2016 March update


Various ‎– Saastaa Suomesta II LP (Obscurex) 16e
+42 minutes of filthy gutter sleaze NOISECORE!!! Extreme audio terror assault on senses!
Bands included: Nyrkki, Siviilimurha, Noise Waste, Musta Oksennus, Funeral Mongoloids, Nihilist Commando, Beip, Anal Barbara, Unpeace, YesMeansYes


Alfarmania ‎– At Ulleråker CD (Old Captain) 14e
At Ulleråker, where the anguished shrieks echos inside the asylum walls until the lungs can scream no more from exhaustion. A cursed existence doomed to the hell of chronic care in containment and restraint. Restless days and sleepless nights, spent in dismal corridors and bleak day-rooms. Coffee, cigarettes, oatmeal and medication. All vestiges of your individuality washed away by time, leaving only an unfathomable cavity inside your institutionalized soul. Join the legions of faceless ghouls in slumbering stupor. Tormented by the demons of the mind, by the white-coated devils and their nurses. Controlled, studied, observed. Caged for your free will. The third eye nailed to the wall. Gazing into the nightmarish reflections in the mirror-shards of your shattered self. Falling backwards into the debacle of madness. Surrendering to the all-devouring flood of primordial fear. As you disappear into the depths and your ego disintegrates, finally submitting to the collective grey non-existence, Ulleråker drags you down into the black waters of its abysmal vortex. ”At Ulleråker” was originally released on tape by Styggelse in 2005, now released on CD by Old Captain. A concept release dealing with the personal and collective hell inside Swedish mental asylum Ulleråker. An early tapework by Alfarmania – a classic in the field of death industrial / power electronics. Accompanied here by ”Spännbädden”, a previously unreleased recording from 2006-2007. Comes packaged in a 4-panel Digipak with artwork and layout by Kristian Olsson. Edition of 200 copies.

Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro ‎– Inner And Outer Space CD (Zhelezobeton) 10e
This is already the second collaboration album of Bardoseneticcube from Russia and Shinkiro from Japan, this time under their own names. The first disc "Four Noble Truths" was released under the combined title of Bashin on the French label Athanor in 2011 and was dedicated to the basic principles of Buddhist teachings. The meditative and contemplative subject continues here as well, now being focused on the aspects of inner and outer space.
We submerge in the dark thick matter of sound, fluid, transparent and stratiform. Woven from abstract electronics, omnifarious samples and transformed voices, textures are smoothly interchanging, always showing new visions in the black mirror of our viewport. Makes you wonder - does the perceivable exist separately from the percipient? In any case this is dark, nocturnal, cosmic music, not devoid of epicism and dramatism. Worth having in your playlist for the next space travel!

Bizarre Uproar ‎– Dekadenz CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Bizarre Uproar album with great booklet in jewelbox.

Bizarre Uproar ‎– Fifteen Years Of "Filth & Violence"- Pure Hate CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Last part of re-releases from boxset. 4 long untitled tracks of extreme Finnish Power-Electronics.

Caligula031 ‎– Topography Of Smut Vol. 1 CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Albaniant Meat Market + Domino tapes on one CD! Rough power electronics!

Claustrum ‎– Legion Of Silence CD (Old Captain) 12e
Claustrum are one of the pioneering acts from Rīga, Latvia and of the whole European industrial scene. Since 1992 they have been experimenting, breaking the barriers of styles of industrial and electronic music, crossing over from minimal / dark ambient to orchestral industrial / neoclassical and power electronics.
Claustrum is often set equivalent with internationally acknowledged artists of similar diverse stylistic expressions. In over twenty years’ existence their creative work has chimed and still occasionally emerges electronic dark ambient, orchestral and martial industrial as well as rhythmic and radio noise, which has found its initiative in musicians’ specific interests of their specific time.
The new post industrial album from a trio of the maestro is one of the greatest monumental albums of the millennium. Edition of 300 copies in 4 panel Digipak.

Clinic Of Torture ‎– Rope Suspension CD (Freak Animal) 12e
7 tracks studio. Recorded without overdubs summer 2015. Track 8 recorded live in Tower Transmissions V, Dresden. 25.9.2015. Over 50 minutes of industrial noise, more towards early days of COT, with less harshness, more dark and suffocating sound of torment.

Cloama ‎– Neuroscan Organization / Blood Illumination CD (Industrial Recollections) 12e
Dark and gloomy industrial-soundscapes from Finland. Re-issue of LP and tape on one CD. Industrial Recollections.

