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2673 - What Reveals The Heavens Can Be Found On Earth CD (Cipher Productions)

Kevin Winter's 2673 project is perhaps known best for the unknown, and for What Reveals The Heavens Can Be Found On Earth he unveils a chilling minimalism built around icy synth tones and careful dynamic blocks, the disc as much about its shifts between tracks as it is within tracks. Five cuts of demanding, unhurried, precise and poignant statements stripping away all but the most essential sounds - be they grand in gesture or minute in statement. Pro-pressed CD limited to only 100 copies, packaged in Stumptown 'Arigato Packs' adorned with bittersweet family photographs.
7MON / Sist En 343 / tn666 - 7MON / Sist En 343 / tn666 CD (Ecocentric Records)

v/a Damnatio ad Bestias vol 2. with 7 Minutes Of Nausea / SIST EN 343 / tn666 split CD
3 way split CD with 7 Minutes of Nausea (Germany) doing there well known noisecore, this time with female vocals…
Sist En 343 (Slovenija) doing industrial feedback drone sculptures of pain!
tn666 (Germany) plays some monolithic-wide-screen-drone-scapes – massive stuff
Alfarmania ‎– At Ulleråker CD (Old Captain)

At Ulleråker, where the anguished shrieks echos inside the asylum walls until the lungs can scream no more from exhaustion. A cursed existence doomed to the hell of chronic care in containment and restraint. Restless days and sleepless nights, spent in dismal corridors and bleak day-rooms. Coffee, cigarettes, oatmeal and medication. All vestiges of your individuality washed away by time, leaving only an unfathomable cavity inside your institutionalized soul. Join the legions of faceless ghouls in slumbering stupor. Tormented by the demons of the mind, by the white-coated devils and their nurses. Controlled, studied, observed. Caged for your free will. The third eye nailed to the wall. Gazing into the nightmarish reflections in the mirror-shards of your shattered self. Falling backwards into the debacle of madness. Surrendering to the all-devouring flood of primordial fear. As you disappear into the depths and your ego disintegrates, finally submitting to the collective grey non-existence, Ulleråker drags you down into the black waters of its abysmal vortex. ”At Ulleråker” was originally released on tape by Styggelse in 2005, now released on CD by Old Captain. A concept release dealing with the personal and collective hell inside Swedish mental asylum Ulleråker. An early tapework by Alfarmania – a classic in the field of death industrial / power electronics. Accompanied here by ”Spännbädden”, a previously unreleased recording from 2006-2007. Comes packaged in a 4-panel Digipak with artwork and layout by Kristian Olsson. Edition of 200 copies.
Alfarmania – From Fix To Fix CD (Old Captain)

To satisfy our ever-present addiction to music raw, honest and in-yer-face Old Captain is privileged to release a remastered Alfarmania’s debut highlight “From Fix to Fix” CD. Originally produced by Proiekt Hat’s Hatband label as a limited and now sought-after cassette, Kristian Olsson’s initiation delivers a fix of high-caliber post industrial art into modern knock-kneed digital limbo. Keep reality left behind and enter the narcosis before the advent. The edition is 200 fixes in a 4-panel matte Digipak with stunning artistic collages.
Ambiansu ‎– Tagebuch CD (New Approach Records)

First work for Ambiansu, a Portuguese duo performing ambient music with some Folk touches.
This CD is limited to 500 copies and is presented on a Card Wallet.
Antlers Mulm – Silbergrauer Staub CD (Wrotycz Records)

A re-release.
The debut album of Antlers Mulm from 2003 - not less than a stunning thing.
It's dedicated to German S. Titov, to the kosmonaut, to the nonconformist.
Coming from his former art project Radio Eichenlaub - a constructivist's/cut up wing foundation operating with samples of tracks from the Pet Shop Boys and Orchestral Maneuovres in the Dark - Hans Johm showed up a brighter side with his new incarnation.
Glissening electronic scenes, sparingly used synth layers, heavy doses of war drums and drum-machine sounds, the narrative voice; something began to move on, spreading it's audiovisual aesthetics - a origin was created.
With it's "song-but-not-a-song"-songs Antlers Mulm was and still is a fundamental influence on sonic projects and bands.
"Silbergrauer Staub" bears the weighty seed of "snowscapes, feral loops and grubby dub" - as Hans Johm characterizes Antlers Mulm a decade later.
This second edition comes in a strictly limited edition of only 170 copies.
CD cardsleeve plus 6 postcards.
Arnica – Lecho De Piedra CD (Steinklang Industries)

Lecho de Piedra' ('Deadbed Stone') is the new long play album by ?rnica. The Iberians are back with a astonishing new Ur-Folk album, presenting a big variety from harsher folk tunes ('Valle de Lobos'), over nature chants ('Monte Nublado-Cima', 'Trazos de Sangre') to warrior poetry ('Monte Nublado-Ladera', 'Las Plumas del Cuervo'), dealing with the concept of death on stones, inside mountains or within forests. In short: death in the outside and in nature.
Guitar, flutes, accordion, mouth harp, a lot of diferents drums, gralla, catalonian bagpipe, stones, bones, antlers, ratchets, cowbells, field recordings and a couple of samplers were used for the creation of this new masterpiece of Southern-Alpine Folkmusic.
A very special collaboration is in the song 'Una Bestia Astada' with Jay Kokopeli (Traum'er Leben), who joined the band with his wild breath.
Comes as 6-side digipack.
Astro and Winters In Osaka - Reverberating Forest CD (Phage Tapes, Dismantle Records)

The audio is what you would expect from this monster of a collab. Jennings, Finklea, Chami, Lippoldt and Hasegawa created one long slowly moving track of layered noises. The track starts out with ambient synth textures with drone guitars and evolves into a thick harsh assault on the senses with tape loops and broken electronics.
New!!! Aunt Mary ‎– Sessions Of  Extreme Nihilism 1989-1992 - Lost Tapes Of AM CD (Filth and Violence)

Records before Bizarre Uproar was born.
New!!! Autopsia ‎– In Vivo CD (Death Continues Records)

L.ed.250, originally released in 1988 - all those who dont have it grap it now! documentary charakter!Selection of early Autopsia tapes experiments. No samplers, no computers, no synthesizers. Just tape machines, ring modulators and analogue delays."
Axnaar ‎– Collected Filth 2013-2015 CD (Filth and Violence)

Black metal / noise. Not for the weak.
Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro ‎– Inner And Outer Space CD (Zhelezobeton)

This is already the second collaboration album of Bardoseneticcube from Russia and Shinkiro from Japan, this time under their own names. The first disc "Four Noble Truths" was released under the combined title of Bashin on the French label Athanor in 2011 and was dedicated to the basic principles of Buddhist teachings. The meditative and contemplative subject continues here as well, now being focused on the aspects of inner and outer space.
We submerge in the dark thick matter of sound, fluid, transparent and stratiform. Woven from abstract electronics, omnifarious samples and transformed voices, textures are smoothly interchanging, always showing new visions in the black mirror of our viewport. Makes you wonder - does the perceivable exist separately from the percipient? In any case this is dark, nocturnal, cosmic music, not devoid of epicism and dramatism. Worth having in your playlist for the next space travel!
Barrikad - We Make Nihilists Smile Again CD (Phage Tapes)

Edition of 500 copies with 8 page booklet.
The three tracks on this CD are each a collab between Barrikad and Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat, Fear Konstruktor or Government Alpha. Starting off this disc is a 19 min track with Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat where the collab conjures up an dark ambient styled track with ominouse soundscapes, sparse vocals, the clang of metal objects. The second track Barrikad and Fear Konstruktor produce a synth warble with strange vocals. The final track is a straight up harsh noise blast between Barrikad and Government Alpha similar to the 3” released by L.White.
Beyond Sensory Experience - Modern Day Diabolists CD+DVD (Cyclic Law)

Beyond Sensory Experience are back with their seventh full length study - Modern Day Diabolists. BSE have reopened the dossiers and turned page to focus on life in the modern urban world. True to their ten-year pattern of evolution the dark ambience is more captivating than ever; complex soundscapes and consoling melodies combine with provocative rhythm structures and unsettling samples to generate a new profile of BSE. When business has stopped and lights are out what is left is Modern Day Diabolists.
Modern Day Diabolists will be available as a CD/DVD double Digipak in May. The DVD features compelling visual interpretations of two tracks from the album by Swedish video artists The Retardtank and Fetish 23.
Bizarre Uproar – Amputaatio CD (Filth and Violence)

2015 album of Bizarre Uproar!!
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Dekadenz CD (Filth and Violence)

Bizarre Uproar album with great booklet in jewelbox.
New!!! Bizarre Uproar - Gelsomina ‎– 2007-2008 2xCD (Filth and Violence)

Selection of tracks.
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Fifteen Years Of "Filth & Violence" - Dog CD (Filth and Violence)

Re-issue of a tape from Fifteen years of filth and violence box.
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Fifteen Years Of "Filth & Violence"- Metal CD (Filth and Violence)

Re-issue of a tape from Fifteen years of filth and violence box.
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Fifteen Years Of "Filth & Violence"- Nazarene CD (Filth and Violence)

Re-issue of a tape from Fifteen years of filth and violence box.
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Mother CD (Filth and Violence)

Re-issue of tapes + bonus
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Fifteen Years Of "Filth & Violence"- Pure Hate CD (Filth and Violence)

Last part of re-releases from boxset. 4 long untitled tracks of extreme Finnish Power-Electronics.
Bizarre Uproar – Live Humiliation CD (Filth and Violence)

brutal new live CD with exclusive stuff not heard on previous live releases.
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Rape Africa CD (Filth and Violence, Freak Animal)

Bizarre Uproar's 2012 album shows the band in its slowpaced movement towards new directions. Since 1992 the surface of Bizarre Uproar has been covered in filthy distorted mud. on each full length album it has moved forward from previous. Rape Africa is the heaviest and darkest of the albums. Abusing ultra heavy sludgy bass. colossal rumbling drumming. slow moving heavily echoed vocals. urban field recordings. tribal percussions and even if rejecting majority of sound sources known from past releases - ending up in logical continuum of Bizarre Uproar's output!
New!!! Bizarre Uproar ‎– Sikiöasento 2xCD (Filth and Violence)

Finnish noise/pe
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Vihameditaatio CD (Filth and Violence)

Bizarre Uproar is one of the colossal phenomenon in Finnish harsh noise scene. Throughout the years, this artist has gradually taken the Bizarre Uproar concept to more and more extreme level not only sound wise, but also ideologically fulfilling the ideas behind the sounds. Hate Meditation. Wrapped in darkness, tight as second skin. Suffocating (like) latex mask. Purification in filth and violence, cleansed in flesh and blood that are shit and piss, enlightenment in everlasting ejaculation. New extremes in sonic bizarre domination.
Black Leather Jesus - Skuff CD (Turgid Animal)

The latest full length by these US Harsh Noise Heroes! Kevin Novak, Richard Ramirez, Scott Houston, Vance Osborne and Sean Matzus take you on a journey of self degradation and filthy revenge riddled noise violence. Step back in time to the slave auction. Hear the abuse. Black and White covers designed by our very own Tisbor.
New!!! Black State ‎– Hlose CD (Filth and Violence)

Cruel and dark noise/pe
Blood Axis - Ultimacy CD (Storm)

Ultimacy (1991-2011) brings together on one CD the definitive versions of all the singles and compilation tracks released by Blood Axis during the first two decades since the project was founded. Packaged in an elegant digifile case designed by Davide Maspero and Max Ribaric of the Italian underground journal Occidental Congress, and expertly re-mastered by Blood Axis member and renowned studio engineer Robert Ferbrache, Ultimacy presents these rare tracks in their ideal form, exactly as the band itself has always heard and envisioned them. The songs appear in a reverse chronological order, beginning with more recent work and moving back through time to the distant past. Blood Axis has never been bound to a particular style of music, and this is amply demonstrated here with material that spans from aggressive folk rock to atmospheric ritual pieces, all the way to menacing electronica. The topical themes of these songs encompass European folklore; early 20th-century German occultism; Norse and Perso-Roman mythology; fatalism, militarism, and Nietzschean romanticism. In addition to the three core Blood Axis members-Michael Moynihan, Robert Ferbrache, and Annabel Lee-the songs on Ultimacy also feature a number of notable guest contributors including Stephen Flowers (Edred Thorsson), Boyd Rice (Non), Thomas Thorn (Slave State / My Life with the Thrill Kill Kill Kult / Electric Hellfire Club), and Markus Wolff (Waldteufel). Blood Axis has always elicited strong, polarized reactions and a fair dose of controversy that still lingers to the present day. Ultimacy provides a unique opportunity for both the initiated and the uninitiated to explore the history of an influential an uncompromising musical project that refuses to be categorized or contained, and which always operates according to its own rules. "A thunderstorm was in our sky, the nature which we are grew dark-for we had no road." ­- Nietzsche
Blood ov Thee Christ - Behind Thee Bars CD (Autarkeia)

Harii does his time in prison, but the curse of blood ov thee christ reaches malice adepts even from the cellars of the repressive structures. Kristian Olsson has compiled the latest album Behind Thee Bars of the sound recording sessions, while Harii was still on the rampage in freedom, and so far it seems it may be the strongest album BOTC ever made. The tracks contain brutal vocals of both Harii and Kristian, very intense lo-fi noise, and morbid samples of trash films. Generally, this album reminds early works of SURVIVAL UNIT. Most probably because the sound in Blood Ov Thee Christ project is mainly managed by Kristian himself. One will find tracks recorded in the cult festival ICETODIRON 2007 TE, followed by a long break in concert activities of Autarkeia label.

Brandkommando ‎– Three Strikes And You Are Out CD (Sickcore)

2011' album from this prolific Polish artist including eight tracks mixing power-electronics with processed vocals and tape-voices around strikes and police violences. Housed in a six panel digifile in a limited edition of 300 copies.
Brighter Death Now - Innerwar CD (Cold Meat Industry)

Innerwar has first been released in 1996 and still remains as one of the outstanding titles in the BDN catalogue - the title track "Innerwar" shows how far BDN is able to push the limits. There are none. The most disturbing, extreme and aggressive CD of BDN is now available to shock new generations of listeners or give old listeners the chance to refresh their mind about the disturbance BDN has created. All in new artwork - a must have! Spotvarnished-embossed digi-pack! Note:! The Artwork is not for people with limited brain capacity! Innerwar is an essential classic to all collections in the industrial, power electronic and noise scene.
Burial Hex - Book of Delusion CD

During the period in which Clay Ruby first began working on this piece of art, he had become so completely surrounded by evil and deception that he was forced to begin summoning a particularly extreme and ancient force of protection and vitality just to make it alive through the end of 2008. Aside from spiritually fortifying Ruby’s life, the complexities of these new elemental entities brought with them circumstances causing a much more rich and intense recording experience than he could have ever composed on his own. Classic horror electronics and post-industrial apocalyptic soundscapes with unsettling notes, anguished cries and voices of the dead. His most ritualistic album yet. Reissue of the extremely limited LP with bonus tracks taken from the split LPs with Kinit Her and Zola Jesus, all available on CD for the first time! All tracks have been carefully remastered.
Burial Hex ‎– In Psychic Defense CD (Cold Spring)

Burial Hex is a composition cycle of Post-Industrial music, dubbed “Horror Electronics”, by Clay Ruby. With a progressive mix of influences as far-reaching as vintage Industrial and Power Electronics, Kosmische Music, Black Metal, Techno and Electro, Early Music and Contemporary Classical, these dynamic compositions are simply unclassifiable. This compilation continues the stunning trajectory of the previous Cold Spring reissue collection, “Book of Delusions”, falling even further into the spiraling abyss of ritual music made in preparation for the Final Mysteries in the twilight of this Kali Yuga. Collecting tracks from various out-of-print vinyl releases, including In Psychic Defense, The Tower, Fantasie und Fuge, Hunger, and the highly sought-after “A Kiss To Birth The Rotted Sun” from the WVNDRKMMER 5xCS compilation, this volume is a welcome addition to every Burial Hex collection, as well as an ideal introduction for the Horror Electronics neophyte.
Caligula031 ‎– Topography Of Smut Vol. 1 CD (Filth and Violence)

Albaniant Meat Market + Domino tapes on one CD! Rough power electronics!
Caligula031 / Halalnihil – Caligula031/Halalnihil CD (Turgid Animal)

Turgid Animal is proud to present this split release from two of the most interesting modern Power Electronics acts from Italy and Hungary respectively. Marco Deplano, whose Wertham project has been a major act in the PE scene for quite some time now, with his latest project Caligula031 supplies one long, droning assault full of filth and decay. This uncomfortable listen focuses on the underworld theme of human trafficking akin to his other releases on important labels such as Filth & Violence, Nil By Mouth Recordings and Freak Animal sub-label Institute Of Paraphilia Studies. Halalnihil, the solo project of one Inhos, a relative new comer to the genre but already with plenty of excellent releases under his belt released mainly via his own imprint; The Level of Vulnerability. Here he provides 5 tracks of ear splitting and hate filled Power Electronics with impressive and commanding vocal delivery. Certainly a project which will no doubt be included among the ranks of the most dedicated in years to come. Pro pressed CD in jewel cases with full colour 8 page booklet with full lyrics and notes from each band.
New!!! Chaos Cascade - RxAxPxE ‎– Frequencies Of Genocidal Sacrifice CD (Phosgen Records)

Chaos Cascade: All Infernal Chaos Arranged and Recorded October/November 2015 by Chaos Cascade.
RxAxPxE: "Hour of the Wolf" Has Been Recorded by RxAxPxE in 2015 for His Glory Only.
Eternity will be reached through destruction.
Happiness will be reached through murder.
Chloroform Rapist ‎– Chloroform Rapist CD (Filth and Violence, Untergeschoss)

This CD compiles all released Chloroform Rapist material: tapes on Untergeschoss and Nil By Mouth and tracks from "Art Of Deviance" compilation on Corrosive Art and "Rape" compilation on Urashima.
Suffocating power electronics / post-mortem minimalism with zero entertainment value.
Cyclotimia - The Invisible Hand of Market CD (Zhelezobeton)

The Moscow-based project Cyclotimia, well-known for its long-standing interest for the world of global finance, stockmarket speculators and multinational corporations, presents its new work "The Invisible Hand of Market". According to the musicians, this is not a conceptual album dedicated to the economic term of Adam Smith. In this case it's rather a metaphor "invisibly" linking together various compositions created during 2010-2013.
The album's program consists of ten polystylistical tracks combining such genres as "post-industrial", "minimal(ism)", "dark ambient", "experimental" and "downtempo". The main line is a connection between the "sacral" and the "futuristic", a combination of a liturgical atmosphere and electronic music based on the above-mentioned styles.
A separate part of the disc belongs to a 20 min. long electro-acoustic suite "Oil & Gas Colony" in five acts. Parts of vocal, classical string, wind and percussion instruments were recorded inside a dome of an abandoned radar station - a carbon fiber sphere 20 meters in diameter with a unique acoustic environment. This monumental work tells about the malignant nature of the resource-based economic model in modern Russia.
Claustrum ‎– Legion Of Silence CD (Old Captain)

Claustrum are one of the pioneering acts from Rīga, Latvia and of the whole European industrial scene. Since 1992 they have been experimenting, breaking the barriers of styles of industrial and electronic music, crossing over from minimal / dark ambient to orchestral industrial / neoclassical and power electronics.
Claustrum is often set equivalent with internationally acknowledged artists of similar diverse stylistic expressions. In over twenty years’ existence their creative work has chimed and still occasionally emerges electronic dark ambient, orchestral and martial industrial as well as rhythmic and radio noise, which has found its initiative in musicians’ specific interests of their specific time.
The new post industrial album from a trio of the maestro is one of the greatest monumental albums of the millennium. Edition of 300 copies in 4 panel Digipak.
Clinic Of Torture ‎– Rope Suspension CD (Freak Animal)

7 tracks studio. Recorded without overdubs summer 2015. Track 8 recorded live in Tower Transmissions V, Dresden. 25.9.2015. Over 50 minutes of industrial noise, more towards early days of COT, with less harshness, more dark and suffocating sound of torment.
Cloama ‎– Neuroscan Organization / Blood Illumination CD (Industrial Recollections)

Dark and gloomy industrial-soundscapes from Finland. Re-issue of LP and tape on one CD. Industrial Recollections.
Coil / Nine Inch Nails – Recoiled CD (Cold Spring)

“Recoiled” is a rambunctious alchemy, of magikal Coil sensibilities and hi-tech home circa 90’s mixing technique, all fused in the cave-like early studios of Danny Hyde / Peter Christopherson. These were the unrestrained PRE- BIG studio- mix downs, of four songs which long time Coil admirer / collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix. Reznor sent over the original multi-tracks and DATs to Hyde / Christopherson, who independently mixed versions and then met to synch both creations, molding them into these master versions. ”Recoiled” includes a fuller, more opulent version of the track ‘Closer’, which eventually made it onto the opening credits to the movie “SE7EN“. These 5 lengthy compositions (just under 40 minutes) are pre-Ableton / laptop generation type priest song creations, with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumoured to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure. 4 of the tracks were released on the download-only “Uncoiled”. A bonus, previously unheard track from the same sessions closes the album. Jhonn Balance is also manifest on this gilded constellation. Beautifully remastered.
Con-Dom / The Grey Wolves – Waging War Against You CD (Unrest Productions)

Tracks from the legendary War Against Society compilation re-mastered to CD for the first time. Some argue that this is the best material Con-Dom ever put out.
Con-dom - Have Complete Faith CD (Unrest Productions)

CD reissue of the Have Faith tape originally released on Broken Flag. It includes the two left out tracks from the same sessions making this the complete document of those recordings.
Con-Dom - Live Assault 1/Live Assault 4 CD (Industrial Recollections)

Industrial Recollections celebrates 30 years of Con-Dom with re-issue of debut tape. Live actions 1 & 2 from 1983.
Con-Dom – Live In Japan 2003 CD (Teito Sound Company)
Japanese Teito Sound Company release. Including live photos, lyrics, etc! Extreme good material. Strong sound and good tracks!! Recommended!!
Concrete Mascara – Blossoms Of Shame CD (Corrosive Art Records)

After different releases out on Untergeschoss, Filth & Violence, Vanity Recordings, etc... Concrete Mascara is back on Corrosive Art Records with their first full-length CD. A total 9 tracks using of intensive Harsh Electronics, scrap metal and some calm periods for one of the most accomplished album of this US Power Electronics artist. CD and cover pro all packaged in jewel case
Contagious Orgasm + Kotodama – Blackout CD (SSSM)

