Perineum noise label is, I think, the only one in Lithuania, merging DIY aesthetis and sound of noise. This year, Perineum label celebrates 5 year birthday, so I decided to make a little chat with this activist of Lithuanian noise scene. Have a nice reading.

* Short introduction. Who are you, why are you and how are you?

I am. And that's enough. Why and how? - it's already the consequence of various factors and ego. That is a trifle. As I understand we'll talk here about that.

* Perineum celebrates 5 year birthday this year. What happened during them, what have changed, what were the disappointments and what new impressions. Also introduce your label.

5 year tells how attached I am to this activity, how I serve PERINEUM, simply faithful slave. During these years I learned how to straightly cut paper, glue fabrics on the paper, make CD inserts, design with the computer and many more or less practical things. So I'd say that this activity gave me some skills. These evenings, spent at home next to my table with all the cut patterns instead of spending time outside with a bottle of beer, trained and is training my will... and homebodyness. Many things have changed during these five years: activity direction, character of work, selection of projects etc. And still, only now I can say what is suitable for Perineum from all these huge artists of (non)music and what I'd like to give to listeners. Perineum - it is between-places. At this situation - mediator between creator and listener.

* Introduce the planned program and celebrations for birthday.

I've decided to make 2 concerts for 5 year birthday. The first one (November 14) is for more rough/agressive noise/experimental/industrial music. It's pleasant that SALA agreed to play, good old friends OORCHACH, CLO GOELACH, KLINIKA (curious about hearing this debut) also russian BALALAIKA NOISE said he wants to join the last minute. He said he'll do 3 minutes harsh noise set. Me myself will play under the flag of BRŪZGYNAI.
The 22nd day arrives guests from Netherlands FRANZ FJODOR (we saw this guy in summer with project COCKTAIL COBRA) and from Norway STEN OVE TOF. And MASSIVE EJACULATION (UK - though it's that same russian guy who played in summer as MASONIC YOUTH). It'll be drone/ambient concert. Local interesting projects will help them - ALKIS ĮŠALUSIAI AUŠRAI, LYS, r_s. In catalog of Perineum there are noise and ambient releases so I've decided to split these two styles.

* Your label propagates DIY style. Why is that? You put more heart in it, such aesthetic is more acceptable for you or it's simply lack of money /  no point of investing them?

You almost answered to this question. Since the beginning till now this way was and is the most reasonable. Though at the moment I could make a real CD with glossy cover in default jewel case, but are there not enough of this in Lithuania? It's such a pleasure when you can take some self-made release, which is rather rare thing in Lithuania. But it seems that it'll be more of them in the future. And should be DIY. Other thing is simple economics: why should I throw away huge amount of money if the demand is very little?

* Your label - outsider, "brūzgynai" - outsider... What does this mean?

There is a kind of visual art: outsider art - the art behind the boundaries of official culture. It is often art from mental cases, prisoners, other outcasts; the art, created while being in extreme condition of consciousness etc etc. So I added myself to such. What I do doesn't quite fit (let's agree) to what other labels of similar music offers in Lithuania. So my activity stays somewhere offside.

* There are CDr and cassettes in your label. Is there hope for release of other format?

* There are CDr and cassettes in your label. Is there hope for release of other format?

The answer is the same as to the 4th question. If talking about vinyl, I am not worshipping this format and I don't care if the recording will last 5 or 50 years.

* Cassettes. It seems that this format comes back to it's popularity, especially in the scene of noise/power electronics. CDr vs cassette. Pluses and minuses. From the point of view of releaser, producer, listener.

I do like cassettes. I think I'll pay more attention to it during 2009. I don't have great knowledge of technics and I am no estimator of quality. I simply like cassette releases more often because it's interesting to design, pack them etc. I've really noticed that more new labels appear in lo-fi noise sphere, that specializes in cassettes. In USA and Europe mostly. Somehow I like them the most.

* You do covers and everything for your releases yourself, tell me how important is the package and cover for the release. How the creating of covers goes? While listening to the band or completely dissociated from the music or how?

It's no less important than the content, but we can say that none of them are important. But ok, as for me, I do take into account the sound content of the release while making covers. Sometimes I pass the  making of artwork to some artist, but most often I do it myself. I'll admit that I am rather bored of folding these papers, cutting, glueing, so in the future package will be simpler (upcoming releases will be in factory made digipacks), but of course there will be my touches also.

* Are there any criteria by which you release some artist and album? What releases wouldn't have a place in your label? With political, religious or some other motifs?

I don't like extremism, especially political. I don't think there is a place for politics in music. The artists that Perineum releases are most often friends of long time exchanging letters. I do not have any strict requirements till now, though I feel that I go to the sphere, which is even more alien to what is most popular in Lithuania.