Corazzata Valdemone ‎– Avanguardia Rumorista CD (Ufa Muzak) 12e
Brand new album from furious Italian Futurist Corazzata Valdemone. An unusually rich and interesting album with a wide stylistic spread. Refined grandiose Martial Industrial with totalitarian homeland futurism! From traditional songs and lumbering battle paintings, to sad and quite retreats. This is not dark or grave music, but inspiring and ecstatic. Features contributions from: L'Effet C'Est Moi, Siegfried, Art Inferno, Deviate Damaen, and Frangar (Funeral Winds). Digipak.

Die Weisse Rose ‎– White Roses in Bloom in Kyiv CD (Old Captain) 14e
As a part of 'The Honour of Silence' 2015 tour with Death in June, Die Weisse Rose performed a memorable ritual in Kyiv with an impressive line-up of Thomas Bøjden, Kim Larsen (Of The Wand & The Moon) and Gary Carey (Joy of Life).
DWR's classical tracks from the debut album were executed with a puissant vigour and true honour, while the final part interpreted a Ukrainian folk melody that became a lament song during Ukrainian Revolution of 2013-2014.
"White Roses in Bloom" gives a perfect chance to listen to the project live when it is at its most potent and emotional artistic edge.
Matte laminated Digipak.

Fecalove ‎– Great Northern War CD (Untergeschoss, Narcolepsia) 12e
New album of prolific Italian/Norwegian artist takes his work to new level of focused noise composition, power electronics dementia and industrial clatter. Varied whole of perfectly paced harsh noise violence, electronic disturbance, depraved vocal gargle and tape manipulations in best industrial tradition.
Edition of 300.

Institution D.O.L. ‎– 17 Shameless Years CD (Klanggalerie) 14e
The return of INSTITUTION D.O.L.! "17 Shameless Years" is the first new album by D.O.L. since 2007's "Instructions for modern Weakniks".
The band present a new member, MK Vermin from Czech noise project Magadan, who not only provides powerful electronics, but also vocals. "17 Shameless Years" is a mix of brand new songs, specifically written for this CD, and radical reworkings of material from the back catalogue.
If you have seen D.O.L's return to the stage at Tower Transmissions 4, you will know that the new direction is very harsh.
Power electronics dominate the sound, and you will not always recognize the new versions of older tracks as the reworkings are very radical.
After a long hiatus, finally a new album by Austria's one and only power electronics band.

Iron Fist Of The Sun ‎– Blush CD (Unrest) 12e
Reissue of the highly sought after cassette from 2010 (Ltd x 120 copies, Unrest Prods). The synth driven power electronics of IFOTS is hard to define and is not instant on the ears. "Blush" followed and evolved from the debut CD "Behavioural Decline" on Cold Spring (2009). There is no in your face harsh approach here, IFOTS takes a much more subtle route than that and is all the more challenging for it. Comes with a bonus live version of Feel The Boot. Shocking pink digipak with spot-varnished artwork.

Iugula-Thor ‎– Opera CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni, Lake Shark Harsh Noise) 13eu
Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni and Lake Shark Harsh Noise are glad to announce the 2015 reiussue of Iugula-Thor’s classic “Opera”.
Originally published on tape in 1996 by Old Europa Cafe, “Opera” was a notable personal piece that blended noise and power electronics by mixing piercing high frequencies, a subtle and threatening vocal presence and classical music, buried under layers of violent harsh noise.
Alongside Dead Body Love's classic "Low-Fi Power Carnage", Iugula Thor's "Opera" is also a massive documentation of
distortion concentration and a prime example of Italy's 90s penchant for samples and sources drenched in overdriven texture.
This new edition is mastered by P.NG5361.BANDERA (Sshe Retina Stimulants / Sigillum S) and includes as a bonus “Cuts series”, over 20 minutes of previously unreleased material, recorded in 2007/2008 for the “Sex Cuts” sessions.
The CD comes in brown digipack, featuring and extensive essay by Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and alchemical artwork by Marco Wertham.

J Orphic, Epoch, TSIDMZ ‎– Unsere Weltanschauung CD (Ufa Muzak) 10e
3 way split album of best Martial-Industrial