From deep electro and dark sounds,noise to dreamy and atmospheric soundtracks
Corazzata Valdemone ‎– Avanguardia Rumorista CD (Ufa Muzak)

Brand new album from furious Italian Futurist Corazzata Valdemone. An unusually rich and interesting album with a wide stylistic spread. Refined grandiose Martial Industrial with totalitarian homeland futurism! From traditional songs and lumbering battle paintings, to sad and quite retreats. This is not dark or grave music, but inspiring and ecstatic. Features contributions from: L'Effet C'Est Moi, Siegfried, Art Inferno, Deviate Damaen, and Frangar (Funeral Winds). Digipak.
Creamface ‎– Cum On Clothes CD (Lolita Slavinder Records)

c. 30 mins / 30 tracks. 2013 album on Creamface. 100% Porno Grind since 1999!
Currents Of Death – Cretodoh! CD (Provoloka)

Possibly first power electronics project on exUSSR scene. First records was made at 91/92 in Novokuznetsk,Russia. Raw and angry synth,pulses, distorted vocal - five tracks of true classic power electronic! Also,there is additional bonus on disc - videoclip by Vadim Koshkin and Natalia Popikova, especially made for festival Exotica in 1993.
Custodian – Toil And Waste CD (Syzmic Records)

9 tracks, 29 minutes of harsh electronic noise and industrial undertow. Bleak, inhospitable works that flow and mutate between screeching japanese influenced noise, HNW density, and churning industrial loops.
Daina Dieva, Skeldos – Aviliai CD (Daina Dieva, Skeldos)

"Aviliai" is an album by two Lithuanian drone-ambient projects Daina Dieva and Skeldos. Their idea on working on a record together has matured over a couple of years, and finally, when materialized, became a multifaceted soundscape. The sound travels in between the silence and the noise, layered voice-patterns give way to a harsher wall of sounds, easing out again to the minimal volume, maximum tension.
Skeldos tell, that "the album is about a dream, which is being born while you fall into the sleep while surrounded by the branches of a tree, as if in your bee-hive. It is as if you'd walk though viscous sands that become endless seas, into the sound of the rain of moths. It's a dream which needs you body-less. It's a dream from which you can't return."
"I've filled "Aviliai" album with the sweetness of honey, with my pain and heartburn, my longing for serenity and the fatigue of time. All of those feelings and forebodings, dreams and nightmares unfold themselves and turn to sound," shares Daina Dieva.
This sound-trip starts with a flutter of a butterfly in a mirror and goes through to the core of a dream.
Dark Ages - Twilight of Europe CD (Inferna Profundus, Primitive Reaction)

Haunting, chilling dark ambient soundwaves from the Ukraine. A must for fans of the Cold Meat Industry artists.
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Casual Praise Of Domestic Calamities CD ()

A substantial recent work from this veteran of the early 1980s industrial/electronics scene, who started off releasing cassettes in Berlin around that time. Guido Huebner realised these 10 works over 1999-2004 in France and Germany, and here they are in a striking package on the UKs hypnagOgia label. These musical assaults are quietly devastating, exceedingly subtle in their efforts to disturb and undermine normality.
At first listen, you may suppose you're dealing with nothing more than any other 'normal' slice of dribbling electronica, but after several minutes of immersion, you're ears start to tell you that something is wrong. The music can eat into your psyche like acid. Nothing overtly noisy or aggressive here: just a sinister quietness, seeping into your bloodstream like a slow-acting toxin.
Dasein vs. Norma Reaktsii ‎– 93 CD (Sickcore)

Unique track from this Russian sound artist, mixing throbbing electronics with authentic radio interceptions from Moscow on oct. 3rd and 4th., 1993. Housed in a six panel digifile in a limited edition of 300 copies.
David E. Williams – Trust No Scaffold Built Of This Bone CD (Old Europa Cafe)

Williams is back !
An undisputed yet controversial cult icon for over 2 decades, David E. Williams continues to expand the boundaries of dark cabaret and neofolk in ways that perpetually leave him as the ultimate outsider of both genres.
As always, his 6th full length release documents the violent dread of every moment for a troubadour narrator on the nexus of existential angst and cultural despair.
The new music ranges from finger-snapping ditties to chamber synthpop to his ever popular piano-driven art songs, with lead vocals by himself and other luminaries such as Andrew King, Lloyd James (Naevus) and Jane Elizabeth (Tesco USA).
Other participants include Jerome Deppe, David Talento, Adrina Hansen, Ken Brune
and Wendy Mittelstadt.
An essential release from this former and current collaborator of Deathpile, Blood Axis and Rozz Williams of Christian Death!
Death Squad – Acoustic Isolation (Isolationsfolter) CD (Autarkeia)

Torture escalations, mind rot thought fuck kontrol, attack rape the mind of gods.In camps created to kill the mind is set aflame, no thoughts through blitzkrieged insanity, isolation through soundless words, weaving into horror shows of hallucinations.
Album lasts for 22 min. Lim. H. N. E. 150.
Death Squad – Death Textures CD (Autarkeia)

Examining theory of expiration. Deprived imaginations seek the comfort of cold hands laying in large vats of coagulating blood. Sounds mirroring the inflection of self. A look at the detailed textures along the fertile highways of death. With writings from an immense week long depression and self involved isolation tactics. Paranoia, disgust and non communications/interactions with others were the elements for this cassette. Caustic variations in vibrational sequences.
Album lasts for 15 min. Lim. H. N. E. 150.
Death Squad – Radium CD (Autarkeia)
[Moments at the center of nuclear destruction, recorded at ground zero]. Empathize through pain, optic nerve removed, kill mankind.
Album lasts for 32 min. Lim. H. N. E. 150
Death Squad – VX CD (Autarkeia)
VX was a second chemical toxin found in the Aum Shinriko complex. VX was used to halt ground troops by covering areas with this oily nerve agentsubstance. Leaking pipes and gas are the basis for the audio structures.
Album lasts for 31 min. Lim. H. N. E. 150.
  Decondition - Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiim CD (Force Majeure)

Finnish hypnotic industrial / electronics. Known from tape released by Freak Animal in 2006! This is debut CD on Force Majeure label! Full color digipak.
Die Weisse Rose ‎– White Roses in Bloom in Kyiv CD (Old Captain)

As a part of 'The Honour of Silence' 2015 tour with Death in June, Die Weisse Rose performed a memorable ritual in Kyiv with an impressive line-up of Thomas Bøjden, Kim Larsen (Of The Wand & The Moon) and Gary Carey (Joy of Life).
DWR's classical tracks from the debut album were executed with a puissant vigour and true honour, while the final part interpreted a Ukrainian folk melody that became a lament song during Ukrainian Revolution of 2013-2014.
"White Roses in Bloom" gives a perfect chance to listen to the project live when it is at its most potent and emotional artistic edge.
Matte laminated Digipak.
Dimeth Trip - Instructions From Konstantin Lopushansky CD (Autarkeia)

This disc is a joint project of two independent labels Autarkeia and Moontrix. Geid and Dega, members of the industrial/ambient formation MALDUR ATAI, have recorded an album inspired by fatal post-apocalyptic films of the talented Russian director Konstantin Lopushansky. In their musical work, Geid and Dega build the atmosphere reminding of a horrible nightmare where the future can be glimpsed only in eerie fragments of the past. The new post-apocalyptic world is bizarre and hopeless, therefore, the surviving people dream to wake up. Sadly, the dream would not go away. That is a new reality with no existential meaning, an absolute dead-end that has destroyed the majority and made the surviving ones wish for death. The message of the album authors, like the films of the Russian director, is crystal clear: the dream is soon set to become the only prospect of the human civilisation. DIMETH TRIP's disc Instructions From Konstantin Lopushansky is a fine industrial/ambient album distinguished by its tough atmosphere and containing a number of samples from Konstantin Lopushansky’s films. Moreover, it is a clear warning that we have come to the limit. Once we step over the line, there is no way back. Master for the record was made by ambient genius Peter Andersson (RAISON D’ETRE).
Diutesc – Evilution Resurrected / Draconigena CD+DVD (Old Captain)

An instantly sold out back in 2009 “Evilution” by Walter Adam von Dewitz, former Genocide Organ member (1989-1999), is being re-released via Old Captain. Rare original tracks recorded ‘live without audience and computers’, raw, minimal, non-mastered true old school death industrial and power electronics. Diutesc (from Old German “Deutsch”) is a solo project of a person known by his legendary past in the cult G.O. band and rare self-produced limited vinyl editions also released by Membrum Debile Propaganda and Xn Recordings. “Evilution Resurrected” comprises original tracks and never heard before rarities from the early period and the DVD of the live documentation. Comes in a 4-panel matte double Digipak with a new artwork and limited to 200 copies.
Djinn - 1978 CD (Old Europa Cafe)

Djinn returns after about 10 years from his last full-length album with this new work based on year 1978.
The year in the modern era in which the biggest mass-suicide was perpetrated.
More than 900 person was killing themselves on November 18 1978 in Jonestown, exactly the same day in which Vintras, the mind behind Djinn, was born.
A date which became the symbol of the beginning and the end, of self-inflicted death.
In this album Vntras collects the more obscure side of mankind actions and reproduce them into a very dark form of death ambient, without hope, without future.
Pure antisocial muzak, exactly the way he likes to represent himself.
DMDN - Agonistes 1&2 CD (Industrial Recollections)

Industrial Recollections presents CD version of this re-issue. Originally 1994 GROSS label tape. released on LP by Supreme Tool Supplies and CD by Industrial Recollections. Majority of the 80's works of this Dutch PE/noise creator can be found from "Sling Trip" and "Sling Trip 2" CD's. Agonistes deliverers his noisiest material with 2 long pieces.
  Donis - Bars Bars CD (Dangus)

Suprisingly fresh, warm and nostalgic neofolk album from the well known Lithuanian composer. Based on lyricism of traditional songs and magic symbols of birds, it also flows with impressive ambiences. The 10th album of Donis, recorded with his son (seven years of age). For the first time Donis recorded all vocals himself, as well as acoustic guitar.
Encephalophonic – X CD (Freak Animal, Audio Dissection)

New on Freak Animal & Audio Dissection! Italian noise of most violent kind and malicious atmosphere. Booklet with photos.
Entre Vifs – No Signal CD (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

We are proud to present the new material from this respected French noise/bruitiste project. Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies on CD in metal boxes including 16-page booklet. European noise industrial at its best!
Erde – Böse Zeit CD (Steinklang Industries)

Erde/Svalbard is one of the very best Monumental/Martial/NeoFolk Bands ever (in our view THE best alive one),
here supported by other great Eastern European NeoFolk musicians, like MOON FAR AWAY, MAJDANEK WALTZ, PRAGNAVIT, SEVAST…
„Bose Zeit“ ist their most bombastic and intense album so far and detailed press-infos will come soon.
very limited edition - don't miss it!
Exit In Grey – Shadows Of Stillness CD (Muzyka Voln)

Exit in Grey is one of the main musical incarnations of Sergey [S] from Moscow-area town Pushkino, who is also known for many other projects including Five Elements Music, Sister Loolomie and labels Still*Sleep and Semperflorens. Starting from 2004 Exit In Grey has released over a dozen of albums on CD-Rs and cassettes, mainly on his own label Daphnia Recordsand also on such labels as Mystery Sea, Abgurd and YAOP. His first factory-pressed CD "Perception" came out last year while "Shadows of Stillness" becomes the second album released in this format.
Exit In Grey has quickly developed it's own recognizable style - very calm, a bit melancholic drone ambient with gentle melodies and rugged textures made of found sounds. Four compositions of "Shadows of Stillness" follow the same path: harmonious currents of droning guitars and reed organ are framed by slow waves of resonances dissolving into each other, signals and loops crafted from field recordings, sounds of a Polyvox synthesizer and very long frequency radiowaves from the Earth's atmosphere and space bodies.
The album is dedicated to the beauty and grandeur of Stillness which we can so rarely notice in our everyday bustle...
F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay – His Master's Void CD (Steinkland Industries)

This avant-garde solo project of Luigi Maria Mennella constantly evolves, dating back to 1990! Each of his recordings is different and inaugurates the transition to a duo-lineup with this concept album focused on deconstruction and re-arrangement in a contemporary way of old XX century songs. Starting from Musique Concr?te research, passing through electroacoustic music experimentations, stretching to Industrial extremism, the tracks of this album plan to fill a technological void and pull the “cover” classic conception down according to a wider spectre of expressive instruments with which translate the intuitions of these authors of the past, to whom they pay a simply 'volcanic' tribute.
Family Underground - Un tratto di malinconia CD (Turgid Animal)

"If recent offerings from this long running CPH outfit (this being their ninth studio album) has showed a leaning towards a more industrialized sound. This could be said to be the band's first proper Industrial record. The drone pieces of the past are still present but in a more controlled and subtle way, adding even further to the psychedelic experience, and tying together 5 harsh industrial tracks. At times this will remind you of Whitehouse, Godflesh and more than anything else TG, complete with screamed desperate vocals and harsh oscillating synths. The disc flows extremely well and this together with the unorthodox artwork invokes an almost soundtrack like atmosphere . I urge everybody into oldschool industrial not to let the bands background trick you into not giving this album the attention it deserves". - Klaus Hansen
Edition of 500 copies.
Fanum / Karna ‎– Something Else CD (Zhelezobeton Distribution Division)

A split-album by two brother projects from Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, each of them having a serious discography under the belt: Fanum has released two solo works and several collaboration recordings with such projects as Exit In Grey, Kromeshna, Vazhes, etc., and Karna has eight solo discs and two collaborations with Melek-Tha and Velehentor... On this album we will hear two long suites in classical industrial dark ambient style. The track by Fanum is an unhurried drift through deserted mechanized spaces, slow loops of soft noises and streams of vibrant drones. It seems like birds singing somewhere? Or is it just a rusty flap creaking in the wind?.. The composition features many field recordings, the origins of which are not so easy to guess. Sound fabric sways like waves, sometimes rolling over with assertive density, then retreating and creating a rarefied atmosphere with sweeps of rare electric flashes and phantom echoes... Karna presented the final recording of the project here: a monotonous post-apocalyptic soundscape imbued by cold moonlight. Lifeless space, painted with pulsating low frequencies and grainy crackling of the electrified air. The composition is minimalistic at first sight, but it gradually sprouts with various layers and structures: rare metal clangs and machine samples, electronic strokes, a grid of simple rhythm and a quiet synth melody underlining the overall atmosphere of desolation. Like an automated sand mining colony somewhere on the outskirts of the galaxy, long abandoned, semi-ruined, living out its remaining days in vacuum, zero gravity and oblivion…
Fecalove ‎– Great Northern War CD (Untergeschoss, Narcolepsia)

New album of prolific Italian/Norwegian artist takes his work to new level of focused noise composition, power electronics dementia and industrial clatter. Varied whole of perfectly paced harsh noise violence, electronic disturbance, depraved vocal gargle and tape manipulations in best industrial tradition.
Edition of 300.
Fecalove - Void Chaos and Cum CD (Crucial Blaze)

...While it may only be one of many tentacles emerging from the vile meat-mass of Nicola Vinciguerra, Fecalove probably ranks as the most dangerous. While this Italian filth-monger has been tormenting our eyes over the past several years with his always repulsive and always interesting artwork under the TISBOR name as well as running the Italian division of the excellent Turgid Animal label, Vinciguerra has also been puking up a steady stream of cassette tapes and Cd-rs under the Fecalove name loaded with extreme harsh noise, sonic portraits of deviant sexual behavior and violence, and a vicious brand of power electronics that's been tearing my face off ever since I first heard the 'Like A Dog' disc on Bloodlust. Combining the obvious classic PE influences (particularly the primitive PE slime of early Mauthausen Orchestra) with brutal junk-noise assaults, searing electronic drones, and sputtering hypnotic rhythms, Vinciguerra cranks up the bestial violence tenfold with a vocal attack that is sometimes more akin to the blood-gargling horror of a death metal vocalist than the typical distorted rant n' rave you usually hear in power electronics recordings. That ultra-vicious energy transmits all kinds of blasphemies and hate-filled screeds, each track usually materializing as a blunt blood-boiling excoriation of humanity at large, or a euphoric celebration of gruesome perversion. Either way, it's a blast...
Femeheim – Dominium Terrae CD (Death Continues Records)

Belgian death industrial
New!!! Femeheim ‎– Egofanal CD (Death Continues Records)

Femeheim – Grenzniederkunft CD (Death Continues Records)

Belgian death industrial
Fire In The Head - Confessions Of A Narcissist CD (Cold Spring)

“Confessions Of A Narcissist” marks the final full-length release by Fire In The Head ending six years of sonic warfare with an assault of manic, self-indulgent industrial electronics. Drawing as much influence from early punk / hardcore as from industrial / power electronics, F/I/T/H was conceived as a cathartic outlet to explore and ratify the delusions and social perversions resultant of psychosis and the darker side of man’s conflicted dual nature, to fan the flames which engulf the borders between obsession, compulsion, lust and need. The tracks on this release were recorded in 2007-2008 and are the last of the “short, sharp, shock” vocal tracks which Michael abandoned in favour of “epic” length industrial / ambient compositions. Features guest appearances from Nick Blinko (Rudimentary Peni) and J. Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed), with exclusive artwork from Blinko.
First Human Ferro - Homo Shargey CD (New Nihilism, Requiem Records, Triangle)

A tribute to Alexander Shargey, a representative of passionate enthusiastic inventors who put their lives at stake to accomplish the mission for the future good of the whole mankind. Vintage Dark Ambient album which takes you on a sidereal voyage.
New!!! First Order ‎– Near Death CD (Phosgen Records)

Dark ambient/noise/pe
Forkboy – 1993-1999 CD (Arkisto / Kaos Kontrol)
"A fork is a cold shiny tool / To pierce, tear and ingest / Whoever has the fork in hand / Controls the meal of its choice."
The opening lines for the Lard song, "Forkboy" which in turn gave the name for an Oulu-based quartet formed in 1993.
Born out of love for AmRep noise, AC/DC, Dead Kennedys and driven by twenty-something angst, Forkboy recorded three demos and one previously unreleased session during their 6 year existence and it's all documented here on one disc.
Furiously rocking songs packed with gritty guitars and feedback, rhythm section heavy as an elephant turd and as the band puts it, "lots of shouting".
The original recordings have been carefully restored and remastered by Pentti Dassum and the sleeve features original artwork and photos by the band along with liner notes.
If you were there during the late 90s noise rock craze or if you have only recently discovered its splendour or if you just have a boner for hidden gems of Finnish punk/noise/rock, this CD is for you!
Standard jewel case with full colour sleeve.
Limited edition of 300 copies. Co-released with Kaos Kontrol.
Funerary Call – Fragments From The Aethyr CD (Crucial Blast)

The grand master of black ambience returns with this new missive from beyond the chthonic depths. Featuring three extended descents into jet-black drift, funereal chamber music, monstrous metallic noise, booming ritualistic percussion, slit-throat recitations of formless horror, and further abyssal abominations. Fragments From The Aethyr presents a triptych of long, sprawling pieces that descend through dark layers of cinematic sonic horror. The music shifts between violin-led passages of pitch-black, dissonant chamber music backed by booming kettledrums and traces of modern music composition and the rotting exhalations of the dead, to blasts of crushing shapeless doom where huge metallic chords thunder in the deep, sending tremors of doom-laden dronemetal rumbling through the strata of Funerary Call's demonic industrial nightmares. The sound of Fragments sometimes resembles a Bela Bartok piece drifting through a fog of black-mass ambience and the murmerings of the long dead, the sound imbued with a deep ominous feel but also glowing with a mysterious dark beauty as it builds to a crescendo of black majestic power...
Funerary Call - Nightside Emanations CD (Malignant records)

First created in 1994, Funerary Call has established itself as one of the premier purveyors of archaic black atmospheres. With Nightside Emanations, Funerary Call presents his most organic and purely ritual experiences...8 tracks that spiral into darkness, led by the ceremonial fire rite of the opening track, then descending into even blacker, more ominous realms as the CD progresses. Extended pieces of opaque ambience are augmented by slow, foreboding, tribal percussion and sedated vocal incantations, full of ancient mysticism and creeping
miasma. Material used in the recording process ranged from found objects such as rocks, scrap metal, antlers and bones, to an assortment of ritual implements; chimes, bells, gongs, rattles and kangling. The result is unequivocally one of the darkest releases you'll find under the Malignant banner and one of the more focused and complete recordings from Funerary Call. In 4 panel DVD digipak with stunning artwork by renowned Russian artist Denis Forkas.
Genocide Organ - Leichenlinie 1989 / 2009 CD (Tesco Organisation)

REPRESS IN STLIGHTLY DIFFERENT DIGIPACK. 20 years have passed since :Leichenlinie: got released the 1st time, and 10 years since it got released the 2nd time as CD accompanied with the :Truth will make you free: album. And now it shines here as the totally remastered 20 years anniversary edition. Completed with 2 additional tracks recorded around the same time and formerly released on the Monochrome Meditator MC only (SSSM / Japan 1991). This material stands for one of the most wanted records in this genre for all times. :Leichenlinie: remains as an outstanding release in the german post industrial music genre. The well-balanced music contains power electronic rhythm based tracks as well as dark drowning ambient pieces with haunting samples. Tracks like Klaus Barbie, Mind Control and Come Orgasm are played on various stations, parties and radios for the last 20 years. The two additional tracks, so far unknown to the majority, are fitting perfectly to the line-up of the early industrial-rhythm driven sound of the band. The LP version, which is a mailorder item only, comes as close as possible to the original version, with a printed and stamped metal plate attached to the front cover, DIN A4 insert and an unique extra afixed to the backside of the cover. Limited and numbered to the original edition 291 copies only! The CD version comes in a nice spot varnished digipack with the logo debossed on the front cover, similar to : In-Konflikt :. Genocide Organ got founded in 1985. :Leichenlinie: compiled G.O. material that got recorded between 1987-1989 at Strebelwerk / Mannheim. Originally released in 1989 as Tesco 001. :Leichenlinie: is still an outstanding milestone in europeon "post industrial" music as it let loose new creative energy of a genre which was thought to be dead. The socio-political criticism, and cultural-terrorist approach is inherent. A document of its time! The opening opus of the bands restless striving for more depth in a shallow reality, in a society that likes to hide the unpleasant and controversial sides of life. The phrase "noli me tangere" is no longer in effect!
Gnaw Their Tongues - All The Dread Magnificence Of Perversity CD (Crucial Blast)

2009 release. All The Dread Magnificence Of Perversity is the heaviest music yet from this infernal mutation, mixing in huge black blots of grisly distorted bass riffage and noxious undertow with GTT's trademark symphony of orchestral strings bent into hellish atonal melody, horrific screams and guttural operatic wails wrenched from the pits of orgiastic ecstasy, grinding slow-motion percussion, and a thick, suffocating atmosphere of cancerous horror and dread. Packaged in a heavy gatefold package with a Gnaw Their Tongues vinyl sticker.
Gnawed – Feign And Cloak CD (Malignant Records)

Active since 2009, Minneapolis based Grant Richardson has solidified a reputation for creating a strain of death industrial and power electronics that’s particularly ferocious, visceral, and just insanely heavy. Alongside Nyodene D, The Vomit Arsonist, and Steel Hook Prostheses, Gnawed represents an act at the forefront of a genre, whose music is built on a European foundation, but is sculpted and heightened with American aggression and intensity. Despite numerous cassettes, splits, and compilation appearances, Feign and Cloak is just Gnawed’s second full length CD following 2012’s masterful Terminal Epoch (Phage Tapes), and sees Richardson continuing down a similar path, only having tightened the reigns, sharpened his focus, and honed his skills. Few artists are as adept or as capable at building tension and atmosphere as Gnawed, then releasing it in an onslaught of deep barreled percussion, pneumatic reverberations, scrap metal debris, and turbine fueled drones, the processed vocals resonating and slicing through the mix with force and rigor, the end result a perfect marriage of controlled chaos and structured composition. A modern masterpiece of true industrial music. In 6 panel digipak with matte finish. Artwork by Brian Vander Pol.
Gnawed - Terminal Epoch CD (Phage Tapes)

Full length CD by the Minneapolis based power electronics project. Dude is out of control good. This disc contains a few different vocal styles, synth work, metal junks and a healthy dose of feedback
He is going on tour with Blessed Sacrifist and Developer so check him out if you’re anywhere near any of those locations. He just broke a rib so make sure to bring him some pharmaceuticals.
Government Alpha vs. .nyctalops. - Into The Stupor CD (Sickcore)

Harsh Noise from Japan and Russian artists
Grunt – Myth Of Blood LP (Freak Animal)

2015 new Grunt album!! Available on CD and LP! With 12 pages booklet with lyrics and art. Fierce power electronics.
Grunt – Seer Of Decay 2xCD (Freak Animal)
In some ways. the first real Grunt album. One disc harsh power electronics tracks and other CD acoustic non-effected metal junk noise. Power Electronics disc studying & explaining the Grunt philosophy of "Seer of Decay". which is valid angle to cover pretty much all content/substance used in recordings. Other tracks continue to approach different topics from perspective of Seer of Decay. Re-issue of 2012 in double-jewelbox packaging with all lyrics! Freak Animal.

