2015 May update


Entre Vifs – No Signal CD (Impulsy Stetoskopu) 12e
We are proud to present the new material from this respected French noise/bruitiste project. Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies on CD in metal boxes including 16-page booklet. European noise industrial at its best!

Smell & Quim / Onomatopoeia – Live At Kirkstall Lites - Brutalist Mix 8e
Senior English statesmen Smell & Quim and Onomatopoeia offer up a horrifying 20 minute live collaboration which has been subsequently studio brutalised – read: glorifyingly distorted – for your sickly noise pleasure. The God-knows-what live antics are fodder for the studio mix’s chipper, delivering an unrelenting pummelling of sound and a few bloodied stumps of input material at the end of it. CD in a matte-side printed card wallet, edition of 300 copies. c. 20 minutes = budget price.


AFDS – Anti Feminist Death Squad CS (Apostle of Purity) 7e
Power electronics from Denmark. 20 copies

Anti Feminist Death Squad – Supra Mulieribus CS (Apostle of Purity) 7e
Power electronics from Denmark. 50 copies

Cadaver Gutter – Humanity Is Overrated CS (Gutter Disease) 6e
Second release of this new Finnish Power Electronics project, which comes after the excellent No Apparent Motive 3"CDr. Humanity is Overrated deals with Pekka-Eric Auvinen, the Finnish school shooter who caused a bloodbath in his school 8 years ago. This tape leaves you feeling as if you were there or at least in close proximity.

Jah Excretion & Torturing Nurse – Split CS (Cipher Productions) 8e
The somewhat reclusive Jah Excretion from Japan teams up with the elating and ever-present Torturing Nurse from China for a track of each of no-nonsense and unrelenting harsh noise. Each has placed an emphasis on the roar of urgency and the hedonistic quality of harsh noise pursuits. This is another in my line of specially packaged tapes, coming in a riveted rubber sleeve with photocopy collage artwork. Edition of 50 copies.

Karjalan Sissit – ...Want You Dead CS (Total Black, Cyclic Law) 8e
First new album in 6 years. Co-released with cycliclaw cd and lp version also available, LP through Tesco\Cyclic Law. After a six-year wait since their last opus, new masterpiece from one of Sweden s most notorious acts. Karjalan Sissit wants you dead ... and after listening to these new tracks you might not cease to exist, but you will definitely feel the sheer brutality they exude. Intense, bitter, and heavier than ever, this new work is the epitome of the Karjalan Sissit sound. It s all still there: the pounding metallic percussion and deep angst-ridden atmospheric passages, all held together by Make Pesonen s angrierthan-ever vocals. Karjalan Sissit is back, and more ticked off than ever, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Knurl – Acetylphasia CS (Impulsy Stetoskopu) 8e
After a long hiatus Alan Bloor comes back with a new release. One of the most evocative and sonically diverse works in his catalogue, it is worth waiting for!
Each cassette, wrapped in a sanitary napkin moistened with glacial acetic acid, comes enclosed in a transparent plastic bag. LImited edition of 100 numbered copies.

Romania – Aplinkybė CS (self-released) 6e
Lithuanian weird ethno-psychedelic chanson

Scalp Elevator – Ontario CS (Total Black) 8e
First recordings from this new harsh noise combo comprised of Ryan Bloomer + Andrew Nolan.

Trend Basher – Untitled CS (Gutter Disease) 6e
Trendbasher is the name under which Vomit Eater (mostly known from Grindcore/Noisecore bands such as VRV, Discophobia...) makes Harsh Noise/Power Electronics. It is an irregular project, which hasn't released too much yet. Whether more stuff will be recorded is unknown at the moment. This tape collects 5 tracks from different recording sessions. Expect nothing fancy, this is raw, crude and primitive. And while the cover art might be quite abstract, it's safe to say that it has something to do with a secret obsession of the man behind the noise.

White Eyes Wide – Innocent Inscest CS (Apostle of Purity) 7e
Power electronics from Denmark. 25 copies

Whiteswan – Insatiable Lust CS (Wrath) 8e
Second pressing of an official debut cassette after 2013 demo from this Finissh act based in Kajaani.
Purely analogue power electronics noise with synth and vocals, recorded live in 2014 without distortion pedals/metal junk/other extra material kept to absolute mininum.
No overdubs
No mixing
No mastering
Comes with different cover art. White tape in regular plastic case with j-card.

Fördämning #6 (IDDB) 5e
A long interview with Evil Moisture, a shorter one with Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing and an old one with The Desperate Bicycles. A great guide to blackhumour by Chris Sienko. Reviews. A5, 32 pages. 250 copies.

Night Science 5 (Cipher Productions) 20e
Exclusive interview and CD content from Alberich, Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar, Kazuma Kubota, Mlehst, Hal Hutchinson, Skin Graft, Anemone Tube and the Fragment Factory label; live reviews and a mass of CD / tape / vinyl reviews. 158 pages total.


Bizarre Uproar – Amputaatio DVD-r (Wrath) 14e
Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Comes in a plastic case with A4 poster, A5 insert, small sticker and 12-page A5 zine, housed in resealable black plastic bag with pasted artwork.