Mefitic ‎– Woes Of Mortal Devotion CD (Nuclear War Now!) 12e
All too often a band emerges from the underground, records a promising demo or EP, and soon after, under some perceived notion of urgency, releases a lackluster debut album rife with impotent filler tracks, and is thus discarded to the overpopulated scrap pile of mediocre metal bands. Fewer and farther between are the bands that rightfully and patiently take their time to properly develop their musicianship and songwriting abilities, experiment with their sound and recording technique, and then unleash a debut album, sometimes several years later, that is more than worthy of its time in waiting. Having existed for over ten years, but content to this point to have released just a handful of demos, splits, and a single EP, Italy’s Mefitic fits the latter categorization. With its debut album, “Woes of Mortal Devotion,” hereby released under the banner of Nuclear War Now!, Mefitic proves that patience is rewarded by the quality of its product.
Those who are familiar with Mefitic’s earlier releases are likely to note a distinct evolution in the band’s sound on their debut full-length. Although it continues to fester in the wound recently opened by the 2012 EP, “Columns of Subsidence,” the approach to this album is notably less chaos-driven and instead more controlled than previous recordings. On the one hand, it invokes the same raw intensity of bands like Black Witchery and Demoncy, and on the other it conjures a hypnotic dissonance akin to that of a band like Antaeus, as well as a ritualistic dimension similar to that of Necros Christos and Teitanblood. Having been recorded at the infamous Mara Cave, as done previously by fellow countrymen Blasphemophagher and Demonomancy, a gimmick-free and rehearsal-like atmosphere results in a natural sound that successfully enhances the asphyxiating character of the music. Finally, as a perfect complement to the music itself, the artwork gracing the cover of the 12-page booklet, as executed by Manuel Tinnemans, undeniably evokes the same anguished and corrupted vision of a world also represented in Mefitic’s lyrical themes.

Moloch ‎– Abstrakter Wald CD (Frozen Light) 10e
Remastered CD reissue of the Dark Ambient classics from the Ukrainian dark ambient / black metal project. Recorded on reel-to-reel / open-reel audio tape recorder in semi-stereo mode somewhere in the woods of Carpathia, Dismal Winter 2010. Remastered in 2015 and complemented with two bonus tracks: one from the "Horizont" EP, another from the split with Voidstar. Digipak.

oro!oro! ‎– Sąstingis CD (Autarkeia) 12e
The latest oro!oro! album is dedicated to the eternal winter. To the everlasting glacial stagnation. Just imagine it is one and the same season - the season of winter - all year round. That is the true core of the stagnation. Excessively deep meditative sounds remind ether, the habitat of spirits. Reluctantly you ask yourself if you are still alive? In terms of style, the album harks back to the cult ambient albums of Current’93. Those who still recall The Stars Are Marching Sadly Home may expect the same atmosphere. Perhaps now is the time when the waiting for the spring will never end?
Album lasts for 32 min. Lim. E 200.

Praying For Oblivion ‎– 0rdinalzahl / 0 CD (Obscurex) 10e
53 Minutes of good old european style power electronics!

Reutoff ‎– No One's Lullabies CD (Zhelezobeton) 10e
"No One's Lullabies" is the 9th album by Reutoff, one of the best-known Russian projects on the international post-industrial scene. Over the course of one hour they will be performing their "lullabies" which won't let you sleep though... The whole panopticon of borderline mental states will unfold before the eyes of our attention. Every track is a masterfully performed decadent dance of emotions and feelings. Steady industrial rhythms, an unhasting but assertive semi-drunk waltz, circus-like grotesque with wicked medieval shades, comatose jazz swinging in dark tones and epic electronic doom that could also fit well in the repertoire of their brother-project Otzepenevshiye - all imbued with remarkable spirit and slightly inflamed imagination.

Scatmother ‎– Purulent Sublimity CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Power Electronics

Slogun ‎– Tearing Up Your Plans CD (Old Captain) 14e
Originally released over 15 years ago, "Tearing Up Your Plans" is a landmark release in the Slogun discography. Initially produced by the Armed and Loaded label (aka Sounds For Consciousness Rape) in 1999 in limited number with deluxe packaging, it is offered here as a four-panel Digipak CD with revised artwork. Old Captain is proud to revisit this full-length title with some of the strongest titles in the Slogun arsenal such as: "Scum Junkies", "Slobland" and "You and I". With the 20th anniversary of this American True Crime artist just around the corner, delve into some of the original material that set the Slogun path on its course through crime, self-loathing and the human animal's worst traits. FTW

Slogun : Wertham ‎– By Blood : In Blood CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni) 13eu
Collaboration CD between NYC true crime legend SLOGUN and Italo-anti-socialite Wertham.
10 tracks featuring collaborations and stand-alone tracks by both projects, focusing on different atmospheres, ranging from full-blast power electronics to constructed atmospheric industrial, completed with constant vocal assault.
Balistreri and Deplano were inspired for this work by their family backgrounds, turf related animosities and to situations where you know you can count only on your next of keen, blood of the same blood, flesh of the same flesh.
Comes in digipack and 12 page booklet with full text. Artwork by John Balistreri.

Smell & Quim ‎– Lavatory CD (Smell & Quim / Milovan Srdenovic Appreciation Society, Paleolist Press) 8e
Brand new full-length album featuring the line-up of Kate Fear (Ceramic Hobs), Michael Gillham (The New Blockaders, Snotnosed), Milovan Srdenovic, Simon Morris and Stewart Walden. Ultimately blew up & fucked up industrial filth in the most brutal form of S & Q severeness. No mercy, vitriolic cocks rising.