Grunt / Cloama - Valkoinen kuolema / Belaja Smert CD (Industrial Recollections)

This was the first Grunt/Cloama work. Split album recorded mostly around 1998. It was finally released in 2002 and sold out. Now Freak Animal is proud to present 2nd pressing in jewelbox. Most of recordings are 1998. with additional live collaboration and Cloama track 1999-2000. Grunt side of material continues the "Europe After Storm" era highly contructed power electronics. including militant rhythms and hostile vocals suitable for theme focusing around Finland vs. Russian war propaganda. Cloama is his crystallic power electronics tones and distorted vocals. Re-issue from 2012 comes in jewelbox and Russian language part of title is corrected into "Belaja Smert". Finnish industrial-noise and power electronics!
Guilty C. / .nyctalops. ‎– Audible PLague Menace CD (Sickcore)

harsh noise
Gulaggh - Vorkuta CD (Crucial Blast)

When I was first introduced to the entity known as Stalaggh a few years ago, the Dutch blacknoise maniacs crawled under my skin immediately. Couldn't really come up with a precedent for what they were doing, taking recordings of the screams and wails of mental patients and layering them against a fearsome tableau of dissonant skull-scraping noise, Merzbow levels of grinding harsh feedback and heaps of low-fi improvised black doom all but hidden by their thick curtains of demonic skree. It certainly made for some demented, evil sounding noise, and the three albums that they released made up a suffocating, bizarre body of work that seemed to challenge even the mighty Abruptum for the crown of nihilistic, abstract black horror.
In 2008, the band announced that they were going to alter their sound and change their name to Gulaggh, with the new incarnation of the band now focusing on creating their terrifying soundscapes using orchestral instruments instead of the blackened ultra-harsh distortion and feedback of their previous works. And while their new sound isn't as harsh or oppressive as the Stalaggh material, Gulaggh has managed to create something that is equally disturbing and nightmarish with their debut album Vorkuta, resembling some strange fusion of abstract European improv and the howling background sounds from an exorcism ritual...
Haare – Madon Evankeliumi CD (At War With False Noise)

It's taken long enough but I'm chuffed to finally be doing a release with one of my favourite noise (I sue this in the loosest term) artists going around right now, Finland's Haare. This is total swirling psychedelia, incredibly heavy shifting tides of drone with evil organ lines permeating the noise. I can't better the description Haare himself gave it: "a slow, heavy bell". Based on source sounds provided by Olly Pearson, Chris Chantler and Dom Finbow. You may have heard of them!
500 copies in an A5 pro-printed foldover wallet and PVC sleeve. Amazing art by Andrew Labanaris (Electric Wizard and MOSS).
Haeiresis - Transparent Vibrant Shadows CD (Inferna Profundus)

Experimental progressive metal from Lithuania
Hal Hutchinson – Dedicated To Damage CD (Filth and Violence, Untergeschoss)

Best of -compilation from master of scrap metal noise. Relentless metal storm avalanche bulldozer filled with endless details and textures. Total dedication and obsession.
The CD collects HH's tracks from “Taste Of Iron” tape on Freak Animal, V/A “Stein” LP on Verlautbarung and his split tape with Mania on Der Bunker Records. In addition there's an unreleased archive track titled FUBAR, which is a good description of the listener's state after listening through this.
Artwork by Bitewerks. CD in standard jewelcase.
Hal Hutchinson – Wreckage Installations And Metalworks CD (Crucial Blaze)

Few contemporary noise artists have explored the use of scrap metal to the extent that Hal Hutchinson has with his "Factory of Metal Sound" aesthetic. The dense, brutally forceful metalscapes that this UK noisemaker has been creating in recent years follows in a tradition of metal manipulation previously examined by Japanese noisician K2 and Canadian artist Alan Bloor (aka Knurl), but Hutchinson uses a unique approach to the way he assembles and layers his recordings of chains, pipes, sheet metal, metal barrels, and other metallic objects being smashed and dragged and beaten. What began as a cacophony of skull-scraping clatter becomes transformed into something much more complex, as his "Factory" method re-combines and blends these sounds together into  a strangely structured colossus of entropic industrial pandemonium. Known previously for his forays into harsh noise and death industrial with the projects like Execution Support Act, Pollutive Static, Meatgrinder, Hutchinson's current direction moves into a truly industrial realm of sound, totally devoted to the sheer physicality of metal colliding against metal, and recent releases from Hutchinson on Freak Animal Records and Unrest Productions have produced some of the most compelling scrap-metal noisescapes to appear in recent years.     With the new full length collection Wreckage Installations And Metalworks, Hutchinson delivers seven tracks of these immense noisescapes and blasts of orchestrated machine-shop annihilation. It's intensely abrasive, somewhat comparable to Molekular Terrorism-era K2, but stripped down to the sound of pure metal; attentive listening yields surprising results, as there's a haunting, undefinable element to these recordings heard in the ghostly groan of metal appearing beneath the more abrasive layers of crashing junk scrap. These repetitive scraping tones almost seem to take on an eerie accidental melodic quality, as the mountains of scrap metal and heavy chains slowly shift and crumble around you, forming into subliminal patterns as the tracks unfold....
Hypsiphrone - And The Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes CD (Black Plagve)

Debut album from this one man project from Greece, and a new entry into the Black Plague roster, fitting right in with label mate’s Sewer Goddess in its ability to create innately evil and impure sounds, integrating elements of doom metal, black metal, and dark experimentalism into the pure industrial horror that constitutes the majority of this release.
The result is nothing short of absolute and abject dread; 8 tracks spanning an hour worth of material…an auditory overload that’s completely immersive, and at times overwhelming , where heaving masses of percussive doom collide with shuddering machinery dirge, ghoulish and nightmarish ambience, torturous screams, and cinematic depravity, the sounds layered into a tangled and abstract tapestry of something completely epic and nearly majestic in its scale.
Fans of Gnaw Their Tongues, Abruptum, and “Necrose Evangelicum” era BDN will do well to wallow in the oozing blackness and unbridled malevolence Hypsiphrone has created. Lmtd 500 copies, in 6 panel digipak.
Hirsute Pursuit ‎– Revel In Your Ability To Accessorize My Pleasure CD (Old Europa Cafe)

The legend that is HIRSUTE PURSUIT has traveled the world.
Everybody is singing Cock Thoughts.
Now here is your oportunity to hear where all began.
The sperm that birthed the band.
Before "Tighten that Muscle Ring" there was "That Hole Belongs to Me", before that there was "Revel In Your Ability to Accesssorize My Pleasure".
This is the seed that started it all.
Not fully realized and in its’ embryonic stages, Hirsute Pursuit was developing its’ signature testosterone sound.
Hirsute Pursuit is Harley Phoenix and Bryin Dall.
On these early recordings, Harley participated in a much different way, rather than doing the lead vocals, Harley controlled the sexual situations.
From a Skype call to enjoying a porno film with an obedient participant.
But don’t think that you won’t hear Harley giving his orders.
No, he is still present and in some of these earlier tracks, those orders are given in a dark atmosphere that excludes the possibility of beats.
Creating an environment that is both scary and titillating.
On other tracks, it’s all about the beat.
Like a voyeur peeking into a window, here is your chance to experience the inside story and development of the phenomenon that is known as Hirsute Pursuit.
Yes, this is the beginnings of music that smells like a man.
Hospitality On Parade ‎– Dirty Creature CD (Old Europa Cafe)

Harkening back to the days of New Wave and throwing in a heaping spoonful of noise, "Hospitality On Parade" blends the sounds of old with one foot in the future.
Analogue synthesizers, noise guitar, acoustic piano, live & programmed drums, metal guitar and languid bass find their way into each composition.
It is hard to pin down this musical entity.
Once you hear it, you will be hooked.
Catchy choruses will have you humming and singing all day.
Bryin Dall (Hirsute Pursuit, 4th Sign of the Apocalypse, Theee Majesty, A Murder of Angels.. ) joins forces with Scott Reiter (Loretta's Doll..) and a large number of musical guests create something that is both familiar and groundbreaking.
Dirty Creature starts with beauty.
Piano and voice entone Creating Thoughtforms.
(If I were poem and you were a rhyme, would you run through me for a time?) It travels along many paths, both pretty and uplifting and dark and mysterious.
Bringing forth the fullness of analogue synthesizers that envelop your soul it is then punctured with stabs of noise which reminds one of life itself.
Whatever your taste, Hospitality on Parade will touch upon some aspect of it and you will become one of the converted.
This is an album that will be as fresh in 20 years as it is today.
I.Corax ‎– Cella Phantasma CD (Aural Hypnox)

Aural Hypnox welcomes I.corax to the label roster. We will eventually reprint the entire I.corax back catalogue, but to initiate the series we are thrilled to present Cella Phantasma, an album consisting of previously unreleased material dating back to a time before the birth of the Blue Sector label.
The material on 'Cella Phantasma' originates from the very first I.corax sessions held in the surroundings of Oulu in 1999. The album offers an archeo-astronomical account of the spectral phenomena found at that particular time. The sessions or states of 'Cella Phantasma' were heavily influenced by numerous mystical experiences that took place during various night-time wanderings and ritual retreats, which more than often included exceedingly vigorous and intimidating encounters with the Visitors from beyond. The primitive electro-acoustic manifestations arising from such experiences are brought forth in a characteristically eerie lo-fi atmosphere, composed using a minimal selection of instruments.
The album is available in two editions: 350 CDs and 50 cassettes. Both editions include three hand-finished photo prints, a textual insert and silk-screen printed cardboard covers. Total running time: 36:16.
IFOTS - Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand CD (Cold Spring)

New full length album by English artist IFOTS. Continuing on his path of exploratory yet focused industrial, and his trademark clean detailed power electronics that was first seen on his debut CD for Cold Spring, “Behavioural Decline”, “Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand” is a frantic mix of structure and chaos, less violent than previous releases but instead drenched in melancholy and bitterness.
In Search Of Death ‎– III CD (Death Continues Records)

Death Industrial from Belgium
Infestation – Second Souffle CD (Steinklang Industries)

Five years in the making, the new INFESTATION album "Second Souffle" is now finally available on Steinklang records. After the debut album "Bastion Intouchable (2008)", the French-Canadian martial industrial attack is back! On this new release, violence is now at it's peak. Complex orchestral phrasing is mixed with devastating war drums and destructive vocals. "Second Souffle" is a unique martial industrial album, a paroxysm of affirmative cultural resistance. It's a firm statement against globalisation and the hypocrisy of multiculturalism. The album also explore the themes of sentimental nihilism and the duality of life and death. This is a must have for all fans of Von Thronstahl, Derni?re Volonté, Triarii, In Slaughter Natives, Arditi or early Der Blutharsch.
Inhalant - Save Our Souls CD (Syzmic Records)

A hidden hand wipes the tears and hidden fears as god looks away. New CD release from the highly respected Texas based project. This time INHALANT kicks up almost 40minutes of harsh industrial noise. A slow grinding death taking its grip on a society oblivious to the obvious
Insecta - The Birth Of Gods CD (Monochrome Vision)

This is the debut full-length CD by Thomas Beck solo project - raw and noisy soundscape inspired by the kind of the modern mythology, showing his perfect skills in uncommon treatment of synthetic sounds, samples and field recordings, after numerous small run works, different collaborations with other artists and other activity.
Institution D.O.L. ‎– 17 Shameless Years CD (Klanggalerie)

The return of INSTITUTION D.O.L.! "17 Shameless Years" is the first new album by D.O.L. since 2007's "Instructions for modern Weakniks".
The band present a new member, MK Vermin from Czech noise project Magadan, who not only provides powerful electronics, but also vocals. "17 Shameless Years" is a mix of brand new songs, specifically written for this CD, and radical reworkings of material from the back catalogue.
If you have seen D.O.L's return to the stage at Tower Transmissions 4, you will know that the new direction is very harsh.
Power electronics dominate the sound, and you will not always recognize the new versions of older tracks as the reworkings are very radical.
After a long hiatus, finally a new album by Austria's one and only power electronics band.
IRM - Closure... (Malignant Records)

This album marks the end of a trilogy that started with the ”Indications of Nigredo” 12” (2008) on Segerhuva and continued with the ”Order4” CD (2010) on Cold Meat Industry. Four years on, IRM now release the grand finale on Malignant Records. While the last album flowed between opposites and extremes, this new opus marks a kind of a return to more familiar ground, where traditional song structure and melody occasionally appear and are more suited to the shorter track timing. That’s not to say that this is an easy listen – this can be an electrifying and highly charged listen, that feels visceral and almost physical in nature, and there’s plenty of nightmarish circumstance to wade through. But the omnipresent narrative feel ultimately gives these recordings a nuanced and soothing edge. People familiar with subjects associated with IRM, such as flamboyance, exclusion and theatrical immersion will also find a home here this time around. Harder to grasp is what kind of existentialist limbo the perpetrator here resides in. Redemption - not likely. The album also features the stellar performances of English cellist Jo Quail and Swedish percussionist Ulrik Nilsson. Includes 20 page booklet.
Iron Fist Of The Sun ‎– Blush CD (Unrest)

Reissue of the highly sought after cassette from 2010 (Ltd x 120 copies, Unrest Prods). The synth driven power electronics of IFOTS is hard to define and is not instant on the ears. "Blush" followed and evolved from the debut CD "Behavioural Decline" on Cold Spring (2009). There is no in your face harsh approach here, IFOTS takes a much more subtle route than that and is all the more challenging for it. Comes with a bonus live version of Feel The Boot. Shocking pink digipak with spot-varnished artwork.
Iron Fist Of The Sun – We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps CD (Cold Spring)

In a scene dominated by outsiders, Iron Fist Of The Sun still seems to stand alone. “We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps” sees IFOTS maintain his exemplary, melancholic, cold industrial, with sinister frequencies and tumultuous, mutilated vocals. The album utilises new recording methods and extraordinary, intoxicating song arcs that will leave the listener still hearing and absorbing the album long after it has been filed away. “Follow no-one… yield your own footsteps”.
Isomer - Nil By Mouth CD (Cipher Productions)

With every release from Adelaide's David Tonkin he seems that little bit more aggressive, that touch more buried in sound, and that step more progressed in his abilities. So it is again with Nil By Mouth, a limited CDEP (around 30 minutes) released for Isomer's live action in Mannheim, Germany with Genocide Organ, May 2011. Not only does Nil By Mouth offer David's most confronting take on layered, modern power electronics yet but he also adds another dimension of creep, distinct from the previous Tesco Organisation CDs, courtesy of some unexpected contributions from Mark Groves (Dead Boomers, Von Einem, Absoluten Calfeutrail). Limited edition of 200 copies (I have less than half) pro-pressed CD in a gloss wallet.
Iugula-Thor ‎– Opera CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni, Lake Shark Harsh Noise)

Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni and Lake Shark Harsh Noise are glad to announce the 2015 reiussue of Iugula-Thor’s classic “Opera”.
Originally published on tape in 1996 by Old Europa Cafe, “Opera” was a notable personal piece that blended noise and power electronics by mixing piercing high frequencies, a subtle and threatening vocal presence and classical music, buried under layers of violent harsh noise.
Alongside Dead Body Love's classic "Low-Fi Power Carnage", Iugula Thor's "Opera" is also a massive documentation of
distortion concentration and a prime example of Italy's 90s penchant for samples and sources drenched in overdriven texture.
This new edition is mastered by P.NG5361.BANDERA (Sshe Retina Stimulants / Sigillum S) and includes as a bonus “Cuts series”, over 20 minutes of previously unreleased material, recorded in 2007/2008 for the “Sex Cuts” sessions.
The CD comes in brown digipack, featuring and extensive essay by Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and alchemical artwork by Marco Wertham.
  J Orphic, Epoch, TSIDMZ ‎– Unsere Weltanschauung CD (Ufa Muzak)

3 way split album of best Martial-Industrial
Jazkamer - The Monroe Doctrine CD (Pica Disc)

Pica disc, digipak release, Norwegian experimental/noise feat. Lasse Marhaug
Jazkamer - We want epic drama CD (Pica Disc)

Pica disc, digipak release, Norwegian experimental/noise feat. Lasse Marhaug
K2 ‎– Concerto Grosso: Hate Piano CD (Untergeschoss)

The maestro is back with his second release on Untergeschoss. Full hour of swirling electronic chaos and razor sharp earstabs. Relentless and harsh, pure junk electronics the way only K2 knows how to do.
CD in standard jewelcase.
K2 - Tamayura CD (Gravity Swarm recordings)

Karl Bösmann – Euphoria Mitte CD (Monochrome Vision)

With the whole bunch of very limited edition releases on such labels as Tosom, Domestic Violence Recordings, Verato Project and the luxurious LP made by Youdonthavetocallitmusic, the name of german musician Karl Bösmann is emerging since 2003. This is his second real CD after "Unton" (2005, Badbeatz Records) and includes several new compositions, showing the maturity and intensity of his prolific talent.
Kazumoto Endo And Emanuele Bonini – Rumore Da Ritorno Audio Metallico CD (Audio Dissection)

After the exciting split 7" experience of the past year, Kazumoto Endo and Emanuele Bonini (aka Encephalophonic) joined their forces togheter which culminated into a full lenght CD album. "Rumore Da Ritorno Audio Metallico" is the result of an intense raw sounds exchange which taken place beetween Japan and Italy and a furious studio work. Frenzy Harsh Noise that drills the brain and almost induced into a trance-like state with its 52+ minutes of unrelating assault. Hyperspeed mix of metal scrap noise, ear-piercing feedbacks, ripping fuzz damage, filter noise, rapid changes and dynamic accelerations makes this CD the ultimate harsh head ear-bliss experience
Koeff - Liminal Looks CD (Unrest productions)

A lo-fi mesh of horny deadpan PE, buzzing industrial, throbbing disco and something else. Something KOEFF! I could go on and on about the sound but Johanna herself said it best, ”We don’t like you, we don’t need you, we don’t need you at all, oohh... oooohhh...”.
Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester - Overlook Hotel CD (Malignant records)

Overlook Hotel heralds the return of the mighty KNO, the collaborative project between Swedish industrial legend Peter Nystrom (Megaptera, Negru Voda), and Norwegian up and comer Kristoffer Oustad (V:28, Plague Machinery). 5 years after the highly acclaimed brakeHEAD CD, KNO welcomes you into the Overlook Hotel, where every room has a ghost, and every room has a story to tell. Travel the hallways and explore, as you venture into a more cerebral musical state than what brakeHEAD offered, where ghostly transmissions and hypnotic layers of surreal, ethereal atmospheres intersect with disembodied voices, clattering, furnace blasting percussion, and of course, healthy injections of true, old fashioned industrial noise and sweeping doom, done in the best Scandinavian style (imagine if Deutsch Nepal had continued in the same path laid down by Benevolence and you start to get the idea). The pacing of the album is truly impeccable, flowing seamlessly from to track, as if moving from room to room in a hazy, dream state, the layering and cohesiveness on a whole nothing short of meticulous. In 6 panel digipak.

