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  886VG & Scant Intone - 11.11.11 CS (Brise-Cul Records)

My bro Scant Intone spent a couple of weeks in South America last year to perform a couple of gigs. This is an edited for the C-23 format recording of a live collaboration with Chile’s 886VG. This is a bleak metal banging set with a crazy cavernous vibe.
  +DOG+ - Creature Comforts CS (Brise-Cul Records)

+DOG+ is one curious beast, say creature… That californian collective group delivers noise the californian way, strong analogue homemade electronics, powerful vocals, loud vibes… This tape is no exception, expect 4 killers California-style analogue noise tracks the way we all love it performed by one of the forerunners of this scene.
  Å - Néant hors du vide CS (Brise-Cul Records)

Å spent a month last year living a couple of streets from mine in Montréal. So I spent a lot of time hanging out with him, that culminating with an exclusive for North America demonstration of his pure euro-style HNW live that blew every MTL noise dudes away. So as another chapter to this friendship, Å bring the noise to the Brise-Cul C-23 series. On this tape, he performs 2 denses euro-style HNW tracks the way it should be played, you know, in a pure nihilistic harsh manner.
  Abscheu ‎– Breviary Of Chaos CS (Unrest)

New from Unrest. Crushing power electronics.
Alisa-Yhtye – Untitled CS (Phage Tapes)

Excellent harsh noise from Russia. originally self-released back in 2007
All Your Sisters – Modern Failures CS (Beläten)

All Your Sisters is the work of Jordan Morrison and Mario Armando Ruiz. Rooted in post-punk while possessing a contemporary perspective, AYS create brooding and aggressive atmospheres. Heavy rhythms propelled by drum machine and Ruiz' bass lend a perfect foundation for Morrison's haunting guitar and vocals. AYS was initially a solo project formed by Morrison in the fall of 2011 but Ruiz became a regular member and contributor in 2012. ALL YOUR SISTERS are based in San Francisco, California.
Andrew Coltrane and Chris Durham - Electro Shocks One-Sided CS (Turgid Animal)

It is with pleasure that we introduce this fine collaboration to the Turgid Animal catalogue. This is extremely well played and composed industrial electronics from the USA. While "Electro Shocks" is highly rhythmic in parts, it is extremely analogue in nature; tape hiss, over-saturation and heavy synth work form the backbone of the release. Lo-fi sound and lo-fi aesthetics.
Andrew Quitter ‎– Forgotten Farms CS (Diazepam)
Andrew Quitter is known for his death industrial project Regosphere and the label Dumpsterscore Recordings ( + many other projects as well).
Under his own name, he creates some really great drone industrial.
3 carefully composed tracks with synth and organ drones, cymbals/percussions and field recordings.
Androphilia – Tradition and family CS (Columncolonna)

Isolationist electronics. Loops, raw industrial landscapes, treated voices, tunes of death. All in the tradition of Italian industrial old school.
Arkhe ‎– For Everything That Lives Is Holy CS (Nil By Mouth Recordings)

From the tomb of the natural destroyer: a harrowing echo, a stench of necrophilia and half forgotten ideals. Two slabs of harsh wailing electronics, bleak and dismal, in naive praise of vengeance and the ruin of human skin and bone and culture. Originally enfolded in aborted attempts at building walls, on a quickly sold-out cassette published by the venerable and defunct Utmarken label in 2010, these two segments of collapse and grime serves as a preamble to what became ARKHE, now reenvisioned, clarified and visually enhanced by Nil By Mouth.
"For Everything That Lives Is Holy" is housed in a special cardboard sleeve with 5 small postcards. Every copy is closed by a brownie hardbound steel wire.
Arma / Komodo Haunts CS (Agharta)

The 8th release from Agharta. In this tape an English and Lithuanian artists meet up and invite to open our inner ears and submerge. Arma, previously more known from the noise project “Bruzgynai”, here delivers wide spectrum of sounds and chimes: from intense and piercing drone to joyful lo-fi new new age.
Komodo Haunts part is slightly melancholic drone: fading dark red sun rays, which is so pleasant to let in yourself.
Ascites - Leak Test CS (Fusty Cunt)

Dallas Texas' finest! True Incapacitants worship done right. Layers upon layers present in this one. Listen close, listen often. Edition of 75.
Ascites – Waste CS (Narcolepsia)

Covering a timespan of nearly 5 years of this Texan unit, combining varied interpretations of harsher sounds, from Japanoise inspired frenzy to restrained ugliness and everything in between.
Edition of 71.
Ashburn County – Our Dead Selves Rise CS (Beläten)

Ashburn County does not really exist. Well… the city of Ashburn exists. But the county of Ashburn is rather a projection of the mind, as when William Faulkner created Yoknapatawpha. It is just a mirror image of the place the musicians grew up in, deep in the rural areas of Louisiana. Close to their homes, when they were kids, there was a local drive-in where they saw a great quantity of cheap horror movies, mostly local productions set in the bayou with degenerate rednecks shooting at some creatures living in the muddy lakes or deformed killers lurking in the mountains. These films were called Creature from Black Lake, Don’t Go in the Woods or Terror in the Swamp. That was in the eighties. These movies were bad but their soundtracks, mixing bluegrass with bizarre sounds from analog synthesizers, had a tremendous influence on them. Sometimes were also projected some European art-house and terror movies.
In 2012, Leroy Delbert Quebedeaux and his friends decided to direct their own movie which would be a tribute to these independent hick films and their grotesque humor set in the midst of a terrifying nature. But they had no cameras, no money, nothing. So they decided to work on the soundtrack of the film they would have done if they had the adequate equipment. They bought a digital handheld recording machine and, inspired by the soundtracks of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Eaten Alive, they did some field recordings of instruments, agricultural machines or natural environment. So everything has been recorded with it : accordions, trombones, voices, synthesizers, cellos, etc. It gave a particular quality to the sound of all these instruments. By mixing traditional folk and Cajun culture with industrial collage, droning synthesizers, old rhythm boxes, neoclassical grandeur, samples and mechanized sounds, the musicians confronted themselves with ghosts of their own past and ghosts of the earth itself on which they have grown up and lived until now.
Somewhere between the work that Ralph Records have done for the Potatoes compilation and Hank III with the Gutter Town album, they create their own folklore, very creepy and haunted. They say to have been impressed by obscure post-industrial bands from the eighties like Human Trapped Rhythms or Somewhere in Europe, the psychological terror of S.F. Brownrigg's films, local legends of Louisiana as well as the photographic work of Ralph Eugene Meatyard or Clarence John Laughlin. The world of Ashburn County is black and white, out of time, full of melancholy and terror, ghost tales and dancing skeletons. A visual universe in which each song is like the sequence of a film.
New!!! Backasvinet ‎– Backasvinet CS (Team Boro tapes)

Andreas (Arkhe, Pestdemon), Peter (Amph, Mirrors Are Black) and Martin (about twenty different monikers) return after the great Gevisol/Ivisol cassette from 2015. Improvised yet by no means rushed, and with a couple of unorthodox elements hidden in the mud; this one's a heavy slow-burner and a perfect soundtrack for aimlessly wandering wet city streets with a heavy headache during sleepless nights.
Backasvinet – Gevisol / Ivisol CS (Elbogen Fonogram)

Harsh noise from the heart of Northeast Malmö.
32 minutes of dirty explosive junk-abusive no bullshit violence.
Inspired by the hospital(ity) killings of 1978-79. Östra sjukhuset: a nice glass of lemonade spiked with detergent.
Baculum - XXY C20 (Phage Tapes)

Edition of 46 in cassette capsule with double-sided 2 color screen printed cover.
Side A consists of two pieces of metal hard paned with minimal distortion. Side B is composed of rearranging and layering the material found on side A.
Barrikad ‎– Through The Voice One Becomes Animal CS (Nil By Mouth Recordings)

This release is a heavily structured mass of sounds, consisting of pulsating analogue oscillators, field recordings, concrete drones, grinding steel pipes, voice samples from documentary archives, distant screams, oil drums and the vibrations captured by contact microphones. On this record BARRIKAD blends diverse elements of sound, evoking a cold fusion of old school industrial music to celebrate the first 10 years.
Through The Voice One Becomes Animal presents itself on two different formats: a handmade and cut in real-time clear 10” in 10 examples released by Exlibris Nordén, but also as a special package tape on Nil by Mouth. Not giving away too much, the booklet that comes with both releases is impressive and thick! Just plain dedication to heavy electronics.
Bete Lumineuse - Murmure du Charnier CS (Crucial Blast)

If you're a regular customer of Crucial Blast, or have been soaking up much of the extreme black/death metal that has surfaced in recent years, you've seen the visual work of Industrie Chimere Noire. This Québécois designer (aka Joce) has been behind the distinctive and imaginative album design and artwork for a host of hideous, hellish death metal, black metal, and extreme industrial bands, including the likes of Abyssal, Portal, Fistula, Hooded Menace, Morne, Nekrasov, Unearthly Trance, and Utlagr, among others. Beyond his visual art and design, though, Joce has also been creating sinister, spectral music of his own with his solo project B?te Lumineuse, which has to date released a handful of split tapes with bands like Actuary, Lortie and Neige Et Noirceur. Practicing a kind of nightmarish kosmische sorcery, B?te Lumineuse's sound is surreal and suffocating,  centered around brackish dronescapes and drifting fogbanks of mesmeric murk that often resemble the sound of some particularly baleful 70's-era space music cassette (think Tangerine Dream circa Zeit) that has just been dug up after being buried deep beneath a forest floor for the past ten years...
New!!! Bhaavitaah Bhuutasthah ‎– Rückkopplung CS (Robert & Leopold)

The current nom de guerre of Dutch sound artist Raymond Dijkstra, Bhaavitaah Bhuutasthah, lends direction to Dijkstra’s studio of the same title and frames reference to the cross-confusion of linguistics in modern society. For the past 30 years, Dijkstra’s output has been varied yet consistent, compiling dozens of self-released albums in which he takes away the focus from the ideas behind completed musical forms, and redirects these thoughts into the hand-made process of it’s creation.
Utilizing his designated space, Dijkstra composed his recent efforts using his newly embraced medium of electronic synthesis, fusing this with his abstract system of sound reproduction using degenerated tape, natural acoustic phenomena and random percussive patterns. Thematically, “Rückkopplung” attributes this idea of feedback loops within language. The idea of how certain languages lose sight of their original roots and after centuries of words being spoken into themselves, words become foreign recreations of their original place.
As a whole, the inspiration behind Rückkopplung situates itself within the coincidentally bizarre true story in which Dijkstra experienced, as told by Dijkstra himself:
“I was selling a table harmonium. One day, I got a message from a young man who wanted to buy it. His grandmother had recently died and he wanted to play the harmonium on her funeral two days later. I sent him my address and the following day I met him at my home. He acted somewhat confused because he had just, in front of my doorstep, received a somewhat unsettling message from his mother about his grandmother...and my house.
Since the man had told his mother he would buy an instrument at my address (an old 1924 art deco house which had seen better times due to poor (no) maintenance), she wrote him a message informing him that his grandmother had lived right there, in exactly the same house for over 20 years. They were the previous tenants just before I came to live there. He told me the name of his grandmother was Faber. I knew then that the story was correct. I remember having received mail from the previous tenants the first year in my new house. The name was Faber.
And I knew an old man had died there. That was about 25 years ago. The young man and I were both speechless. We realized the strangeness of the whole situation. The young man was somehow led to my house. The same house where his grandmother had lived an important time in her life. And where her husband had died, the year before I came there.
We talked about his grandmother and I told him something about the house. He would later send me a photo of his grandparents and his mother and father, sitting in my current living room. A strange timeprint of something which had happened a few decades ago, in my house.
The next day he would play the harmonium on the funeral of his grandmother. The same harmonium he had bought at the house where his grandmother had lived.”
  Bigg Cityy Orchhestrr ‎– Impetuoso CS (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

Limited edition of 100 numbered copies. Regular box with a cover made of aluminum foil and printed transparency. Enveloped in black kalki with photo.
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Putrid Live Activities 2011-2012 4xCS (Filth and Violence)

Putrid live activities 2011-2012. Pro-dubbed tapes. 16 page color A5 booklet!
  Black Letters - I One-Sided C-90 CS (Turgid Animal)

Bleak Existence – Love Earth Hate People CS (Narcolepsia)

Total grimness by the Québécois hermit. Subterranean crepitation and slow motion death.
Edition of 57.
Blitzkrieg Baby ‎– Kids' World EP CS (Beläten)

Blitzkrieg Baby are back after 2012's epic Porcus Norvegius CD on Neuropa. And what a return. Four brand new, bile-spewing pork rind delights, backed up by four, previously released compilation tracks, and a reworking of Children In Uniform from the above-mentioned album.
Blitzkrieg Baby fuses diverse influences from Industrial, Electronic Pop and Neo-Classical into dissonant marching music for the balaclava-wearing youths secretly rallying in the pig pens and gutters of the bleak post-industrial wasteland Blitzkrieg Baby live in. Kids’ World EPdives face first into the stink-hole of humanity in the present and impending future; child soldiers, paranoia, rape rallies, broken childhood, terror, and death, often delivered with a sardonic smile.
Body Stress ‎– They Come In Sheeps Clothing CS (Turgid Animal)

