2017 October update


Aunt Mary ‎– Sessions Of  Extreme Nihilism 1989-1992 - Lost Tapes Of AM CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Records before Bizarre Uproar was born.

Autopsia ‎– In Vivo CD (Death Continues Records) 13e
L.ed.250, originally released in 1988 - all those who dont have it grap it now! documentary charakter!Selection of early Autopsia tapes experiments. No samplers, no computers, no synthesizers. Just tape machines, ring modulators and analogue delays."

Bizarre Uproar - Gelsomina ‎– 2007-2008 2xCD (Filth and Violence) 16e
Selection of tracks.

Bizarre Uproar ‎– Sikiöasento 2xCD (Filth and Violence) 16e
Finnish noise/pe

Black State ‎– Hlose CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Cruel and dark noise/pe

Chaos Cascade - RxAxPxE ‎– Frequencies Of Genocidal Sacrifice CD (Phosgen Records) 12e
Chaos Cascade: All Infernal Chaos Arranged and Recorded October/November 2015 by Chaos Cascade.
RxAxPxE: "Hour of the Wolf" Has Been Recorded by RxAxPxE in 2015 for His Glory Only.
Eternity will be reached through destruction.
Happiness will be reached through murder.

Femeheim ‎– Egofanal CD (Death Continues Records) 13e

First Order ‎– Near Death CD (Phosgen Records) 12e
Dark ambient/noise/pe

Organoid ‎– Bitsevsky Maniac CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Noise/pe. "Bitsevsky Maniac" was recording in 2007-2008, in Barnaul, Western Siberia. Remastering in 2016-2017.

Snuff ‎– Anonymous/Male Supremacy/Dresden CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Finnish noise/pe

Sutcliffe Jügend ‎– Nude And Full Of Wounds CD (Death Continues Records) 13e

Various ‎– The Owls Are Not What They Seem: David Lynch Tribute Remixes 2xCD (KultFront) 14e
"THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM: David Lynch Tribute Remixes" is the continuation of the project "NOW IT'S DARK: David Lynch Tribute"** dedicated to the work of the filmmaker and musician David Lynch. The new release contains a double-CD collection of remixes of original compositions included in the first album.
Like on the previous disc, new remixed versions were created by the musicians from different directions of the Russian-speaking dark scene: from ambient, noise and pure experimentalism to sharp rhythmic dark techno and post-industrial. The participants are: ARCUATION, REGULÄR, UHUSHUHU, NOTUM, WUNDERBLOCK, NEZNAMO, SAL SOLARIS, MORTART, BIONOID, LIGHT COLLAPSE, REUTOFF, MIRA DREVO, RIDDIKA, SVETLO111, ALEX SCHULTZ, LOKODEPO, MAJDANEK WALTZ, RELIC RADIATION, ZIMA23, LUNAR ABYSS, KSHATRIY.
Each disc starts with a special “intro” written by the St. Petersburg-based project ANTHESTERIA and the theremin player PETER THEREMIN – the great-grandson of the famous inventor who continues the popularization of his ancestor’s instrument.
The release of the album happens at the time of screening of the “Twin Peaks” cult TV-series continuation, and this is no coincidence. “Got a light?” – asks a movie character in a repeating sample from the velvet abyss of darkness. One of the answers is inside of "THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM: David Lynch Tribute Remixes".

Various ‎– Valkoinen Kohina- White Noise CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Originally released as an LP in 2015 by Urashima.

Xenophobic Ejaculation ‎– Xenophobic Ejaculation CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Re-issue of first tape. The track "Confession" from the original edition has been replaced on this reissue with "Raise Your Right Arm", from the Goatmoon / Xenophobic Ejaculation split 7"


Backasvinet ‎– Backasvinet CS (Team Boro tapes) 8e
Andreas (Arkhe, Pestdemon), Peter (Amph, Mirrors Are Black) and Martin (about twenty different monikers) return after the great Gevisol/Ivisol cassette from 2015. Improvised yet by no means rushed, and with a couple of unorthodox elements hidden in the mud; this one's a heavy slow-burner and a perfect soundtrack for aimlessly wandering wet city streets with a heavy headache during sleepless nights.