Kshatriy - Transforming Galaxy (Muzyka Voln)

"Transforming Galaxy" is the second full-length album of Sergey Bulychyov (aka Uak-Kib) from Vsevolozhsk, Russia - an imprint of direct experience of the Universe. The album is dedicated to the end of Kali-Yuga - the age of technocratic lack of spirituality and moral decay - and to the attainment of human awareness of the Unity.
Eight hasteless compositions of psychedelic drone ambient combine a light atmosphere with deep multilayerness, crystal clear sound transparency with mild and sometimes uneasy melodies. Soft organic tracks full of plangent drones, noises and natural recordings neighbor with dense and saturated hymns to Hindu goddess Kali. The disk is closed by a beautiful lyrical composition reminding us that the best way to overcome ignorance and realize unity is Love.
The album is released in a glossy 6-panel digipak with front cover by Sergey Ilchuk (Siyanie, ex-Vetvei & Vresnit Art).a
Lasse Marhaug - The Quiet North CD (Second Layer records)

Brand new harsh-noise recording from Norway’s finest. Guitar, pedals and metal objects used with ‘Reign In Blood’ style efficiency. No cut-ups, no drastic changes, yet the energy is sustained for the duration. Despite the minimal elements this is not to be confused with wall-noise as this is highly restless material - pure forward driving energy from start to finish. I’m seriously proud of this one. Limited edition of 500 copies in 6-panel digisleeve
Last Dominion Lost – Towers Of Silence CD (The Epicurean, Silken Tofu)

In Mumbai there are a number of brick towers, into which the Parsi people of India throw their dead ones, bound for their final journey up to heaven inside the vulture's bellies. This habit of sky burial derives from the Zoroastrian cult of Ancient Iran, where heaven was imagined as a very physical place. The towers, which remind of archaic silos, are called Dakhma or in English Towers of Silence.
The Australian unit LAST DOMINION LOST, originally founded in 1992 by Dominik Guerin (SPK) and Jon Evans, leave it to the listeners to guess where “Towers of Silence”, the allegorical title of their new album, really refers to – the fatal nature of physical life? The awkward edges between biological mortality and the idea of an eternal afterlife? The dreadful content which you may find inside what people built up? It's all open. One thing that LAST DOMINION LOST clearly show is how loud and infernal the silence of ending can be imagined. Screams of rage and anxiety intermingle with the shoutings of warriors – if the latter is not rather the croaking of vultures, which gather around corpses – until all is buried under an avalanche of infernal noise.
More than 20 years after the recordings for their debut album “The Tyranny of Distance” (Tesco, 2004), LAST DOMINION LOST come up with brand-new material recorded between 2012 and 2014, brilliantly mastered by James Plotkin in June 2014. Besides the core band members Jon Evans, John Murphy (Krank, Knifeladder, Shining Vril, Ex-SPK) and Julian Percy (Ratbag), “Towers of Silence” includes guest contributions by Ash Wednesday (Ex-Einstürzende Neubauten), Till Brüggemann (Gerechtigkeits Liga) and Annie Stubbs among others.
Leila Abdul-Rauf ‎– Insomnia CD (Malignant Antibody)

As a solo composer, San Francisco based, multi-instrumentalist Leila Abdul-Rauf stylistically diverges from her current and previous work in much heavier projects (Vastum, Ionophore, Hammers of Misfortune, Amber Asylum, Bastard Noise), and finds a home on Malignant side label, Antibody. Insomnia represents her first CD release following an LP on Saadi Saati in 2013, and a collaborative 7" with Tor Lundvall on Dais Records in 2014. Insomnia brings the spirit of these earlier releases to a new level of dynamic richness, with additional instrumentation and several guest contributions. Brass, piano and various other textures are delicately woven into filmic soundscapes that echo the sounds of memories faded through time. Solemn vignettes seem to emanate from an early morning dream state, the late autumnal tones and noir-ish melodies drifting through fog, evoking feelings of quiet isolation and solitude. Recalling haunting and desolate places, a private world is exposed, where time and space are distilled down to what remain of distant pasts and hidden emotions, melded into a symphony of ethereal melancholy. In 6 panel digipak with striking and complementary artwork by renowned artist Mark Thompson, Insomnia represents some of the most beautifully emotive and introspective work ever to grace the Malignant roster. For fans of: Tor Lundvall, Caul, Lisa Gerrard, Dead Can Dance.
Linekraft - Bouryoku Kikai CD (Black Plagve)

Industrial music could always use more junk metal abuse as far I'm concerned, so it's only logical that Japan's Linekraft would wind up on Black Plague for their third full length release. 5 extended tracks of resounding, metal percussion and corrosive frequencies, full of large scale, resonating clangs, snippets of samples, and a healthy heap of frying distortion and crushing, mechanized mayhem. Pure industrial sounds certain to appeal to Dissecting Table, Grim, and even Cazzo Dio for those that remember the early days of Black Plague. In 6 panel digipak, lmtd 400 copies.
Linekraft – Delusional Disorder CD (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

We are proud to present this release from one of the most interesting modern Industrial / Noise acts from Japan (and probably in the world). Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies CD in metal boxes.
Luftwaffe ‎– Dissension CD (Old Europa Cafe)

Here comes the "new and also last" full-length album from Neofolk and Post Industrial duet Luftwaffe (USA) featuring fifteen uncompromising tracks of Solipsistical Nihilism with several new collaborative efforts.
Dissension is the aural harbinger of an inevitable finality of which none have yet conceived.
Special guests : Axel Menz (Hekate), Art Abscon, Erin Powell (Awen).
The skies are no stranger to vast towers of flames
And within the last hour forged out of endless disdain
The soil is made septic and they’re therein interred
Our words are negations that shant be misheard
Those who’d avenge them,
Can’t be allowed to awake.
Maaaa / K2 - Split CD (Triangle records)

New compositions by a Warsaw couple and a Japanese surgeon are presented on this 50-minute album. The couple buzzes using the synthesizer Korg MS-20 and the Polivoks, and they clink damaging iron pieces and coil springs. Dr. Kusafuka keeps handling his stylus like a scalpel. Having decided not to employ metal garbage, he turns to extensive use of his analog synthesizer Korg MS-20 and the soft version of it for Nintdedo DS, creating loud and sharp pieces of work reminiscent of a surgical knife cutting flesh. All in all, be prepared for the heavy analog modulations, drilling feedback, rich bass, pulsations, biting high frequencies and the hazardous loudness of the record. Harsh Noise. Edition 300 copies in a package with 8-page booklet.
Machinefabriek - Veldwerk CD (Cold Spring)

Sublime drone music and field recordings by Rutger Zuydervelt. 'Slovensko I & II' are best seen as a travel diary. recorded in Slovakia. RZ made 'sound snapshots' with a small digital recorder. A major influence both while recording and assembling the tracks was Chinese sound artist Yan Jun. 'Rusland' is a sound collage comprising field recordings and sections of live performances made in Russia. An incredible adventure and culture shock with long train journeys. bizarre venues and amazing people. 'The Breaking Water' can be heard as a sonic portrait of Rotterdam's famous Erasmus bridge. It includes recordings taken from both on and beneath the bridge. along with further sounds from the river that it crosses. the Nieuwe Maas. 'Floor & Radio' is a contrast to the outdoor pieces recorded for the the installation 'Licthung' in Radolfzell. Germany. Contrasted against the outdoor silence was the squeaking floor in the guest house and the distorted signal and static from the radio. Sometimes there's music in everything. Makino Takashi asked RZ to perform a score for his film 'In Your Star'. After a screening in Tokyo. a studio version was recorded. The result is 'Apollo'. a sonic journey to space and beyond. Digipak.
Macronympha - Baroque CD (Industrial Recollections)

Reissue on CD of rare cassette release of this American noise pioneer, partly true power electronics, harsh and strong.
Maculatum - The Nameless City CD (Malignant records)

The Nameless City is the debut of Maculatum, the much anticipated collaborative project of Malignant dark ambient stalwarts Collapsar and Rasalhague. 6 tracks of visionary and cinematic black ambience based on Lovecraftian mythology, populated by unseen cosmic horrors and shapeless forms. The sound here is vast and luminous, and yet simultaneously menacing and oppressive…swirls of sprawling drones infused with ethereal murk and a steady stream of richly textured percussion, cavernous creaks, terrifying rituals, and heavily reverbed, ghostly vocalizations that arise from deep within the jungle and ruins of an ancient civilization. This is exactly what you want in a collaboration such as this…the best aspects of both Collapsar and Rasalhague brought together, without sounding derivative of either project. Limited to just 500 copies, in slim, fold out eco-wallet, this is of course a must for all those that appreciate dark ambience that goes beyond the realms of the ordinary.
Maison Close - Maison Close CD (Force Majeure)

Debut CD by this French project which has been existing for a couple of years now.. Cold and sick power-electronics but also dark atmospheric soundscapes with many sample-voices and some vocals, evolving like a soundtrack inspired by the movie "Johnny got his gun". In the way of ANENZEPHALIA, DAGDA MOR and DEATH SQUAD. A deep and and journey into pain. Digipack. Limited ed. 500
Malato – Avamposto Malato CD (Old Europa Cafe)

Second CD release by this Roman cult band build arround ClauDEDI (Ain Soph / Circus Joy).
Malato is Neo-Italian-Futurismo
Malato is Popular-Pop Elektronik
Malato is beating Freaky sounds
Malato is deance muzak for the future
Malato is new Industrial-Mod.ernist style
  Maldur Atai - Umbra Nihili I CD (Moontric)

After nearly two years of silence, Maldur Atai wave gives us a retrospective remix album – Umbra Nihili I. This is the first record of the project, which is released under the Moontrix label. So far, four albums and three short vinyls of Maldur Atai have been released by Autarkeia.
Born in early 2010, an idea of remix album was transforming and evolving along with the microstages of Maldur Atai activity.
A concept of Umbra Nihili album series has been inspired and framed by the perception that every aspect of reality is divided into two sides only until the mechanical moon-shaped puzzle found in mystic temples of Nepal is not solved.
It is a moment of change and endeavour to reassess the previous heights and abysses and to start new cycle with one more opportunity to unfold the riddle of the last tabula rasa.
Sound system of Maldur Atai is a result of integration of various approaches and energy parts composing them.
While designing the Umbra Nihili I, it was strived to involve as many factors as possible to influence the final structure of work. It is no coincidence that ultimate shape of the album concept was formed by friends from Lithuania – Oorchach, Skeldos, Pogrom, America – Voice Of Eye and Sweden – Deutsch Nepal. Final sound adjustments were made by Colin Potter, a magician of electronic music, and concepts of design were transposed from dreams by Opera Dreamhouse.
Martin Bladh & Bo I. Cavefors - The Island Of Death CD (Freak Animal)

New album of Martin Bladh is his best and most challenging. Many of the known elements of his works are there. Amazing tones of bow / string instruments. wailing yelling voice known from IRM. usage of samples/spoken word collages like on "Dirge". rhythms. musical patterns and electronic noise. But simply everything goes further. Leaving all expectation behind. what should qualify as "genre album". Less of noise. more of experimental disturbing elements. often avoiding playing it safe. This work is most definitely recommended for anyone who wants to hear albums what stand out of line. Packaged in dvd case with full color cover and full color 24 pages booklet including Bladh's unique collages and Cavefors' texts. Limited edition of mere 200 copies!
Mefitic ‎– Woes Of Mortal Devotion CD (Nuclear War Now!)

All too often a band emerges from the underground, records a promising demo or EP, and soon after, under some perceived notion of urgency, releases a lackluster debut album rife with impotent filler tracks, and is thus discarded to the overpopulated scrap pile of mediocre metal bands. Fewer and farther between are the bands that rightfully and patiently take their time to properly develop their musicianship and songwriting abilities, experiment with their sound and recording technique, and then unleash a debut album, sometimes several years later, that is more than worthy of its time in waiting. Having existed for over ten years, but content to this point to have released just a handful of demos, splits, and a single EP, Italy’s Mefitic fits the latter categorization. With its debut album, “Woes of Mortal Devotion,” hereby released under the banner of Nuclear War Now!, Mefitic proves that patience is rewarded by the quality of its product.
Those who are familiar with Mefitic’s earlier releases are likely to note a distinct evolution in the band’s sound on their debut full-length. Although it continues to fester in the wound recently opened by the 2012 EP, “Columns of Subsidence,” the approach to this album is notably less chaos-driven and instead more controlled than previous recordings. On the one hand, it invokes the same raw intensity of bands like Black Witchery and Demoncy, and on the other it conjures a hypnotic dissonance akin to that of a band like Antaeus, as well as a ritualistic dimension similar to that of Necros Christos and Teitanblood. Having been recorded at the infamous Mara Cave, as done previously by fellow countrymen Blasphemophagher and Demonomancy, a gimmick-free and rehearsal-like atmosphere results in a natural sound that successfully enhances the asphyxiating character of the music. Finally, as a perfect complement to the music itself, the artwork gracing the cover of the 12-page booklet, as executed by Manuel Tinnemans, undeniably evokes the same anguished and corrupted vision of a world also represented in Mefitic’s lyrical themes.
Merzbow - F.I.D.
A double album released in collaboration with the UK's PETA organisation, to whom a donation from each sale will be made.
Three recordings from December 2005 and January 2006 on each disc. "F.I.D.' (Fur Is Dead) follows the lead of the recent 'Minazo Vol. 1', the tracks are coated in defined melodies and ultra noisy denser textured ambience, the use of guitar feedback taken to a new sculptured level.
Each track here is very different, not staying in one set of sounds, which makes it a wonderfully balanced double album.
Looped melodies under a mound of feedback, crashing sounds that form into this wonderfully wonky melody full of strange nostalgia.
Slight spacey vibe recalling elements of 1997‚s 'Space Metalizer', as it drifts into tight moog-like twirls and twists of sound.
This album is transcending noise and music, this is audio painting of the highest form.
Merzbow vs Nordvargr – Partikel III CD (Cold Spring)

The third and final part of the Partikel trilogy is finally here! Another beautifully constructed collaboration from the two noise giants – Japanoise King Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) and Swedish Overlord Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412, Folkstorm, Toroidh). The styles on ‘Partikel III’ range from total noise barrages, to intelligent electronics, to subtle dark ambient pieces. Essential! Presented in a luxurious matt laminate digipak.
Minamata ‎– [Cyclator [ CD+DVD (Les Nouvelles Propagandes)

"Cyclator" is the 2009' release for this pioneer of the French industrial scene.
It includes a full-length audio-CD containing material recorded in 2002-2007 and a DVD offering the complete MINAMATA' performance recorded live on Saturday, April 21st 2007 in Antwerp/Belgium during the Nuit et Brouillard Festival plus the video of this show.
Massive waves of Power-electronics are here perfectly mixed with metal sounds, percussions and heavy processed vocals, reflecting the agony of the Japanese city of MINAMATA in the 50's / 60's.
Total length over 3 hours.
DVD : All zones
Minamata - Niigata CD (Nuit Et Brouillard)

"Re-issue of the third tape of this legendary French group, originally recorded in 1985 and released on the cult French label LES NOUVELLES PROPAGANDES as N.P.002 in 1986. Two tracks coming from compilations recorded at the same period, "Wo sind Sie?" and "Nacht und Nächte", plus one unreleased 17 minute-track recorded in 2002 were added to these 40 mns. Pure old-school industrial & hardcore electronics with lots of metal sounds & percussions and echoed screamings. This is truely the sound of agony… Housed in nicely designed digipack. 9 tracks/Total length: 69´36"
Mind & Flesh - Martyr Generation CD (Force Majeure)

"Martyr Generation" is the first CD by the Oslo / Norway based musician Anders B. under the MIND & FLESH moniker. While initial recordings of his first industrial band, KATABOL PROCESS were done in summer 1996, Anders started up to compose alone under the name BABYFLESH around October 1998. Starting from that point, two full-length releases were recorded and produced: "Curiosity killed the Angel", CD-R on Slaughter Prod. in November 2002 and "New wave of Cynicism", CD on Vendlus Records in February 2005.
Sometime in 2010, Anders B. decided to change the name into MIND & FLESH as he lost any connection with what could refer to "BABYFLESH" as a name for a musical project.
The nine tracks of "Martyr Generation" were recorded between 2005 and 2008. Among them two feature collaborations with other musicians.
The music of MIND & FLESH is a mix of dark & heavy analogue electronics and pounding rhythms with processed vocals. His sound can be filled under the Death Industrial genre, without any doubt. Hypnotic and powerful at the same time...
"Martyr Generation" comes in a nicely designed three-panel digipack in a limited edition of 500 copies.
Mixturizer - Siete Patologias CD (R.O.N.F. records)

Intense Noise album, seven tracks dealing with sickness, abstractness, violence, insanity. Purely analog executed, effect units, machines, cheap odd mics, feedback, metal junk, voice, body and soul... Variated, ranging from lo-fi to brightness, from dynamic to static, from detailed to brutalist, from chaotic to structured, hopeless, restless, undogmatic, straight to the sick point... Factory pressed CD packaged in cardboard sleeve.
Moloch ‎– Abstrakter Wald CD (Frozen Light)

Remastered CD reissue of the Dark Ambient classics from the Ukrainian dark ambient / black metal project. Recorded on reel-to-reel / open-reel audio tape recorder in semi-stereo mode somewhere in the woods of Carpathia, Dismal Winter 2010. Remastered in 2015 and complemented with two bonus tracks: one from the "Horizont" EP, another from the split with Voidstar. Digipak.
Moon Far Away - Minnesang CD (Ahnstern)

Brilliant new album by Russia's most famous Folk band!
Since the release of their now-classic Russian neofolk album "BELOVODIE" five years ago, MOON FAR AWAY has proved its status of the “band of influence” in the current Russian scene, as well as the title of one of the most respected Russian groups abroad. The band’s cult following includes both dark folk, neofolk and folk metal fans and the gothic and neoclassic audience. It is because of this wide audience that MFA’s new album, which has long been promoted by independent media, will undoubtedly become one of 2010 most anticipated releases. "MINNESANG" is an album of 21st century ritual music encased in a unique fusion of the most diverse and zeitgeist-capturing musical styles, from neofolk and post punk to practically future pop. All these facets of contemporary music blend seamlessly in the unparalleled sound of MOON FAR AWAY’s probably most polystylistic, yet internally deeply conceptual and person-centered album of the group. The theme of the album, the deep-rooted feminine archetypes in contemporary art, is embodied in the title, which identifies a genre of medieval knight lyrics. At the same time, most of the original Russian-language lyrics on the album are drenched with the trademark Pomor flavors, emphasizing the pride that the band’s has always taken in its cultural roots that extend deep into the epic traditions of the Russian North. All of this makes the term “pop album” that the band itself uses in reference to "MINNESANG" a pure art-provocation. MFA’s new album consists of 12 tracks, all of which may well become (and some of which have already become, thanks to the band’s concert performances and pieces recorded on international collection CDs) hits and anthems. "MINNESANG" is a puzzle, a rebus that took years to create and will take much more than a cursory listen to solve. It is a new milestone achieved by a cult group who already gave contemporary art scene a number of discoveries and revelations. "Minnesang" was also released in Russia at the same time by SHADOWPLAY. the Ahnstern-version has partly different artwork, infos in latin letters and the last song is completely different to the Russian version 12 songs / 61 min
Mors Sonat - Comforts in Atrocity CD (Crucial Blast)

Though the name may be new, those who explore the more terrifying sounds found at the intersection where black metal, industrial noise, power electronics and black ambience meet surely know the minds behind this collaboration. Featuring Mories (of Gnaw Their Tongues / Aderlating / Cloak Of Altering / De Magia Veterum infamy) and Australian black noise/metal technician Nekrasov, Mors Sonat sounds little like their other projects, crafting a cold, hallucinatory strain of aural dread that draws from a strange mixture of twilight chamber music, ghastly death industrial sounds, harsh electronic noise and gleaming dark ambient, while tapping into the sort of psychic unease and violent chaos that will be familiar to fans of their previous efforts...
  Mourmansk 150 – Achieving Nothing / Assuming Everything CD (Santos Productions)

Anarcho industrial/PE from France.
ruined beyond restoration. rotten beyond resuscitation. raped beyond reason. rancid beyond retrieval. a sub class, void of all value. positively parasitic. slick with secretions of the worst odor. the highlights of intelligent life excreted & flushed. every detriment absorbed & compounded, submit & supplicate, orison & eulogize the ecumenical error, quaff the corrigendum, wallow in the debasement, cheer your own deformities you fucking SICK money grubbing cunts. who gives a fucking fleeting fuck about your nonsensical capital you shit-brained fucking turd streak!? all the intrinsic knowledge sequestrated, larceny & lobotomization, VOLUNTARILY! in the aimless pursuit of financial nirvana? how many billions until you taste happiness? & how many billions will you bury on your deluded decent to total self negation & spiritual extermination? how could you possibly subscribe to such obvious ignorance? such a clear & cogent con? you shallow soulless pricks have got to be the dumbest shits circulating shame amongst civilized life. a sub-class of infinite inferiority, inimitable & infinitesimal, void of ALL value. try & bung the hole with all your accrued finance & fail scum-fuck. sit on your Malibu golf-course & know of nothing but insatiable hunger for what...a fucking currency? an illusion. a fake energy. you failed, missed out, excised all, self-wrested, ... gutted, absent, swindled, diminished, erased, defecated, expelled...a sub-class of the lowest order, void of all value. positively parasitic. you will have to face this truth when we crash your mansions, run-up in your beach-house, invade your estates & cut you & your families fucking throats amongst all your pathetic opulence you fucking monetary-lackey-serf-fucks. a prostitute that sold not sex but spirit & the very tenets of the higher life form for nothing but a fake promise & a fraudulent social standard, observed only by the stupidest & the shittest amongst us.
a sub-class of the lowest standard. a sub-class of the lowest standard, void of ALL value. A....SUB-CLASS..................OF.........T-H-E....L-O-W-EEEE-S-T...S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D.......VOID OF ALLLLLLLLLLLLL VALUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE.
Murmur - Mainlining The Lugubrious CD (Inferna Profundus)

MURMUR’s debut album "Mainling the Lugubrious" has been collecting dust underneath piles of empty beer cans, dirty needles, and cigarette butts for over 3 years. Now finally is to be released upon the world. This debut represents the starting point for a band which has been mutating and festering over the last few years. This beginning draws heavy influence from bands such as Lurker of Chalice, and Ved Buens Ende. CD released as a regular jewel case with 8 pages booklet with UV spot varnish.
Mutant Ape / Wertham - Mutant Ape / Wertham CD (Turgid Animal)

A long time in the making, the split CD featuring one of Italy's filthies Power Electronics acts and Northern England's most loathed Industrial Noise projects finally see's the light of day. Full length album disc containing 4 tracks. One long track of drawn out bizarre Industrial Power Electronics decadence from Wertham and three shorter pieces of Industrial Noise with vocals from Mutant Ape. Comes with 12 page booklet with artwork by Tisbor and full printed Wertham lyrics.
Nadja - Desire In Uneasiness CD (Crucial Blast)