From the depths of the Copenhagen underground; Martin Schacke's Body Stress project, alongside his Moral Defeat label, has been releasing some of the more interesting and more demanding experimental music from that part of the world and is all the better for it. "They Come In Sheep's Clothing" is just over half an hour of thunderous, heavy, harsh noise. This release is simultaneously brutal and beautiful, the droning undercurrent keeps the atmosphere slow and trudging. It sounds like the soundtrack to a fleet of tanks crushing an entire street, a collapsing sky or a baron landscape scabbed with crackling fires and harsh winds. The age of human sheep coming to an end; a trial by fire of biblical proportion. Tape comes with suitably grim artwork by William Watts.
Bonesfield / Facialmess - Sabotage CS (Phage Tapes)

Phage tapes, pro tape in very nice silkscreened cardboard box!
Breathing Problem ‎– Reactive Attachment Disorder CS (Wohrt Records)

First full length since 2009's Mattress On The Floor....A major shift in sound. Focusing on cold / synth / beat driven soundscapes...6 tracks totaling almost 60 minutes of material...Teenage girls with behavior disorders...Pro Ana / Pro Mia....Cutting...Homicidal Ideation...Girls placed in facilities to treat mental illness...Runaways and Homeless rich girls...Strange symptoms...KMFDM shirts...Faded green hair and Thick Black Eyeliner...Addiction and defeat...etc
Burial Hex / Crown of Bone split CS (Crucial Blast)

...This new entry in Crucial Blast's Infernal Machines limited edition cassette series again features the blistering black harsh noise of Crown Of Bone teamed up with another denizen of the black noise/death industrial / mutoid black metal underground. This time its with the renowned "horror electronics" project Burial Hex, aka Clay Ruby (also of Davenport, Totem, ex-Jex Thoth, Wormsblood, Journey To Ixtlan, Hintergedanken, and a bunch of other musical projects that I've been listening to over the past decade or more). Burial Hex's "Resurrection" is up first, opening with gusts of demonic breath and a distant scream of terror, then falling into silence. The first few minutes of the track are harrowing, that horrific screaming rising up in the background behind a veil of monstrous utterances cloaked in delay and other effects, and the sound of droning keys slowly drift in, dark electronic ambience gradually rising to the surface. Eerie, John Carpenter-esque synths slowly curl across the blackness while those vile, guttural intonations continue to roll out, and this all starts to take shape as a kind of anguished, hellish power electronics as those nightmarish breathing sounds and bestial moans becoming more erratic, the screams more desperate. Further into the track, those warbling background drones start to transform into the sound of creepy pipe organs, but then it turns into something much noisier and more chaotic, those droning keyboards suddenly swallowed up in a gale of screeching metallic noise and howling feedback, turning into a harsh, squealing industrial nightmare. One of the most unsettling tracks I've heard from Burial Hex...
  Caligula031 ‎– Amria CS (Wrath)

From the fields of Romania to the streets of Ireland. A tragic tale of family exploitation ends in the worst way possible.
Limited to 100 copies available as regular edition and special edition with dvd and extra inserts.
Caligula031 ‎– Bachelorette Party CS (Institute Of Paraphilia Studies)

8 March, hen night, bachelorette party. Take a bunch of ladettes, get them drunk on cheap booze, bring them to a club where flamboyant dancers strip themselves waving your beloved country flag. Arm them with whipped cream dispensers, turn up the volume and these soon-to-be-wives will do the rest. CFNM - Many men dream about it for many different reasons, but basically because they are in need of somebody who get in charge of their pleasure and existence. And everybody is a winner. CALIGULA031 focus on male-objectification fetish, a fendom illusion, a joyful example of exhibitionism, a possible vehicle of mononucleosis and STDs. Italian analog-oriented power electronics assault. Regular edition cover is several panel J-card that includes all lyrics.
Cannibal Ritual – Eating Guts CS (Narcolepsia)

Uncompromising monolithic devastation by the master of reclusive HNW.
Edition of 61.
  Cappio Di Ferro - Controlled Procreation Committee One-Sided C-60 (Turgid Animal)

Perhaps best known for his work in Black Metal bands such as Blasphemous Noise Torment and Caostruppen as well as the running of his label, War Command Prod, Italy's Francesco Boco isn't one to shy away from extreme music of any form; his debut release in the field of Industrial Power Electronics shows his strength as a performer in all fields. "Controllled Procreation Committee" is rhythmic in parts and utterly devastatingly harsh in others, all under a controlled frame work and structure. The debut release from Cappio Di Ferro is not to be missed and we look forward to hearing where this project will be taken in future.
Caulbearer - Haunts CS (Crucial Blast)

Originally released as an extremely limited CD from Peacock Window, the debut album from ghostdroners Caulbearer is now reissued on limited-edition cassette via our Infernal Machines imprint, released in an edition of two hundred copies in full color packaging. Haunts is the first release from Caulbearer, a new duo that features visual artist Cody Drasser and which delivers some killer dark kosmische driftnoise on this ten-track album. Haunts drifts in on a bed of vast rumbling synth-drones, flecked with coruscating electronic noises and smears of whirling black drift; you can hear traces of classic 70's cosmic music in here, but you can also detect a much more chaotic and abrasive quality that at times feels closer to the dense psychedelic blast-furnace sounds of C.C.C.C. when Caulbearer decide the crank things up. The album is made up of a series of evocatively titled multi-part epics ("The Absorbing Ghost", "Siege Machines", "Shipwrecked Cathedrals"), each one a  sprawling slab of neo-kosmische darkness that drifts in out of the abyssal realms similar to those inhabited by Maeror Tri/Troum, offering a similar approach to heavy subterranean drone-loops and deep-earth thrum ...
Cauldhame ‎– Debris CS (Unrest productions)

Cauldhame is an industrial/power electronics project from the UK, formed in 2008. “Debris” is the first in a series of works on the theme of mental illness; a portrayal of the damage inflicted by a failing, mismanaged healthcare system and a culture of wilful ignorance, delivered across 8 tracks in 50 minutes of densely detailed industrial/PE. An attack on the misappropriation of “Messianic Delusion” and other textbook tropes as comedic cliché, released within a week of UK supermarkets withdrawing “Mental Patient” Hallowe’en costumes from their shelves.
Celebrity Appreciation Society ‎– Selected Case Studies Volume 1: Loss Of Innocence CS (Institute of Paraphilia Studies)

The Celebrity Appreciation Society (C.A.S.) is interested in exploring the obsession developed by large groups of people for public characters. Actors and actresses, models and singers, starlets and porn stars, historical characters and victims of heinous crimes: whenever a human being reaches the limelight, hordes of fans will develop questionable urges that can turn admiration into sexual obsession that often leads to trolling and stalking activities.
In this first audio-essay recorded for Institute of Paraphilia Studies, C.A.S. files a series of sound works and artworks inspired by the once child-star turned-to-junkie Dana Plato, known to the most as Kimberly Drummond of "Different strokes" fame. Miss Plato became a different kind of cult figure afterher death, spawning myths involving alleged involvement in porn-flicks. Furthermore, this work focuses on the expanded version of Anne Frank’s “Diary of a young girl”.
Sound wise, this first tape is a collection of samples, shrieking vocals, feedbacks on a background of compressed dirges.
Chaos ET Sexual - Ovna CS (self-released)

Chaos E.T. Sexual is a young and ambitious parisian project formed by members of parisian death metal band Corrosive Elements which aims to mix hip-hop beats and post/noise-rock guitars in order to create an hybrid music, which become live a physical and visual experience thanks to Highway To Paradise live projections.
Cheapmachines - Kept: 1994-96 CS (Second Layer)

Mid-90’s analog noise recordings from Phil Julian. True Croydon thug electronics made with a primitive set up of a basic mic, reel to reel tape and various guitar pedals. This material was recorded in the pre-internet days when the then teenage Phil Julian was trying to recreate the sounds he’d heard on the few early noise / avant-garde records he’d been exposed to. The results are as fierce and engaging as any other harsh-noise acts working around the globe at that time. Violent, minimal and claustrophobic, reclaiming the Croydon sound after the gap left by early Broken Flag. Reels of this material were discarded but a few cases were marked ‘Keep’ and that’s what you have here. For fans of Skin Crime, Macronympha and early 90’s Merzbow. Gold cassettes. Limited edition of 100 copies.
Clay Figure / Half Mile Down ‎– Atavists' Apprentices CS (Untergeschoss)

Lovecraft / Cthulhu Mythos themed tape from two obscure projects.
Clay Figure presents three tracks of Fenno-Cthulhoid madness with ritualistic percussion loops, uneasy ambiences and other eldritch means. Hail Suur-Nikkuri!!
Half Mile Down has one epic track of Deep Sea Drone that takes you to the bottom where Beasts live.
Artwork by Si Clark. Professionally duplicated tapes with bodyprints.
Climax Denial - Genitalization Of The Void CS (Fusty Cunt)

Old material, completely different direction. CS offers 4 tracks of industrial powernoise. Up tempo. Abrasive.
Clinic Of Torture – Slavesex CS (Institue of Paraphilia Studies)

2015 recordings of Clinic Of Torture. Perhaps one could say return closer to old sounds of bands. Less of harsh material, more of raw industrial noise rhythms and sounds of torment.
New!!! COG: NULL ‎– År Noll CS (Tordon Ljud)

Second tape for Cog: Null on Tordon Ljud after "Verklighetens Folk" in 2014. This time Cog: Null provides us with several shorter and more dynamic harsh noise tracks themed around something that ceases to exist and provides space for something new.
Compoundead, IRS – Compoundead / IRS split CS (Angst, Scorze records)

50 copies
Con-Dom ‎– War And Ordnance CS (Freak Animal)

includes two exceptional live shows. On side A, you have full length War Against Society set, which for my knowledge has never been featured in any of his live releases. Recorded in Zurich 2015. B-side includes even more exceptional set, related to Shards of Ordnance 2xCD release. Live in Lahti, Finland, 2014, Con-Dom performed 35 minute set consisting nothing but rare tracks. Studio versions featured in various compilations, while this was first and only time these tracks have been played live! 12 page mini booklet inside J-card, chrome tapes, 1:1 real speed dubbing.
Concrete Mascara ‎– Delusion Rituals CS (Black Psychosis)

When only pieces remain from a life of trauma, no dedication to the ego is too great. When the aftertaste of shame and guilt is unending and all-consuming, no offering of blood is sufficient. When every waking moment is a nightmare, no dosage is high enough.
Concrete Mascara is proud to announce the newest document of depravity, “Delusion Rituals”. This cassette documents two complete live performances, from United Forces of Industrial II and M.A.P.S. Fest respectively. These recordings contain live renditions of material from “Blossoms of Shame”, “History of Ruin” and “The Pursuit of Hedonism”.
Constrain – Option To Hide CS (New Forces)

A rare example of an artist not sacrificing dynamism in pursuit of harsh, raw textures. Flawless - a project at the forefront of contemporary Americanoise.
Contortus / Hygienia ‎– Contortus / Hygienia CS (Obscurex)

Split tape from two relatively new bands from finnish industrial noise scene!
  Contortus ‎– Meat And Psychology CS (Freak Animal records)

Debut tape of Finnish band CONTORTUS. Out on December 2013 on Freak Animal Records. C-30 chrome tapes. b/w covers. Youtube sample includes two complete songs. Short and fierce assaults combine together strong elements of harsh noise and power electronics. in fine tradition known from Finnish bands. With abundance of feedback. demented vocals and rough noises.
Contour  ‎– Year Of The Hunter CS (Posh Isolation, Distort)

Contour’s ”Year of the Hunter” consists of four pieces of improvised rock music. The session was recorded during the very first days of 2014 in a tiny room filled with cigarette smoke and lukewarm vodka drinks and while sometimes chaotic, the result is surprisingly precise; there is an underlining mood that is present throughout the entire recording which is somewhat similar to the strange mix of excitement and melancholia that a new year’s celebration most often holds; mournful of endings, while celebratory of new beginnings.
Contour was, or is, Anton Rothstein, DX, Julia Nowak, Frederikke Hoffmeier, Loke Rahbek & Elias Bender Rønnenfelt.
Conure and 15 Degrees Below Zero - Split C60 (Danvers State Recordings)

CONURE is the solo project of mark wilson (15DBZ, RINGS OF SMOKE THROUGH THE TREES).  mr. wilson presents nearly 30 minutes of hellish, noisy dark ambient soundscapes and industrial terror.  15DBZ presents two tracks -- they're a bit less harsh than the A side, but the noise is indeed there, along with some killer industrial and dark ambient sounds.  50 copies.
New!!! Creation Through Destruction ‎– Ω Deconstruction CS (New Approach Records)

Creation Through Destruction / Knurl - Split CS (Danvers State Recordings)

Possibly the harshest noise release to ever grace Danvers State, this 30 minute cassette contains one track by Serbia's CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION, and two by Canada's KNURL.  Brutally harsh scrap metal noise and wailing feedback covers both sides of this beast.  No frills, no studio tricks, just pure harsh noise.  Essential.  50 copies on "scrap metal grey" cassettes, housed in a standard case.
Creation Through Destruction vs. Nundata ‎– 2213: Decomposed Circuits CS (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

No mastering, no editing, no overdubs, just pure live noise! Live collaboration between two main from Serbia, and one of the most important European, new generation composers of HNW.
Crown of Bone / Utarm split CS (Crucial Blast)

....Another new entry in our Infernal Machines cassette series, this split again features the fearsome black noise of Crown Of Bone teaming up with another denizen of the black metal/noise underground, this one featuring the somewhat secretive Cali black metal group Law Of The Rope. As with the other new Crown Of Bone split tape with Utarm, this features cover art created by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues / Aderlating) and is professionally printed/manufactured, limited to two hundred copies.....
Culver - Fortune Teller Revival CS (Turgid Animal)

Scheduled for release on another label a long time ago and since handed over to Turgid Animal, this release finally reaches daylight after years in the dark. The sound Culver is famous for, unadultered, uncut. Minimal and dense drones fill both sides; a blissful incarnation. Fold out cover.
Custodian / Developer – Custodian / Developer CS (Narcolepsia)

A gathering that shows the vitality of contemporary US Harsh Noise, with two projects at the peak of their style. Custodian delivers true force by way of violent, massive destruction, while Developer meticulously crafts a psychotic meltdown.
Edition of 79.
  D.A.G.A. – Zona de Guerras CD (Gradual Hate Records)

The Music of D.A.G.A is overshadowed by defeat and a tireless will at the same time, motivated by loss and a weird hope of reencounter in the form of a final victory.
Fantastic post punk, post industrial, and minimal synth with strong male vocals sung purely in Spanish.
Damno Te ‎– Sabi C21 (Fusty Cunt)
Returning after many years of silence. Damno Te delivers a great blend of feedback and pedal worship done proper. Each movement is precise, dynamic textures throughout. Repeat listening is a must to catch all the layers.