Bhaavitaah Bhuutasthah ‎– Rückkopplung CS (Robert & Leopold) 8e
The current nom de guerre of Dutch sound artist Raymond Dijkstra, Bhaavitaah Bhuutasthah, lends direction to Dijkstra’s studio of the same title and frames reference to the cross-confusion of linguistics in modern society. For the past 30 years, Dijkstra’s output has been varied yet consistent, compiling dozens of self-released albums in which he takes away the focus from the ideas behind completed musical forms, and redirects these thoughts into the hand-made process of it’s creation.
Utilizing his designated space, Dijkstra composed his recent efforts using his newly embraced medium of electronic synthesis, fusing this with his abstract system of sound reproduction using degenerated tape, natural acoustic phenomena and random percussive patterns. Thematically, “Rückkopplung” attributes this idea of feedback loops within language. The idea of how certain languages lose sight of their original roots and after centuries of words being spoken into themselves, words become foreign recreations of their original place.
As a whole, the inspiration behind Rückkopplung situates itself within the coincidentally bizarre true story in which Dijkstra experienced, as told by Dijkstra himself:
“I was selling a table harmonium. One day, I got a message from a young man who wanted to buy it. His grandmother had recently died and he wanted to play the harmonium on her funeral two days later. I sent him my address and the following day I met him at my home. He acted somewhat confused because he had just, in front of my doorstep, received a somewhat unsettling message from his mother about his grandmother...and my house.
Since the man had told his mother he would buy an instrument at my address (an old 1924 art deco house which had seen better times due to poor (no) maintenance), she wrote him a message informing him that his grandmother had lived right there, in exactly the same house for over 20 years. They were the previous tenants just before I came to live there. He told me the name of his grandmother was Faber. I knew then that the story was correct. I remember having received mail from the previous tenants the first year in my new house. The name was Faber.
And I knew an old man had died there. That was about 25 years ago. The young man and I were both speechless. We realized the strangeness of the whole situation. The young man was somehow led to my house. The same house where his grandmother had lived an important time in her life. And where her husband had died, the year before I came there.
We talked about his grandmother and I told him something about the house. He would later send me a photo of his grandparents and his mother and father, sitting in my current living room. A strange timeprint of something which had happened a few decades ago, in my house.
The next day he would play the harmonium on the funeral of his grandmother. The same harmonium he had bought at the house where his grandmother had lived.”

COG: NULL ‎– År Noll CS (Tordon Ljud) 8e
Second tape for Cog: Null on Tordon Ljud after "Verklighetens Folk" in 2014. This time Cog: Null provides us with several shorter and more dynamic harsh noise tracks themed around something that ceases to exist and provides space for something new.

Creation Through Destruction ‎– Ω Deconstruction CS (New Approach Records) 6e

Eradication Call ‎– Eradication Call CS (Phosgen Records) 8e
Phosgen Records presents a tape of purest revenge. Eradication Call.Transboundary in image, content and sound. Primitive noise of Werwolf hatred. Limited to 100 pieces.

Flatgrey ‎– Tombs CS (Absurd Exposition) 7e
Currently located on the west coast and active since the mid-2000s with time served in both Vancouver and Montreal, FLATGREY continues to launch assaults of pure harsh noise. Plain and simple. This is the first document since 2012's split tape with GRKZGL and comes 11 years after the premiere releases on noteworthy Vancouver label rundownsun.

Griefer ‎– Egress Report CS (Absurd Exposition) 7e
Recently featured on Tesco's massive 'Projekt Neue Ordnung II' compilation, but no stranger to the game. Active since the early 2000s, GRIEFER has been a staple in the harsh noise stronghold of the Canadian west coast and was the key figure behind the 10-year-run of the Noise! festival in Victoria, BC. 'Egress Report' is the first full-length document in a decade, since 2007's 'Brute Force', and comes 7 years after the split 12" with BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER. Power electronics for the online age. Check the integrity of your security net.

Heinz Hopf ‎– Ultra Primitiv CS (Team Boro tapes) 8e
Reissue of the sold out 2015 LP on A Dear Girl Called Wendy. Entertaining as always, but this time slightly more ’90s America than before. Their best work to date. We have a winner.

Kakerlak ‎– Resembling Actuality CS (Team Boro tapes) 8e
Ripping loud harsh noise. Straight and monolithic.

Løt.te ‎– Private Shell CS (Robert & Leopold) 8e
Løt.te is Mehmet Irdel, a Turkish-born, Brooklyn based artist and producer whose recent output has consisted of vinyl EPs on The Bunker New York label, and a string of mixes most notable of which is the Resident Advisor podcast from June 2015.
His recent cassette EP, Private Shell, marks the first time Løt.te is branching out from his previous dancefloor-friendly techno output to explore ambient space and atmosphere, which falls somewhere between the cyberpunk dystopia of Black Rain and the ritualistic experimentation of Coil.
The B-side features a unique improvisational studio collaboration with electronic artist Copley Medal in which both melded their synthetic methodology into a series of electronic doctrine.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Løt.te. Limited edition cassette of 100 with cover designed by Løt.te.