Following a wave of recent reissues and re-recorded versions of older CD-R titles, Desire In Uneasiness is an album of all new material from the acclaimed Canadian dreamsludge weavers Nadja. Five colossal jams of eternally-fuzzy, ethereal dirge that is powered by the interlocking bass guitars of Leah Buckareff and Aidan Baker, setting loose a wave of monstrous grinding bass riffs amidts a fog of beautiful, swirling electronic effects. Desire also marks the first Nadja album to feature a live drummer in place of the drum machine programming that has driven the band's previous recordings. The organic drumming here takes Nadja's music into new realms of spacious jazzy exploration, dubby rhythms and cavernous psychedelia, while also delivering some of the band's most grooving, crushing hypno-bliss yet.
N.B.S. – From Space Chaos To Cosmic Noise CD (Provoloka)

Project starts as a part of 'first Izhevsk wave'. First records (circa 1993) was heavily influenced by aesthetics of space research. Last album was recorded (circa 1997) with Polyvox and lost. After 10 years author found this record,made some minor mastering and gave it to label. We proudly present to you this obscure mix of aggressive power electronics sound and soviet sci-fi spirit.
NDE – Kampfbereit CD (Cold Spring)

The legacy of misantrophy, a life of brutality, the aftermath. The second album from mysterious Belgian act NDE is finally here. Now a solitary enterprise, ‘Kampfbereit’ rings in a new era of isolation and desolation. Gone are the Martial elements from ‘Krieg Blut Ehre Asche’ (CSR110CD) and instead the listener is engulfed in claustrophobic Death Industrial turmoil. The music is the focus here. Use your imagination while listening to it.
Nyodene D – Edenfall CD (Malignant Records)

Founded in 2008, Nyodene D has quickly risen in the ranks to become one of America’s premier death industrial/power electronics acts. Each release shows Nyodene D becoming stronger and stronger, capturing the essence of the true old school aesthetic, yet taking it to new realms of intensity and physicality.
The 6 tracks on Edenfall are rife with the threat of violence… harrowing, yet majestic in its scope, with scraps of heaving scrap metal and searing tones intersecting with walls of thick, corrosive synth noise and defiant vocals. What separates this from the pack though is its sense of composition and structure, even as it ratchets up into near impossible levels of ferocity, the sounds barely contained as they reach a fevered pitch. Tracks like Nihilation and Borne On Vulture’s Beak show the roots of some of Aaron’s influences, moving into a more unsettling, restrained style of European power electronics, channeling Ex.Order and IRM, with a slower, more surreptitious attack. As a whole, this has to be considered one of the more essential heavy electronic releases ever released under the Malignant banner.
Features appearances by Shift, Sky Burial, and Rope of American war metal band Prosanctus Inferi and supreme death metal band Father Befouled. Comes in a full color digipak with lyrics and booklet, with photographs from Stephen Petrus and layout and design courtesy of Andre Coelho of Sektor 304.
Nyodene D – Edenfall 2xCD Boxset (Malignant Records)

Lmtd edition 200 boxset in foil stamped box containing the "Edenfall" digipak, a collaborative Nyodene D/Sektor 304 CD in eco-wallet, a Malignant Records sticker, and a Nyodene D "Edenfall" sticker.
Founded in 2008, Nyodene D has quickly risen in the ranks to become one of America’s premier death industrial/power electronics acts. Each release shows Nyodene D becoming stronger and stronger, capturing the essence of the true old school aesthetic, yet taking it to new realms of intensity and physicality. The 6 tracks on Edenfall are rife with the threat of violence… harrowing, yet majestic in its scope, with scraps of heaving scrap metal and searing tones intersecting with walls of thick, corrosive synth noise and defiant vocals. What separates this from the pack though is its sense of composition and structure, even as it ratchets up into near impossible levels of ferocity, the sounds barely contained as they reach a fevered pitch. Tracks like Nihilation and Borne On Vulture’s Beak show the roots of some of Aaron’s influences, moving into a more unsettling, restrained style of European power electronics, channeling Ex.Order and IRM, with a slower, more surreptitious attack. As a whole, this has to be considered one of the more essential heavy electronic releases ever released under the Malignant banner. Features appearances by Shift, Sky Burial, and Rope of American war metal band Prosanctus Inferi and supreme death metal band Father Befouled. Comes in a full color digipak with lyrics and booklet, with photographs from Stephen Petrus and layout and design courtesy of Andre Coelho of Sektor 304.
  No Artist – The Curfew Recordings CD (Harbinger Sound)

Legendary lost recordings by John Smith ( the man behind Interchange magazine ), Sean Dower ( Death Magazine 52, Bow Gamelean, etc ) and John Mylotte ( Metgumbnerbone ) made whilst all three were out on bail and under police curfews for charges with graverobbing back in 1984.
Recorded in the dead of night at a disused industrial site. All acoustic instrumentation captured inside steel-plated bitumen storage silos. Released with the full blessing of all the participants. An edition of #300 copies housed in a digipak.
Objekt/Urian - +Tonfragmente II+ CD (Zone de Confusion)

First CD on Zone de Confusion, a subdivision of Nuit et Brouillard aiming at reissuing sold-out tapes, CD-R or vinyls previously released in limited editions. - – Objekt/Urian is a german duo working with selfmade instruments and old electronic material. Their music is a great mixture of dark atmospheric soundscapes - -
and power-electronics with a strong old-school industrial touch at one and the same time original, melodic and powerful ... Highly recommended to those who like bands like HAUS ARAFNA--- - -
Tonfragmente II includes the 5 tracks originally released on their debut CD-R plus 6 unreleased ones for a total length of 63 minutes. - -
Their universe is cold, but never a depressing one and handled themes such as control and manipulation, information treatment, or some reflections on history - -
-and even on own country history- have the ability to let feelings and thoughts arouse and to get matters reconsidered... - -
The reputation of their live performances -combining music, theatrical elements and installations- went over the frontiers and the band was programmed at - -
the fifth Deadly Actions festival in november 2002. - -
Totally remastered sound from original recordings by Hermétique. Comes in special nice digipack with new artwork and selected varnished parts. - -
Don’t miss it …
OBJEKT/URIAN – Agitation CD (Tesco Organisation)

After more than six years «OBJEKT/URIAN» from Germany release their long-awaited second CD on «Tesco Organisation». Being part of the local sub-culture scene this step was obvious! Objekt/Urians sound is a post-industrial old school one, the regards and influences of the early waves of the genre are not to deny. Music, content and ambitions might have changed according to the perspectives. But we can find a combination of yesterday´s and today´s music culture within «OBJEKT/URIAN». They stroll down the old paths by building instruments by themselves as well as they use analogue technology. The result is a quite distinct sound yet it always reveals the nearness to Power-Electronics and Noise. The incredibly blurred and ugly aspect of social and political issues is almost foist on the listener with the aggressive vocals. The tracks «Chamber Music» and «The price we have to pay» have already reached some sort of scene-hit status at local events. They will also be on this CD. The listener may perceive the broadness of sense and the profundity of the slogan «... he who attacks first, dies second». The CD comes in a nice embossed digipak.
Of Earth And Sun ‎– Uncoiled CD (Malignant)

A new entry into the Malignant family, Of Earth and Sun is the project of Denver based Matthew Hunzeker, who skillfully utilizes a variety of both organic and electronic instrumentation ranging from bone trumpets, vocals, oscillators, and drum machines to create impressive soundscapes of heavily ritualistic inspired drones and intoxicating, near cataclysmic invocations. These are not intimate, candle-lit ruminations, but something that operates on a much grander, more corporeal level. As Hunzeker describes it, "the music plunges listeners into the depths of the supernatural; into a completely inhospitable environment from the point of view of human understanding, acquiring a dark psychedelic sound verging on noise and doom, which transforms into an unfathomable inner cavity of mystic and ritual symbolism that viscerally affects the energies flowing in the body and mind".
At first, the 9 tracks that comprise Uncoiled seem monolithic and almost overpoweringly dense, but repeated listens reveal them to be intensely hypnotic and mesmerizing, often times starting with singular, elongated vocalizations or slow motion thrums that rapidly blossom into a cascade of swarming drones and thumping pulsations. By the end, they've been transformed into a consuming mass of saturated, turbulent sound, falling somewhere between the visceral, immersive nature of Theologian and the meditative, organic darkness of Halo Manash. Skillfully assembled and evocative, what Of Earth and Sun create is immersive, heavy, and riveting, and represents a unique new vision onto the scene.
New!!! Organoid ‎– Bitsevsky Maniac CD (Filth and Violence)

Noise/pe. "Bitsevsky Maniac" was recording in 2007-2008, in Barnaul, Western Siberia. Remastering in 2016-2017.
oro!oro! ‎– Sąstingis CD (Autarkeia)

The latest oro!oro! album is dedicated to the eternal winter. To the everlasting glacial stagnation. Just imagine it is one and the same season - the season of winter - all year round. That is the true core of the stagnation. Excessively deep meditative sounds remind ether, the habitat of spirits. Reluctantly you ask yourself if you are still alive? In terms of style, the album harks back to the cult ambient albums of Current’93. Those who still recall The Stars Are Marching Sadly Home may expect the same atmosphere. Perhaps now is the time when the waiting for the spring will never end?
Album lasts for 32 min. Lim. E 200.
Oscillating Innards - Nadir Emergence CD (Troniks)

Molded and refined throughout 2007 and 2008, Nadir Emergence is the first official CD and second full-length of Oscillating Innards; a document of the recurring and parallel themes of artistic/romantic failure and the forces of insignificance and degradation. Encompassing and hybridizing elements of electroacoustic harsh noise, deliberate tonal studies, atmospheric drone collage and severe power electronics, Nadir Emergence is a dense and breathing environment of evocative sound and lyrics, steeped in continually growing and failing tones, recurring and degrading melody, and vehement sentiment. This is deeply personal music of smoldering roots and crumbling achievement.
OWL - Tapes 97-99 CD (Freak Animal, Arkisto)

These collected works of Finlands OWL could be simply squashed into the categories of "radio noise" and "electronic interference collages" but that wouldn't really be right. We're rather talking about an isolated vision of sound exploration with primitive equipment. no awareness of the existence of any kind of "noise scene" (this came later). no rules. and pure enthusiasm for sonic ugliness. A glimpse into the dark vaults of atonal pleasures. executed with crude boomboxes. one cheap multi-fx unit. no distortion (!!) and rudimentary recording techniques. Almost all overdrive here is purely from tape saturation. and the results are creepy. fuzzy. intense and very active. A powerful trip. unharmed by outside influences. Here is an album of essential tape overload mania from a young mr JH. who later got busy making several zines. Anal Barbara. XXXX. Schmuck noise. and more. Packaged in cardboard sleeve.
P. Miles Bryson – The Weight Of The World - A Long Day's Tango Into Night CD (SSSM)

It processes a source of field recording,various sound snippets from tango and orchestral pieces, and creates delicate electronic music beautifully.from usa
Pain Jerk - Courtis ‎– Pachinko Blast Anarchy CD (Turgid Animal)

Pain Jerk has long been one of my favourite purveyors of pure and true Harsh Noise carnality and I am beyond honoured to have finally been able to release something by this legend after 8 years of running Turgid Animal. It is with equal excitment that I welcome Anla Courtis to the catalogue as well, his work both in Reynols and solo has proven to be highly influential and critical to the wider noise underground. So it with utter fan-boy-delight that the two have come together for 4 tracks of expert sonic destruction on this brand new album. An absolute treat, somewhat suprising collaboration and further proof that noise is still working in mysterious and ear wrenchingly wonderful ways! To top it all off, this release comes in nice digipak with collage artwork by none other than Yasutoshi Yoshida of Government Alpha fame.
Peal Grim ‎– Peal Grim CD (Moonsun Productions)

Peal Grim is one of the names of Dmitriy Shilov known for the projects Unknown, Neznamo and Magickal Things. Peal Grim explores the theme of dramatic experiences of the human life using acoustic and electric guitars, overdrive, distortion and spatial effects. Their sound creates clouds of guitar drone, noise and ringing, assuming different shapes in the acoustic atmosphere: sometimes floating like an impenetrable fog, sometimes rolling like a gigantic front of thunderclouds, sometimes creeping over a dark pit of overwhelming melancholia… These five compositions were recorded over the course of three years from 2007 to 2009 and were mastered by Sergey Bulychiov ( in 2014... "This record is not recommended to listening for depressively inclined persons".
Peenemünde – II CD (Freak Animal Records)

I wasn't personally very excited when Peenemunde approached with their first recordings. I gave harsh critics and eventually project decided to completely re-do the material what eventually became their (improved) debut album. Case was entirely different with this second full length. I saw their great live performance and had opportunity to hear some raw out-takes of upcoming second album. Instantly I offered to publish material as proper CD. if rest of material stands equally strong. And it does. No critics of suggestions was needed. On first album P. Perä-Takala (Sick Seed) and P. Dassum (Umpio) basically combined the known elements of their projects as mere "collaboration". but now Peenemunde stands as project of its own identity! Second assault of Peenumunde abandons smashing junk metals and enters the dark laboratory of poisonous experiments with cold electronics! Duo created material live on tape in sessions what to me sounds unlike anyone else does. It has the cold electric feel. without the elements of "techno". It has the fierce junk metals. without fitting into line with other junk metal noisers out there. It is rotten sound from gutters of laboratory. without being unnecessary "lofi" or poor quality. Thematically Peenemünde is based on inventiveness of mankind in the field of warfare and cruelty. concentrating especially on WWII. Essential!
Porta Vittoria - Summer Of Our Discomfort CD (Old Europa Cafe)

Porta Vittoria is a brand-new duo (Lisa P. Duse and Christian Ryder) which combines high class sounds from different genres and cultures moving between noise and classic, jazz and blues, electronica and ambient: a musical globalism for modern incompatible societies.
But most of all Porta Vittoria deliver a true "Mediterranean pop".
Debut album "Summer of Our Discomfort" also took inspiration from cinema, art and works from writers like Gerard de Nerval, Dino Buzzati, Gabriele D'Annunzio, James G.Ballard, Daniel F. Galouye,Thomas Mann, Stanislaw Lem and others.
Stay tuned....
OEC tip!
Praying For Oblivion ‎– 0rdinalzahl / 0 CD (Obscurex)

53 Minutes of good old european style power electronics!
Propergol – Paradise Land CD (Tesco Organisation)

new propergol...spec.pack. - incl. 3 postacrds ...A deaf & sepulchral sound // The door suddenly opens A voice announces : it's ongoing // Preparations in silence There will be no good bye // Defective electrical installations direction : airport // Anxiety-provoking situation Flight-plan : Direction> PN - (48° 52' 36'' S 123° 23' 36'' W) Feverous take-off then cruising phase // Engine shutdown... Silence... Fly over & scope of the disaster // In top view, mankind tears away A rupture, a break with civilization // Separation / isolation - arrival Final approach phase - Stabilization - Ejection... .. . What happens now? ----------------------------------------------------------------- end of transmission.
Putrefier - Unreleased and compilation archive CD (Industrial Recollections)

See also Industrial Recollections two other Putrefier titles. These 3 together pretty much sum up the 80's / early 90's Putrefier approach! "Unreleased and compilation archive" collects together 10 tracks recorded between 1988-1990. Songs from compilations "Epitapes". "Tearing Wings Off Of Butterflies" and criminally overlooked PE classic "Pray For Fire" 7". Both long original version of "Suffocation" and the version that was released on "Dedication Zweite Auslese". Rest previously unheard materials!
Raison d'etre – Collected Works CD (Infinite Fog)

As the title suggests 'Collected Works' is not an album with new material of raison d'etre (Peter Andersson). It is a collection of tracks from between 1999 and 2010 that has appeared on various compilations or other external projects. Suprisingly, despite the collection fact, these tracks form together a unity like if they were material for a conceptual album and presents a memorandum of a past. Death, decay, melancholia and sadness is the common attributes and this is also beautifully rendered in the images by Martin Bladh (Irm, Skin Area) used for the artwork. His premature death masks sequence is based on different aging faces of Peter Andersson and works as the perfect facade for this kind of soundwise journey and exposure.
Redrighthand – They Sang And Chanted For Hours, Then The Locked In Hundreds Set Themselves Ablaze CD (At War With False Noise)

I've been involved in albums that have taken a long time to come out before (usually my fault) but this one takes the biscuit! Originally recorded in 2004 this record never saw the light of day and has until now been doing the rounds on the blog circuit and talked about in hushed veneration throughout the underground.
I've had this recording for about fie years now and it still sounds as utterly heavy as the first time I was blown away by it!
RRH played quite a bit in the UK and built up quite a name for themselves over the years, and this record is a perfect distillation of their sound: incredibly slow, interminably heavy and possessing an atmosphere of complete and utter despair that I don't think has been matched since. For me, this record is probably the best document of the UK sludge/doom sound and should be held in the same regard as many others who have came and went since. The bands other members were in/went on to be in speaks for itself: vocalist Peet was in Hard To Swallow and Narcosis, Robbo went on to do They Are Cowards, Thomas and Paul were both in Charger and now play in Ocksen, and Paul Rauschen was in Like A Kind Of Matador and went on to At War's own Gruel.
I'm very chuffed to be the label finally putting this out and opening it up to a bigger audience at long last!
Regler - Regel #4 (HNW) CD (At War With False Noise)

Regler is a project from Mattin (known mostly for collaborations with Junko, Phillip Best, Tony Conrad and others) and Anders Bryngelsson of Brainbombs.
This project aims to re-create musical sub-genres using only traditional "rock" instruments; in this case, harsh noise wall. I guess my feelings on HNW are mixed; by putting out what I'd argue is the "gateway" release on the genre (Proanomie by Vomir) I have to take some responsibility for what is maybe the most redundant sub-sub genre of them all, one which in my opinion often uses ridiculous over-conceptualisation to mask an entire lack of originality. Which is kind of entirely the opposite to what Vomir was all about when he came up with the term! Anyway, how best to combat this: take it from an entirely new angle! Good! Regler on this album most definitely play ROCK music, but it's half an hour of absolutely blistering, all-out, in-the-red heavy metal. It's exhausting and invigorating and totally unlike anything else, and is the closest thing I've heard in years to the spirit of the genius avant-rock of Les Rallizes Denudes without actually sounding anything like them. Most certainly one for those interested in hearing the limits of rock music and where it can go. Recommended!
500 copies in beautiful 6-panel matte sleeves.
René Bidmon ‎– Necrophile Passion: Original Movie Score CD (Blacklava)

Soundtrack of the movie. Dark ambient mostly
Reutoff ‎– No One's Lullabies CD (Zhelezobeton)

"No One's Lullabies" is the 9th album by Reutoff, one of the best-known Russian projects on the international post-industrial scene. Over the course of one hour they will be performing their "lullabies" which won't let you sleep though... The whole panopticon of borderline mental states will unfold before the eyes of our attention. Every track is a masterfully performed decadent dance of emotions and feelings. Steady industrial rhythms, an unhasting but assertive semi-drunk waltz, circus-like grotesque with wicked medieval shades, comatose jazz swinging in dark tones and epic electronic doom that could also fit well in the repertoire of their brother-project Otzepenevshiye - all imbued with remarkable spirit and slightly inflamed imagination.
Richard Ramirez / Black Leather Jesus - Scrapyard CD (R.O.N.F. records)

Reissue of this classic Harsh Noise vinyl LP released back in 1995 in the German label Praxis Dr. Bearmann.
R.O.N.F. Records and Phage Tapes united forces to unbury this gem up including the full album plus one extra track by Richard Ramirez.
Real factory pressed CD packaged in jewel case with new artwork by Jovan Hernandez.
Richard Ramirez - Start Again CD (Unrest productions)

harsh noise, very harsh and high...
Ride For Revenge & Bizarre Uproar – Ride For Revenge & Bizarre Uproar CD (Bestial Burst, Filth and Violence)

Rare collaboration album of Finnish Black Metal vs. Noise! Previously released on cassette and limited to only 100 copies. Very dangerous!
Ride For Revenge ‎– Enter The Gauntlet CD (Bestial Burst)

New monolithic 73 minute album of noisy and heavy, occult black metal from Finland. For those who dare to enter...
Ritual Violence – Ritual Violence CD (Filth and Violence, Bestial Burst)

RITUAL VIOLENCE is a project band featuring key members of Bizarre Uproar, Ride For Revenge and Below... and surely sounds like that. Will also please those unfortunate souls into most raucous Filth&Violence and Bestial Burst acts like Sadistic Bliss, Flooded Church of Asmodeus etc. Raw sound, heavy riffs repeated ´til you vomit in disgust, some blasphemous total noise + well placed samples about Satanic rituals. If that´s not your cup of tea, lucky you, move forward. Two lenghty tracks in 40 minutes, packaged in delicious looking digipak.
RxAxPxE – Of My Own Free Will CD (Assembly of Hatred)

„Of My Own Free Will“ stands as the result of the collaboration between Rxaxpxe and Assembly Of Hatred which began in 2012. „Of My Own Free Will“ contains 35 minutes of filthy occult electronics practiced in the industrial and power electronics way of sounds. It will be released through Assembly Of Hatred in early 2013 in an edition of 300 pro manufactured CDs of which the first 100 copies will include a special patch. This ain’t just music but a ritualistic manifest for His glory. Be forewarned.
Reductio Ad Absurdum – Совмехкастрация CD (Provoloka)

Cult,most intresting and unique noise/industrial project from Leningrad,Russia. Some facts: R.A.A. was started in early 90,released more then 20 releases (mostly tapes),and was closely related to Ultra label. Reissue of Ultra tape (U18 ltd 30). Music is special for the fans of oldschool analogue noise: noisy trance of Noizeclot, aesthetics of Dog as Master (Conduit era), alogical rhythmics of early Esplendor Geometrico - all those combined by Reductio Ad Absurdum, forming own, easy recognisable style!
Reductio Ad Absurdum – Do You Feel Crunch In Your Ass,Yellow Bastards? CD (Provoloka)

Another album of great project. Reissue of Ultra U21 tape. Ironic dedication to Russia-Japan relationships :) Bonus track from 'VA Soundterror' tape (Ultra U25 limited 30). Characteristic Red.Ad.Abs sound!
RL:ZZ - Phantom Silence CD (Witch Sermon)