Dark Session ‎– Hel(l)sinki CS (HATEHATEHATE tapes)

Highly recommended Finnish harsh noise. The cassette consists of four tracks, one of which was recorded at Obscurex
container and the other three were recorded at BU bunker.
~ 20 min.
Dead Body Collection / Uitgeschakeld ‎– Split CS (Palinopsia Recordings)

HNW. 50 copies
Dead Body Collection ‎– Witch's Ashes Scattered By The Wind CS (Palinopsia Recordings)

Dead Body Collection ‎– Remembrance Of Flesh, Memories Of Heaven 2xCS (New Approach Records, Narcolepsia)

This set gathers eight long sold out 3”CD-R releases put out by labels such as AnarchoFreaksProduction, Quagga Curious Sounds or L. White Records. Covering many of the sounds Dead Body Collection has been dwelling in, from crisp to arid, from the heavily distorted to the massively impenetrable, this is both a good introduction to the project and an essential release for those who have been active and closely following its output.
Professionally duplicated tapes with on body printing, housed in a double box with a professionally printed 8 page booklet including all info from original releases.
Dead Body Collection / Placenta Lyposuction – Dead Body Collection / Placenta Lyposuction CS (Narcolepsia)

Dead Body Collection provides infinite darkness through an unmoving static hole, while Placenta Lyposuction devotes itself to severe, arid decay. True balcanic hell.
Edition of 55.
  Dead Body Collection & J.Adolphe – Deep Into The Halls CS (Geräuschmanufaktur)

Harsh static & dark oppressive sounds of echoing voices and creeping spirits on red high-bias chrome cassette with semi-transparent cover artwork and obi. Limited to 50 copies
  Death Axis - Utter Disgust (Fusty Cunt)

Ear piercing instrumental power electronics from Bulgaria. This was a difficult listen when it was presented to me and that's exactly why I'm releasing it. Synth manipulation focusing on high-end  blasts and mid-FQ crackles and rumbles. Listen loud! Edition of 30.
Deche-Charge ‎– The Best Of D-C CS (Cadaverizer Records)

Dedicated To Bob Flanagan - Dedicated To Bob Flanagan CS (Untergeschoss)

Minimal electronic noise dirt for bondage and humiliation sessions. Not wall of noise but Wall Of Pain. Dedicated to late S/M Superman. Explicit artwork.
Professionally duplicated tapes.
Deprivation , Autocancrena – Deprivation / Autocancrena CS (Diazepam, Angst, Scorze Records)

Two of the more gifted and blackest power electronics Acts around, finally together, sharing this split tape with two amazing sides and concepts.
Rough/crusty old school sounds in 4o minutes of nihilist pollutions: total black, no way out. The eternal lie of an ideal happiness and a so-called love, that slowly destroys lives; The repeated and continuous consumption of meat as consumption of soul, exhausting and illusory daily martyrdom, anticipating an inevitable Self-annihilation.
Deviated Sister TV / The Vomit Arsonist - Post Partum CS (Corrosive Art Records)

Split tape release including Deviated Sister T.V. & The Vomit Arsonist. 12 tracks of Death Industrial/Power Electronics on C-60 pro dubbed with body print. Limited edition of 75 copies.
Diagram A ‎– Human X.S. CS (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

Construction and performance by D.Greenwood.
Artwork by D. Greenwood.
Construction and performance by D.Greenwood.
Artwork by D. Greenwood.
C-90, edition of 100 hand-numbered copies.
Regular box with a cover made of aluminum foil and printed transparency.
Dim Dusk Moving Gloom & Andrew Coltrane - Trojan Force CS (Phage Tapes)

This is a collaboration between these two prolific projects.  Two sides of slow burning textural noise.   Not super harsh, not really ambient but a damn good listen.
Disgust – I Am Simply Not There. CS (Crown Tapes)

Still angry, still brooding. Self-hate, and loathing still brimming at the surface. Recorded between 2012-2015, this is an even darker glimpse into the world of Disgust. Kindness is nothing but a warning for violence.
Disgusting Sanctum ‎– Nekrotik Aktion CS (Black Psychosis)

Following on from his self titled debut tape, Disgusting Sanctum continues his exploration in post-mortem electronics. Black Psychosis is proud to present two new tapes from the project, each around 30 minutes of bleak, disturbing tracks from this Coma Detox side project. Pro dubbed on chrome tapes with printed colour double sided j-cards
Disgusting Sanctum ‎– Stimulation From Assault CS (Black Psychosis)

Following on from his self titled debut tape, Disgusting Sanctum continues his exploration in post-mortem electronics. Black Psychosis is proud to present two new tapes from the project, each around 30 minutes of bleak, disturbing tracks from this Coma Detox side project. Pro dubbed on chrome tapes with printed colour double sided j-cards
Dmitry Distant ‎– Le Dérivé De L'Amour CS (Beläten)

From Moscow comes Dmitry Distant with four tracks of mesmerizing analog worship electro. It's minimal and it's dark, but underneath the cold melancholy bubbles unbridled passion: passion for the rhythm, passion for the deep bass resonances, passion for the hooks that will continue to ring in your ears for days on end. Le Dérivé De L'Amour is nicely rounded off by two remixes of the track System Control by Beläten favourite Ekman and The Exaltics respectively.
Doroga - II CS (Obscurex)

Second album of finnish duo: Doroga!
Hazy and bizarre Ambient/Experimental music with a touch of eastern mysticism!

Drug Age ‎– Tropismo CS (Joy de Vivre)

Sonic mayhem from the bowels of Italy. Objects, microphones, radio scum, distortion abuse
  E.E.M. ‎– As Father Told Me To CS (Narcolepsia)

Heavy discipline for anonymous victims. Orgies of power, orgies of crime.
“My home – My rules”
Edition of 61
Edge Of Decay – Halogeeni Helvetti CS (Freak Animal Records)

Freak Animal is proud to present release of less known Finnish harsh noise artists from Joensuu city. Some small profile releases and excellent live gigs have proven project to be worth to keep eye on. His style could be described to be somewhere near Knurl and Richard Ramirez type of direct and raw harsh noise without much editing or gimmicks. Harsh and fierce noise!
Edge Of Decay ‎– Koneiden Kultti CS (Narcolepsia)

Another fine effort from one of the rising forces in the ever tireless finnish subsoil, this time with a less Harsh Noise oriented release, more focused on slow rusty Industrial and on true magnetic death reverence.
“Cold and windy room with metal and machines. Human with different kind of lust. Feel the flesh hitting on an oiled machine. Hear the metallic penetration. Kneel down and worship. Let the animal instinct take control. Become one with the cult of machines.”
Edition of 100.
Edge Of Decay – The Whores Of New Age CS (Nil By Mouth)

”The Whores of New Age” is cruel and filthy soundtrack from the endless wastelands of junk. It is never ending story from the dirtiest and darkest thoughts of mankind. A world filled with tortured souls and lies bigger than human itself. End result from this agony and frustration is something more than unspeakable.
Where man meets metal there is always space for uncontrollable art creation Meet your maker and worship the ugly sound of metal and junk.
Limited edition of 120 copies
Electrical Cord Noose - Devoid of Value CS (Amnesia Program)

Harsh Industrial Noise from Bristol, VA/Kingsport, TN. Degraded atmospheres accompanied with minimal rhythms. Subversive and fractured. Edition of 50 on chrome cassettes, with small 8-page booklet.
Empty Front ‎– Cities Through Windows CS (the тide øf тhe εnd)

Limited to 100 copies
Second tape from this apathetic synt pop duo. Dance the night away in your bedroom.
New!!! Eradication Call ‎– Eradication Call CS (Phosgen Records)

Phosgen Records presents a tape of purest revenge. Eradication Call.Transboundary in image, content and sound. Primitive noise of Werwolf hatred. Limited to 100 pieces.
Exitus - Treatment Plan CS (Unsound Recordings)

The first full release by this new UK industrial project offers 6 treatments via the coldest analogue electronics.
Edition of 50
Extreme Hair Stench / Potabilizadora / Machakakraneos ‎– Three Way Tape CS (Cadaverizer Records)

Fäkalien ‎– Untitled CS (Diazepam)

Death Industrial / Power Electronics from Sweden.
Harsh blasts and eerie noisescapes.
Faršas ‎– Bėdų Turgus CS (Besotis Besarmatis)

Lithuanian grindcore
Father Murphy - Orsanti They called them CS (Yerevan Tapes)

One of the best bands in worldwide esoteric/experimental/industrial rock scenario coming back with one exclusive release for Yerevan Tapes!
Inspired by Luca Dipierro, who, after making his animated films, pastes the cut-outs on the surfaces of discarded book covers to create totally new art; and paying tribute to William Burroughs, whom the band owes so much (first of all, their name), Father Murphy chose four soundtracks made for Luca's animations. Using cut-up as an ideal pop song influence, they slowly rewrote the four musical movements, starting from and influenced by the images of the animations but going beyond them. The resulting music is a possible future path for Fr. Murphy.
As Luca Dipierro himself states: “The soundtracks of Father Murphy for my animated films ARE the films. Their sounds ARE the textures of my figures. Their silences ARE the sounds that my paper marionettes make.”
Comes on one-sided  tape with with photographic insert and usual esotic artwork by S. Anhayt. A limited edition of 100.
Fecalove / SSRI ‎– Fecalove / SSRI CS (Untergeschoss)

Both artists present four tracks that cover a wide spectrum of their styles.
Fecalove ranges from violent cut-up harshness to eerie field recordings, everything here being among his best material.
SSRI goes from looped minimalism to extreme, almost glitchy harshness and back. Slightly unusual material from this project (un)known best for lo-fi noise recyclings.
NOTE: SSRI side turned out more quiet than intended due to artist's mistake in mastering. This issue is easily solved with proper volume knob usage by the listener.
Artwork by Tisbor. Professionally duplicated tapes with bodyprints.
Fedrelandslaget – Fl . Ko . Milits CS (Where Frost Reign Label & Press, RecordsOfTheFleshGod)

Industrial synths, noise and loops over hard beats.
Fedrelandslagets take on rap borders on power electronics and grime.
Heavy, noisy, crushing. Desperate and vengeful. Criminal shit.
  Feldgrau - Damnbients I: Deep Nests One-Sided C-90 (Turgid Animal)

Gracefully humble and understated, "Damnibients" is sparse in parts and sounds as though it were recorded in an underground echo chamber...
Fieberflug ‎– Fleisch CS (Licht und Stahl, SSSM)

"Fleisch", the latest full-length work by Flutwacht´s ambient-industrial/drone-alter ego, this time released in cooperation with Contagious Orgasm´s famous SSSM-label, is a step further into vast auditive desolation. Expect minimal bass-heavy loop-pieces of a purity which hardly finds any equivalent these days. Recorded entirely in a rather "oldschool" analog way, these recordings couldn´t have found a better medium than the classic magnetic tape...
Professionally made C-80-tape. Limited edition of 60 numbered copies.
Filth - Beyond The Five Senses C45 (Fusty Cunt)
Not your average industrial PE here. Filth takes all the aspects of primitive industrial and adds a very modern touch. Rhythm, tape manipulation feedback, vocals and television manipulation make up the bones of this bleak beast. Go beyond visual; go beyond aural.
Filth - The Witches' Pharmacopoeia C40 (Maniacal Hatred)
Slighty different direction than previous FILTH output, but excellent nonetheless. more rhythmic and abstract with sounds of oscillators swirling through reel to reels creating a trace inducing atmosphere.
Filthy Turd ‎– Bile Enema CS+zine (Narcolepsia)

UK legend of outlaw electronics high on monosyllabic grunts. Paleolithic depravity from the asylum, charred remains and loops from hell. 28 page zine includes detailed instructions for self induced melting. For those devoted to sewer somnambulism.
Edition of 71
Filthy Turd / Cum Function ‎– Split CS (Self-released)

Ancient recycled audio cassette, with double-sided A4 printed insert... One hour of muddy folk devilry and shrieking porno noise lovingly seared onto magnetic tape.
New!!! Flatgrey ‎– Tombs CS (Absurd Exposition)