Maurizio Bianchi ‎– Arkeomene CS (Robert & Leopold) 8e
Six years since Robert & Leopold's debut release of his conceptual string-based opus, Violichte, Italian noise composer Maurizio Bianchi returns to the label with a recent snapshot of where Bianchi's recent electronic works have lead him.
Arkeomene reflects back to the listener the compositions of Bianchi as a now matured sculptor of frequency and range. Almost 40 years of frantic adulation and suffering have lead Bianchi on one of experimental music's most bizarre trajectories. Given the time and revernce that Bianchi has absorbed over his lifetime, his newest works found on Arkeomene would be better suited amongst the ambient ranks of William Basinski and Andrew Chalk, rather than his past resume would suggest. Sublime ambient gestures of familiar sonic modulations give these pieces structures resembling archaic language rather than audible electronic sound works.

O.V. ‎– Uppe Med Tuppen CS (Tordon Ljud) 8e
O.V. is a new Swedish project and "Uppe Med Tuppen" is focused on agrarian occurrences. From the difficulties of dragging yourself up at dawn to the tranquility after a long day on the field.

People's Person / Stall Man ‎– People's Person / Stall Man CS (Team Boro tapes) 8e
Another dose of fun from the always reliable Team Boro Tapes. Two different acts here but they are on the same wavelength making this a really cohesive release for a split. Side A is People's Person. For all the sloppy aesthetic this is actually really finessed, as slightly melodic feedback tones evolve into a lovely walll of slow paced crackle and rumble... the pacing is perfect. Keeping the lid on everything and slowwwwly letting out bits and pieces of heavier sound, solitary squeals of feedback bouncing around the room. This lands squarely in that very hard to reach zone, a sound that says "I'm not bad, I'm just relaxed so sit back and enjoy." Side B is the Stall Man. The plot here is the "Stall Man" drunkenly staggers into a basement with two contact mics, and wakes up in  a pile of spit with this tape at hand. Not really music for pondering the meaning of existence, but certainly good for clenching your fist or watching (American) football. - New Forces #7

Sewer Election & Schakalens Bror ‎– Guitarred And Feathered Pt. II CS (Team Boro tapes) 8e
Dan Johansson (Sewer Election) and David Valleryd (Schakalens Bror) grab their six-stringed electric rifles and together they tear you a new one. Love like this hurts.

Suckling ‎– Broad Daylight CS (Robert & Leopold) 8e
Based in Brooklyn, NY, Suckling is the tape collage outline of Rich Samis (The Men) and Kyle Keays-Hagerman (Mercury Living) in which every moment of sound is deformed and manipulated into a cathartic response of their immediate surroundings.
Each moment of their sophomore release makes the listener increasingly uncomfortable with their control over pulsing loops and reverberation. Soundtrack of unease akin to the early works of the Broken Flag roster or early 80's M.B., Suckling have perfected the classic low end sound of authentic industrial composition.

The Nausea ‎– Requiem Aeternam CS (Absurd Exposition) 7e
Anju Singh has been the primary figure behind the Vancouver Noise Festival for the past seven years, the drummer and vocalist in long-running (and now nearing fully-realized) death metal band AHNA, and has held countless other roles in the punk, metal, and harsh noise scenes in Vancouver. THE NAUSEA has existed alongside all of this for the better part of a decade now. These six violin-based movements channel GYORGY LIGETI's works popularized in "2001: A Space Odyssey", and JOHNNY GREENWOOD's contemporary classical score for "There Will Be Blood", as they both ascend to levels of compositional clarity and descend into a cavernous, hellish nightmare populated by the harrowing voices of the dead and the dying. Similarities can be drawn to JASON LESCALLEET's epic "The Pilgrim" as the crescendo of harsh noise begins to decay. Death is the ultimate theme at play here. A long-awaited debut release from a figure instrumental in maintaining Vancouver's integrity in the harsh noise scene and beyond.

Various ‎– Poison Vol.II CS (New Approach Records) 15e
Limited to 50 copies. Cassette is housed inside a black painted wooden box with double sided insert. All tracks are new, unreleased and exclusive of this compilation. Wertha, Metek, Deterge etc.

VMS Elit ‎– Dragging Death CS (New Forces) 8e
Swedish exuberance from the man behind Capers and Team Boro Tapes, and member of Heinz Hopf. Harsh noise of the north, no gimmicks, no trite concepts, just sheer energy and intensity. Destroyed tapes, engines pushed to the limit, rocketing into a death-slide that never ends.