2015 April distro update


Axnaar - Crawling Mystery 7" (All Dead Tapes, Filth And Violence, Legion Blotan) 8e
Limited to 300 copies total. F&V version with colored covers

Grunt – Myth Of Blood LP (Freak Animal) 20e
2015 new Grunt album!! Available on CD and LP! With 12 pages booklet with lyrics and art. Fierce power electronics.

The Rita – Gamzatti LP (Total Black) 23e
Recorded live July 2014 with pointe work by Hannah-Sarah Myrberg. All of the dancer's pointe shoe movements recorded, photographed, and processed live by The Rita.
Incudes in-depth visual accompaniment in the form of a 16-page full-color booklet, a double-sided 8.5" x 11" insert, a double-sided poster featuring artwork by ZUKK, and two 4" x 6" photographs. Pro-printed sleeves. Edition of 250.


Alfarmania – From Fix To Fix CD (Old Captain) 15e
To satisfy our ever-present addiction to music raw, honest and in-yer-face Old Captain is privileged to release a remastered Alfarmania’s debut highlight “From Fix to Fix” CD. Originally produced by Proiekt Hat’s Hatband label as a limited and now sought-after cassette, Kristian Olsson’s initiation delivers a fix of high-caliber post industrial art into modern knock-kneed digital limbo. Keep reality left behind and enter the narcosis before the advent. The edition is 200 fixes in a 4-panel matte Digipak with stunning artistic collages.

Am Not – Unpunished CD (Unrest) 13e
Fantastic UK industrial/power electronics from one of the best lately appearing projects in the scene. Highly recommended

Con-Dom – Shards Of Ordnance 2xCD + book (Freak Animal) 21e
Many many years ago Freak Animal and Con-Dom started to plan re-issue of some Con-Dom old materials. This dates possibly somewhere around 2004? Years passed and meanwhile sub-label Industrial Recollections was formed and many titles of obscure power electronics/noise/industrial appeared. Among them was issued Con-Dom "Subjection" CD and "Live action 1/4" CD/LP. Finally, after time consuming and energy draining project, Industrial Recollections is proud to announce "Shards Of Ordnance" 2xCD+book out in last days of 2014! Finally everything arrived from press and it's all about final stages of assembling discs and books together. Pre-orders will be taken very soon (keep eye on website) and shipping starts 30.1.2014!! "Shards Of Ordnance" is collection of all relevant Con-Dom compilation tracks. This means, you won't be hearing live tracks of the same classics what appear on Con-Dom album, what were on many old compilation tapes, but this collection is no less than 140+ minutes of exclusive studio songs recorded between 1991-2008. All top quality material, taken from original analogue master tapes, DAT masters, etc. No compression. No editing. All sound is kept as it was to keep the spirit and dynamic tension of material as faithful to original as possible! Included are many rare compilation songs what seem to be impossible to find. Sometimes not even listed in online databases. Not to mention also couple unreleased songs from cancelled compilations what finally see the light of day. Artist has carefully prepared order of the songs, follow themes and approach rather than chronological order. Result proves to be more than just collection. It flows like true album. And even with extreme length of two fully loaded discs, it's great listening experience. It reveals Con-Dom in its full potential, with amazing diversity, strength and unmistaken personality! Unlike previous Industrial Recollections releases, packaging is slightly unusual. Properly binded, offset printed hardcover book, what includes artwork, lyrics, unseen handwritten sketches of lyrics, full tracklist with details of original sources, photos, etc.

Dead Body Collection – I Have Eternity To Know Your Flesh CD (Geräuschmanufaktur) 12e
Along with Vomir, The Rita & Werewolf Jerusalem - Dr. Alex is one of the most known & recognizable names in the world wide HNW/ Static noise scene.
"I Have Eternity To Know Your Flesh" features one new epic wall based on relationship and the emotional feeling of loss. For three more tracks Dr. Alex gets accompanied by the Cr?me de la Cr?me of the HNW genre!
You know what you have to expect! 85 copies

Diutesc – Evilution Resurrected / Draconigena CD+DVD (Old Captain) 20e
An instantly sold out back in 2009 “Evilution” by Walter Adam von Dewitz, former Genocide Organ member (1989-1999), is being re-released via Old Captain. Rare original tracks recorded ‘live without audience and computers’, raw, minimal, non-mastered true old school death industrial and power electronics. Diutesc (from Old German “Deutsch”) is a solo project of a person known by his legendary past in the cult G.O. band and rare self-produced limited vinyl editions also released by Membrum Debile Propaganda and Xn Recordings. “Evilution Resurrected” comprises original tracks and never heard before rarities from the early period and the DVD of the live documentation. Comes in a 4-panel matte double Digipak with a new artwork and limited to 200 copies.