Currently located on the west coast and active since the mid-2000s with time served in both Vancouver and Montreal, FLATGREY continues to launch assaults of pure harsh noise. Plain and simple. This is the first document since 2012's split tape with GRKZGL and comes 11 years after the premiere releases on noteworthy Vancouver label rundownsun.
Flesh Coffin - False Memories CS (Turgid Animal)

Norwegian harsh noise at it's finest. Taking a leaf out of the book of the forefathers like Lasse Marhaug, Andreas Brandal (also of Lupus Golem, The Hour of the Wolf and the Twilight Luggage label) crafts two 20 minute sides of expert experimental music which only someone at the top of their game can produce. Highly thought out and perfectly executed harsh noise.
Flesh Coffin ‎– Horror Vacui CS (Aaltra Recordings)

Andreas Brandal is the name behind Flesh Coffin. Active since almost two decades into the experimental/noise scene, he released a huge amount of tapes, vinyls and CDs under his real name or collaborating with other musicians/sound artists in projects such as House of Bats, KRAFFT, Drevne Bolesti, Men of Science or Uvesen.
Flesh Coffin is the most usual moniker he's using in the last years to sign his solo-releases, aside from his real name.
"Horror Vacui" was recorded in early 2012, using tape loops, field recordings, analog and digital synths and various homemade sound-equipment.
This 20 minutes composition focuses on broken loops and muddy drones to conjure a more creepy and gloomy mood, rather than the harsh noise cut-up/junk metal attack common on most Flesh Coffin releases.
Andreas fill up this tape with intense soundscapes flavored by a genuine lo-fi inclination and dark but striking atmospheres as only a scandinavian's heart can do. Limited to 50 copies, J-card on glossy paper, this tape comes with a 25mm badge.
Friends With Corpses - Don't Turn On The Lights C30 (Phage Tapes)

Edition of 100. Cover image by Jared Afrika
FwC is a new project focusing on thick electronics containing Justin Lakes (Pusdrainer) and Joel Walter.
Ganzer - Recensions Of Black Yajurveda CS (Rokot)

GANZER is the project of Dark Folk band MAJDANEK WALTZ. The album we present was released by the authors themselves as very limited CDr. Now we present it as the limited to 50 copies cassette edition. GANZER gains absolute harshness with spiky sounds and throbbing abrasive backgrounds. This is good for the fans of american noise (read T.E.F., BLACK LEATHER JESUS).
Ganzer - The War Scroll / Nahtriheccunde Gahinneverahtunin Zehgessurklach Zunnus CS (Rokot)

GANZER is the project of Dark Folk band MAJDANEK WALTS. The two albums we present were released by the authors themselves as very limited CDrs. Now we present those as the limited to 50 copies cassette edition. GANZER gains absolute harshness with spiky sounds and throbbing abrasive backgrounds. This is good for the fans of american noise (read T.E.F., BLACK LEATHER JESUS).
Genital Masticator / El Kaso Urkijo ‎– Genital Masticator / El Kaso Urkijo CS (Cadaverizer Records)

  Genital Masticator ‎– From Geniality To Stupidity... The Very Worst Of G.M. CS (Cadaverizer Records)

Spanish noisecore
Glasgow Smile / Ecoute La Merde ‎– Glasgow Smile/Ecoute La Merde CS (Stockroom)
Harshnoise vs French master of noise. 30 copies
  Gnawed / RxAxPxE - Gnawed / RxAxPxE (Industrial Culture)

Awesome rarity
Goat - Dead Gods Feed the Land CS (Crucial Blast)

... Dead Gods Feed The Land is the first new release to come along in years from the long-running American harsh noise artist Goat, and marks the return of one of my favorite U.S noise outfits. As one half of black industrial duo Goatvargr, Andy O’Sullivan has had a hand in crafting some of the most vicious black metal influenced industrial music of the past decade. As Goat, though, he traffics in pure, unfettered noise, blasting electronic chaos delivered at assaultive levels of volume and intensity. He's been creating this sort of extreme electronic noise under the Goat name since the late 90s, appearing on splits alongside artists like Folkstorm, KK Null, The Rita, Sixes, and Steel Hook Prostheses, as well as releasing some spectacularly abrasive noise tapes through his own Philosophy Shop label. With Dead Gods, O’Sullivan unleashes a firestorm of electronic noise and brutal bass-frequency abuse, the tracks splattered with rapid-fire FX-pedal violence and surreal, morbid soundscapes, and blasts of vicious junknoise carnage that threaten to leave your speakers tattered and torn...
  Grassa Dato / Malatus - split CS

Two multifaceted artists like MATATUS & GRASSA DATO have joined forces to create a unique album. Each of them has created a long track showing us their dark vision, destructive and chaotic from the underworld materials, opening a door into the unknown, the hidden, voices and industrial sounds that reach us from the other side of the door, under electronic dialogue analog / digital. Dense soundscapes, experimental intense enveloping, penetrating and disturbing sounds take us into a strange world.
New!!! Griefer ‎– Egress Report CS (Absurd Exposition)

Recently featured on Tesco's massive 'Projekt Neue Ordnung II' compilation, but no stranger to the game. Active since the early 2000s, GRIEFER has been a staple in the harsh noise stronghold of the Canadian west coast and was the key figure behind the 10-year-run of the Noise! festival in Victoria, BC. 'Egress Report' is the first full-length document in a decade, since 2007's 'Brute Force', and comes 7 years after the split 12" with BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER. Power electronics for the online age. Check the integrity of your security net.
Grizzly Imploded - Dance Of Particles CS (Quasi Pop)

Being inspired by many names in a long tradition of Italian avantgarde, Quasi Pop finally has a real connection to exerimental Italian scene.
Recording under the name of Grizzly Imploded, played by such a power-trio (guitar + guitar + drums) also known as Strongly Imploded.
Cassette delivers the raw demonic and mystical experience, both musical and visual. Traditional rock instruments spasmes and play no rock music, but someting mercyless — ritualistic trans-like stream of unconsciousness.
Grunt ‎– Swarm Of Parasites CS (Freak Animal)

7 songs, 30 minutes. New 2015 tracks, structured industrial-noise/PE assault!
Halthan / Brandkommando - H/B CS (R.O.N.F. Records)

Split C40 tape between these two European projects.
Halthan is a Finnish project active since 2004 having released stuff in labels such as Nil By Mouth, Corrosive Art Records, Filth And Violence, L.White Records and others. Including here 4 tracks dealing with Power Electronics/ Noise. Last track recorded live.
Brandkommando from Poland drops here three new tracks very in the line of their "Pytania O...." mini-CDr, released in R.O.N.F. late January 2010. These 3 tracks deal with Dark Ambient, Power Electronics, Death Industrial and Noise.
Pro-duplicated cassette in celophaned case. Edition of 100 copies.
Händer Som Vårdar ‎– Depopulation CS (Obscurex)

New minimalistic, desolate and depressing tape
Hanzo Hasashi – HAJ CS (A Dear Girl Called Wendy)

One new name in the glorious japanese noise scene, Hanzo Hasashi from Osaka.
Hanzo Hasashi proposed in these fifty minutes, a mix of all his influences, creating a flow of sound fascinating and complex, the noisy deconstruction of master Kazumoto Endo,
the architectural complexity of Kazuma Kubota filled with industrial touch of MSBR and Incapacitants.
With a side A more static and industrial and with a B side more chaotic and fast, 'JAH' shows us a complete artist, an artist that deserves our attention.
Clear cassette case, printed labels, heavy ultra white cardboard.
Hassokk ‎– Kai Betonas Tampa Niekio Manifestacija CS (Narcolepsia)

Immersive soundscapes of decay and oblivion from the mastermind behind Body Cargo. This is the first full length release since the debut “Betono Gniaužtai” C30 on Phage Tapes, and it proceeds with the boiling decrepit tension we could find on the previous material. Another gem from the great lithuanian underground.
Hattifnatter ‎– Barometrizm CS (Zhelezobeton)

Hattifnatter is a collaboration project by Evgeniy Savenko (Lunar Abyss, etc.) and M.M. (Kryptogen Rundfunk) formed in 2007 for free-form exploration of the psychoactive electroacoustic ambience and only now matured enough for this first full-length studio album. The material has been recorded in 2007-2013, infused and distilled, redefined and again sent to distillation and transformation to finally form into six compositions full of weird oneiric images.
New!!! Heinz Hopf ‎– Ultra Primitiv CS (Team Boro tapes)

Reissue of the sold out 2015 LP on A Dear Girl Called Wendy. Entertaining as always, but this time slightly more ’90s America than before. Their best work to date. We have a winner.
  Hippycrack / SSRI ‎– Hippycrack / SSRI CS (Untergeschoss)

Hippycrack is a new, low profile yet up and coming Finnish noise artist. Pure harsh noise: no walls, no trends, nothing fancy or cool. Perfect combination of chaos and static. Think classic US noise with less emphasis on bass meets lofi analog take of recent Government Alpha / K2 Jap style.
SSRI presents project's heavier and darker side with three tracks dealing with paranoia and slow healing process of mental troubles. Harsh noise madness, no more no less.
Professionally dubbed tapes.
Hollow Bush ‎– Phase IV CS (Influencing Machine)

First release of new material in 4 years by Rodger Stella and Bryan Martin. Recorded in August 2012, this tape consists of over 70 minutes of ceaseless orchestrated electronic chaos depicting a damaged future careening off course. Sequential illumination of dystopian twilight. Terrestrial motion toward the celestial corridor.
Hostage Pageant – Subservience CS (Narcolepsia)

Ruminative crunch madness from a rising force in the US Harsh Noise underworld. Rough blades and stained sex.
Edition of 75.
Ichorous - Fleeting Glimpse CS (Danvers State Recordings)

This Lowell, MA master of harsh, cut up noise returns with his first release in over two years. Relentless waves of feedback and crushing low end mixed with sparse, heavily effected vocals.
Infektionsabteilung ‎– Infektionsabteilung CS (Obscurex)

Cosmic and minimalist electronic music meets noisy new age Industrial muzak on this debut tape of italian Infektionsabteilung. Made with tape loops, mics and analogue synth. Influenced by Tangerine Dream, Asmus Tietchens, Maurizio Bianchi, Throbbing Gristle, Conrad Schnitzler etc.
Also fans of Will Over Matter, Videotrage and such might want to check this out!
Infektionsabteilung ‎– Luzifers Traum CS (Narcolepsia)

Primitive and occult Industrial from this obscure italian project, using analogue synth, tape loops and objects to summon atmospheres similar to the more odd Will Over Matter moments, late Beherit material or early classics from names such as Maurizio Bianchi or Conrad Schnitzler. Minimalist and bizarre, devoting itself to the all-consuming spiral of cosmogenic implosion.
Edition of 90.
Yves Botz + Roro Perrot - Saboteur CS (Decimation Sociale)

Electric + Acoustic guitar & voice collaboration
Jah Excretion & Torturing Nurse – Split CS (Cipher Productions)

The somewhat reclusive Jah Excretion from Japan teams up with the elating and ever-present Torturing Nurse from China for a track of each of no-nonsense and unrelenting harsh noise. Each has placed an emphasis on the roar of urgency and the hedonistic quality of harsh noise pursuits. This is another in my line of specially packaged tapes, coming in a riveted rubber sleeve with photocopy collage artwork. Edition of 50 copies.
Jet Partitions - Parameters 2xCS (Obscurex)

New collaborative project of: P.Dassum of Umpio and Risto of Cleaning Woman!
Massive 58 minute monolith of cosmic junk noise & throbbing electronics inspired by bottomless soviet sewer networks.
  John Madigan Moloney ‎– Dialectic Tzara CS (Skeleton Dust Recordings)

Since 2008, Dayton, OH native John Madigan Moloney has been recording and performing his unique blend of sound poetry, performance art and psychoactive music. Dialectic Tzara presents an aural exorcise of the deep reaches of the subconscious. Voices interlace with field recordings of the natural and man-made. Sometimes the rabbit hole cannot be escaped. Edition of 100 copies in mutated packaging.
K2 ‎– Quaking Earth CS (Untergeschoss)

No computer, no MIDI and no metaljunks! None are needed when K2 let's his electronics loose and serves us frantic, high-energy noise blasts in best tradition of his country.
Professionally duplicated tapes with bodyprints.
Kakerlak ‎– Among The Minutiae CS (Stiff Sanctorum)

Kakerlak is an American prominent act that thrusts venomous daggers into thee definitive noise-industrial fields for over a decade.
"Among The Minutiae" brandishes bloodthirsty tentacle as emphatic classic form of Kakerlak, piled up with chunks of hammered metal, voluptuously smashed rumble and butchered feedback.
Hurtling with gravity of filth and details of splendor.
Karjalan Sissit – ...Want You Dead CS (Total Black, Cyclic Law)

First new album in 6 years. Co-released with cycliclaw cd and lp version also available, LP through Tesco\Cyclic Law. After a six-year wait since their last opus, new masterpiece from one of Sweden s most notorious acts. Karjalan Sissit wants you dead ... and after listening to these new tracks you might not cease to exist, but you will definitely feel the sheer brutality they exude. Intense, bitter, and heavier than ever, this new work is the epitome of the Karjalan Sissit sound. It s all still there: the pounding metallic percussion and deep angst-ridden atmospheric passages, all held together by Make Pesonen s angrierthan-ever vocals. Karjalan Sissit is back, and more ticked off than ever, and we wouldn't want it any other way.
Kinbakushi ‎– Rope Master CS (Institute of Paraphilia Studies)

noise made with instruments and vocals. Heavy loud feedback, steady rock drum beat and fierce noise. No riffs, no music beyond drum rhythm.
Knækkede Stemmer ‎– Andet Portræt CS (Lust Vessel)