S.T.A.B. Electronics ‎– Day Of The Male CD (Unrest) 12e
Brand new album from this British analogue Noise loop terrorist. "Day Of The Male" is a very personal statement from S.T.A.B. Electronics. This album is a gaping wound committed to record during very tumultuous circumstances in early 2015. SE's themes are based solely on paranoia, deep depression, sexual anxiety, male and female perversion, dealing with problems of inner self, and suicide.  "A homage to every male on this damned planet who has been torn through the gutter".

T-Wald ‎– Landeinwärts: In Memory Of Hermann Hesse CD (Ufa Muzak) 10e
Russian neoclassic-ambient project "T-Wald" dedicated this new album to HERMANN HESSE.
A poetic wall of melancholy and polyphonic ambient, with piano passages and some telling voices.
Cinematic sounds diving you into a past that will never return...

The Rita ‎– Ballet Feet Positions CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni) 13eu
THE RITA's new full length work is a complex work of obsessive research on discipline, elite beauty, and suffering in the world of Ballet.
The main piece of the album is a lengthy composition that starts extremely minimal with subtle textural sounds, interrupted by samples of actual ballet training sessions. Sounds slowly builds up in a over the top harsh noise machinery that brings Sam McKinlay's classic trademark that crowned him as the godfather of harsh noise wall, with a monolithic build up of violence and intensity.
Second track is a power electronics rework of the the same sounds executed by Insubria hostile electronic unit CALIGULA031 that mixed all material with analog/modular sounds and in your face vocals, underlining different possibilities of textural processing.
Regarding the original sound sources, Vancouver musician, media artist, trained dancer Kelly Davis rigorously went through various feet positions and movements of classical ballet including 'Battements', 'rotary movements', 'connecting and auxiliary movements', etc. while a Traumatone contact microphone was rigged with a knee support brace to the side of her knee / thigh to capture the sounds of any hint of movement. The different chapters of sound were all repeatedly processed live by THE RITA as Davis went through her various positions and movements.
THE RITA's recent use of extended samples as a single, conceptual release or as a building block of material is derived from the complete immersion in a topic found in earlier influences of WHITEHOUSE, TAINT, and OVMN, but also as an extension of his work with women's singing and vocal work in the earlier THE RITA -- 'Womens Vocals' LP. McKinlay finds that the totemic fetishism and the subtle resonances of the female voice as they describe the topic(s) help to bury the listener into all that is woman, especially as the samples shift into the symmetry of a female dancer's recorded movement.
Co-produced by Elettronica Radicale Edizioni with Old Europa Café, limited to 300 copies, comes in digipack and 12 pages booklet with unsettling text contributions by ex-dancer/writer Simone Paget and Marco Deplano (Wertham).

Unclean ‎– Syntiinlankeemus CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
Finnish Power Electronics at its finest

Uncodified ‎– Hardcore Methodology CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni) 13eu
In the past few years, Corrado Alteri (Candor Chasma, Monosonik, TH26)’s has been making quite a name for himself with his loudest project, thanks to the complex and highly differentiated styles of each release, always hoisting the banner of abrasive post-industrial experimentation.
Cold experimental atmospheres, concrete sounds, analog violence, pure industrial wreckage and full frontal power electronics, are the many different ingredients that make Hardcore methodology a real manifesto that shows the many faces and skills of UNCODIFIED thanks also to the collaboration with acclaimed and notorious projects and individuals like Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Candor Chasma, etc.), Marco Wertham’s CALIGULA031 , Paolo Bandera’s SShe Retina Stimulants, Bologna Violenta and Gianluca Favaron.
With the help of these fellow gentlemen, Altieri successfully assembles his work by constantly comparing its compositions to the methodology used by directors of Hardcore movies, obsessively following the same flow and scenes visualization by means of the constantly-changing structures of his work.

Uncodified, Wertham ‎– Vindicta II CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni) 13eu
After one year from the first chapter, UNCODIFIED (feat. Corrado Altieri of Candor Chasma, Monosonik, etc.) and WERTHAM return with the second chapter of the “Vindicta” trilogy , once again focusing on Sardinian criminal history and culture.
The sound slightly turned into more constructed high voltage power electronics, with stronger industrial structures and pulsating bass frequencies that do not betray the expectations of the previous installment. The two projects blend their experience into an avalanche of analog sounds, distorted synths, extensive use of samples and agonizing vocals that scream in Sardinian, Italian and English.
The concept slightly moves from the blood-feud/knife obsessive themes of the first work, toward the aftermath of the war between families that lead the protagonist of our tale to turn into a feral life style on impenetrable mountains, “living like boars and sleeping like foxes”, until his capture and subsequent confinment in the notorious Buoncammino’s jail. The solitude of the forced mountain life meet the despair of 30 years of life in a cage of the notorious legal lager.
8 tracks, digipack, with a rich booklet with illustrations and text translated into English, “Vindicta II” is mastered by Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Candor Chasma, etc.). Another collaboration between Old Europa Café and Marco’s label Elettronica Radicale Edizioni.