Over an hour long excursion into ambient noise soundscapes created by members of The Howling Wind, Persistence in Mourning and Winters in Osaka
Sadistic Bliss ‎– Verinen Perse CD (Filth and Violence)
3rd tape as CD
Sal Solaris - Die Scherben 2004-2010 CD (Zhelezobeton)

kultFRONT and ZHELEZOBETON labels are glad to announce the new CD by one of the most outstanding Russian post-industrial projects - Sal Solaris. This release follows the logic of the "Der Ruf" compilation CD (2006, Der Angriff) and collects the tracks recorded at different times on various occasions. Among other tracks the disc contains compositions from the compilations "The Black Square" (2006, kultFRONT), "Iznutri" (2007, Ewers Tonkunst), "Rush for Black Celebration" (2008, kultFRONT), "Heliophagia III" (2009, Heliophagia), "Art of Caring the Dead" (2009, Dodozavr), "Heliolatria" (2010, Heliophagia), also tracks from the split 10" record with Stahlwerk 9 (2004, Der Angriff) and several previously unreleased compositions.
When describing the sound of Sal Solaris reviewers often mention the neologism "power ambient" and we can't but agree with this term. The music of this duet coming from Rostov-on-Don and Moscow combines the elements of dark, often space ambient, post-industrial and power electronics, a collage approach and a dense saturated atmosphere, not relaxing but rather stimulating the listener. A collection of works created during various years allows to trace the live dynamics of the project - from the austere ideological persistence of the "early National-Bolshevist period" to the more sculpturesque and psychedelic compositions, including some naive but remarkable exercises.
The works feature contributions from many band friends, including Russian cosmist writer Ivan Polikarov, lead artist of "Crazy Pierrot Cabaret" Sergey Vasilyev, piano player & composer Anna Antropova, decadent cynic and erudite DJ Deutschmark, master of noises Nikolay Lepesa, trombone player Seung-hui Cho and even Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskiy.
The artwork is done by the famous visual artist and media philosopher Oleg 'cmart' Paschenko ( |
With this CD kultFRONT & Zhelezobeton labels open the series named "Die Zeichen" aiming to publish the archival works of Russian post-industrial projects.
Satori - Live At The Cave / Salzburg 10.10.2008 CD (Steinklang Industries)

The live recording from Sator's concert in Salzburg on 10.1.2008.
One hour of dark rumbling Ambient and Industrial sounds, we know so well from Satori.
A real great piece in the histoy of this band.
Scatmother ‎– Purulent Sublimity CD (Filth and Violence)

Power Electronics
Sektor 304 – Communiphones CD (New Approach Records)

Recorded by Gustavo Costa and André Coelho in Porto, 2012.
Sektor 304 – Live Reaction CD (New Approach Records)

This is a compilation of live recordings made in several different locations in 2010 and 2012.
Vocals by Martin Bladh for the Radio Sonores Project 2012.
Sektor 304 - Subliminal Actions CD (Malignant records)

The follow-up to the highly acclaimed Soul Cleansing CD finds Portugals Sektor 304 expanding on all aspects of their debut, once again channeling the essence of the old school guardians (Test Dept, SPK, Crash Worship), while simultaneously exploring new, uncharted territory.
Comparatively speaking, Subliminal Actions is a more complete and focused album, with an even better flow than Soul Cleansing and more attention paid to detail, unleashing a cacophonic whirlwind of buzz saw grind, loops, power tools, and scraping, junk metal debris, clashing head on with exertive tribal percussion, clanging oil barrel rhythms, and industrial clamor resonating over a sprawling, post- apocalyptic wasteland. Some tracks, such as the opener, “A Carving on Metallic Flesh”, heap on the scorching noise, while others, such as the resounding, rhythmic driven “By The Throat”, “A Vessel of Guilt”, or “Vultures” are delivered with factory-line precision, laced with grimy layers of bass-heavy dirge, bleak, reverbed squall, and distortion filled, atmospheric drone. Among the many highlights, is the albums closer, “A Prismatic Sun”, a 10 + minute epic excursion into a nightmarish world, populated by whispered vocals and uneasy drift that slowly rises and grows in intensity, climaxing into a blissfully dark and sweaty orgy of low slung bass, ominous, ceremonial drumming, and suffocating darkness.
Subliminal Action not only compliments Soul Cleansing, but takes the Sektor 304 sound to new heights, delivering yet striking record sure to solidify their standing as one of premier, truly industrial acts in operation today.
10 tracks, totaling 63 minutes, in 6 panel digipak, mastered by James Plotkin.
Sewer Goddess - Disciples Of Shit: Live Waste CD (Black Plagve)

Having sold out of last year’s With Dirt You Are One CD within a few months span, supreme, Boston based cultists Sewer Goddess return to Black Plagve with Disciples of Shit: Live Waste, a fetid and raw collection of live audio crimes committed over a two year period from 2009-2010. Anyone who has witnessed Sewer Goddess live will generally know what to expect here, which is a more structured take on the death industrial, squalor filled atmospheres they’re known for. A more traditional band format adds layers of distorted and skuzzy bass, crashing percussion, and discordant guitar and meets head on with terrifying, blood curdling screams and the requisite churning mass of post mortem, electronic dirge.
5 tracks, most previously unreleased, that represent Sewer Goddess in the most raw, unclean, and unpolished of states….as if you’d want them any other way! In 6 panel digipak, designed by Andre Coehlo (Sektor 304).
Sewer Goddess ‎– Painlust CD (Black Plagve)

Sewer Goddess’ 2010 CD debut, “With Dirt You Are One”, seemed to come and go in the blink of a rotted eye, and while there have been numerous tape, compilation, and live recordings since then, nothing could possibly prepare you for the evolution in sound that has occurred since then. Recent material and performances have certainly hinted at it, but “Painlust” goes beyond all expectations and delivers what is up to this point, their benchmark recording. Now backed by a full fledged band and recorded in studio, Kristen Rose and co. have taken a blade to the original Sewer Goddess template and ceremoniously cut the fat, leaving a lean, sinewy carcass that’s as much doom metal as it death industrial. The 6 tracks here are an asphyxiating death march that’s concise and devastatingly heavy, the lurching, sludge driven guitar, dissonant riffs, and bass all in a rigid lockstep with heaving, pneumatic percussion. Bound with bewitching and often maniacal vocal shrieks and moans, and heaps of ghastly electronic filth, it’s a brilliant dichotomy between human and machine, resulting in a listening experience that’s at once enthralling and terrifying. In jewel box with 8 page booklet, designed by Andre Coelho.
Shock Frontier ‎– Mancuerda Confessions CD (Malignant records)

Founded some time during 2010, Shock Frontier is the brainchild of Psychomanteum’s Robert Kozletski. Born from an increasing interest in harsher industrial sounds, and aided by long time friend Kyle Carney (Defiantly Fading), Mancuerda Confessions is an expertly composed and finely honed collection of shape shifting, nightmarish emissions and radioactive tonalities, drawing inspiration from some of the early death industrial pioneers, but adding an unique, densely layered and atmospheric style. This is a soundtrack to a world that ends not in a cataclysmic, fiery fashion, but one that slowly decays and rots into oblivion, where swathes of ghostly textures, samples, and disembodied noises morph into murky ambient realms, and caustic frequency reverberations pierce through a bleak, post-apocalyptic haze. After 19 years in existence, it’s arguable that a definitive Malignant sound exists, but if it does, Shock Frontier has managed to come awfully close to capturing it with Mancuerda Confessions. A must for fans of Megaptera, Steel Hook Prostheses, Soldnergeist, and the early CMI sound. In 6 panel eco-wallet, designed by Brian Vdp, and mastered by John Stillings/Steel Hook Audio.
Sick Seed – Technological Singularity mCD (Filth and Violence, Untergeschoss)

Industrial Musick that looks both to past and future. MCD of 20 minutes / three new original tracks and a cover version (or rather maybe adaptation) of a 70s prog classic. Artwork by Si Clark. CD in standard jewelcase.
Sick Seed - The Great Corrupter CD (Filth & Violence)

CD version of debut LP with lots of bonus: track from Nyrkki & Kyrpä and materials from split tape with XE.
2015 edition. Released with different artwork and in plastic jewel case.
Sick Seed - The Great Corrupter CD (Filth & Violence)

CD version of debut LP with lots of bonus: track from Nyrkki & Kyrpä and materials from split tape with XE.
Singular Cleansweep Operations – Final Service CD (Teito Sound Company)
Singular Cleansweep Operations is half of the mysterious duo Operation Cleansweep. Released in November 2012 and includes material dating from 1996 to 2010.
System Morgue ‎– Feu CD (Zhelezobeton Distribution Division)

"Feu" is the first CD of the Moscow-based project System Morgue which has been active since 2006 and released one cassette "Hekatombaion" (2010, Heliophagia), as well as plenty of web-releases. In its early period the project relied on aggressive and pushing sound in vein of harsh noise and power electronics, but later changed to milder sonorities and finally came to the now traditional form of guitar drone ambient... Using only guitar and bass as sound sources as well as a chain of effects, the man behind this project - Peter L. - has created five compositions the mood of which varies from uneasy, slightly distorted soundscapes to gentle enshrouding harmonics. The lingering drone of vibrating strings, rare accents of psychedelic chords, slow semi-melodic loops - everything that a real connoisseur of dark meditative music needs. The album is inspired by the literary works of Ilya Masodov and Charles Baudelaire...
Skin Area - Rothko Field CD (Malignant records)

3rd full length release from this acclaimed Martin Bladh (IRM) project(in conjunction with Magnus Lindh), following 2002's New Skin CD and 2006's double CD Journal Noir/Lithium Path, both on Cold Meat Industry.
Like previous works, Rothko Field is a highly charged and visceral auditory experience...mind bending and turbulent sonic explorations that are grainy and tense, where uneasy frequencies intersect with caustic drones, infected, insectile buzz, swelling drifts, and intense, slow motion percussion driven sludgery. Further comparison reveals Rothko Field to be less schizophrenic, less challenging, and more structured than in the past, coming off as both spacious and yet suffocatingly claustrophobic (and ultimately closer in style to IRM), suggestive of a spiral downwards into mental decay and degradation, and further enhanced by Martin's uniquely distressed and provocative vocalizations.
9 tracks total, broken into two "mirrored parts", with track 5, "Void"acting as the actual mirror itself. In digipak, with full color 24page booklet. Not to detract from previous releases, but this is easily the best Skin Area work to date, and a must for all things Martin Bladh!
Skorneg ‎– Foehn CD (Malignant records)

Collaborative effort between Frédéric Arbour of famed dark ambient label Cyclic Law and his solo project Visions, and Montreal based ambient/experimental project, Skinwell. Conceptually it oscillates around the northern elements of Glaciers, Winds and the exploration of such rugged territories, both physically, intellectually and spiritually. Musically, it brings us 4 tracks of massively scaled power drones, barren ambience, and black hole atmospherics, each piece starting in a more minimal fashion, then slowing escalating into a hypnotic spectrum of melting drift, ascending and descending tones, and undercurrents of distant industrial churn. Only time will tell if this is a one off project, but for now, drone enthusiasts and dark ambient purists can unite and revel in this fantastic offering. 4 panel digipak, lmtd 500 copies.
Skullflower ‎– Draconis 2xCD (Cold Spring)

Synapse scorching occult industrial prog noise folk from the strings of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies.
Churning mantras and drukpa elegies for two erased darkside tree limbs: that of the Draconian in Khem, and of Drax Priory in West Yorkshire, which together with Bhutan are the Dragon Lands. The twilight language of flowers is spoken and wolves are raised, finally, Kali dances. For fans of Bathory and Popul Vuh.
Comes in a deluxe 6-panel outsized double-digipak with a 16-page booklet.
Skullflower / Utarm – Skullflower / Utarm CD (Turgid Animal)

Matthew Bower's Skullflower, deeply influential early UK pioneers of both noise rock and noise music in general meet relative newcomer, Norway's Utarm, for 5 pieces of extreme, beautiful, dark and wandering-in-the-woods noise. The 3 tracks by Skullflower and the 2 tracks by Utarm on the split showcase different powerful sides of both bands operating inside a twilight zone within an experimental black metal influenced framework. Full length CD album of inspiring triumphant soundscapes, evil tepid ambience and deadly esoteric world music. Limited to 500 copies in jewel cases with drawing and layout artwork by Sindre Foss Skancke (Utarm). Highly recommended.
Sleep Research Facility - Stealth CD (Cold Spring)

Sublime new album from the drone / dark ambient legend.
As a project commissioned for Cold Spring, “Stealth” presents itself as an exploration of sounds neither here nor there, textures camouflaged against their own background noise, and the distant crackling telemetric code-speak of a vague humanity hidden behind a cloak of deadly high-technology. Comprising of five deeply-layered extended tracks, mixed and edited from re-sampled location recordings originally captured inside the hanger environs of a Northrop-Grumman B-2 Stealth Bomber, during a period of downtime maintenance at a U.S. Air Force base in Cambridgeshire, England. Original field recordings and texture preparations by FOURM/Si_Comm.
First edition pressing of 1000 copies includes bonus disc comprised of this *pre-mix* material in its original, un-edited form, as a representation of the source audio from which “Stealth” was reconstituted.
Deep listening inspired by one of the most mysterious aircraft of the twentieth-century. Headphones recommended.
Slogun ‎– Tearing Up Your Plans CD (Old Captain)

Originally released over 15 years ago, "Tearing Up Your Plans" is a landmark release in the Slogun discography. Initially produced by the Armed and Loaded label (aka Sounds For Consciousness Rape) in 1999 in limited number with deluxe packaging, it is offered here as a four-panel Digipak CD with revised artwork. Old Captain is proud to revisit this full-length title with some of the strongest titles in the Slogun arsenal such as: "Scum Junkies", "Slobland" and "You and I". With the 20th anniversary of this American True Crime artist just around the corner, delve into some of the original material that set the Slogun path on its course through crime, self-loathing and the human animal's worst traits. FTW
Slogun - Visit/Revisit 2xCD (Autarkeia)

John Balistreri and his project Slogun are perfectly known to those interested in industrial subculture. This is the most famous American power electronics project, fully embedding the tendency of American brutal sound and ideology. Aesthetics of serial killers, mass murders, and crimes have been used to finely illustrate uncompromising tracks full of hatred against society, the sound of which had provoked the terrible thoughts of mass destruction. Previous tracks of Slogun used to carry the extraordinary straightness which is specific to almost all American artists of PE. However, his last two albums dramatically diverge from previous Slogun releases. The project's sound and ideology were visibly transformed by Balistreri, and they became closer to the European conception of the "PE sound". The straight, uncompromising brutality of Slogun trespassed into a gloomy atmospheric landscape, and the ideology of their last words clearly reveals the cause, this metamorphosis of a lonely, hopeless, trapped human being to uncompromising collector of human lives. These are authentic thoughts and memories concentrated to the cause of trauma rather than to brutal crimes. The last albums of Slogun may be seen as the deep-dark confessions of a person whispering to us his reasons of fatal breakdown, ending up in human hunting. The monumental Slogun Visit Revisit box will unlock to the audience both the primal and newly transformed sound of Slogun. The first CD, the album Visit, is absolutely fresh and contains never-before published pieces delivering the converted, atmospheric side of Slogun. The second disc, Revisit, compiles rare tracks previously published in limited editions for collectors, and represents the initial straight brutality the project is known for. The two CDs are wrapped in Autarkeia labeled slip case box including cover and informative 20 page booklet.
Slogun : Wertham ‎– By Blood : In Blood CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni)

Collaboration CD between NYC true crime legend SLOGUN and Italo-anti-socialite Wertham.
10 tracks featuring collaborations and stand-alone tracks by both projects, focusing on different atmospheres, ranging from full-blast power electronics to constructed atmospheric industrial, completed with constant vocal assault.
Balistreri and Deplano were inspired for this work by their family backgrounds, turf related animosities and to situations where you know you can count only on your next of keen, blood of the same blood, flesh of the same flesh.
Comes in digipack and 12 page booklet with full text. Artwork by John Balistreri.
Smell & Quim / Onomatopoeia – Live At Kirkstall Lites - Brutalist Mix (Cipher productions)

Senior English statesmen Smell & Quim and Onomatopoeia offer up a horrifying 20 minute live collaboration which has been subsequently studio brutalised – read: glorifyingly distorted – for your sickly noise pleasure. The God-knows-what live antics are fodder for the studio mix’s chipper, delivering an unrelenting pummelling of sound and a few bloodied stumps of input material at the end of it. CD in a matte-side printed card wallet, edition of 300 copies. c. 20 minutes = budget price.
Snuff - II (Filth and Violence, Untergeschoss)

CD version of Snuff's second LP. No extra material but slightly boosted sound for even more challenging listening experience.
Pure feedback-drenched and murk-ridden old school power electronics. Utterly hateful and depraved, not for casual listeners or the easily offended.
CD in standard jewelcase.
Snuff – III CD (Filth and Violence, Untergeschoss)

New album of Finnish PE act
New!!! Snuff ‎– Anonymous/Male Supremacy/Dresden CD (Filth and Violence)

Finnish noise/pe
Snuff – Kristiina CD (Filth and Violence, Untergeschoss)

Reissue of the infamous first 2xtape by this project.
Snuff – Live CD (Filth and Violence)

2 live recordings + hidden track
Snuff - Untitled CD (Filth and Violence)

CD version includes SNUFF debut LP and bonus track from Nyrkki & Kyrpä comp tape!
Solco Chiuso ‎– Human Textures CD (Lost Empires Records)

first full lenght album from this Italian act devoted to industrial/Noise.
40 minutes of cold Industrial with harsh blasts of noise and morbid atmospheres.
Solco Chiuso starts this analog experience with no compromise.
No politic, no sex, no philosophy, no human diseases.
Only pure noise.
Sonne Hagal - Ockerwasser CD 45Lt/14e (Luftschutz Entertainment)

The CD is housed in a stylish spot varnished & debossed six-panel Digipak pack including a sixteen-pages booklet. SONNE HAGAL are back. And how! We are honoured to announce Sonne Hagal's new, long awaited album "OCKERWASSER - A Symphony of Sorrowful songs." There is every indication that OCKERWASSER will be considered Sonne Hagal's masterwork. For six years, after releasing their widely acclaimed album Jordansfrost (2008), Sonne Hagal retreated into themselves, concentrating on realising their visions for that which was to become OCKERWASSER. While there were compilation appearances, a collaboration with FIRE + ICE, and a number of live performances, the majority of their artistic efforts were devoted to OCKERWASSER. OCKERWASSER is the quintessence of what makes music good music. OCKERWASSER is characterised by daedal music compositions, interwoven melodies, and enchanting harmonies. There is a kind of dance between folk, jazz, and experimental music, creating sonic dreamscapes that beckon spirits. Soundscapes that open a wideness inside you to let in (and out!) your dreams, your fears and all the spirits that like to cross the border between consciousness and subconsciousness. OCKERWASSER is founded upon Sonne Hagal's unmistakable acoustic guitar, and is enhanced with violin, trumpet, percussion, bass, and intelligently placed electronics. Rhythms shape-shift between the delicate and doomful, beginning from the first track on the album, "The Shapes of Things to Come," which presents both the Etherworld and the Netherworld, ever reminding us of the ancient, unspoken axiom: "As above, so below." Music, directly from the ether in search for the essence of life. From there you may follow SONNE HAGAL into deeper realms of sleep, into subconsciousness, and "Silence" begets the dreamless fields of "Black Spring," and beyond. With each and every listening, we emerge transfigured from OCKERWASSER as from a journey. The lyrics of OCKERWASSER are simultaneously prophetic, Hermetic, all-encompassing and yet profoundly personal. With Sonne Hagal we are invited to exploring our dreams, our consciousness, our very existence, and the nature of human psyche. OCKERWASSER transforms universes into dreams, dreams into words, words into ideas. For six years Sonne Hagal has worked to create an expression of these ideas, and the results are overwhelming. With OCKERWASSER Sonne Hagal has achieved the finest expression of their artistic voice through their inimitable vocals. It is a collective voice that wrenches beauty and sadness, tragedy and hope, bitterness and strength. This is the voice that is not only a voice but an instrument, a medium, a vehicle. The voice of Sonne Hagal is both singular and collective, and the voices in our head join a choir of the inner self; a choir of the unknown; a choir of lost dreams and new fantasies. On OCKERWASSER, Sonne Hagal has engaged guest appearances from an international array of artists, including such artists as Kim Larsen (Of the Wand and the Moon), Ericah Hagle (Unto Ashes), Leithana (Ordo Equitum Solis), Bo Rande, Matthias Krause (Vurgart). Ultimately, OCKERWASSER is unmistakable Sonne Hagal, rendering their own unique vision of music which transcends any genre. For years we have been longing for a new full-length album by Sonne Hagal; suffice is to say that OCKERWASSER is Sonne Hagal's masterwork that we never allowed ourselves to hope for.
Sphäre Sechs ‎– Enceladus CD (Malignant)

A follow up to the highly acclaimed and quickly sold out Tiefschlaf CD (TumorCD56, 2012), this project of Phelios’ Martin Stürtzer and Christian Striztel finds the duo traveling even further out into space, beyond the reaches of light and into realms never before explored. While the overall approach is similar to Tiefschlaf and there’s certainly some shared DNA at play here, the seven tracks that comprise Enceladus feel weightier and darker…a glorious amalgam of drift and synth drone that seems to extend beyond any visual measure, the tones and textures floating off into an infinite expanse, pulled and stretched by an unseen gravitational force. Space inspired dark ambient can be a tricky thing…a common theme attempted by many with some measure of success, but few capture the coldness, stillness, and awe inspiring beauty of the interstellar void so brilliantly as Sphäre Sechs. Recorded solely on analog equipment without the use of computers, Enceladus is a deeply mesmerizing and hypnotic excursion best played on headphones or in solitude for maximum effect. 4 panel, matte finished digipak with metallic ink highlights designed by Alonso Urbanos.
Splintered ‎– Turned Inside Out 2xCD (Freak Animal)

Collection of rare. demo. unreleased. singles....
Staalkracht - A Means To An End CD (Peripheral records)

Peripheral Records is proud to announce it's fifth release with, Staalkracht's debut album - 'A Means to an End'. A deeply dark and unforgiving landscape of Death Industrial, melancholic Dark-Ambience and brooding Drones, with influences ranging from Brighter Death Now and Genocide Organ to Mz.412 and Archon Satani. The CD is limited to 100 copies.
S.T.A.B. Electronics – Born For Righteous Abuse / Temple Of Self-Disgust CD (Filth and Violence)

2 tapes released on F&V rereleased as a CD
S.T.A.B. Electronics ‎– Day Of The Male CD (Unrest)

Brand new album from this British analogue Noise loop terrorist. "Day Of The Male" is a very personal statement from S.T.A.B. Electronics. This album is a gaping wound committed to record during very tumultuous circumstances in early 2015. SE's themes are based solely on paranoia, deep depression, sexual anxiety, male and female perversion, dealing with problems of inner self, and suicide.  "A homage to every male on this damned planet who has been torn through the gutter".
Stadingers – Deadly Silent Impulse CD (Death Continues Records)