"Andet Portræt" is a full-length acoustical shadowgraph from Knækkede Stemmer, a substantive project founded by Mikkel Rørbo, a sound and visual artist based in Denmark, also know for running the label Dokumentarisk Agenda and previous project as Alleypisser particularly.
This album consists of 5 chapters over 70 minutes in total through introspection obscura.
Limned with smeary tape manipulation featuring body sounds, voice, acoustic instruments and field recordings along with taciturn synthesizers works.
Just put all the light out and close your eyes.
Then the disquieting silence shall speak eloquently.
Knurl – Thoracia CS (Freak Animal)

Saturated and ultra distorted harsh noise drone! Emergentism.
Koufar – Glory/Snobbery CS (Crown Tapes)

Marking the official return of this project, this tape takes a more personal approach thematically. Time has only hardened and added depth. The sins of the father have now become the glory of the son. Supremacy without romance, knuckle-dragging passion and frustration over my own limitations. Dubbed on Cobalt tapes.
Edition of 100.
Koufar/Full Blooded - split CS (Crown Tapes)

Koufar returns with a revision of the infamous track "Patriot". Full Blooded marks the debut solo project of Sam Torres of Miscreant. Continuing sonically in the same vein as Miscreant, but with a much heavier emphasis on la Raza. Koufar is Achrafieh, Lebnan and Full Blooded is San Jose, Califas. The fuck do we have to apologize about? Dubbed on Cobalt Tapes
Koufar + Skin Graft - Revelation: This Country Is Mine C30 (Phage Tapes)

Edition of 150 in oversized plastic cassette "capsule" case with double sided art.
Krypta – Summoning CS (Moral Defeat)   

Kulmhof - Morality's Simulacra CS

Now available from Kulmhof is 'Morality's Simulacra', which is the first bout of Neural Extermination from this project of Ulex Xane (Streicher,Zero Cabal). The release itself is a C20 cassette. One track either side : 'Sterilization of Species' on the A-side and 'Memoires Retards' on the B-side. The release comes in standard J-case,with clear lime green tapes to match the artwork.Strictly limited to 50 copies.
L.R. Padgett - Chambers C44 (Throne Heap)
Phillys Loyd Padgett returns with a new tape of hypnotic drones expertly arranged using a custom built synth, guitar loops, and field recordings. Screened art. Edition of 90.
La Mancha Del Pecado, Culver – Collaboration 5 CS (Narcolepsia)

Another volume in this collaboration series, with previous releases in such fine labels as Turgid Animal UK, Molotov, Agorafobia, Matching Head and At War With False Noise. Here we will find both projects in a particularly static effort, even within their register. This is the beautiful sound of suspension, clean and intangible, as bleak as it is distant.
Edition of 80
Leo Brochu – Cicatrix CS (New Forces)

Simultaneously concussive and jagged. Thick, blasting harsh noise. A fist repeatedly punching through sheets of glass.
  Libertine Volk - Presentent: Please & Secretly CS (Crown Tapes)

Brand new duo from the bay area combining influences from Industrial, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, New Wave, 80's Goth, to create whatever they so choose. These three songs are a little showcase of what is to come from the project. The culture of the pursuit of ultimate pleasurable freedom will not be confined by any boundaries that so called music fans choose to decree.
Linekraft ‎– Kikai Ningen CS (Nil By Mouth)

Doping junks and scraps, making sounds with many broken car parts, metal barrels and industiral wastes. Electronics, totaly insane voice, high-frequency sounds of hit metal junks. One patient is behind LINEKRAFT. His music is baneful heavy industry, licking rust metal chunk after burning himself out of too much tension.
Packaged in a cardboard sleeve with an insert closed by a metallic clip.
New!!! Løt.te ‎– Private Shell CS (Robert & Leopold)

Løt.te is Mehmet Irdel, a Turkish-born, Brooklyn based artist and producer whose recent output has consisted of vinyl EPs on The Bunker New York label, and a string of mixes most notable of which is the Resident Advisor podcast from June 2015.
His recent cassette EP, Private Shell, marks the first time Løt.te is branching out from his previous dancefloor-friendly techno output to explore ambient space and atmosphere, which falls somewhere between the cyberpunk dystopia of Black Rain and the ritualistic experimentation of Coil.
The B-side features a unique improvisational studio collaboration with electronic artist Copley Medal in which both melded their synthetic methodology into a series of electronic doctrine.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Løt.te. Limited edition cassette of 100 with cover designed by Løt.te.
Mad Recital ‎– Immoral Music Panic CS (Cadaverizer Records)

Japanese noisecore
Mania – Insidious And Alone CS (Freak Animal)

Back in stock! Mania tape released back in 2010! Mania presents slightly shorter & focused pieces of noise. but still all his trademarks of feedback. junk metal and electronics malformed into heavy and physically intense experience. C-30 chrome tapes with real time dubbing on high volume levels. Full color J-card with collages.
Maskhead ‎– Forced Perversions CS (Filth and Violence)

Violent and depraved power electronics
Mats Erlandsson ‎– Selective Miracles 2xCS (Posh Isolation)

Abstract ambient
New!!! Maurizio Bianchi ‎– Arkeomene CS (Robert & Leopold)

Six years since Robert & Leopold's debut release of his conceptual string-based opus, Violichte, Italian noise composer Maurizio Bianchi returns to the label with a recent snapshot of where Bianchi's recent electronic works have lead him.
Arkeomene reflects back to the listener the compositions of Bianchi as a now matured sculptor of frequency and range. Almost 40 years of frantic adulation and suffering have lead Bianchi on one of experimental music's most bizarre trajectories. Given the time and revernce that Bianchi has absorbed over his lifetime, his newest works found on Arkeomene would be better suited amongst the ambient ranks of William Basinski and Andrew Chalk, rather than his past resume would suggest. Sublime ambient gestures of familiar sonic modulations give these pieces structures resembling archaic language rather than audible electronic sound works.
Mazakon Tactics - Epitomes Of Carnal Despoilment CS (Obscurex)

40 minutes of dark & apocalyptic Industrial soundscapes.
This tape continues with the more experimental direction of previous Mazakon Tactics release: "Submerging In Shallow Waters".

Mazakon Tactics - Tied To An Endless Refractory Period C20 (Phage Tapes)

Edition of 100 copies. Another slab of punishing power electronics from this extremely talented german (also known as Izanami’s Labour Pains, Nazamu Dantai and Kleptocracy Pyre). This release contains 5 tracks of synth, vocals (lyrics are supplied on the j card) and atmosphere filling noise. Definitely one of my favorite of the newer PE projects.
Minoy ‎– Treatment Resistant / The Year Of The Dog 2xCS (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

Limited edition of 100 numbered copies. Double side box with a cover made of aluminum foil and printed transparency.
All tracks were digitally remastered from original tapes
by Phillip B. Klingler (aka PBK).
“Treatment Resistant” was recorded on April 23, 1993.
“The Year Of The Dog” (the final Minoy recording ever made) was recorded on March 27, 1994.
Murder Book – Diary Entry #1 Stalked Walking Home CS (Narcolepsia)

Born out of the hermetic effervescence of the northern UK drone circuit, Murder Book evokes volcanic soundscapes, drowned in mud, blood and hiss. Slowly boiling, as heavy as sparse, with long forgotten cinematic reminiscences in the shape of subtle melodies and juxtaposed nostalgia. Less prolific than other projects from George Proctor vast output, but with a very interesting discography, and a special focus on detail all throughout.
Edition of 70
Musta Oksennus - Last Days in Bunker CS (Crown Tapes)

Edition of 50. Finnish.Noisecore.Supremacy. Last recordings ever made in their old rehearsal space. Slipping in and out of potential mid tempo musicality, yet always maintaining that excellent noisecore chaos. Features excellent Industrial sounds as well. I’m beyond proud to be releasing this. Artwork by Si Clark.
Mutant Ape - Aye/Nay 2x CS (Turgid Animal)

New recordings from Mutant Ape showcasing both the Industrial Power Electronics side of the project as well as the Harsh Noise terror you come to expect. Concept release about the choices, or lack thereof, that we face in the modern world. Where to go? What to do? Fit in. Very limited number of copies available in 2 way library case box with insert and artwork by William Watts.
Mutant Ape - Euro Jizz: Live In Helsinki, Finland CS (Turgid Animal)

Live set by Mutant Ape on debut visit to Finland. Featuring harsh noise meltdown and unheard words of wisdom from the late, great Jamie Gillis. RIP.
  Mutant Ape - I Would Never Shoot A Wolf CS (Turgid Animal)

Mutant Ape recordings from 2009. Dark and true. Deeply unsettled and unrelenting. Crawling. Churning. Chugging along. Brave New World. South-Northern America 1892. I would kill you all but I would never shoot a wolf... Edition of 30.
  Mutant Ape - Live North 13/14 CS (Turgid Animal)

Two rare live actions from Leeds and Gateshead recorded 2013-2014. Abrasive Industrial Harsh Noise with live metal junk abuse and primitive electronic attacks.
Mutant Ape - Obidient Joke CS (New Approach Records)

20 minutes of Noise!Tape limited to 50 copies
Mutant Ape / Scordatura / Splinter vs. Stalin - Mutant Ape/Scordatura/Splinter vs. Stalin CS (Turgid Animal)

3-way split from the founding fathers and Turgid new-comer Scordatura from Poland. Mutant Ape beems in a track from early 07. Harsh anal noise from the depths of the Sparrow Pit. Splinter vs. Stalin throw us a track of bizarre cut up tape shit/Power Electronic sounds. Scordatura brings forth a juttering cut up harsh attack on the senses.
Mutant Ape / Roases / Wrest ‎– Revenge Based Nothing CS (Turgid Animal)

Mutant Ape collaborations with Manchester based Roases (the other half of Sump) and Blyth based Wrest. The Roases collaboration focuses more on the structured and less abrassive side of noise sound, where as the Wrest collaboration makes no statement other than complete and outright destruction of amplifiers and ear drums. Comes in PVC bag.
Nacht Und Nebel / Lea Cummings ‎– Split CS (Kiks/Girlfriend)

Mono Noise Sourced from Mangled Cello Recordings / Transcendental Ambient Scape
  Naomi Chomsky - Iron Bird Meditation CS (Kiks/Girlfriend)

Meditation Guitar and Iron Gong
Neto ‎– Énumération De Zamvoli / Mouille Rêve De Caravoli CS (Lust Vessel)

A new genius is lurking behind a suburban ash on Kantō loam.
That is Neto, the aural thaumaturge from Japan.
Neto presents a debut album summoned with two long pieces of rebarbative phantasmagoria.
Generated with treated field recordings, looping phases, feedback and hair‐raising utterances into implied phenomena.
The serried vacancy passes through back lanes tinged with provincial reek.
  Nyctalops / Dr. Kinchev - Split CS

Russian harsh noise!
  Nordens Dødsmyter - II C-40 (Turgid Animal)

"The second tape by Sindre Foss Skancke's deeply personal project, Nordens Dødsmyter; a project inspired by the need for a deeper understanding of death and all of its implications..."
  Nordens Dødsmyter - S/T S-sided CS (Turgid Animal)

The first tape from the very personal new project of Sindre Foss Skancke (Utarm). "Nordic Deathmyths", as the name translates, centers around how deathrites have changed over the years since the fierce Pagan rituals of the Viking ages in his native Norway to the waning Christian rites which still loom large over much of Europe in the present day. It seems death has all but become hidden; gone from the glorious bonfires or spectacular public executions of old and moved towards being tucked way in the sterile, quiet rooms of hospital basements. Death has become an estranged relation to life itself in the Western world. The footprint of this 30 minute epic is a field recording of an actual funeral; the ambience of the church which later unfolds into mockery of the priest, who clearly does not even care about the person he is about to bury nor the family and friends that have gathered to pay their respects. Anger that even your own wishes for burial rites cannot be followed, because of restricting laws, being denied your own wishes because the dead do not protest. A hard but rewarding listen for those of us all too familiar with death and those who are seeking a return to the more honest old ways. File under: Folk inspired Power Electronics.
  Nunnauuni / SSRI ‎– Nunnauuni / SSRI CS (Untergeschoss)

Nunnauuni (nun oven) is a "free jazz drummer meets cut-up noise" project of Pentti Dassum (known from Umpio) and Jaakko Tolvi (known from various Finnish underground bands). Wild and crazy stuff to be filed under spastic electroacoustics and microsounds on speed.
SSRI presents again three tracks, first two showing the project's more spastic, restless, edited and even playful cut-up/fuck-up noise side, and a closer that is a monotonous dark piece of death meditation.
Professionally dubbed tapes.
O'BL m.a.d.d. – Bathing In Vasts Ov Amputated Genitalia    CS (Angst)

1. to become decomposed; rot
2. to decline in excellence, prosperity, health, etc.; deteriorate.
3. Physics. (of a radioactive nucleus) to change spontaneously into one or more different nuclei in a process in which atomic particles, as alpha particles, are emitted from the nucleus, electrons are captured or lost, or fission takes place.
An old, long transcending ritual revoking the blind deads while heading private rise from the scarlet sand _ Recorded in 2oo4 // 2oo5 and now officially released in 69 pro-printed copies with heavy paper inlay,  lovely wrapped in cardboard folder and closed in a ziplock bag .
Order Of The Violence ‎– Studies For Degeneration And Destruction Of Brain Cells CS (New Approach Records)