Wince ‎– Traum CD (Freak Animal) 12e
Debut full length CD from WINCE. Masterworks of harsh noise!

Xenophobic Ejaculation / Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes ‎– Waffenbruderschaft/Aseveljeys / 毒 CD (Filth and Violence) 12e
XE with NS grindcore


Abscheu ‎– Breviary Of Chaos CS (Unrest) 8e
New from Unrest. Crushing power electronics.

Arkhe ‎– Downstream CS (Kafe Kaos) 8e
Swedish astral industrial.

Arkhe ‎– Mars Shines Through Scaffolds Of Time CS (Unrest) 8e
First full length of Swedish astral industrial.

Arkhe ‎– Rift CS (Kafe Kaos) 8e
Swedish death electronics project Arkhe has since 2012 released a handful of dense and suffocating negative recordings on imprints such as: Järtecknet, Nil By Mouth, Kafé Kaos - and recently Unrest Productions. During the band’s relative meager lifespan, Arkhe have managed to establish himself within industrial circles via limited tape - and seven inch editions plus a few selected live performances at key-events throughout Europe.
The front cover depicts a primitive value-perspective drawing containing three connected - yet independent spiritual spheres. The image is similar to the visual composition and symbolic lines found in many nature religions prophetic objects and instruments - such as the Sami shaman’s ritual Runebomme drum - an important ingredient in contacting past-on spirits and the living via deep trance states or remote sensing. The rear cover of “Rift” site a phrase from Greek Mythology (see Swedish quote above). The text describes Prometheus bestowing the gift of fire to man (a theft from Olympus), and so releasing humankind from Zeus’ oppression. According to Greek Mythology, Promethean fire is the symbol of defiant progress. It should be noted… While Prometheus’ gift enabled humanity to prosper, it also harbored a Janus face consequence: At the end.. Humanity was stripped of its immortality.
“Rift” contains two barren and introspective medium-length tracks: “Stoftets Hus” on Face A; and “Tystnadens Hus” on Face B. The two works channel a tranquil and meditative atmosphere that stretches the listeners gaze and psyche… to graze inwards and beyond in a sweeping fanning motion. Crucial in establishing this ground are: A dusty, velvet sound meticulously mixed; subtle track progressions; lulling body-rhythmic movements; discreet fostering micro compositions; the chosen low-to-mid frequency range - plus a keen-eared presence in played instruments. PS! Make note of the softly articulated feedback on Face A.
Arkhe has most of his career maintained a listening perspective that favors an internal gaze. “Rift” is in this sense no novel appropriation, but in terms of sonic presence and integral potential it may well be one of his most powerful works to date. A defiant industrial progress. This standpoint is due to the recordings parallel function as psychological and spiritual tools for contemplation - in comparable third-eye trajectory to the Sami shaman’s Runebomme. However, one shouldn’t disregard the compositional qualities of Arkhe’s new musical trial. The works are earnest, thoroughly developed and display a will to develop a critical artistic stance and musical language that extend past orthodox genre confinements. The tracks ease forward with strict, yet natural millimeter precision - and court an elevating transgression that can be found in well-executed drone or minimal electronic music. When listening to the works, one receives an experience of something undefinable, untainted and pure - that is passed unto us from the sublime beyond. I wouldn’t blink twice if “Rift” would find an audience outside the industrial trench. It would be well deserved.
"Rift" is a seldom well-articulated and cohesive work. This is much in gratitude to the involvement of Arkhe’s cadre: Shift and Peter Henning. The album inhabits a “red thread” that is integrated through-out all levels of the production - from: Album and track titles - to visual design, compositional function, practical execution of works - plus thematic concept - which all previous elements are soaked in. The critical binder in “Rift” is Arkhe’s semi-obscured theme which one only is left to speculate around…. - Though if we gather the various album components mentioned above it is possible to grasp at a riddling meaning. Short and sharp: “Rift” can be understood as a conceptual meditation on border-questions pertaining life and death. To avoid deflating your listening experience I will refrain from laying forward a further analysis. My hope in return is…. - That you, from your individual temporary vista…  will by your sole, sole self… contemplate on and gaze into the rift - en route - to the cosmic night that surrounds mankind.
Kafe Kaos version of a release.

