Clo Goelach / Vidinė Ramybė - Split

Almost half an hour of power electronics/noise from Lithuania. The sentence itself sounds rather pleasantly. Each of participants in this split presents 3 songs. Owner of Klaustrosingal, Clo Goelach, comes first, threatening with 3 rather harsh and aggressive songs. For me his tracks for the current split, comparing with previous album "Streetcleaner Woundfucker" seems weaker. Songs are rather chaotic and much too overloaded with layers of sounds in places that it gets really hard to listen to. E.g. the first song "Holy Flyal" strikes really powerfully at the beginning, but after just a couple of seconds transforms into chaotic shouting in high and low voice and indulgence of abilities of stereo sound. "Survivors of Brewstick" - thick and pleasant wall of noise with some tiny variations, inserted between two samples in Russian. The piece that was rather pleasant to listen to. The last song of Clo Goelach is also rather good noise at first, but there are places, especially coming to an end of the song, where the voice simply bewilders. Maybe one gets used to all it, I dont' know. Vidinė Ramybė also presents three pieces in this album. It is the first release of this project in physical form and not mp3. Perhaps the project matured to this already though I still need time to understand intentions and goals of this project. The songs are somewhat calmer and more experimental comparing with Clo Goelach. "Šūdų Altorius" (Altar of Shit) - remote noises, some chaotic and random pseudomelodies, appearing from time to time (this is what annoys me most) and vocal under effects. The second song - "Nemano pasaulis" (Not my world) - the best song of Vidinė Ramybė that I've heard. Rather structurized, dark and portentous. If I understand correctly, this song and the following "Užrudiję Riksmai" was recorded as one piece and later divided into two parts. Static noise, struck by squeaks from time to time and voice under delay and a bunch of other effects. Minimalistic though I've hardly got the idea of it. As a resume - the album with aggression of Clo Goelach and experiments of Vidinė Ramybė. Expression of Clo Goelach is rather interesting in places, but it cannot hold for long. Experiments of Vidinė Ramybė - average input to this split. Well, maybe that means that there is still space where to progress. Packed with black-white artwork.

Format: CDr
Released: 2009

Label: Klaustrosignal
Edition: 60

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