* The best release you've made.

Two leaders: d.n.s. "dunes" and seagull overseas / haeiresis.

* For quite some time you actively took part in grindcore scene. Later it seemed that you've dissociated from it. Why, what influenced that and do you still have any connections with it?

There were times. But by the overall law of changes I came where I am now. And this is not the final point. While it's still interesting, while I can express myself here, I'm staying, but I don't know if it is for long. The path is unpredictable.

* Your project "brūzgynai". What is that? Is it just the sound or something more? What are the ideas of it? Introduce and describe it.

All we know what BRŪZGYNAI means and what associations they raise (brūzgynai is lithuanian word for dense shrubs. TeRRoR): it's hard, complicated, it requires huge efforts to get over, it looks unpleasantly and you don't want to step in at all. The unwanted part of the forest. The forest which gives us good feelings, calmness, fresh air. But it's important part for the nature. It's like sadness and other negative emotions which are needed for people. It's unconsciousness.

* Inspiration for "Brūzgynai". Is it just aesthetic of sounds or it's the reaction from inside or outside?

Everything inspires. What consciousness are not capable of digesting, goes to unconsciousness and Brūzgynai tries to summon it back to consciousness.

* As far as I saw you, you don't use computer to your creations. Everything - analog. What is your attitude towards noise, created witch computer. What are the bad and good sides?

I use it for mastering. Sometimes I play around with Ableton, but not during live shows. So I have no prejudice towards it. What's important is the result and not means of production. And what's even more important is the process of creation. And at last nothing is important at all.

* What do you find in noise and why did it took your attention? Is it sound, ideas or something else?

I find powerfulness, fire, strong energy. That's enough.

* Lithuanian noise scene. Your opinion about that. Is it enough as it is? Our scene according to the scene from other countries by the Baltic sea.

Comparing with USA, Western Europe, Russian we are poor conservators though I see upcoming new wave of bands/projects - especially in noise, thanks to Kiras, Levas and others. I'll be even more happy when I see wider specter of styles, more labels, zines etc.

* Academic music. Your attitude towards it.

I don't know what it is, but if BERNARD PARMEGIANI, IANIS XENAKIS, PIERRE HENRY is academism, I like it very much.

* How is it going with your zine "Introspect"? All in all the culture of zines nowadays in your opinion? The fact is that we are already gone from zines made with typewriters and hand made design and xerox, but these things do exist. What stimulates it?

I think most of us are missing 90ties somewhere deep in our hearts. Black white cut'n'paste type paper zines. The fact is that it'll never return back. Here and there appears some enthusiasts who manage to release one, maximum 4 numbers and most often that's the end of story. Or the whole thing is moved to online. Why? Money, time, energy, information updating etc. The same happened with paper Introspect. There will be changes in online version, after changing of design, Introspect is now with very little info, but there are contributors (mostly from abroad) and the space is filling up. Of course, it's a pleasure to take a paper zine, leaf it, give it to a friend. I think that because of that nostalgy appears new zines, but they are little in numbers, and, as I've mentioned before, they do not live long.

* Magic and mysticism. In zine, in random places or from talks I understand that this is important for you. Why and what do you find in there?

I find another view to reality, the possibility of other reality, that is accessible with the help of will, discipline and consciousness.

* What musicians, projects, artists are your favorites or it's impossible to tell it?

I've paid attention to: LUASA RAELON, OORCHACH and Tibetian bells lately. I do not have the favorite one, I like many things.

* What book are you reading now?

I've just finished P. Coelho "The Zahir". Now A. Breton "Nadja" is my target.

* What book, record and person would you take while traveling to unknown island for a period of time?

I wouldn't take any record, I'd leave all that stuff in the past. Birds, sea and other nature sounds would be enough for me. The book, hm, maybe something practical, e.g. how to build a raft or yoga exercises. The person would be a woman.

* Do you take umbrella when going outside and it's raining?

Of course. I have paranoia that there are acid rains everywhere around and I'm so worried not to go bald.

* Your future plans? With Brūzgynai, Introspect, Perineum?

Brūzgynai - official cassete released by Russian label MONOPOLKA soon. Next year I'm planing of making more releases. Perineum: Vėlių namai CDr - melancholic synth ambient. OKOK Society CDr - weird/foundsound/drone from Mystics of Wales. Introspect: good contributors, constant updates or closing up.

* Last sentences. Thanks, swears, wishes... Anything.

It was interesting to answer the questions and to overview my own works. It's good to know that it's interesting to someone what I do. Don't forget to laugh at yourself after waking up and before sleeping.