destruction - harsh noise project from Serbia. Alex is perhaps
more known for his activity as Dead Body Collection, but this time he provides something more than a wall. 
Absolutely raw and brute noise. Without any pleasant feedbacks, samples, melodies and so on. Black Leather Jesus 
- legendary harsh noise project from Texas. This time the band provides strong and harsh material. More than 50
minutes of pure harsh noise in all its beauty. For purists. 8 page booklet. Jewel case. 300 copies.



Existence Establishment
Heathen Harvest
Memory Wave Transmission
Dark Room Rituals
TR-15 Haare - Forward to Insanity

Finnish psychedelic noise, inspired by madness and daily drawing towards it in delayed, almost post-mortem-like tape. No reason to enjoy noise when you can simply writhe in it. 40 minutes.



Noise Muzak
TR-17 Unclean / Lapot - Sortovuosien Terrori / Represijų metai

A little unexpectedly the release date of this album is the same with Independence day in Lithuania which was declared in 1918 02 16. It's interesting because more than a year ago when we were talking about the concept of the upcoming album, the idea was to associate it with repressions of Russians in the beginning of XXth century in Finland and Lithuania. Different countries, different path how they saved their identity up to this day, but overall impressions, when looking to these events hundred years ago are somewhat similar. Unclean - Finnish harsh noise/power electronics project. For my ears, his output is the strongest in this album of all his discography. Filthy and rough noise with bitter taste of hate. Lapot presents one long, uneasy track, constructed of mostly untouched field recordings. 70 minutes. Pro printed covers. Edition: 100.
TR-18 Vidinė Ramybė / Hassokk - Vilnius

I'm really glad to announce the split of these two Lithuanians. In this tape they share their impressions and opinions about their home city, Lithuania's capital, specifics of communication and surviving, about the citizens they've met and overall atmosphere of the city which is not that hospitable. This tape is not about Vilnius which is promoted in flyers and booklets about Eastern Europe, not about the city that is visible for tourists and that you can see while walking in the old town full of boutiques, churches and museums. Vilnius in this tape is different. Vidinė Ramybė - Lithuanian power electronics project that has lately been a little too silent. 4 tracks of good, filthy power electronics, dedicated to 4 districts of Vilnius. Hassokk offers one long, leaning towards industrial and post mortem track. 30 minute tape with A4 insert with lyrics etc.100 copies
TR-19 Delchia / Trolis & The Giberlingers - Kvantinis osciliatorius / Mirror gaze

The idea of this split was born, matured and almost died in the time span since 2008. It's impossible to try and see this album as somewhat conceptual and there is no need to try and exaggerate, and think of non existent meanings. This is the joint album of two friends who liked each other's sounds and they might be connected if only through astophysical sound experiments and archaic cosmology. Delchia - drone/doom band from Lithuania who stopped their activity some time ago. In this particular tape - solo experiments of Nikas D. and voice of Levas in one of the tracks. Trolis & The Giberlingers is the ethno minimal project of Evkonas (Obtest, Fanarai, Notanga). More than 50 minutes of sound in this tape and rare possibility to hear music that is almost forgotten now. Pro printed covers. Tape comes with the pin. Edition: 100.



Vital Weekly
TR-20 Rumunija / Obšrr / Vilkduja - III CD

October 1st was the oficial release day of almost an hour of the best bands from Lithuanian underground.
These projects have earned their status with their excellent live shows and usually highly limited releases. And no matter how people
try to put them in frames of certain styles - slow neopolka,
sharp minor, post-folk, country antigothic or so, the main thing to listen to them is the spirit that they breath.
I guess dark cabaret would be the most suitable term of all. But well, you have to listen to that yourself.
This is an album for autumn with a dose of melancholy, sadness, light and romance. Nothing to do with noise this time. 300 copies.
Digipak CD with booklet.
TR-21 White Gimp Mask / Volksmorg - Cum is nothing when you enter through the back opening