Belgian Death Industrial
Steel Hook Prostheses - Cut Off The Nose To Spite The Face 2xCD (Syzmic records)

Out now on Syzmic Records! After many years of planning and development we are proud to present. Steel Hook Prostheses - Cut Off the Nose to Spite the Face. This 2-disc Anthology spans the first eight years of SHP's ultra limited 3"cd-r releases. rare cuts from the 2006 Texas 3xLP released on RRRecords. tracks from 2002's Open Wound compilation "Fresh Blood Volume 1: "Violent Cutting Motion" and previously unreleased live material. All re-mastered by J. Stillings with artwork and layout by L. Kerr. packaged in this elegantly sickening gatefold digipak. Rediscover these under distributed gems from the pioneering. cult. Texas Death Industrial power house Steel Hook Prostheses.
Steel Hook Prostheses – The Empirics Guild CD (Malignant Records)

The first full length release since 2008's Atrocitizer, The Empirics Guild finds this Texas death industrial duo digging even deeper into the depths of depravity and clinical madness, having taking their time to create 12 tracks of gristly, necro-horror atmospheres and multi-layered, hallucinatory soundscapes, where shuddering waves of charred and blackened electronic filth meet heavily distorted, sadistic vocalizations. Ghastly and nightmarish, this is the soundtrack to surgery performed amidst filth and grime, with flickering lights, rusty scalpels, and absolutely no hope of anesthesia. SHP have always been adept at fusing dark, cinematic ambience with power electronics and they have certainly perfected that skill with The Empirics Guild. In 6 panel digipak with suitably gruesome artwork.
StemCell Research Project - Charnel Houses CD (Syzmic records)

Five songs inspired by death and post-mortem rituals with each passage delving deeper into the stygian abyss. Charnel Houses is profoundly imbued with feelings of despair brought forth with field recordings of actual autopsies taking place. Somber moments layered with metal percussion. white noise and rhythmic drone that envelopes the listener like a lead blanket. Mastered by John Stillings of Steel Hook Prosthesis
Stormfågel – Dödsvals CD (Steinklang Industries)

Incredible Scandinavian Martial/Suicide-Pop album!
Sturmpercht – Alpenglühen CD (Steinklang Industries)

The Sturmpercht'n private and live at the alphouse, in caves and on stage.
All songs recorded between 2003 and 2008, total playtime 77 minutes.
Sudden Infant / Grey Wolves / Macronympha ?– Interzone 3 CD (Industrial Recollections)

This 1992 collaboration has been issued at least 5 times. Originally by SSS Productions. followed by Open Wound. Industrial Heritage and Mutter Wild. But never before on CD. Not only it's extremely good release what comes to music. but also reminder of somehow more innovative and creative ways of making release. It was possible to combine masterminds of different approaches to create on masterpiece. Versatile Swiss aktionist. brutal American harsh noise unit and bleak lo-fi UK industrial/pe. One track edited by Joke Lanz. 3 others by Rodger Stella. based on the source sounds of eachother. Sound is the absolute best. from master tapes of band. and cover artwork created from original images. It doesn't imitate SSS approach. but the original intention of Macronympha. Industrial Recollections.
Sunset Wings – Shining Thro’ The Veil Of Night CD (Wrotycz Records)

Night is the lady that covers the entire work with her starry mantle. Ancient hymns, old lullabies and romantic visions shine through the darkness of her eyes... Sounds of cello and violins, guitars, flutes and bells scatter with bright melodies upon the path of Parent Goddess. Raise your head to see white mares of the moon rushing along the sky, open your ears to hear ancient drums waking the spirit of Night! Torches burn and Pan leads the procession! Make a step on a bridge across the dream, let the journey start...
Sutcliffe Jugend And Junko – Sans Palatine Uvula CD (4iB Records)

Sans Palatine Uvula showcases the amalgamation of 2 pioneering artists of their respective genres: Power Electronics and Japanoise, both whom have made their presence significantly felt (through sight and sound) ever since the early 1980s in England and Japan. Sutcliffe Jugend and Junko (from ????/HIJOKAIDAN) are renowned artists in their own right, having been uniquely defined in the experimental noise scene as innovators of sound through their personal style of artistic expression that involves the churning of audio mayhem through guitars, electronics and vocals.
This album sees Sutcliffe Jugend taking a step beyond as they push the envelope of sound progression to greater heights. Junko‘s piercing screams and squeals serve as a canvas for Sutcliffe Jugend to work on and develop it further in their own innovative style. The results demonstrate a very unique reconstruction of the shriek queen’s original vocal outbursts, which see them being reworked and reinvented separately through manipulative treatments of cut-ups, distortions, samplings and introduction of other sonic elements.
This collaborative work between these two unique and respected artists of different genres from East and West encloses the listener with sonic chaos through its ten varied tracks. For some, it may seem like a difficult album to digest at the first listen. However, the tensions that have been separately produced from the harsh elements of voice and sound eventually subside as they resonate with each other, bringing forth a balanced unity of yin and yang.
Best Played Loud!
Sutcliffe Jugend - Blue Rabbit CD (Crucial Blast)

Appearing in the early 80's as an offshoot of the legendary UK power electronics band Whitehouse, Sutcliffe Jugend soon went to to become an equally confrontational and extreme purveyor of the early PE/industrial sound, producing some of the most abrasive and violent electronics albums ever with their early Come Organisation releases  We Spit On Their Graves and Campaign . Since then, Sutcliffe Jugend has continued to pursue a unique sonic vision that combines transgressive subject matter and dark, cerebral musings on violence and sexual perversion with explorations into the use of brutal feedback and synthesizer damage. In the past decade, however, the band has delved into darker, more restrained (at least on a sonic level) sounds alongside their harsher work, and Blue Rabbit is the latest such offering, unfolding like a night-terror across the album's eight tracks. You won't find any of SJ's trademark power electronics sound here, nor the dark throbbing industrial of their recent album With Extreme Prejudice for Cold Spring Records; this is a darker, more unsettling experience, heavy with an atmosphere of doom and smoldering violence, as if Sutcliffe Jugend sought to channel the creaking dread of Nurse With Wound's Salt Marie Celeste through a series if blood-freezing psychosexual nightmares...
New!!! Sutcliffe Jügend ‎– Nude And Full Of Wounds CD (Death Continues Records)

Sutcliffe Jugend - With Extreme Prejudice CD (Cold Spring)

Harsh extreme electronic pioneers Sutcliffe Jugend return with an album of all new material. Three years in the making, and with numerous reworkings, “With Extreme Prejudice” finds Sutcliffe Jugend at the top of their game. Forcing the listener to question their own prejudices and taboos, as modern man struggles to confront and control his inner demons. Musically and lyrically this is SJ’s most varied album to date, ranging from harsh electronic onslaughts to a new kind of musical oblivion. Production and sound values are closer to industrial music than ever before, creating a very different feel to their previous filthwork “Pigdaddy”. Enter if you dare, the very twisted and real world of Sutcliffe Jugend as they execute With Extreme Prejudice. 6-panel digipak.
T-Wald ‎– Landeinwärts: In Memory Of Hermann Hesse CD (Ufa Muzak)

Russian neoclassic-ambient project "T-Wald" dedicated this new album to HERMANN HESSE.
A poetic wall of melancholy and polyphonic ambient, with piano passages and some telling voices.
Cinematic sounds diving you into a past that will never return...
Teeth Engraved With The Names Of The Dead – Starving The Fires (Part I) CD (Malignant Records)

Formal debut of this Portland, Oregon duo signifies not only a new addition to the Malignant family, but a vital entry into the death industrial field. Using a broad array of hand-made or modified instrumentation and layered processing, Teeth Engraved have crafted one of the more despondent and grime encrusted releases to populate the roster; Frayed, noxious frequencies, crumbling static, and corrosive drones that teeter on the edge of abrasiveness mixed with a rotting underbelly of cluttered, industrial churn, falling somewhere between the smoldering scourge of Gruntsplatter and the dread filled, post-mortem atmospherics of Anenzephalia. The corresponding result is 7 lengthy tracks that thrive on abandonment, hopelessness, and negativity in a desolate, post-apocalyptic environment. Run time: 70:69, lmtd. 500, DVD packaging, mastered by John Stillings of Steel Hook Audio.
Testicle Hazard – Python In The Bowl CD (Freak Animal)

Testicle Hazard full length CD is duo of Tommi Keränen and Lasse Marhaug. Already on top of the current harsh noise. TH did something usual: They went to real studio. Loud amplifier blasting highly textured. rough and noisy distorted wreckage. yet the overall atmosphere goes way beyond the usual line-in fuzz walls found on many releases these days. Top quality noise assault and this unusual angle towards recording of harsh noise makes this album essential to check out.
The Cherry Point - Misery Guts CD (Phage Tapes)

Reissue of a c30 released by Since 1972 back in 2004. Harsh noise at its finest. If you liked Night of the Bloody Tapes you will love this. Both tracks are full of crunch and thick layered distortion. Stop reading this and listen to the damn sample.
Cover/ Art by John Wiese
The Kali Ensemble - The Kali Ensemble CD (Phage Tapes)

The Kali Ensemble is a duo of Mike Page (Sky Burial, F/I/T/H, Irukandji) and Pentii Dassum (Umpio). This disc contains 2 33:33 minute tracks of industrial metal clanging, ambient atmospheres and creepy synth work. The style/personality of each member really comes through in each track of this collaboration and provide an interesting combination of their viewpoints. Check out the samples so you can hear what it sounds like and i dont have to sound any more like a dumb ass trying to come up with a crazy description of the compositions.
The Rita ‎– Ballet Feet Positions CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni)

THE RITA's new full length work is a complex work of obsessive research on discipline, elite beauty, and suffering in the world of Ballet.
The main piece of the album is a lengthy composition that starts extremely minimal with subtle textural sounds, interrupted by samples of actual ballet training sessions. Sounds slowly builds up in a over the top harsh noise machinery that brings Sam McKinlay's classic trademark that crowned him as the godfather of harsh noise wall, with a monolithic build up of violence and intensity.
Second track is a power electronics rework of the the same sounds executed by Insubria hostile electronic unit CALIGULA031 that mixed all material with analog/modular sounds and in your face vocals, underlining different possibilities of textural processing.
Regarding the original sound sources, Vancouver musician, media artist, trained dancer Kelly Davis rigorously went through various feet positions and movements of classical ballet including 'Battements', 'rotary movements', 'connecting and auxiliary movements', etc. while a Traumatone contact microphone was rigged with a knee support brace to the side of her knee / thigh to capture the sounds of any hint of movement. The different chapters of sound were all repeatedly processed live by THE RITA as Davis went through her various positions and movements.
THE RITA's recent use of extended samples as a single, conceptual release or as a building block of material is derived from the complete immersion in a topic found in earlier influences of WHITEHOUSE, TAINT, and OVMN, but also as an extension of his work with women's singing and vocal work in the earlier THE RITA -- 'Womens Vocals' LP. McKinlay finds that the totemic fetishism and the subtle resonances of the female voice as they describe the topic(s) help to bury the listener into all that is woman, especially as the samples shift into the symmetry of a female dancer's recorded movement.
Co-produced by Elettronica Radicale Edizioni with Old Europa Café, limited to 300 copies, comes in digipack and 12 pages booklet with unsettling text contributions by ex-dancer/writer Simone Paget and Marco Deplano (Wertham).
The Vomit Arsonist ‎– An Occasion For Death CD (Malignant records)

When one looks at the hierarchy of US power electronics and death industrial, few names belong at the top like Rhode Island’s The Vomit Arsonist. The project of Andrew Grant since 2004, time has seen The Vomit Arsonist evolve into a major force, channeling aggression, negativity, and spite, and molding it into a focused, pinpoint display of barely restrained power and purely dark emotion. The 7 tracks found An Occasion for Death encapsulate this to near perfection, blending bleak, atmospheric drones and ominous synth layers with distorted frequency grind, mechanized rhythms, looping pulsations, and vocals that cut through the mix with unbridled animosity and ferocity. A welcome, and perhaps overdue addition to the Malignant roster! In 6 panel digipak, mastered by Steel Hook Audio.
The Vomit Arsonist - Go Without CD (Assembly of Hatred)

Three years after the last full length, “Wretch”, and after a series of limited cassette releases, THE VOMIT ARSONIST returns with his most recent full length, “Go Without”. Depressive, bleak, and monotonous electronics. Clanging, ripping scrap metal noise. Maddening, insane vocal work…. “Go Without” is a semi-concept album about spending a near-lifetime in the throes of dependence to psychoactive drugs. This is a look in the mirror. This is letting you know who you really are. There is no escape from the truth.
  The Vomit Arsonist - Only Red CD (Malignant)

Two years after "An Occasion For Death", Andrew Grant's The Vomit Arsonist returns with a vengeance with his second full length for Malignant, "Only Red". Inspired and galvanized by Brighter Death Now's US shows in 2014, Grant's latest takes on an even more visceral and dynamic feel than works past, and is unquestionably the heaviest thing he's ever done. If An Occasion for Death showed moments of self discipline and hints of subtlety, no such restraint exists here, as everything about this record feels amped up to an entirely new realm of intensity. This is The Vomit Arsonist in full attack mode, as explosive and bludgeoning percussion loops emerge from a churning, monolithic pit of corrosive electronics, menacing transformer buzz, chain dragging atmospherics, and gasping machine exhalations. Throw in a heavy dose of processed, acidic vocals and the whole record becomes an adrenaline fueled ride,wrought with tension, extreme nihilism, and palpable hostility. With Only Red, Grant has laid down a new flag at the summit of an already impressive catalog. Final track is a remix of Go Without featuring Kristoffer Oustad. In 6 panel digipak, mastered by John Stillings.
Theologian – Some Things Have To Be Endured CD (Crucial Blast)

The latest offering from NY synth-death master Theologian (aka Leech, also the mastermind behind the renowned power electronics/death industrial outfit Navicon Torture Technologies), "Some Things Have To Be Endured" features eight new tracks of punishing black industrial, apocalyptic darkwave frequencies, and nerve-rending electronic deathscapes. "Endured" is a collection of collaborations between Theologian and a lineup of female vocalists/artists from both within the industrial / noise / dark ambient / coldwave realm and beyond, with contributions from Rachael Kozak (Hecate), Kristen MacArthur (Sewer Goddess), Rachel Maloney (Tonikom), Nikki Telladictorian (Prometheus Burning), Patricia Benitez (Fetish Drone), Gillian Leigh Bowling (Teloahqaal), Christiana Key (Delphic Oracle), Joan Hacker (Factoria), Shari Vari (Void Vision), and professional opera singer Melissa C. Kelly. The tracks shift from grinding industrial dread to ethereal coldwave beauty, blasts of rumbling blackened synthcrush met with washes of haunting electronic melody, while always remaining rooted in Theologian's bleak, jet-black industrial sound...
Theologian - The Chasms of my Heart CD (Crucial Blast)

On Theologian's debut album for Crucial Blast The Further I Get From Your Star..., Leech established a new trajectory for his unique brand of pitch-black, rhythm-heavy industrial music that he'd previously explored with Navicon Torture Technologies. Under this new name, the power electronics and death industrial influences were merged into even darker, more majestic sounds, crafting something that was significantly more atmospheric than his work with NTT, while also reaching into new extremes of experience. On Theologian's latest,  The Chasms Of My Heart, this sound is perfected, incorporating more melody and percussion into the long, oppressive dead-world ambience and pummeling electronic doomscapes, and it's one of the best albums that Leech has brought us.
Chasms opens with what may be Theologian's most stirring and evocative piece of music to date, a monumental end-time dirge titled "Abandon All Hope" that starts off as a swirling ocean of blackened synthesizer roar before morphing into the sound of pounding metallic percussion and skull-rattling bass frequencies. At first, it's the sort of pitch-black apocalyptic death-synth heaviness that Theologian has long claimed as its own, but when the layered vocals begin to pour in, soaked in distortion and  climbing skyward in a gloriously miserable multi-part harmony above an eerie minor-key hook, this heaviness is transformed into something new. Like some kind of hellish fusion of industrialized shoegaze and thunderous power electronics, "Abandon All Hope" reveals a new side to Theologian's black-hole sound that is explored further throughout these eight tracks...
Trepaneringsritualen – Veil The World CD (Cold Spring)

»All seals have been broken« proclaims a demonic voice on the titular track of Veil The World, and that is something terrifyingly evident in the music contained therein. On Veil The World, Trepaneringsritualen veers from crepuscular ritual moods to rabid death chants reveling, even celebrating the imminent end of flesh. Veil the World  – originally released in a very limited and ultra-lavish box by Kości Tapes in 2011 – marks the half-way point between the earlier, more atmospheric works of T × R × P, and the more visceral aggression of the later material.
Trepaneringsritualen explores themes of religion, magick and the hidden realms of consciousness, taking its musical cues from the old school of ritual ambient & death industrial. Rhythmic and seething at times, and oozing forward with a creeping sense of desolation at others, Trepaneringsritualen conjures forth bleak but mesmerizing visions of the end-times.
Originally released in an edition of just 40 tapes in 2011, we’re very proud to announce the CD reissue of “Veil The World”. Remastered and presented in a 6 panel digipak, T x R x P once again assert themselves as the true masters of Swedish Ritual Industrial. Ltd x 1000 copies only. Anyone who saw the show at SE:UK Industrial Alliance knows this is *essential*!
Trucido – Salvation CD (Autarkeia)

This release is from that period before the creation of death squad. This cassette presents vocalization sound events that present themselves even today a unique perspective into the ideological warfare of faith/ intervention and salvation.
Album lasts for 21 min. Lim. H. N. E. 150.
Trucido / Death Squad – 1/4 1/2 / Noisewar CD (Autarkeia)
Extreme noise, pure fucking hell on magnetic tape, strangled gut mutilations pour over walls of incomprehensible tone.
Album lasts for 32 min. Lim. H. N. E. 150.
Tunnels Of Āh – Thus Avici CD (Cold Spring)

“Firstly, the punishment is meted out day and night, kalpa after kalpa, without a moment’s interruption or relief. Thus Avici”. ‘Thus Avici’ is the second album from Tunnels Of Ah (Stephen Ah Burroughs / Head Of David). The title references ‘the sutra of bodhisattva Ksitigarbha’s fundamental vows’, a section of which Burroughs reads daily in homage to Ksitigarbha whom Burroughs pledged ‘entreaty and supplication’ under solemn tantric oath 20 years ago. Tantric buddhism, christian mysticism and personal magick make up the subject matter for ‘Thus Avici’. Where traces of 2013?s ‘Lost Corridors’ album can be heard, ‘Thus Avici’ is a harder, more focused offering. Shards of distorted noise, ritual drums, caustic drones and haunted vocals make ‘Thus Avici’ a dark hallucinatory swoon into the hinterland of the Tunnels Of Ah. The dull blue light of brute-world calls.
U-731 ‎– By All Means... CD (Black Plagve records)

Simultaneously the debut and swan song for this California based project of Gordon Lazarus, known previously for his work as Defiler and soon to be United Front. For "By All Means...", we find him continuing the path laid down by his previous project, only upping the paranoia and abject sense of hopelessness and negativity. Make no bones about it, this is a bleak release, and it’s no surprise he’s employed the services of like-minded roster mates John Stillings of Steel Hook Prostheses and Andy Grant of The Vomit Arsonist. The sound is not all that dissimilar to either act, only this seems to slow everything down to an even more morose level (if that’s possible), where distortion drenched waves of morbid frequencies waft underneath layers of gristle and murky atmospheres. Drowsy, lethargic voices and samples drift in and out of the mix, gaining momentum as it segues into more demented and antagonistic realms, the intensity ratcheted up as the tones become more sinister and agitated. Near the end, as Grant makes his appearance in both F.E.M.A. Care and By All Means, this reaches a near boiling point, before ending in the final moments of Suo Gan/Last Rights, where an angelic chorus is offset by the resonating sounds of explosives and deep reverberations. In 4 panel digipak, mastered by Steel Hook Audio and designed by Mories/Gnaw Their Tongues. Lmtd 500 copies.
Unclean ‎– Syntiinlankeemus CD (Filth and Violence)

Finnish Power Electronics at its finest
Uncodified ‎– Hardcore Methodology CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni)

In the past few years, Corrado Alteri (Candor Chasma, Monosonik, TH26)’s has been making quite a name for himself with his loudest project, thanks to the complex and highly differentiated styles of each release, always hoisting the banner of abrasive post-industrial experimentation.
Cold experimental atmospheres, concrete sounds, analog violence, pure industrial wreckage and full frontal power electronics, are the many different ingredients that make Hardcore methodology a real manifesto that shows the many faces and skills of UNCODIFIED thanks also to the collaboration with acclaimed and notorious projects and individuals like Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Candor Chasma, etc.), Marco Wertham’s CALIGULA031 , Paolo Bandera’s SShe Retina Stimulants, Bologna Violenta and Gianluca Favaron.
With the help of these fellow gentlemen, Altieri successfully assembles his work by constantly comparing its compositions to the methodology used by directors of Hardcore movies, obsessively following the same flow and scenes visualization by means of the constantly-changing structures of his work.
Uncodified, Wertham – Vindicta I CD (Old Europa Cafe)

“Vindicta”, is the first chapter of a trilogy focusing on grim/tragic aspects of Sardinian culture, recorded by UNCODIFIED (feat. Corrado Altieri of Candor Chasma, Monosonik), and WERTHAM (feat. Marco Deplano of Caligula031 and Foresta di Ferro) in 2013.
Based on true stories, 8 tracks of uncompromising power electronics, composed mostly by abrasive high/mid frequencies with a strongly analog feel, harsh explosions, pulsating structures, full frontal angry vocals, extensive use of on-theme samples and a couple of more atmospheric/industrial tracks, in an attempt to blend the two projects’ sounds to create a soundtrack for the everlasting blood feuds between families.
Vindicta tries to capture stills of a dying culture where family was sacred, the knife was considered a man’s best friend, and blood called for blood.
Mastered by Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Candor Chasma, etc.), this work is co-produced by Old Europa Café with the projects themselves and Marco’s own new label “Elettronica Radicale Edizioni”.
Uncodified, Wertham ‎– Vindicta II CD (Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni)