Black Letters - I One-Sided C-90 CS (Turgid Animal) 6e

Body Stress ‎– They Come In Sheeps Clothing CS (Turgid Animal) 6e
From the depths of the Copenhagen underground; Martin Schacke's Body Stress project, alongside his Moral Defeat label, has been releasing some of the more interesting and more demanding experimental music from that part of the world and is all the better for it. "They Come In Sheep's Clothing" is just over half an hour of thunderous, heavy, harsh noise. This release is simultaneously brutal and beautiful, the droning undercurrent keeps the atmosphere slow and trudging. It sounds like the soundtrack to a fleet of tanks crushing an entire street, a collapsing sky or a baron landscape scabbed with crackling fires and harsh winds. The age of human sheep coming to an end; a trial by fire of biblical proportion. Tape comes with suitably grim artwork by William Watts.

Caligula031 ‎– Amria CS (Wrath) 8e
From the fields of Romania to the streets of Ireland. A tragic tale of family exploitation ends in the worst way possible.
Limited to 100 copies available as regular edition and special edition with dvd and extra inserts.

Cappio Di Ferro - Controlled Procreation Committee One-Sided C-60 (Turgid Animal) 6e
Perhaps best known for his work in Black Metal bands such as Blasphemous Noise Torment and Caostruppen as well as the running of his label, War Command Prod, Italy's Francesco Boco isn't one to shy away from extreme music of any form; his debut release in the field of Industrial Power Electronics shows his strength as a performer in all fields. "Controllled Procreation Committee" is rhythmic in parts and utterly devastatingly harsh in others, all under a controlled frame work and structure. The debut release from Cappio Di Ferro is not to be missed and we look forward to hearing where this project will be taken in future.

Celebrity Appreciation Society ‎– Selected Case Studies Volume 1: Loss Of Innocence CS (Institute of Paraphilia Studies) 8e
The Celebrity Appreciation Society (C.A.S.) is interested in exploring the obsession developed by large groups of people for public characters. Actors and actresses, models and singers, starlets and porn stars, historical characters and victims of heinous crimes: whenever a human being reaches the limelight, hordes of fans will develop questionable urges that can turn admiration into sexual obsession that often leads to trolling and stalking activities.
In this first audio-essay recorded for Institute of Paraphilia Studies, C.A.S. files a series of sound works and artworks inspired by the once child-star turned-to-junkie Dana Plato, known to the most as Kimberly Drummond of "Different strokes" fame. Miss Plato became a different kind of cult figure afterher death, spawning myths involving alleged involvement in porn-flicks. Furthermore, this work focuses on the expanded version of Anne Frank’s “Diary of a young girl”.
Sound wise, this first tape is a collection of samples, shrieking vocals, feedbacks on a background of compressed dirges.

Con-Dom ‎– War And Ordnance CS (Freak Animal) 8e
includes two exceptional live shows. On side A, you have full length War Against Society set, which for my knowledge has never been featured in any of his live releases. Recorded in Zurich 2015. B-side includes even more exceptional set, related to Shards of Ordnance 2xCD release. Live in Lahti, Finland, 2014, Con-Dom performed 35 minute set consisting nothing but rare tracks. Studio versions featured in various compilations, while this was first and only time these tracks have been played live! 12 page mini booklet inside J-card, chrome tapes, 1:1 real speed dubbing.

Concrete Mascara ‎– Delusion Rituals CS (Black Psychosis) 8e
When only pieces remain from a life of trauma, no dedication to the ego is too great. When the aftertaste of shame and guilt is unending and all-consuming, no offering of blood is sufficient. When every waking moment is a nightmare, no dosage is high enough.
Concrete Mascara is proud to announce the newest document of depravity, “Delusion Rituals”. This cassette documents two complete live performances, from United Forces of Industrial II and M.A.P.S. Fest respectively. These recordings contain live renditions of material from “Blossoms of Shame”, “History of Ruin” and “The Pursuit of Hedonism”.

Contortus / Hygienia ‎– Contortus / Hygienia CS (Obscurex) 8e
Split tape from two relatively new bands from finnish industrial noise scene!

Edge Of Decay ‎– Koneiden Kultti CS (Narcolepsia) 7e
Another fine effort from one of the rising forces in the ever tireless finnish subsoil, this time with a less Harsh Noise oriented release, more focused on slow rusty Industrial and on true magnetic death reverence.
“Cold and windy room with metal and machines. Human with different kind of lust. Feel the flesh hitting on an oiled machine. Hear the metallic penetration. Kneel down and worship. Let the animal instinct take control. Become one with the cult of machines.”
Edition of 100.

Feldgrau - Damnbients I: Deep Nests One-Sided C-90 (Turgid Animal) 6e
Gracefully humble and understated, "Damnibients" is sparse in parts and sounds as though it were recorded in an underground echo chamber...