White Gimp Mask - one of the fundamental projects that has formed and influented the famous band Pink Floyd. Volksmorg - legendary neofolk band from Lithuania which is returning to the stage after years of silence. This is the melancholic album about inseminating, wasting cum, alcohol and spiritual journeys. Album is highly inspired by current problems and disasters in the world that touched musicians, their families and beloved ones. Tape will hopefully fire up empathy even for the biggest cynic because they have no place in this beautiful world. Long live humanism! 40 minutes tape with slightly misleading description. 100 copies



Vital Weekly
TR-22 Croatian Amor - Mercure 7"

Croatian Amor from Denmark managed to gather quite a group of followers during quite a short time of existence.
And it is not for nothing. Their unique approach to sounds creates music full of grey sadness and I'm glad to release
their 7". Two tracks - melancholic soundtrack, suitable for the very middle of autumn - light synth melodies, carrying
you towards the empty airports. These tracks were released on tape in 19 copies edition. You can hear November
breathing because May is October and January is August.
TR-23 Dead Body Collection - The Rostov Ripper CS (reissue)

Rereleasing recent HNW release might seem like quite a weird action, but since the first edition was only 12 copies and the material is truly interesting, it's truly worth it. Material on the tape is not purely static as you could expect from Dead Body Collection. Two sides with half an hour of material on each different approaches to sounds. I think there's no need to talk about A. Chikatilo, who was the main inspiration for this record for it would be difficult to find a person who doesn't know about his crimes. 53 victims and 53 tapes. Instead of numeration you get separate photo with short description of the killing etc. (there are a few sheets without photos since they don't seem to exist).
TR-24 Negative Climax - Kāla

This one is particularly weird and great for me. Negative Climax is a duo from Japan who presented truly nice sonic concept in their previous works though most of them are very limited. Flowing massive synth lines intertwined with acoustic instruments, witch-like chants in Sanskrit and throat singing. Truly beautiful, slightly uncomfortable and original. Highly recommended. Edition: 100
TR-26 Tiese - Ant Širdies CS
Tiese is a duo from Lithuania, consisting of members of Lys and Gana2. Despite the fact that the project is quite active in doing live concerts in Lithuania, this is the first release of this duo, offering the most enjoyable material that I've heard to date - dense drone textures, developing into cold industrial passages. No nonsense tape of pure goodness. 100 copies
TR-27 False Flag - Bombshelter Nightmare CS
Flase Flag is power electronics/noise project of Justin Marc Lloyd whom you might have heard here or there - rainbow bridge label, pregnant spore or so. This project is dedicated to analysis of new world order and related conspiracy theories. First full length of this USA based power electronics project, featuring all stars of the scene. Anti war, anti new world order album. 100 copies
TR-28 Concrete + Umpio + Mascara CD
Aggressive, yet entertaining and interesting album. You couldn't expect less from this sort of duo. Mail collaboration combining the ultra-hate of Concrete Mascara (NY) with the junk psychedelix of Umpio (Fin), out at last after long time back-and-forth of raw materials.
Vassbotn - Besøk fra Italia

"Besøk fra Italia" is the second full tape release from Norwegian/Italian Vassbotn.
45 minutes of rich, dynamic and enjoyable old school harsh noise recorded straight to tape
and dubbed from tape. Vassbotn is a continuosly changing and evolving
noise animal so you never know who or what is standing behind the name, what these
noises mean and what is the purpose of it (tension shoots through the roof).
A tape for purists who does not care about the names, titles and medals,
but cares about noise and it's quality. No samples. Limited to 100 copies.
TR-31 Crown of Cerberus - Her Everlasting Strength

The final part of the triptych, consisting of "Strength", "Her Strength" and now this tape. This is a tape with very personal
and sentimental approach that I don't even want to ruin the feeling with unneccessary words. Crown of Cerberus is the
project of Waddiah Rabbiah Chami (Koufar, Insurgent, Bachir Gemayel) and those who has ever heard Crown of Cerberus,
can more or less feel what to expect - melancholic and light synth melodies and a weird feeling in the air while this tape
spins over and over again. Excellent artwork created by Si Clark.
TR-32 Seagul Overseas - While you plan it