After one year from the first chapter, UNCODIFIED (feat. Corrado Altieri of Candor Chasma, Monosonik, etc.) and WERTHAM return with the second chapter of the “Vindicta” trilogy , once again focusing on Sardinian criminal history and culture.
The sound slightly turned into more constructed high voltage power electronics, with stronger industrial structures and pulsating bass frequencies that do not betray the expectations of the previous installment. The two projects blend their experience into an avalanche of analog sounds, distorted synths, extensive use of samples and agonizing vocals that scream in Sardinian, Italian and English.
The concept slightly moves from the blood-feud/knife obsessive themes of the first work, toward the aftermath of the war between families that lead the protagonist of our tale to turn into a feral life style on impenetrable mountains, “living like boars and sleeping like foxes”, until his capture and subsequent confinment in the notorious Buoncammino’s jail. The solitude of the forced mountain life meet the despair of 30 years of life in a cage of the notorious legal lager.
8 tracks, digipack, with a rich booklet with illustrations and text translated into English, “Vindicta II” is mastered by Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Candor Chasma, etc.). Another collaboration between Old Europa Café and Marco’s label Elettronica Radicale Edizioni.
Various ‎– 15 Poems by Franz Kafka 2xCD (Zhelezobeton Distribution Division)

We are pleased to present this unique double release produced by our label along with the "Own Editions" publishing house, the translator Olga Roschina, the illustrator Daniil Grazhdankin and a number of musicians from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Odessa. The first part - the "15 Poems by Franz Kafka" book - is the first ever bilingual illustrated edition of all known Kafka lyrics (in German and Russian). The second part is the musical compilation based on the material of this book... As it turned out Kafka's works and their atmosphere are close to musicians from very different cultural layers. It's the point where many musical styles interwine: radical chanson and neofolk, female choir and collage electronics, post-industrial and dark ambient, rampant neoclassic, minimalistic improvisation and post-rock. The compilation features I. Belorukov, A. Popovskiy + D. Sorokin + B. Shershenkov, Pustotsvet, N. Sudnick, UtrovortU, Uhushuhu, Chumaho DRU, Bardoseneticcube & Chivadeshe, Eject, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Majdanek Waltz, Monocube, Sal Solaris, Sequoian Aequison, The Tune 3.0.
Various - Americanoise 2xCD (Audio Dissection)

Legendary C120 cassette compilation compiled and released by Mother Savage Noise Productions in 1995 in a limited edition of just 150 copies. Strong line-up with Macronympha, Taint, Skin Crime, Knurl, Daniel Menche, Emil Beaulieau, Mother Savage, OVMN, Death Squad, One Dark Eye, Abfall etc...
Probably the best USA harsh noise compilation ever released.
Various – Epicurean Escapism II CD+DVD (The Epicurean, Silken Tofu, Peripheral Records)

On the occasion of the second Epicurean Escapism Festival 15th of June 2013 a CD/DVD compilation was released, including a CD with exclusive tracks by the performing artists KE/HIL, POST SCRIPTVM, ANEMONE TUBE, DIETER MÜH & TREPANERINGSRITUALEN,a DVD by CON-DOM with super 8 short films and experimental movies created by Mike Dando in the 1980s to early 1990s and finally digitally restored in 2013 and a 20-page catalogue with essay & artworks by ALEX TENNIGKEIT, ANDREW LILES, CARMEN BURGUESS, DENNIS RUDOLPH, PHILIP BEST & RUDOLF EB.ER.
Various – Hard Panning (The Ultimate Contemporary Cut-up Harsh Noise International Compilation) CD (Triangle, Somnelent Shelter Records)

The hardest-hitting release of the year.
Featuring well-established artists as well as relative newcomers, the compilation contains roughly 50 minutes of top quality, complex and dynamic harsh noise.
HARD PANNING documents the evolution and redefining of the genre which came a long way since the early pioneers. A definite must-have.
Various - Hate Tasting CD (Sickcore)

Various - John Barleycorn Reborn: Rebirth CD (Cold Spring)

The double-edged nature of the harvest season can be both a blessing and a burden; a vision of superabundant excess than can’t possibly be consumed before it rots. Our pre-industrial forebears expended considerable time and energy on conserving some of autumn’s bounty against the scarcity of winter… yet somehow, people would survive to till their fields again the following spring. The compilers of the first ‘John Barleycorn Reborn’ compilation, released in 2007, faced a similar embarrassment of riches – a testament both to English folk heritage and the health of the contemporary folk music scene. So here we have the second crop from that original sowing. Originally released for download only, now finally available as a stunning double CD, with every track completely remastered to the highest quality. 33 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music.
Various - Philosophy Of A Knife CD (Peripheral records)

We are proud to announce the first in a series of Compilations on Peripheral Records. The first installment kicks-off with 'Philosphy of a Knife', an 11 track CD of harsh Noise / Power Electronics and the Darkest Ambience. Featuring: White Walls / Brighter Death Now / Staalkracht / Contagious Orgasm / Bagman / IRM / Barrikad / Atrabilis Sunrise / Dry Greed / BrandKommando and Kristus Kut. Most of the tracks have been specially recorded for this CD.
The CD is housed in a DVD case with button badge and limited to 250 copies. Highly recommended!!!
Various - Revenge?! Yes! Nordic Audio Modern 2012 CD (Autarkeia)

There is nothing much to say about this record. Only that it was created by dedicating new and previously unreleased tracks by the legendary world famous ambient/industrial bands to the cult festival NORDIC AUDIO MODERN. To this record at least three new tracks were loaded by a legendary Der General, also known as Deutsch Nepal. It is simply the best compilation of 2012. I bet on that for “a tank of methanol”!
Various - Sky Flowers & Horse Eggs CD (Hypnagogia)

Nocturnal Emissions, John Watermann, Zoviet France, Blackhouse, Randy Greif, G*Park, Etant Donnes, etc.
New!!! Various ‎– The Owls Are Not What They Seem: David Lynch Tribute Remixes 2xCD (KultFront)

"THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM: David Lynch Tribute Remixes" is the continuation of the project "NOW IT'S DARK: David Lynch Tribute"** dedicated to the work of the filmmaker and musician David Lynch. The new release contains a double-CD collection of remixes of original compositions included in the first album.
Like on the previous disc, new remixed versions were created by the musicians from different directions of the Russian-speaking dark scene: from ambient, noise and pure experimentalism to sharp rhythmic dark techno and post-industrial. The participants are: ARCUATION, REGULÄR, UHUSHUHU, NOTUM, WUNDERBLOCK, NEZNAMO, SAL SOLARIS, MORTART, BIONOID, LIGHT COLLAPSE, REUTOFF, MIRA DREVO, RIDDIKA, SVETLO111, ALEX SCHULTZ, LOKODEPO, MAJDANEK WALTZ, RELIC RADIATION, ZIMA23, LUNAR ABYSS, KSHATRIY.
Each disc starts with a special “intro” written by the St. Petersburg-based project ANTHESTERIA and the theremin player PETER THEREMIN – the great-grandson of the famous inventor who continues the popularization of his ancestor’s instrument.
The release of the album happens at the time of screening of the “Twin Peaks” cult TV-series continuation, and this is no coincidence. “Got a light?” – asks a movie character in a repeating sample from the velvet abyss of darkness. One of the answers is inside of "THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM: David Lynch Tribute Remixes".
Various - United States Bestial Forces 3xCD (L. White records)

Do you know 50 power electronic bands? –So it looks as you are really familiar with the PE scene!
But do you know 50 US American power electronic bands?
If not LW064 Various Artists US. BESTIAL FORCES! unites really 50 pearls of US American power electronic bands:
F/I/T/H, Richard Ramirez, Genocide Lolita, Violent Pink, Deeper Wells, Frailty of Angels, Gnawed, Magia Nuda, James Balster, Deterge, Blood Rhythms, NYARLATHOTEP, R.S.P., Churner, RU-486 feat. Bereft, Koufar, His Throne, The Vomit Arsonist, Constrictions, Miscreant, Murderous Vision, Nyodene D., Cunting Daughters, Josh Hydeman, Goatlab, The Thin White Puke, Bitchneck, Corpuscle, Bereft, Klit, Hierchiss, Sharpwaist, False Flag, Xiphoid Dementia, Streetmeat, Corephallism, Pharmakon, Slogun, Rape-X features Missy Moist, Zulanwar, Custodian, Grammal Seizure, Striations, Steel Hook Prostheses, Mania, Blessed Sacrifist, Wolverine Carcass, Heavy Breathing, Secret Guilt, Machismo
A very nice mixture from older and younger American PE bands! So don’t miss it!
New!!! Various ‎– Valkoinen Kohina- White Noise CD (Filth and Violence)

Originally released as an LP in 2015 by Urashima.
Various – Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume 1 : UK CD (At War With False Noise)

Volume I in a series of UK / European / US and Japanese artists' tributes to the pioneering UK Noise group The New Blockaders including exclusive tracks by: Nocturnal Emissions, Smell & Quim, Dieter Muh, Putrefier, srmeixner, Cheapmachines, Evil Moisture, Ashtray Navigations, Jazzfinger, Mutant Ape, Anomali, Halalchemists (incl. members of Skullflower, Culver, Snotnosed, Romance & Marzuraan)
"We are The New Blockaders. Blockade is resistance. It is our duty to blockade and induce others to blockade: Anti-books, anti-art, anti-music, anti-clubs, anti-communications. We will make anti-statements about anything and everything. We will make a point of being pointless."
So read the 1982 manifesto of TNB. A group who, more than any other, define the essence of true Noise music both in art and in act. Their influence on the current crop of popular crossover Noise artists such as Prurient and Wolf Eyes is immeasurable. Emerging at the beginning of the 1980s alongside the Industrial grind of Throbbing Gristle and the harsh, abrasive Power Electronics of Whitehouse, TNB stood out through a purity of vision. Their first record, 1982's 'Changez Les Blockeurs', is noise in its most rudimentary form: metallic grating sounds and analogue feedback redefined what could be classified as music. Its abstract form and Dadaist construction challenged all that had appeared before. Its anti-music approach presented a recording closer to the theory-driven work of Einsturzende Neubauten than their supposed contemporaries. They would appear rarely and when they did it would be in anonymity. The records would emerge even more infrequently with little information and in tiny runs. Collaborations in recent years with artists such as Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Merzbow have brought their anti-sound to a younger and diverse audience. The metal-bashing of K2, the awkwardness of Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, the density of Macronympha and the abrasiveness of Merzbow all owe something to the anti-music of TNB. They can truly be credited as pioneers of Noise music as we know it today.
This is the first in four unique albums of today's most forward-thinking noise artists paying tribute to their masters. Expect further volumes across the globe in the coming months.
Mastered by Philip Julian. Artwork by Richard Rupenus (TNB)
500 copies, 12 page full-colour booklet.
Various – We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold 2xCD (Cold Spring)

The follow-up to our award winning Folk compilation “John Barleycorn Reborn” from 2007. 34 tracks and 146 minutes of music from the best of current British Folk artists.
The raw green of spring is burnished through midsummer into the baked golden crust of August, the headlong vigour of new growth slowing, ripening into a sagging, fecund fullness. Crows wheel low over a cornfield, inkblots spilt on the wide blue sky, their ragged cries cracking the drowsy haze of high summer. Cornstalks rustle and whisper secretively, heads nodding sagely in the light breeze, spread resplendent over the land like the bushy sun-bleached beard of Barleycorn himself, basking in the afternoon heat. The image fades, dispersing into the ripples of Mimir’s black mirror, and now the harvest appears as the radiant blonde braids of gentle Sif, Norse goddess of the corn, ever-faithful wife of Thor, patroness of fidelity, of promises kept. Again the mirror ripples, and now the corn forms the mane of a magnificent horse, surging over the earth, alive with energy, bearing the memory of innumerable harvests past and the promise of harvests yet to come, past and future radiating out in all directions from this perfect, poised moment of completion. It’s time to reap. (Simon Collins)
Vasilisk – Mkwaju CD (Steinklang Industries)

Re-issue of Japanese tribal/industrial pioneers, released back in 1988 on Escimo Records. Originally recorded and mixed in Tokyo from December '87 to May '88, now remastered with additional bonus track. Comes as 6-side digipack.
Velemara – Abysmia CD (Autarkeia)

A new project of a certain Lithuanian and we breath with relief that not all is lost on Lithuanian industrial scene. Not everyone is biding their time in the piss rotting with the glass of beer in their hands. Velemara sound quality shows that there still exist people who invest a lot of time into the music equipment. Very responsive Velemara sound takes you to a phantasmagorical world of dusk. At times, the atmosphere is futuristic and militaristic, and then again so mystical as to evoke interesting associations to the audience. The style of music makes one infer that the author has indeed heard NTT, Nordvargr and MZ412 projects. In broader terms, Velemara offers a remarkable solid Scandinavian-type sound and a black industrial atmosphere.
Verdant - Sincerity CD (Existence Establishment)

Verdant is Zach Adams who is also the man behind BKPR the esoteric and obtuse harsh noise project of relative obscurity. With this new work Adams presents a new dimension to noise in the form of quiet power electronics. The work of Verdant focuses on spoken word, secret promises, dusty corners, delicate instruments, and obsolete equipment. In the span of a few tracks Verdant’s sound can range from a seething attack of brooding noise and industrial to carefully constructed soundscapes that have been packed away in the attic of an old victorian where even the walls whisper of the things they’ve seen.
Sincerity opens up a complex inner world of lost loves, silent betrayals, hidden jealousies, and blind grief forcing the listener to stumble in the darkness of a familiar place. The album is limited to 200 copies in a full-color 4 panel digipak.
Verde – Petoviha CD (Karkia Mistika, Nekorekords, Untergeschoss)

Verde delivers once again a massive collection of never beginning and never ending soundscapes in the spirit of Throbbing Gristle, Jandek, INA/GRM, NWW and more electronic and kosmische end of Krautrock with echoes of early 70s Miles Davis, without sounding like any of these. Mika Rintala (formerly of Circle, Ektroverde, etc.) and friends make strange, strange music with homemade instruments, DIY modular synth electronix, and field recordings of seashores, birds, children... Verde is not really a band, but a place where rocket science, electroacoustix, man's dis/connection with nature and kindergarten-like joy of sonic discovery intercut in bizarre harmony.
Voltigeurs - Possesion CD (Turgid Animal)

Turgid Animal is proud to present the second album of the duo of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies, both core members of the mighty Skullflower. Since the release of the first album in 2009 ("S/T", Turgid Animal), Voltigeurs have been working along Skullflower to create an otherwordly genre defying scene all of their own. Presented here are 6 new tracks of winding hypnotic guitars and electronics, which seem to audibly bubble under a darkened sky. With excellent liner notes and artwork by both members of the band, the honourable touch of esoteric personality is brought forth. 500 copies, jewel cases. Another highly recommended work from a band truly in touch with their own sound.
Watercoloured Well - Arsonist's Rebirthday Audition CD (Monochrome Vision)

This is debut album of the german band consisting of various artists who are involved into the experimental music scene since 80s, each one is quite well known through own activity, but for this album, they gathered altogether for the first time. Seven improvised tracks are recorded in the best way of post-industrial jam sessions of the past.
White Hospital – Holocaust CD (Steinklan Industries)

Re-issue of industrial music's 'holy grail', released back in 1984 on Eskimo Records. This remastered re-issue includes the 2 songs from the 7" "We wish you a merry x-mas" and 3 unreleased songs from the early 80ies! Comes as 6-side digipack.
White Walls - Malattia Mentale CD (Peripheral records)

Peripheral Records second release arrives with: White Walls - Malattia Mentale, a disturbing journey into mental illness, that purges the depths of Industrial Noise, epic Dark Ambient and terrifying samples. White Walls is a project of Keith Mitchell (also of Inhibition/Unit 731/Deutsche Christen) from +Final Trauma Recordings+. Limited to 99 copies proCD. Highly Recommended!!!
Will Over Matter - Lust For Knowledge CD (Freak Animal)

Freak Animal Records is proud to present new album of Will Over Matter. Band continues its path to new dimensions. Utterly unique approach bordering genius and utterly insane. Making choices that nobody else dares. Will Over Matter's take on esoteric-industrial noise abandons the cliche's of dark ambient/reverb drenched ritual muzak etc. It doesn't sound "retro". yet approach has more in common to M.B. and Musiikkivyöry for example. than contemporary noise.
Wince ‎– Traum CD (Freak Animal)

Debut full length CD from WINCE. Masterworks of harsh noise!
Wold - BADB CD (Crucial Blast)

Originally released on cassette in 2004 in a limited edition of 100 copies, <em>Badb</em> is one of the earliest releases from the Saskatchewan-based black metal/noise duo Wold. The nine tracks featured here revolve around the mythology of the war goddess, the spectre of doom that lurks at the edge of the battlefield, and begins at the heart of a roiling black blizzard and proceeds through a charred nightmare soundscape of icy corroded black metal riffs, fractured blasting, melancholic melodies blurred and smeared into malevolent new shapes, and scathing distorted witch-screams ripping through the blackness, all doused and drowned in Merzbowian levels of feedback and distortion abuse. Now presented on Cd for the first time, this early swarm of Wold's psychotropic black metal/noise terror comes with all-new artwork from Pippi Zornoza...
  Womb C ‎– Womb C CD (Bestial Burst)

WOMB C is a collaboration between Will Over Matter, Blutleuchte and Cloama. A 54 minute journey of cosmic atmospheres and occult symbolism, using elements of black metal, ambient, industrial and power electronics, channeling all the energy to travel further and deeper into darkness. Several years in works, this is an artistic triumph in all it´s epic glory! Features members of / recommended to those into Dead Reptile Shrine and Ride For Revenge. Eight page booklet with a story to tell, illustrated with cosmic symbols and as an icing on the cake: amazing front cover art by Denis Kostromitin. Limited edition of 200 copies only.
  Xazzaz – Extinctions CD (Turgid Animal)

For years Mike Simpson's Xazzaz has been tucked away in the far reaches of the North East, obsessively playing, recording and honing his craft with no regard for standard noise or scene conventions. His live appearances are few and far between but are always shrouded in a magical darkness and shamanic intrigue. All manner of instrumentation has and will continue to be used in the creating of his music; from temperamental handmade devices to bass guitars and percussion creating churning low end industrial noise that crashes like the waves of the North Sea. Xazzaz expertly utilizes vocals and synth loops, decay and above all; an egoless dedication to the worship of pure sound. Those few East Pennine dwellers that are familiar with his work (markedly several low run CD-rs and tapes on his own Molotov imprint) will discover that "Extinctions", which marks his first on a professional format, encompass his four best tracks to date. Those that are not yet familiar should be so immediately. This limited edition CD comes in a standard jewel case and features the stunning artwork that enshrines all Xazzaz and Molotov releases, lovingly created by the man himself.
New!!! Xenophobic Ejaculation ‎– Xenophobic Ejaculation CD (Filth and Violence)

Re-issue of first tape. The track "Confession" from the original edition has been replaced on this reissue with "Raise Your Right Arm", from the Goatmoon / Xenophobic Ejaculation split 7"
Xenophobic Ejaculation / Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes ‎– Waffenbruderschaft/Aseveljeys / 毒 CD (Filth and Violence)

XE with NS grindcore
Xiphoid Dementia – Secular Hymns CD (Malignant Records)

Actively recording since 1999, Egan Budd’s Xiphoid Dementia has become known in the underground and in numerous live situations for creating meticulously crafted yet hard to define, post industrial soundscapes, navigating between textured ambience, scourging noise, junk metal, field recordings, and surreal atmospheres, sometimes all in one track. Still, there’s a hyper-focus here that ties it altogether, and makes for something that is dynamic, unpredictable, and clearly ambitious. For those that question if there’s originality left in industrial music, Xiphoid Dementia answers with a resounding yes, though not so much in the sounds themselves, but rather how they are layered and placed.
The first track, Abortion Rites, manages to capture the essence of Xiphoid right off the bat; starting calm enough with a singular drone and a rising apocalyptic choir, only to be eventually engulfed in a firestorm of brain rattling noise and straining machine vibrations, before shifting gears into sprawling cosmic drones, deep bass drops, and processed vocal squall. Subsequent tracks follow a similar path, constantly moving from the cerebral to the physical, adding structural elements, then obliterating it in a mass of debris, mechanized whir, and sharp edged clutter. Of the four tracks here, the last track is perhaps the most focused, and certainly the bleakest; a 13 + minute excursion into a dystopian society full of utterly hopeless and dark, resonating atmospherics, and ending in a cyclonic blur of destructive noise and blackened filth. It’s perfectly executed and a suitable ending to what equates to an intensely visceral and creative listen. Hard to find comparisons here, but those that appreciate the dynamics of Navicon Torture Technologies, Prurient, and Propergol will certainly find something to like. In 6 panel digipak.
 Yen Pox ‎– Between The Horizon And The Abyss CD (Malignant)

Arriving on the scene in 1993 with their self-titled demo, Yen Pox immediately made their presence known with an ability to create monumental, light devouring soundscapes that transcended all that had come before it. Proceeding releases, including their debut CD, Blood Music, 2000’s New Dark Age, and the collaborative CD with Troum only solidified their standing and reputation. With Between the Horizon and the Abyss just being their first full length recording in over 15 years, Yen Pox will never be accused of being prolific. After all, with the two members spread out between Indiana and Washington State, creating new material doesn't exactly lend itself to convenience. But on the rare occasion that recordings do arise, it’s nothing short of masterful, reminding listeners why they’ve achieved such notoriety with such a limited discography, and why their recordings are consistently recognized as benchmarks within the dark ambient genre.
Time between releases has been well spent, with the new material taking the early template and expounding upon it greatly, adding layers of industrial churn and structure to the infernal kosmische sprawl they’re so adept at creating. And yet throughout its entirety, Between the Horizon and the Abyss is remarkably polished and fluid. Within its realm, no seconds feel wasted, and every sound feels purposefully placed, even as it moves and flows in perpetual motion; strains of a distant angelic choirs fall beneath a complex array of arcing tones, liquidous, molten textures, & harrowing orchestral shimmer, with fervent masses of malevolent atmospherics billowing forth in glorious detail.
While this technically falls under the banner of dark ambient, what Yen Pox has managed to create goes far beyond genre specifications and boundaries, crafting a new benchmark and adding a high water mark to an already stellar discography.
Z'EV and Bob Bellerue - Felt, If Not Seen CD (Phage Tapes)

One long track (just over 57 mins) of tension-building electronics and percussions, hovering in between apocalypse and rapture. For fans of ambient room-filling organic sounds. Recorded live in 2009, the music features drums, metal objects, de-tuned guitar, winds, and electronics.
Zinc Room - Shifting Soil CD (Evil Dead recordings)

Junk metal / feedback Industrial with cello, bass guitar and field recordings making it similar to SPK and IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES.