Ogham - I

The word Ogham is defined as ancient alphabet that was used mostly in Ireland and is somewhat similar to runes. But this evening the term Ogham describes duo, consisting of two persons, well known in industrial scene (though I must confess, I didn't hear too much fuss about this tape when it was released). Both of these musicians are closely related to occult themes and explore the part of the world that is mostly hidden from the eyes of "normal people". One of them is Thomas Ekelund, director of an interesting Beläten label and truly popular industrial act nowadays - Trepaneringsritualen. Another person is Kevin Yuen from USA, perhaps mostly known for his participation in Sutekh Hexen and works in viraloptics. This tape is the first part of a trilogy that had to be released in Merzbild label. I'm not sure if this will be accomplished for Merzbild is silent for quite some time already. But it's quite conceptual - exploration of the dead language in sounds is interrupted and only part of revealed discoveries are published. All the rest is gone. "I" tape is long, organic, dark and truly not for shiny spring mood, but at the same time it transcends far beyond the limits of time and feeling of it. Two untitled tracks, each filling one side of the tape with the only reference to context made in already non-existent language. Everything else is explained in sounds. I'm pretty choosy when it comes to genres like drone, but I have nothing to complain about while listening to these long tracks, expanding into 40+ minutes. They flow so well with the evening darkness... Electroacoustic signals become humming static walls of sound; soft and barely audible melodies of guitars and synthesizers, being born in this humming are slowly drowning, and become extinct; field recordings, used so carefully that the impression of fragility and delicacy brings in a feeling of sanctity, and overall idle trip in immense and unbounded time. From time to time it seems as if I'm sitting here, listening to a long, several minute loop, repeating over and over again, but with every start of the loop, new branch of sound is grown from the tree of static humming. It might be a bit harsher, more rough, but it never goes too far from the drone foundation and every time it returns to the core and start growing differently and tastefully. These elementary things such as sensitivity towards sound, soft and tender attention to details, are the main reasons why you can listen to this tape over and over again and it doesn't get boring. B side is a bit different from the first one. Basis of sound is stricter and the overall mood - more reserved. If atmosphere in A side was open and melancholic, B side is bound by guitar or synth drone and the sound evolves differently. It is developed in different colors, but with the same delicacy, meditative mood and curiosity. This tape is a wonderful drone record when you have nowhere to hurry. And you have nowhere to hurry for everything that these sounds are about, are long dead anyways.

Format: CS
Released: 2012
Label: Merzbild