PE project by Alex from Dead Body Collection
Damaged vintage JVC CQ-F2 walkman with FM stereo adapter cassette ---> Boss GE-7 ---> Boss RV5 ---> Behringer DD400 ---> EHX Big Muff Pi ---> DOD FX69 ---> Marshall MG50FX AMP ---> Recorder
Everything was recorded live in one take without computers, overdubs and editing.
No vocals or keyboards are used on this recording.
All voices that you hear comes from your brain.
This is the complete recording session.
New!!! O.V. ‎– Uppe Med Tuppen CS (Tordon Ljud)

O.V. is a new Swedish project and "Uppe Med Tuppen" is focused on agrarian occurrences. From the difficulties of dragging yourself up at dawn to the tranquility after a long day on the field.
Oxycodone, Shiver - Untitled CS (Diazepam)

オキシコドン (Oxycodone, from Russia): a deeply hypnotic, slightly evolving track of radio noise.
Shiver: three tracks of dark and brooding death industrial / power electronics.
Blue tape in a black cloth bag with two inserts.
Painted Woman ‎– 02.20.13 CS (Unseen Force)

A public display of impotent intellect. Hungry fingers continue to dig. No justice or rest, just pain.Come packaged in hard norelco case with duel paneled j-card. Edition of 20.
Painted Woman ‎– 10​.​19​.​11 CS (Unseen Force)

Sterile air. Guilty faces. Hollow walls striped of answers. After a multitude of delays the last two tapes of the painted woman series are finally finished. Two short compositions laced with static & vice. The realization of consequence is at hand. Come packaged in hard norelco case with duel paneled j-card. Edition of 20.
PBK ‎– Warfare State / Appeal 2xCS (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

Of course this too is all electronic, but it has some great dynamics. Here PBK can sink to an almost inaudible level and put on some delicate sounds, before leaping into a tape loop of industrial, mechanized rhythms. Excellent retro music, and a nice archival find
New!!! People's Person / Stall Man ‎– People's Person / Stall Man CS (Team Boro tapes)

Another dose of fun from the always reliable Team Boro Tapes. Two different acts here but they are on the same wavelength making this a really cohesive release for a split. Side A is People's Person. For all the sloppy aesthetic this is actually really finessed, as slightly melodic feedback tones evolve into a lovely walll of slow paced crackle and rumble... the pacing is perfect. Keeping the lid on everything and slowwwwly letting out bits and pieces of heavier sound, solitary squeals of feedback bouncing around the room. This lands squarely in that very hard to reach zone, a sound that says "I'm not bad, I'm just relaxed so sit back and enjoy." Side B is the Stall Man. The plot here is the "Stall Man" drunkenly staggers into a basement with two contact mics, and wakes up in  a pile of spit with this tape at hand. Not really music for pondering the meaning of existence, but certainly good for clenching your fist or watching (American) football. - New Forces #7
Plastic Boner Band ‎– Cherubinic Wanderer CS (Anabolic Dimensions)
Beautiful ear smoldering noise fantasy. Absolutely epic and wandering harsh noise from this Chicago noise master. An extreme excercise in true ear punishment. Magnificent passion and heart displayed here. Artwork by the great Si Clark.
Polkka Love Machine ‎– Polkka Love Machine CS (Zhelezobeton)

Polkka Love Machine is the title of a performance made by the Finnish theatrical group Sabotanic Garden founded by Pasi Mäkelä and Jussi Saivo. The piece appeared in 2009 and has toured extensively ever since in France, Germany, Austria, USA, Czech, Estonia and Finland. Now it's been turned into a musical project in which Pasi and Jussi explore the depths of ritual eroticism.
What we hear is a set of six laid-back songs with a lo-fi sound but refined old-school approach. Slooow rhythms, hum of amplifiers, bluesy splashes of vibrating guitars, subtle electronic tones and ghostly auditory hallucinations... Retired jazzmen on mushrooms and sedatives? A session of deep seductive self-hypnosis? Or a result of super hot sauna overdose?... In any case, a great collection of Finnish love-making music.
Jussi Saivo is also the member of such projects as Tiermes and Aural Holograms and a chief of his own Saaren Levy label. Pasi Mäkelä aside from performing with Sabotanic Garden plays weird music as PAM and co-operates the micro-label Meteorismo.
Positive Adjustments ‎– Focus CS (Santos productions)

power electronics
Praying For Oblivion - Façade CS (Cipher Productions)

Praying For Oblivion is a name stretching back into the deepest noise/industrial subculture of this century and ther last. I never know quite what to expect from Andrew Seal, which is always the exciting part of finding something new - or old - from him to sink into. Fa?ade's first side is a lengthy live track recorded in Kaisterslautern folding undigestible feedback into crude industrial machinations and bursts of nasty vocals. The second side meanwhile blasts what seems like a more chaotic noise rasp, but within that hides eliding, subtle repetitions and a surprising compositional restraint. Two sides to a truly multi-faceted project. Fa?ade marks the first release in my new sub-series of specially packaged cassettes dedicated to the obliqueness of 1990s cassette culture packaging from the likes of Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, MSBR, Sound Probe, GROSS, SHMF, Uncut and the like. This cassette is in an edition of 50 copies, strapped by wire mesh to a 5" square collage/mixed mess of papier mache, video tape, more mesh and paint.
Pregnant Spore - Death Panels C24 (Danvers State Recordings)

PREGNANT SPORE (formerly DIM DUSK MOVING GLOOM) is the harsh noise/drone/experimental project of Justin Marc Lloyd. "Death Panels" is two side long tracks of crumbling, abusive noise and depressive, ambient feedback manipulation, mixed flawlessly into an enormous wall of sound. 50 copies.
Pregnant Spore / Baculum - Pregnant Spore / Baculum Split 2xC10 (Phage Tapes)

Edition of 75 in vinyl case with 3 color screen printed covers and 2 color screen printed insert designed by Justin Marc Lloyd.
Public Immorality - Ressurrection CS (Rokot)

Reissue of absolute masterpiece of Russian Industrial. Recorded in 2004 and released as the limited to something 100 copies (which actually resulted in no more than 10 produced) CDr by Prestressed Concrete label this album has been uknown to the Industrial community during the past eight years. Now we present to you this grandeur based on soviet revolutionary book "How the Steel Was Tempered" by Nikolay Ostrovsky. 41 minutes of piercing feedbacks, junk metal collages and inspiring samples from radio drama based on the book. This is definetely superior to projects of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (LINIJA MASS) and the likes.
Puce Mary – The Great Panic CS (Freak Animal)

Since early 2014 this tape has remained in high demand. FA keeps it available as long as possible. Amazing tape, with sound and design closer to "success" LP, but perhaps more industrial? Crisp and strong sound, several tracks. Each being different from another. Some aggressive and rhythmic, some dark and brooding. If you have yet to hear it, I recommend to check it out.
Puukotus / Musta Oksennus - Split CS (Johnny Park Avenue Records)

Don't expect superior (sound) quality. This split tape is far from it.
Puukotus is a two-piece band from Kotka, Finland. There's no guitar, because they don't need it, as they can generate chaotic, a bit old schoolish hardcore without it. There's two songs which were left out from their first EP, which was released in summer of 2012. There's also two cover songs and two live songs.
Musta Oksennus is a five-piece noisecore act from Pori, Finland. They are spesialized (!) to create chaotic noise, but now it seems that they are trying to actually play their instruments. Not that you can call it music, though. So far, they have released only cassette releases thru various labels. On this tape you can find some "songs" from the Musta Oksennus side. No-one knows the exact amount of those tunes.
Raven ‎– Extinction CS (Diazepam)

Sharp and cold industrial noise.
The soundtrack of human extinction.
Rotten & Mutant Ape - Collaboration #1: Music's Not War, War Is War C-10 (Turgid Animal)

First in a series of warehouse bunker sessions recorded straight to tape, straight after intensive circuit training. Exhausted and wishing for death. 2 short tracks; broken pedals, rotting synth, agonised vocals, metal mesh and power tools make up a collage of intense lo-fi Power Electronics and rough Harsh Noise. Motivation music.
Rusha ‎– Untitled CS (Staalwaart Records)

Obscure german electronics. Comes with foldout insert and behind glass sticker. Factory printed and duplicated tapes.
Qualm ‎– Qualm CS (the тide øf тhe εnd)

Second tape of filthy mongoloid stomp.
Limited to 88 copies.
RAPE ‎– RAPE II CS (Filth and Violence)

Power electronics
Red Light ‎– Red Light CS (Institute of Paraphilia Studies)

Anonymous project issued ultra limited 3"CD some years ago, and IOPS got opportunity to publish this as tape format for bigger audience. Vocals, raw noise, piercing high pitched feedback and heavy distortion.
Rejet ‎– Paranoisia CS (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

"La Raison c'est la folie du plus fort." (Ionesco)
C-60, edition of 100 hand-numbered copies.
Regular box with a cover made of aluminum foil and printed transparency.
Richard Ramirez / Crucifix Eye ‎– Richard Ramirez / Crucifix Eye CS (Forever Escaping Boredom)

A split release between harsh noise legend Richard Ramirez and Belgium’s digital HNW terrorist Crucifix Eye.
Limited to 50 pieces. Purple transparent shells.
Rings Of Smoke Through The Trees - Rings Of Smoke Through The Trees CS (Danvers State Recordings)

This is a one time(?) live collaboration between Mark Wilson (CONURE, 15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO), Andre Custodio (NIHIL COMMUNICATION) and Thomas Dimuzio. The three got together to create an extremely interesting document-- two side long tracks of industrial noise coupled with abstract/experimental bits and a good amount of percussion, some of it almost African-influenced. Play loud and soak it in-- there's a lot going on. 50 copies.
Rhume Carabiné – - sourire joie - CS (Celebration Tapes)

Type I normal cassettes with digital download coupon and surprise goodies!
RL:ZZ - Shrine CS (Unrest productions)

The third and final tape from Unrest 2012. RL:ZZ is Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance) and Andy Lippoldt (Persistance in Mourning). This, their fourth release, also involves Shift in a form of advisory capacity. Those who know RL:ZZ know them as eclectic and difficult to define
Romania – Aplinkybė CS (self-released)

Lithuanian weird ethno-psychedelic chanson
Roro Perrot - Blotto Folk CS (Decimation Sociale)

Ultra Shit Folk from the guy behind Vomir
Roro Perrot, Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge ‎– Split CS (Forever Escaping Boredom)

This split features Florida's Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge and France's Roro Perrot.
SSTER are one of Florida's best kept secrets. Their track is a 15 minute dense slab of musique concrete crafted from multiple microcassette recordings taken at the mall on the holiest of holy days....Black Friday.
Roro Perrot needs no introduction. The alter-ego of HNW's dark master, Vomir, Roro gives us more of his fucked up ultra shit folk stylings.
Rose Sobchak - Intangible Asset CS (Rokot)

Moscow project gives you a slurp of repulsive hissing laid back Industrial and fills your ears with some shredded chunks of listening-in. Very good old school disgust a'la THE HATERS.
Rotat ‎– Mob Justice CS (Deviants Clove Productions)

finnish noise/industrial. 44 copies
RU-486 - Blitz aktion contra C30 (Danvers State Recordings)

three live documents from this depraved power electronics act.  these are bootleg-style recordings-- far from soundboard quality-- but the quality itself blends perfectly with the content within.  this is ugly.  this is violent.  and there's more falsetto shrieks than a judas priest record.  100 copies. 
S-21 ‎– To Keep You Is No Benefit. To Destroy You Is No Loss CS (Disease Foundry Recordings)

Security Prison 21: or the “anteroom to death” as it was sometimes called, was the most notorious penal institution in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime. The prisoners were beaten, tortured and forced to eat human feces and drink urine. A barrage of muffled screams your symphony, heaps of skulls your scenery and the sweet bouquet of decaying flesh. Like a truck battery wired to your testicles is this single 20 minute collaborative effort from long time Houston Noise masters Richard Ramirez (Black Leather Jesus, Werewolf Jerusalem, etc) and Austin Caustic (Concrete Violin). Each single-sided chrome C-40 cassette comes housed in 4×6 ziplock bag with pro-printed insert and includes a logo button. Prepare for re-education.
Limited to 100
  Sadio ‎– Sophisticated Methods In Torture CS (Freak Animal)

SADIO is Kommando Skingraft (fin) and Grunt (fin) project. Debut CD consist 10 tracks of extremely fierce material. All recordings were conducted studio-live, in loud and rough situations. No multitracking or editing. Album consists loud and piercing power electronics assaults as well as brutal noise and more experimental moments. Rare blend of influences ranging from Final Solution, Strict, Ramleh, Sutcliffe Jugend to turbulent storming noise of Monde Bruits and Solmania to brooding dark obscurities of Herman Kopp and odd electronic rhythm pulses of Club Moral. Naturally not very far from own works of participants of project!
Safat Latuh - Castration Of The Frontal Lobes CS (Rokot)

Russian HNW as is. Strong and fierce.
Scalp Elevator – Ontario CS (Total Black)

First recordings from this new harsh noise combo comprised of Ryan Bloomer + Andrew Nolan.
Sebastian Melmoth ‎– In Ruins CS (Beläten)