Grunt ‎– Chance To Be Cruel CS (Freak Animal) 8e
Recorded live in Virrat, Finland, 3.10.2015
"We still have a chance to be a cruel. But if we are not cruel today, all is lost" (Linkola quote)

Grunt ‎– Swarm Of Parasites CS (Freak Animal) 8e
7 songs, 30 minutes. New 2015 tracks, structured industrial-noise/PE assault!

Händer Som Vårdar ‎– Depopulation CS (Obscurex) 8e
New minimalistic, desolate and depressing tape

Händer Som Vårdar ‎– Interiors CS (Posh Isolation) 10e
"Interiors" is made up of five new pieces from Henrik Söderström under his Händer Som Vårdar guise and perhaps this is his strongest outing to date. ”Interiors” mixes the signifiers of his earlier releases; tape loops and electronic ”loose ends”, with something more musical. This, however, does not mean that he has betrayed his dedication to what has become known in some circles as ”Swedish tape noise” - but while it is that, ”Interiors” offers us a stronger sense of narrative. HSV has always had an underlying and modest romanticism to his composition, and ”Interiors” sees this further explored.
Five pieces performed for the furniture, but dedicated to a person in a adjacent room

Hassokk ‎– Kai Betonas Tampa Niekio Manifestacija CS (Narcolepsia) 7e
Immersive soundscapes of decay and oblivion from the mastermind behind Body Cargo. This is the first full length release since the debut “Betono Gniaužtai” C30 on Phage Tapes, and it proceeds with the boiling decrepit tension we could find on the previous material. Another gem from the great lithuanian underground.

Hattifnatter ‎– Barometrizm CS (Zhelezobeton) 8e
Hattifnatter is a collaboration project by Evgeniy Savenko (Lunar Abyss, etc.) and M.M. (Kryptogen Rundfunk) formed in 2007 for free-form exploration of the psychoactive electroacoustic ambience and only now matured enough for this first full-length studio album. The material has been recorded in 2007-2013, infused and distilled, redefined and again sent to distillation and transformation to finally form into six compositions full of weird oneiric images.

Infektionsabteilung ‎– Infektionsabteilung CS (Obscurex) 6e
Cosmic and minimalist electronic music meets noisy new age Industrial muzak on this debut tape of italian Infektionsabteilung. Made with tape loops, mics and analogue synth. Influenced by Tangerine Dream, Asmus Tietchens, Maurizio Bianchi, Throbbing Gristle, Conrad Schnitzler etc.
Also fans of Will Over Matter, Videotrage and such might want to check this out!

Infektionsabteilung ‎– Luzifers Traum CS (Narcolepsia) 7e
Primitive and occult Industrial from this obscure italian project, using analogue synth, tape loops and objects to summon atmospheres similar to the more odd Will Over Matter moments, late Beherit material or early classics from names such as Maurizio Bianchi or Conrad Schnitzler. Minimalist and bizarre, devoting itself to the all-consuming spiral of cosmogenic implosion.
Edition of 90.

Kakerlak ‎– Among The Minutiae CS (Stiff Sanctorum) 20e
Kakerlak is an American prominent act that thrusts venomous daggers into thee definitive noise-industrial fields for over a decade.
"Among The Minutiae" brandishes bloodthirsty tentacle as emphatic classic form of Kakerlak, piled up with chunks of hammered metal, voluptuously smashed rumble and butchered feedback.
Hurtling with gravity of filth and details of splendor.

Knækkede Stemmer ‎– Andet Portræt CS (Lust Vessel) 20e
"Andet Portræt" is a full-length acoustical shadowgraph from Knækkede Stemmer, a substantive project founded by Mikkel Rørbo, a sound and visual artist based in Denmark, also know for running the label Dokumentarisk Agenda and previous project as Alleypisser particularly.
This album consists of 5 chapters over 70 minutes in total through introspection obscura.
Limned with smeary tape manipulation featuring body sounds, voice, acoustic instruments and field recordings along with taciturn synthesizers works.
Just put all the light out and close your eyes.
Then the disquieting silence shall speak eloquently.

Maskhead ‎– Forced Perversions CS (Filth and Violence) 9e
Violent and depraved power electronics

Mats Erlandsson ‎– Selective Miracles 2xCS (Posh Isolation) 20e
Abstract ambient

Neto ‎– Énumération De Zamvoli / Mouille Rêve De Caravoli CS (Lust Vessel) 20e
A new genius is lurking behind a suburban ash on Kantō loam.
That is Neto, the aural thaumaturge from Japan.
Neto presents a debut album summoned with two long pieces of rebarbative phantasmagoria.
Generated with treated field recordings, looping phases, feedback and hair‐raising utterances into implied phenomena.
The serried vacancy passes through back lanes tinged with provincial reek.

