Solco Chiuso "Human Textures" Cd Digipak Limited 100 copies OUT NOW

Lost Empires Records is proud to introduce the first full lenght album from this Italian act devoted to Industrial/Noise.
40 minutes of cold Industrial with harsh blasts of noise and morbid atmospheres.
Solco Chiuso starts this analog experience with no compromise.
No politic, no sex, no philosophy, no human diseases.
Only pure noise.

Solco Chiuso "Human Textures"

Tracklist :

1. The target
2. Can life prevail? (feat. Wertham)
3. Flowers of Stone
4. Rusty Rituals (feat. Naxal Protocol)
5. Zwei
6. Rumore ordinato nel tempo
7. Sex is a crime (feat. L.C.B.)
8. Human Textures (feat. ClauDedi)
9. The Mesmerizer (feat. Empirical Evidence)

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