Trying to describe the works of Sebastian Melmoth is a Sisyphus task if there ever was one. Just when you think you've figured them out, they throw something new into the mix and you're back where you started. Through these 30 minutes of music, we're treated to post-rock vibes, psychedelic ballads, epic dirges, motorik-driven acoustic dance music, twitching post-punk, all wrapped in a distinctly intellectual package. What makes them all that more alluring is that they somehow manage to make this bewildering melting-pot of styles gel, and seem completely natural.
Added as digital bonus tracks, are three remixes. DTT twists Presley Honey into blissful chamber pop, Bass Clef adds an even more peculiar atmosphere to Prosopagnosia, and in the hands of Jonas 'cup MT' Golland the same track is turned into what can only be described as Art House.
  Selfish Implosions - A Vulgar Display of Power CS (Brise-Cul Records)

Recordings of the 2 first shows in ages by Montréal’s infamous power electronics duo Selfish Implosions. Both sets contain old songs, new songs and KVLT anthems. Includes that legendary set in july 2012 that was stopped by a thunderstorm while playing the classic track “Radical”. xSxIx’s fans will celebrate for sure the return of this Montréal bomb…
Sewer Pyysalos ‎– Remastered Reissued CS (Arkisto)

Jaakko Tolvi is a Finnish drummer, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist known from many different underground bands and projects (Pymathon, Rauhan Orkesteri, Transkaakko, Nunnauuni, etc..). These are, in his own words, his best works. Utterly insane cut-up pause-button stop'n'go plunderphonix that will have you scratching your head for a long time. This tape includes both obscure self-released CD-Rs from 2003 and 2005, at the time on ridiculously small editions on his DIY label Lintutalo.
Professionally duplicated neon green tapes with bodyprints.
Sex ‎– Physical Gift CS (Red Light Sound)
Shameless Barbarians - Pinkmilk CS (Quasipop)

Shameless Barbarians is Ukrainian free-membership, having interest in theatre/scene/audio performances, free improvisation, audio/anti-audio objects, sound/anti-sound tracks, spaces meta-integrations etc.
Music on this cassette was recorded in 2008 by trio of performers (electro-organ, keyboard, analogue synth + prepeared tape) as free improvisation jam in stricktly reglamented tonal key. As for the "basis partiture" the prepeared tape has been used (vocoder + echo + found sounds).
Both sides of the cassette contain the different version of the same two pieces - Birdmilk and Pinkmilk. Versions differ more likely, by dynamic and space-forming nuanses, than compositionally.
The result, in our opinion, is a bit old-fashioned synth-music on "sci-fi esoteric-mythologic" theme. Perhaps it's cosmic psychedelic synth ambient.
UK-made (pink!!!) cassettes dubbed in real-time on vintage Hi-Fi cassette decks. Professionally printed on nice recycled paper j-cards, all packed in plastic boxes.
Though the album has released on analogue media only, it's copyrigh-free phonogramm. If you are keen on transfering tapes to any digital formats, please feel free to share that music to your friend via internet. Authors don't mind about it.
Shattered Hymen ‎– Gash Worship CS (Anabolic Dimensions)
Disturbed and very sick harsh noise veteran returns to leave you hanged and bloody. Controlling and menacing throughout. If you've ever seen Shattered Hymen live, this as close as you can get without contracting a disease.
Silence Of Vacuum – 5: Under Three Layers CS (Institue of Paraphilia Studies)

5th and possibly final tape of Silence Of Vacuum. Unlike previous tapes, it's more varied content. Style has remained close to the same since first tapes of project. Minimal electronic sound walls, where changes happen only on level of details, while overall sound is utterly static. Perhaps notch more variation here, also due tape including 4 tracks, one being complete live set from Lahti/Finland, 2014. Full color covers, chrome tapes. IOPS.
Sissisters - Brentwood Gardens CS (Joy de Vivre)

Sissisters is the project of Patrick Murch, noise artist from California with a few so excellent as obscure releases and many intense performances around U.S behind him.
Brentwood Gardens provide us 27 minutes of raw and brutal harsh noise, traditional and advanced at the same time.
A perfect balance of chaos control and unleashed ferocity and oblivion proves that flames still burn.
Skin Graft – Magnetic Resonance Images CS (Narcolepsia)

Abrasive basement electronics, combining massive power with rusty outbursts of psychedelic ash.
Edition of 85.
Snotnosed - Cock Vomit CS (Second Layer)

Snotnosed is Michael Gillham (Nihilist Assault Group, Smell & Quim, Halalchemists etc.) and ‘Cock Vomit’ is a brand new 23 minute track of destructive junk noise recorded in real-time with no overdubs or editing. When I first heard this it conjured up images of something feral rapidly throwing junk across a room. There was hardly any reverb used and the sounds weren’t lost in distortion, so there was little in the way of hearing how this was recorded live. This is a relentlessly physical and violent track, and one that doesn’t resort to the usual tactics of rapid cut-ups to create this effect. If you’re into noise that evokes pure destruction then this is for you. Single-sided cassette with the material repeating on side B. Second and final run of 20 copies in full colour sleeve. For fans of Hanatarash, Vivenza, Killer Bug, etc.
  Society Of Surgeons – The Corridors Of The Med. Fac. Society
“Society of Surgeons is the collaborative project of M. Chami (Crown of Cerberus/Koufar/etc) and Shane Church (Hostage Pageant, Crooked Necks, etc). It focuses on the elite, secret societies concerning doctors and their fellow lawyers, hospital managers, nurses, and other allies. Men in suits shaking hands with doctors in their bloody scrubs. Deals made, and deals proposed concerning the fates of celebrities, and other high profile people in need of "medical attention". Swirling, unnerving tape loops mixed with spastic and violent harsh explosions. Suffocating like the sleeping gas mask being placed over your face. Dubbed on chrome tapes for extra loudness.”
Spreco Industriale - Discography 2x CS (Turgid Animal)

Spreco Industriale was a short lived, but quite prolific, Anglo-Italian Harsh Industrial project featuring members of Mutant Ape and Splinter vs. Stalin. This double tape box set compiles the entire recordings of the project and was recorded between 2006 and 2007. Tracks range for head scratching rhythmic sections to all out Harsh Noise assaults. Comes in 2 way library case box with insert and artwork by William Watts.
Sshe Retina Stimulants ‎– Gorgeous Primitivism From Quartz Satellites CS (Influencing Machine)

Mature work from a master of his craft. Sshe Retina Stimulants delivers a 30 minute tape of meditative and morose electronics. The discordant majesty of solitude. Intense and brittle, contemplative and solemn. Sounds isolated from the world around them spiraling in and out of orbit.
SSRI – Robust CS (Narcolepsia)

Making use of schizoid cut-up tactics while never losing total focus, “Robust” shows experienced skills, brilliant timing and an orthodox reverence to the cult of magnetic decomposition. Hardly definable, with an obsessive take on recycled sounds and destroyed objects, this is another fine effort from one of the absolute best in activity within the current noise underworld.
Edition of 100
New!!! Suckling ‎– Broad Daylight CS (Robert & Leopold)

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Suckling is the tape collage outline of Rich Samis (The Men) and Kyle Keays-Hagerman (Mercury Living) in which every moment of sound is deformed and manipulated into a cathartic response of their immediate surroundings.
Each moment of their sophomore release makes the listener increasingly uncomfortable with their control over pulsing loops and reverberation. Soundtrack of unease akin to the early works of the Broken Flag roster or early 80's M.B., Suckling have perfected the classic low end sound of authentic industrial composition.
Sutekh Hexen ‎– Breed In Me The Darkness: The Second Coming Mixes By Andrew Liles CS (Merzbild)

Sutekh Hexen is the recording name for San Franciscan deconstructionist project that features, at the time being, sound artists Andrew C. Way and Kevin Gan Yuen at its core. Conceptually, the project has a visceral fear unique to itself, depriving listeners of the gaze of their subjects through an economy of violence. The recordings of Sutekh Hexen are at once an intolerable disturbance and an existential haunting afflicting the mind, body and spirit. Two of such recordings emerge on the A- and B-Side of "Breed in Me the Darkness: The Second Coming Mixes by Andrew Liles
Sutekh Hexen – Monument Of Decay 2xCS (Beläten)

»War to the death against depravity — depravity is Christianity«
More fitting words could perhaps not be uttered to better describe the spirit in which Sutekh Hexen operates. The sound formed is one of a layered, unrelenting and hellish black maelstrom, fitting to the rubric implied in the aforementioned quote and a quality that also manifests itself in the band's interfacing with the public at large as well as it's very own structure; outwardly projected hatred, and a membership that is churned through like a cult.
The result is a furious stream of unique releases, with each one the darkness radiating outward. This moment proper sees a more fully formed line-up, and, for this project, more orthodox instrumentation; vocals/effects, dual guitars, and live percussion. Four tracks come together for a 2 × C10 release.
The regular edition of 177 copies comes in a double cassette jewel case, with black and white artwork.
Swallowing Bile / Interracial Sex – Swallowing Bile / Interracial Sex CS (Fieldwork)

Two uniquely depraved acts converge from across the continent. SWALLOWING BILE provides two tracks of electronic blunt trauma and reclusive hatred. INTERRACIAL SEX brings an ode to sacred collections and relics of tumbling flesh. Manipulated field recordings on VHS tape.
Taint ‎– Indecent Liberties CS (Industrial Recollections)

Re-issue of 1995 power electronics classic!
Tenzenmen - Quarrychase CS (Arkisto)

Primitive cut-up insanity from 1995. Executed (dis)tastefully on crappy home stereo equipment, throwing up hundreds of audio snippets in an exhausting linear style, and mixing in some degenerate guitar klonking, only to end in a shitstorm of semi-HNW... so, no fancy multilayered noise here! Early NWW-ish dada junk by obscure Australian project. Reissue of the rare LP (only 100 made at the time), originally on Very Good Records. For friends of Plunderphonics, Stillupsteypa, Boredoms, etc... Professionally dubbed tapes with bodyprints.
The Haters - Multiprotocol Lexicon Switching C20 (Phage Tapes)

Edition of 100 with 4 color screen printed cover and 1 color inner j card (coreleased with Small Doses).
Thick harsh noise from the almost 3 decade vet of harsh noise. This cassette was meant to be a fund raise for a recent show we put on with the haters and funds go to helping recoup a bit of the cost of a plane ticket.

The Haters / La Cyanescence ‎– Untitled CS (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

Limited edition of 100 copies. Housed in a regular plastic box with added small poster on white kalki.
New!!! The Nausea ‎– Requiem Aeternam CS (Absurd Exposition)

Anju Singh has been the primary figure behind the Vancouver Noise Festival for the past seven years, the drummer and vocalist in long-running (and now nearing fully-realized) death metal band AHNA, and has held countless other roles in the punk, metal, and harsh noise scenes in Vancouver. THE NAUSEA has existed alongside all of this for the better part of a decade now. These six violin-based movements channel GYORGY LIGETI's works popularized in "2001: A Space Odyssey", and JOHNNY GREENWOOD's contemporary classical score for "There Will Be Blood", as they both ascend to levels of compositional clarity and descend into a cavernous, hellish nightmare populated by the harrowing voices of the dead and the dying. Similarities can be drawn to JASON LESCALLEET's epic "The Pilgrim" as the crescendo of harsh noise begins to decay. Death is the ultimate theme at play here. A long-awaited debut release from a figure instrumental in maintaining Vancouver's integrity in the harsh noise scene and beyond.
The Rita ‎– Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage CS (Stiff Sanctorum)

As the title explains steadily, this is another grand orgasm of sustained conceptual works presented by The Rita, an intransigent from Vancouver, Canada.
The evidence of concentration upon the female classical ballet in the last few years.
"Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage" incessantly spouts excessively distorted textures implying rich and bulky frequencies with crunched subtle phrases.
Dynamically rumbles as ponderous amalgam of the focus on shades and reflection in fetish and monomaniacal minimalism.
The Rita / Herukrat – Red Imprint From Ankle Ribbon CS (Nil by Mouth)

After the joint work with Caligula 031, The Rita comes back on Nil By Mouth with a split tape with the promising american act Herukrat. The colour explosions and the sexual disease of SELF SHOP turns off its intense shades for a darker and deeper sound.
This collaboration is ideally connected to the recent CD “Ballet Feet Position” out on Old Europa Café /Elettronica Radicale, the legs of an imaginary ballet dancer are cut off abruptly by the sharp razor slashes of Sam McKinlay, a thick noise wall served with sick vocal samples. Herukrat joins the dance with a well-structured darkening harsh noise, a sort of death industrial with harsh features. Another piece to value this young but noteworthy project.
Limited edition of 150 copies
Torba – Fjarn CS (Archivio Diafonico)

Torba is the solo project of Mauro Diciocia, an italian noisemaker based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2009 he collected a tidy sum of releases, combining different approaches and techniques. This tape features 20 minutes of unreleased material, ranging from deep drone patterns to concrete harsh noise.
Torba ‎– Dvott Stovn CS (Narcolepsia)

Getting more refined at each new step, with a masterful approach to his craft and a unique understanding of the sound sources and dynamics that define Harsh Noise perfection. Cryptic but succint, as delicate as rudimentary.
Edition of 100.
Torso - Archive I CS (Total Black)

Full hour of unreleased recordings dating from projects conception in 2001 up until 2013. Packaged in black bag with multiple inserts. Some copies contain shells from ammunition fired by artist. Limited 100 copies
Torstein Wjiik - Non-Structurated Musical Cunt-Flaps Recorded Through Variated Mics From Time To Time CS (R.O.N.F. Records)