Nordens Dødsmyter - II C-40 (Turgid Animal) 6e
"The second tape by Sindre Foss Skancke's deeply personal project, Nordens Dødsmyter; a project inspired by the need for a deeper understanding of death and all of its implications..."

Polkka Love Machine ‎– Polkka Love Machine CS (Zhelezobeton) 8e
Polkka Love Machine is the title of a performance made by the Finnish theatrical group Sabotanic Garden founded by Pasi Mäkelä and Jussi Saivo. The piece appeared in 2009 and has toured extensively ever since in France, Germany, Austria, USA, Czech, Estonia and Finland. Now it's been turned into a musical project in which Pasi and Jussi explore the depths of ritual eroticism.
What we hear is a set of six laid-back songs with a lo-fi sound but refined old-school approach. Slooow rhythms, hum of amplifiers, bluesy splashes of vibrating guitars, subtle electronic tones and ghostly auditory hallucinations... Retired jazzmen on mushrooms and sedatives? A session of deep seductive self-hypnosis? Or a result of super hot sauna overdose?... In any case, a great collection of Finnish love-making music.
Jussi Saivo is also the member of such projects as Tiermes and Aural Holograms and a chief of his own Saaren Levy label. Pasi Mäkelä aside from performing with Sabotanic Garden plays weird music as PAM and co-operates the micro-label Meteorismo.

Rotten & Mutant Ape - Collaboration #1: Music's Not War, War Is War C-10 (Turgid Animal) 6e
First in a series of warehouse bunker sessions recorded straight to tape, straight after intensive circuit training. Exhausted and wishing for death. 2 short tracks; broken pedals, rotting synth, agonised vocals, metal mesh and power tools make up a collage of intense lo-fi Power Electronics and rough Harsh Noise. Motivation music.

Rusha ‎– Untitled CS (Staalwaart Records) 6e
Obscure german electronics. Comes with foldout insert and behind glass sticker. Factory printed and duplicated tapes.

The Rita ‎– Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage CS (Stiff Sanctorum) 25eu
As the title explains steadily, this is another grand orgasm of sustained conceptual works presented by The Rita, an intransigent from Vancouver, Canada.
The evidence of concentration upon the female classical ballet in the last few years.
"Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage" incessantly spouts excessively distorted textures implying rich and bulky frequencies with crunched subtle phrases.
Dynamically rumbles as ponderous amalgam of the focus on shades and reflection in fetish and monomaniacal minimalism.

Torba ‎– Dvott Stovn CS (Narcolepsia) 7e
Getting more refined at each new step, with a masterful approach to his craft and a unique understanding of the sound sources and dynamics that define Harsh Noise perfection. Cryptic but succint, as delicate as rudimentary.
Edition of 100.

Umpio ‎– Spiritual Cancer CS (Black Psychosis) 8e
Acoustic junk bashing, objects of all sizes thrown about, some turntable torture, pure destruction captured on tape without any wimpy pedals. Then these tapes were fed into different delay lines to create a non-repetitive structure of chaos for a new order. Some exquisite extractions of electronic impossibilities were added to spice it up, because fuck you

Varg ‎– Star Alliance 6xCS (Posh Isolation) 110e
Recordings from Rome, Vilnius, Warzaw, Vienna, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Detroit, Copenhagen, Kiruna, Stockholm & Skellefteå. Arranged by Jonas Rönnberg summer 2015 in a Volvo XC-90 on the E10-road from Kiruna going south & in Stockholm, Sweden.

Various ‎– A Group Of Sexual Perverts CS (Bacteriafield) 15e
A group of sexual perverts. American noise compilation featuring:
Wonderland Club
No Dreams
Jonathan Canady
Purity Of Essence
Comes with 14 page 8x10" zine.
Limited to 99 copies.
"To keep something hidden from those who love you. Something you've done that you're ashamed of, or something that has happened to you."

Vulgar Disease ‎– Testosterona CS (Narcolepsia) 7e
Raw and chaotic sleaze from this mexican project, displaying a vicious blend of feedback destruction, cheap sex and basement electronics. Third world mass murder, hard drug epidemics and sperm stained magazines.
Edition of 80.

Whiteswan ‎– To The Point Of Exhaustion CS (Narcolepsia) 7e
Stripped down to the barely audible, orthodox and monochordic filth from this newcomer spitting hate from deep within the finnish gutters. For those into the unrelentless savagery of the old masters of murder electronics.
Edition of 100.

Will Over Matter ‎– Visio Ja Toteutus CS (Freak Animal) 8e
C-45 tape on Freak Animal offers some of the most primitive and minimalist works of Will Over Matter. Little of samples, but no vocals. Crackling of fire, repeating patterns of crude loops and broken electronic signals. Beyond subtle minimalist approach, one can sense constantly something happening. Chrome tapes