Encephalophonic – X CD (Freak Animal, Audio Dissection) 12e
New on Freak Animal & Audio Dissection! Italian noise of most violent kind and malicious atmosphere. Booklet with photos.

Grunt – Myth Of Blood LP (Freak Animal) 12e
2015 new Grunt album!! Available on CD and LP! With 12 pages booklet with lyrics and art. Fierce power electronics.

Linekraft – Delusional Disorder CD (Impulsy Stetoskopu) 12e
We are proud to present this release from one of the most interesting modern Industrial / Noise acts from Japan (and probably in the world). Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies CD in metal boxes.

Ritual Violence – Ritual Violence CD (Filth and Violence, Bestial Burst) 13e
RITUAL VIOLENCE is a project band featuring key members of Bizarre Uproar, Ride For Revenge and Below... and surely sounds like that. Will also please those unfortunate souls into most raucous Filth&Violence and Bestial Burst acts like Sadistic Bliss, Flooded Church of Asmodeus etc. Raw sound, heavy riffs repeated ´til you vomit in disgust, some blasphemous total noise + well placed samples about Satanic rituals. If that´s not your cup of tea, lucky you, move forward. Two lenghty tracks in 40 minutes, packaged in delicious looking digipak.

Snuff – Kristiina CD (Filth and Violence, Untergeschoss) 12e
Reissue of the infamous first 2xtape by this project.

Streicher – Annihilism CD (Old Captain) 15e
Old Captain is proud to offer a CD release of a true non-conformist artist - Ülex Xane and his vehement project Streicher. Streicher is one of the Industrial underground legends. Starting in Australia in the mid 80s with early projects such as Psy.Phalanx and Nife Junger, Ulex Xane began his Power Electronics/nOise project Streicher with a series of tape releases on his own label Zero Cabal. Originally inspired by his contact with Come Organisation (William Bennett of Whitehouse) and Broken Flag (Gary Mundy of Ramleh), Xane developed Streicher into his own unique style of Power Electronics, which came to be known as ‘Oi Noise’, extreme noise released mostly on cassette and distributed through the tape networks up to the early 90s which are now sought after collectors items. Streicher utilises a mix of total power noise with covert military recordings. A monument to futility, Streicher’s “Annihilism” recording is a stark comment on the current war without end. Recorded at Anal Ripper Studio in 1989-1991 and originally released by Zero Cabal in 1995. Old Captain’s 2015 special 20th Anniversary re-issue edition of 200 copies in 4 panel matte Digipak.


Body Stress – Dismembered In Sudan CS (Moral Defeat) 7e
Great harsh noise

Clinic Of Torture – Slavesex CS (Institue of Paraphilia Studies) 8e
2015 recordings of Clinic Of Torture. Perhaps one could say return closer to old sounds of bands. Less of harsh material, more of raw industrial noise rhythms and sounds of torment.

Current Worming – 1 CS (Dogmatics in Outline) 8e
Awesome Canadian industrial

Current Worming – 2 CS (Dogmatics in Outline) 8e
Awesome Canadian industrial

Edge Of Decay – Halogeeni Helvetti CS (Freak Animal Records) 8e
Freak Animal is proud to present release of less known Finnish harsh noise artists from Joensuu city. Some small profile releases and excellent live gigs have proven project to be worth to keep eye on. His style could be described to be somewhere near Knurl and Richard Ramirez type of direct and raw harsh noise without much editing or gimmicks. Harsh and fierce noise!

Grunt – Sacrosanct Imperium CS (Freak Animal Records) 8e
New 2015 studio tape that continues well where "Myth Of Blood" directed. No leftovers, no live material. Just new songs, of rough industrial-noise & power electronics. Chrome tapes, b/w j-card packaging with lyrics/artwork. Freak Animal.

Haraam – Empire Of Faith CS (Moral Defeat) 7e   
Danish industrial. 44 copies. With 6 page booklet

Haraam – The Day Of Atonement CS (Moral Defeat) 7e   
Danish industrial. Limited to 54 copies.

Haraam – Torment Of The Grave CS (Moral Defeat) 7e   
Danish industrial. Limited to 53 copies, comes with 6 page booklet.

Krypta – Summoning CS (Moral Defeat) 7e   

Nor Index - Rat Trap (Dogmatics in Outline) 8e
Fantastic PE

Silence Of Vacuum – 5: Under Three Layers CS (Institue of Paraphilia Studies) 8e
5th and possibly final tape of Silence Of Vacuum. Unlike previous tapes, it's more varied content. Style has remained close to the same since first tapes of project. Minimal electronic sound walls, where changes happen only on level of details, while overall sound is utterly static. Perhaps notch more variation here, also due tape including 4 tracks, one being complete live set from Lahti/Finland, 2014. Full color covers, chrome tapes. IOPS.