Torstein Wjiik, a Norwegian act active since 2005 has compiled 21 tracks, 50 minutes of experimental pieces, documenting ideas coming to life recorded between 2007 and 2009.
Pro-duplicated C50 cassette. Edition of 100 copies.
  Trend Basher – Untitled CS (Gutter Disease)

Trendbasher is the name under which Vomit Eater (mostly known from Grindcore/Noisecore bands such as VRV, Discophobia...) makes Harsh Noise/Power Electronics. It is an irregular project, which hasn't released too much yet. Whether more stuff will be recorded is unknown at the moment. This tape collects 5 tracks from different recording sessions. Expect nothing fancy, this is raw, crude and primitive. And while the cover art might be quite abstract, it's safe to say that it has something to do with a secret obsession of the man behind the noise.
Umpio ‎– Opium Electronix I-III 2xCS (Freak Animal)

Finnish harsh noise at finest! Umpio has slowly but steadily reached the top level of harsh noise. Scrap metal, self build metal junk instruments, feedback, intense cut-ups. Think of Knurl, Sickness, K2 etc with addtional P.Dassum physical craftmanship and you may get close to Umpio. 40 minutes.
Umpio - Opium Electronix Vol.I CS (Rokot)

80+ minutes of Finnish junk electronics Noise. Calculator, car stereo, TV remote control, old radio from garbage were transformed into three pieces of intense mesmerizing brutality.
Umpio ‎– Spiritual Cancer CS (Black Psychosis)

Acoustic junk bashing, objects of all sizes thrown about, some turntable torture, pure destruction captured on tape without any wimpy pedals. Then these tapes were fed into different delay lines to create a non-repetitive structure of chaos for a new order. Some exquisite extractions of electronic impossibilities were added to spice it up, because fuck you
Un Regard Froid ‎– La Féminité Moderne CS (Nil By Mouth)

This second proposal by U.R.F. pursues the process initiated by Algolagnie (NSN, 2011); a power electronic charged with sexual insatisfaction, contempt and shadenfreude. The audio structures are more throbbing and dense, suiting the cold perversity of the texts. The intention remains the emulation of erotic misery and mediocrity.
Unclean - Deranged CS (Untergeschoss)

Pure post-mortem electronics continuing perfectly the style presented on this new Finnish project's debut tape on Filth & Violence.
Sleazy, ugly and proud of it.
Hateful and non-pc content - not for everyone!
C60 with same audio on both sides. Professionally dubbed tapes with bodyprints.
Uncodified – Drug Street CS (Nil By Mouth, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni)

UNCODIFIED returns for the second time to tape format for a joint release between NIL BY MOUTH and ELETTRONICA RADICALE EDIZIONI. With “Drug street” Corrado Altieri (CANDOR CHASMA, MONOSONIK, TH26) compose his harsher work to date, inspired by images of collapsing landscapes, degraded streets and humans turning into preys of their own addictions.
Four tracks of extreme electronics, mostly based on mid/high end frequencies, alternating constructed moments with pure wreckage that begins where from the most violent moments of the acclaimed “Vindicta” CD, to even-more aggressive atmospheres, completed by WERTHAM’s guest vocals and artwork.
Images and additional vocals by Elena De Angeli.
Co-produced with Elettronica Radicale Edizioni (
4 coloured j-card panels, cases are sealed by an aluminium band.
Urinals ‎– II CS (Narcolepsia)

In devotion to wreckage and homemade flashbacks. Back alley poison for compulsory evasion.
Edition of 79.
  Varg ‎– Star Alliance 6xCS (Posh Isolation)

Recordings from Rome, Vilnius, Warzaw, Vienna, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Detroit, Copenhagen, Kiruna, Stockholm & Skellefteå. Arranged by Jonas Rönnberg summer 2015 in a Volvo XC-90 on the E10-road from Kiruna going south & in Stockholm, Sweden.
Various ‎– A Group Of Sexual Perverts CS (Bacteriafield)

A group of sexual perverts. American noise compilation featuring:
Wonderland Club
No Dreams
Jonathan Canady
Purity Of Essence
Comes with 14 page 8x10" zine.
Limited to 99 copies.
"To keep something hidden from those who love you. Something you've done that you're ashamed of, or something that has happened to you."
Various ‎– Behind The Toilet Door Part I CS (Turgid Animal)

Behind The Toilet Door was a one day "festival" (for want of a better word) held in Blyth, Northumberland on the 2nd November 2008 featuring a slew of the more bizaree names in Northern Noise underbelly. Each project, band or artist was made to perform, as the name would suggest, within the small, claustrophobic confines of the wood workshop toilet. This document features the first half of the proceedings with sets from Brian Mueter And The Grandfather Clock, One Wobbly Egg, Waz Hoola, Dirty Den and "Wild" Joe Parsons, MC Blazin', Chris "Pause" Richardson, Ron The Birdcage and Scottish free jazz favourites Tighten Me Jewels. Hear them from behind the toilet door, watch them through the keyhole; hear them as they should be heard. Part II is available on Matching Head.
Various ‎– Cadaverizer Spasms Compilation CS (Cadaverizer Records)

Various – Contemporary Harsh Noise Vol. IV - Apathy 2xCS (Skeleton Dust Recordings)

APATHY brings together another four amazing acts constructing and destructing the dynamics and textures of harsh sound: BBBlood, Brad Griggs, Vassbotn and Vast Glory. Edition of 100 pro-duplicated copies housed in a vinyl case.
Various - Disgust/ Gnawed/ Nyodene D/ RU-486 Split 2xC10 (Phage Tapes)

Edition of 125. Packaged in a tall norelco with a 3 color screen print front and 3 color screen print inner j card.
4 tracks of slightly different styles from some of my favorite US power electronics artists. If you've heard any of these projects you know what to expect.
Various – Noisecore Prolapse 2014 CS (Untergeschoss)

Four-way split tape of unholy racket and chaos.
Featuring: Horsepornosextube (crazy and sleazy noisecore with loads of samples and galloping beats); Penis Geyser (US' best noisecore at the moment); Gore Angel (true unearthed gem if there ever was one – two demos / complete works of satanic insanity from an obscure project of two members of Xysma, recorded 1989); Funeral Mongoloids (short musical mongoloidism attack to fill out the playing time).
Various - Perdo Omnis (Not on label)

Perdo Omnis - A Collection of Post-apocalyptic Music. Alchemy Of The 21st Century, KSNK, Umpio, Diagram A, Sonno Ferrum Group
New!!! Various ‎– Poison Vol.II CS (New Approach Records)

Limited to 50 copies. Cassette is housed inside a black painted wooden box with double sided insert. All tracks are new, unreleased and exclusive of this compilation. Wertha, Metek, Deterge etc.
Various ‎– The Lost Tapes Of Bestial Burst CS (Bestial Burst)

50 minutes of all previously unreleased material, tracks from cancelled releases and occasional sessions from Ride For Revenge, Incriminated, Usva, Will Over Matter, S.A.D.O.S., Rivologi and Conjuration. Limited edition 300 copies
Various ‎– Untergeschoss Compilation Vol.1 CS (Untergeschoss)

This is the international noise and experimental music underground in 2012. Harsh noise, power electronics, noisecore, industrial and experimental sounds.
Featuring: Umpio, Concrete Mascara, Clay Figure, Ekunhaashaastaack, Funeral Mongoloids, Budrus, SSRI, Anal Barbara, The Streetcleaner, Penis Geyser, Unclean and Shift.
Professionally dubbed tapes with bodyprints.
Various ‎– Voyeurs Of Modern Decay CS (Cursed tapes)

1. A person who derives sexual pleasure from secretly observing other people, especially when such people are engaged in some sexual activity.
2. An obsessive observer of sensational or sordid subjects.
A-side holds a total of fifteen minutes of fierce power electronics and destructive harsh noise delivered by Unclean, Whiteswan, and Edge Of Decay. Side B holds one 15-minute song of more  controlled and even hypnotic harsh noise by Kritikal Overload.
VAT - Piss Slit CS (self-released)

awesome harsh noise from the northeast usa
VipCancro & Andrea Borghi CS (Cipher Productions)

Split tape of VipCancro's organic ensemble noiseisambient and Andrea Borghi's more harrowing, angular noise constructs. VipCancro have an almost calmative effect, every tone mannered as their tightly-woven layers of sound slowly loosen. Andrea (one quarter of VipCancro) paces more forcefully, but his constructs ultimately prove more brittle, bareing glimpses of well-worn source material between cobbled processing. This is another in my line of specially packaged cassettes, this time the tape is housed in a cut, folded and stickered vinyl records, all held in place with velro. Limited to 60 copies.
New!!! VMS Elit ‎– Dragging Death CS (New Forces)

Swedish exuberance from the man behind Capers and Team Boro Tapes, and member of Heinz Hopf. Harsh noise of the north, no gimmicks, no trite concepts, just sheer energy and intensity. Destroyed tapes, engines pushed to the limit, rocketing into a death-slide that never ends.
Volksmorg - Russian girls worship satan CS (Turgid Animal)

Sixty minutes of "Old School" drunken filthy Lithuanian harsh noise assault featuring members of Pogrom and Body Cargo. Absolute carnage and wreckage; cold, unsafe and devoid of human feeling. Dirty Xerox covers to match the vile sound.
  Von Einem - Imagined Infractions CS (Mazurka Editions)

This latest development of mark groves' (dead boomers, dick threats) von einem project is a head-first plunge into aberrant psychology. thematic fixations concerned with the acts of depravity of a killer this venture explicitly references, combine effectively with conceptual / formal interests that center on processes of tape degradation. harsh noise and suburban,colloquial dread is certainly not new ground for groves, but this release feels like a progression, an emphatic statement full stop. sombre, measured throbs, radio squalls and scrapyard rhythmic tension with spare narrative interjections. six hammered stanzas culminate in the extended, screeching and oscillating industrial lockjaw of 'number one beat.' noir stripped of any trace of glamour. play loud.
Vulgar Disease ‎– Testosterona CS (Narcolepsia)

Raw and chaotic sleaze from this mexican project, displaying a vicious blend of feedback destruction, cheap sex and basement electronics. Third world mass murder, hard drug epidemics and sperm stained magazines.
Edition of 80.
White Gimp Mask - Untitled CS (WGM Tapes & Vinyl)

Harsh Noise Wall
Whiteswan – Insatiable Lust CS (Wrath)

Second pressing of an official debut cassette after 2013 demo from this Finissh act based in Kajaani.
Purely analogue power electronics noise with synth and vocals, recorded live in 2014 without distortion pedals/metal junk/other extra material kept to absolute mininum.
No overdubs
No mixing
No mastering
Comes with different cover art. White tape in regular plastic case with j-card.
Whiteswan ‎– To The Point Of Exhaustion CS (Narcolepsia)

Stripped down to the barely audible, orthodox and monochordic filth from this newcomer spitting hate from deep within the finnish gutters. For those into the unrelentless savagery of the old masters of murder electronics.
Edition of 100.
Whitewater Orgasm - Moments Of Suffering CS (Danvers State Recordings)

Harsh power electronics from Finland.  Walls of white noise, distant, inhuman vocals drowning in feedback and synth work often bordering on dark ambient.  50 copies on transparent blue cassettes, housed in a standard case with deliberately misleading artwork.
  Will Over Matter - Toisesta Maailmasta CS (Freak Animal)

30 minutes assault of one of the most primitive Will Over Matter recordings. Signals from other dimensions. rugged electronic noises. interview of unearthly experiences and fierce vocals.
Will Over Matter ‎– Visio Ja Toteutus CS (Freak Animal)

C-45 tape on Freak Animal offers some of the most primitive and minimalist works of Will Over Matter. Little of samples, but no vocals. Crackling of fire, repeating patterns of crude loops and broken electronic signals. Beyond subtle minimalist approach, one can sense constantly something happening. Chrome tapes.
Winters In Osaka/The Communion - Split C20 (Fusty Cunt)
Winters delivers the usual blend of creeped out drone nightmares. Adam Jennings, Chris Dodge, Andy Lippoldt, Mackenzie Chami on this particular recording The Communion offer 3 tracks of grinding/doom. Quick, in your face and to the point.
Wish For Skin ‎– Clay Ritual CS (Unseen Force)

edition of 50. groping face with stripped back layers of rhetoric. old truths come to pass. a copy of a copy of a copy. decayed memories lead the way. dense & aggressive p.e. from western mass, choked back melody buried under static, feedback & crunch.
With Prejudice – Our Never Is Always CS (At War With False Noise)

Brutal waves of screeching, violent harsh noise form the backbone of this, the second release from With Prejudice, one of the best power electronics bands I've heard in ages. Utterly dense, everything is built up through tons of layers of sheet metal clatter, static and industrial crunch, with heavy-reverb vocals fighting against the tide. There are moments of lull where you can have a moment to catch yolur breath before the onslaught recommences.
50 copies in nice screen-printed card box-style sleeves.
  Wrong Hole - Esthetic Savings CS (Joy de Vivre)

Furious frenzy and oppressive saturation from this California talent, 20 minutes of best-quality harsh noise on the cutting edge. 
XXXX / Half Mile Down - XXXX / Half Mile Down CS (Untergeschoss, Nekorekords)

C40, downer electronix and recycled smut. collab outing between untergeschoss +  nekorekords.