Rumunija / Obšrr / Vilkduja - III

Reviewed by Daina

It's a nice evening for a tea w. Rigas Balzams and for listening to an audio-threesome, the newest "Terror" release of three masters of Lithuanian audiopoetry: Rumunija / Obšrr / Vilkduja.
Through the first third of the album I get on the road with Rumunija and sink into "Žemė" (Earth) and "Nežinia" (Uncertainty), grateful to the bottle of alcohol, standing on the shelf (the same kind of a shelf my parents once owned, same kind hanging in any soviet style multi-story building kitchen). While listening to the sounds I think of how they resonate: as if these tracks would've grown out of and matured in exactly this space, slightly out of tone voice, objects, sick gastroharmonics. It's all here - rhythmically growing rusty melodies, reaching towards the barking dogs at the end of the village or sometimes mutating into freaky funky sequences.
While I'm still thinking about how nicely plaster keeps snowing down from my kitchen ceiling, next artist chips in with synth and dark groove,  poetry peals and damp autumn melancholy. Obšrr sings "Rūpintojėli manoaštuoniakoji..." (My eight-legged Jesus) and I think to myself - cuckoos suit you well, dear, thus I turn on the piece "Kalbelė, padedančią įniršį paversti suvaldyta jėga" (Small talk to transform fury into controlled power) once again, just because this repetitive swing goes perfect with the night and the cat. Here Obšrr talks to me saying "katinėli tu mano juodžiausias" (ye my blackest cat) and weaves further on in the meadows of sound. It's  so simple you don't need anything else.
"Gravitacija" (Gravitation) by Vilkduja interrupts the start of my flight towards another dimension : coarse track with strict ritual drumming for a spine. "Druskytė" (Saltie) leans towards a more danceable territory. My beloved "Rudeniniam Vasarnamy" (In an Autumn Cottage) feeds me tango and swing and finally and pushes me into an unbelievably beautiful "Tamsi Naktis" (Dark Night)... Freedom and liberty is felt throughout every second of five Vilkduja tracks.
It is a huge job to surprise a sceptic like myself, but I guess this album worked a miracle. So the beer's on me for that, guys.
The album's recommended for those deeply in love with autumn and all kinds of addicts.

Format: CD
Released: 2014
Label: Terror
Edition: 300