Seagul Overseas - calmer and different side of Kiras from Lithuanian noise/PE Vidine Ramybe and grindcore Karma Jawless, Faršas and more.
The project, active since 2006, dwells in dark ambient/drone/industrial realm and with every new release shows improving quality of sound,
composition and overall atmosphere. While you plan it is the best material of his that I've had a chance to listen to, varying from
long static drone textures to beautiful and ethereal tracks.
TR-33 Skeldos - Įspaudai CS (co-released with Skeldos)

Skeldos is a Lithuanian ambient artist with his first full length under this pseudonym. After playing quite a few live shows
(with Nurse with Wound, Andrew Lilles, The Hafler's Trio, in various open air fests etc.) during the past years, the material
was finally fit into tape. The title in English means Imprints. This is the most ethereal release on terror and I doubt it will be
outdone soon. Not for those who wants all it harsh, but for those that sometimes has a soft spot for poetry, soft nice sound
passages etc. The artist had this to say about this album: "This tape is about a necessity of creating your own house where
you could put all your experiences and emotions, line them up as if fragile yantras. It is also about the coming realization
that only imprints will remain. Only imprints or even imprints". Tape is packed in a nice hand-made black cloth bag and
marked with wax imprint. Edition of 100 copies.
TR-34 POGROM - Degančios Suros CD

More than an hour of power electronics/noise from Lithuania, exploring the political and religious clash of muslim world and olde Europe. Oficially released 2014 09 01. Co-released with Unrest Productions.
Digipack CD, 300 copies, 8 songs. Re-release of a tape on Unrest that was sold out too fast. No extras comparing to tape.
TR-35 Vidinė Ramybė - Aukštas, Aukštesnis, Aukščiausias CS

Vidinė Ramybė continues to explore his obsession with skyscrapers in power electronics sounds. 9 tracks and new Vidinė Ramybė full length. Some of the tracks has already been played live and got quite a popularity here in Lithuania without even being released. From hard to emotional sound, from cold as glass to melancholic as evenings spent in Dubai. Experiences and reminiscences from United Arab Emirates. After half a year of delays, the tape is finally out. Urban romance in between giants of glass and steel. 7e

TR-36 Pogrom - Father:Land CS

New Pogrom album goes further from political themes in order to explore eternal theme in music - death. Love and death are two eternal laws, going hand in hand since forever. Varied and perhaps weirdest album of Pogrom - from drums and guitars to poetry of A. Crowley; from noise walls to cover of Lithuanian black metal gem "Dausos. Gyvenimo pilnatvė". Most of the material in this album was prepared for the gig in Belgrade that Pogrom didn't participate. 40 minutes. 7e

TR-37 Mutilated Slut - Acid Attack

Recorded in 2009 by Hal Hutchinson. This release consists of one 46 minute track, offering sounds of corroded metal slashing human flesh, vitriolic & diseased feedback,field recordings of violent & tormented suffering in industrial hellholes, with all manner of other fucked up & infected horror recorded to 4 track tape & drenched in acid with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture and kill.
Edition of 100
Material repeats on both sides
TR-38 Bizarre Uproar / Garden of Power / Xenophobic Ejaculation / Pogrom - Red Scum CD

40 minutes of power electronics. No compromise. Names and titles say it all, no additional comments needed. Vinyl version coming later.
TR-41 Bizarre Uproar / Pogrom - Bizarre Uproar / Pogrom CS

Tape to be sold during Bizarre Uproar / Pogrom / Jukka Siikala gig in Russia. Live studio recordings while preparing for live action. Black chrome tapes by Terror, Purple chrome tapes by Filth and Violence. 100 copies