Bizarre Uproar

Bizarre Uproar - one of the titanic phenomenon in Finnish harsh noise scene. Throughout the years, this artist has gradually taken the Bizarre Uproar concept to more and more extreme level not only soundwise, but also ideologically fulfilling the ideas behind the sounds. Filth, violence, blood, shit, sex... And list goes on and on. I am proud to present you the interview with this artist.

* A few introductory words about you. How is it going, what is the weather, how do you feel today and with who is answering these questions.

I am pretty ok, thanks for asking. Just a little tired from weekend. Saturday private gig at Helsinki was a bit rough (played w/golden rain, eleczema, manic/depression/ride for revenge, halthan, sick seed and above suspicion) Mr.Markkula will be answering.

* How did Bizarre Uproar started. When and why?

1992 from the ruins of noisecore band "aunt mary".

* Your own coming to industrial/harsh noise. How did it happen and when did it begin? Who were the main hooks in this scene to interest you? What ideas, thoughts you find in the scene most influent/interesting to you?

BU roots are in noisecore. Fast noise bursts. When starting BU I was into 7mon, bathory, blasphemy, carnivore, terveet k├Ądet etc. I did have zero interests in socal industrial. I didn`t even know what harsh noise meant. Ideas,thoughts? I have always liked 2 things: filth and violence or you could say sex and violence sometimes they are same thing.

* Bizarre Uproar. The art or anti-art?

I guess anti-art. Or just filth.

* Through the releases of Bizarre Uproar there is continuous theme of religious motifs, satanic or antichristian. Which one is it? Or none and just exploitation?

Sometimes anti-christian. Mostly sexual.

* What is the main thought behind Bizarre Uproar music and imagery. What are you trying to show/tell/ask the world? The main thing why this project exist?

Triumph of flesh over spirit. There is nothing but flesh. Only cock and fist. Filth and violence. BU is a celebration of flesh as I see it.

* In what state of mind Bizarre Uproar music is being created best? Intoxication, lack of sleep, soberness or what?

My best recording sessions have been at night, sober and slightly pissed off.

* You have had 4 members in Bizarre Uproar show in Freak Animal Show. The main one being you I guess. Is it the main structure of Bizarre Uproar now? How is the music creation goes in B.U.? And is it easier to be a band than the artist?

BU is me. Mrs.BU has been helped a lot w/art and some vocal delivery. Actually so much that nowadays you could say BU is 2-piece unit. We have some session members in live situation sometimes. In that FA show those 2 other persons was there just to be beaten up.

* There is the usage of voice in Bizarre Uproar. Is it another instrument or there are actual lyrics in the whole? What are they based around if they are?

Yes there is lyrics. I have a habit to recycle the lyrics from record to record. They are praising of filth. And glorification of violence. Nowadays vocals are important for me. I mean track w/out vocals is no track at all. Some precise themes lately: nazis, black boots, sadist mother, nazis and children, KKK and children, mothers who abuse children, excrement and blood, forcefeed, damaged hands and legs, old almost dead women, hospitalized women etc.

* What was the best material you have released? The album that you would recommend to anyone to listen to as the best of Bizarre Uproar? Or are they all equal? Or how?

From 2006 I would pick up "liha-evankeliumi" serie of 3"s (will be soon re-released 3xcd by Freak Animal) from 2007 "Unsafe and insane" LP on Dogma Chase. And EST box. Upcoming full lenght "Purification through blood and excrement" (early 2009). I think you have to suffer throught all those to get good picture whats bu is all about. If I have to choose just one it would be upcoming "Purification" full lenght. older BU material is not that good heh I would suggest to stay in newer stuff.

* Future plans of Bizarre Uproar. Live performances, maybe some releases and what to expect and what to expect not?

Hopefully lots of live things, but I haven`t get that many invitations lately. Heh there is not really audience for this kind of noise. Or there is but its like 10 people in Japan, 5 in Sweden etc. 2009 there will be "Purification" full lenght most likely CD format and on filth&violence "label" also I will start ongoing tape serie titled as "mother" you know like "liha-evankeliumi" but this time tape format. Some plans to go again to UK 09 and hopefully 1 or 2 gigs in Japan.

* Tell a little more about Aunt Mary. I guess it started at the same time as Bizarre Uproar. What is this project about, the members behind and why it's existence is over?

Aunt mary was my noise-core band started 89 made one own 7" and one split 7"/MITB, few compilation appearences. Demise 1992. Those 2 other persons got fed up for noise-core and for me also I guess. AM stuff have been re-released as CD by Freak Animal. And we just did recording session for 7". it was 2008 version of Aunt Mary. It came out pretty insane I think. Will be co-released by Turgid Animal and AWWFN.

* Tell me more about the very new project of Finnish power electronics - SNUFF. Did you do the covers of art-edition? Or maybe put a hand to the music also?

I just release it (snuff LP). The person(s) behind this project want to stay anonymous. Snuff is extremely dirty raw power electronics! Definitely not for everyone.

* What do you think about "the shock value" in power electronics/noise overall? I guess it's not shocking anymore, but became more of a standard or is it still possible to shock? Your thoughts about overall conceptions of power electronics/noise.

If you are truly into something it can be seen. If you are trying just to shock its no good.

* You have an exhibition in Phoenix. It is called "Triumph" if I correctly understand. Some images were used in the art of Bizarre Uproar releases. And the images are really obscene and offensive I should say. This is the triumph of what? Degeneration and modern world? Or how? Represent a little your art and tell a little about your ideas.

Yeah like I said earlier triumph of flesh over spirit. Are they really that obscene? It's a bit hard to explain. Its a bit cliche but I wouldn't like to explain my "art". There is some ideas, things behind everything I do. But basicly it's just all sexual.

* What are your thought about "noise for the sake of noise" and "noise for fun"?

I like dirt and filth. In books, films, music. If someone likes to combine their interest to sharks and noise I quess thats fine. That's just not my cup of coffee. Noise for fun is no no no!

* It seems that metal scene and noise scene goes hand in hand in Finland. Am I right? And if so, why do you think it is like that?

Isn`t it same everywhere? I mean many people from socal noise scene are into metal also. But in same time I believe there are a lots of metalheads who hate noise.

There are motifs of fetishes and violence while looking through photos of some performances of B.U. Whipping, nudity, leather etc. The woman as a ruler etc. Or am I being misled through the photos? If so then please explain the idea behind these performances. Do you have any real life sexual fetishes? Share them if you don't mind.

Everything I do is "real" in a way or another. i am into this kind of shit (heh!) but again there is usually something behind. Like that ass whipping we have done. There is a muslim prayer call, prayer carpets and praying position and then heavy whipping. Stuff like that... Ohh fuck i quess we are slightly even political. Heh! BU is perverse play/game.

* What painters/artists, movies and books would you like to mention as the most interesting or influent for you.

Aaah too many to mention again violence (authentic or realistic) and filth in all forms is yam yam!

* Would you kill someone in real life? And for what?

Yeah definitely, if I would be 100% sure that I don't get caught. There is one person who I would rather see dead that alive right now.

* What book, CD, person and random thing would You take while going to the unknown island for a period of time?

Ahh fuck no idea.Sorry.

* Last bizarre wishes, swears, shouts or thanks or whatever.

Thanks for interest!! Early 90s I got interview from Latvia or Lithuania can't remember which one. It was like 6 questions written in small piece of paper. Something like what's your favourite color etc. And it was signed by "daughter of satan". Pretty cool! I didn`t answered for those questions I kind of regret it.