Vibrating Garbage / Corsican's Whore

These two artists are underground inside the underground or even deeper. But this split is one of the first albums, done by then fresh label, Agharta. Before pressing PLAY I tried to find a little nformation to read about these projects, but what I found was almost zero. This is the other world where these projects live and that I hardly know. Vibrating Garbage - all that A side sounds like rain, which falls from the roof on various random objects and by that causing random sounds. Random drops, hitting the random thing and causing random sounds. Well, it's almost everything I can tell about this side. Sometimes something similar to rhythm is formed from all these drops, but it is of the same unimportance as everything else in this record. Well, it could be a test of some noise generator or synth, but I don't know how to evaluate this side other way. I wasn't caught by it at all. Maybe it raised me a sad "why" question somewhere deeper in my head. Corsican's Whore - a little bit of free improvisations at the beginning though this is different from the A side. It gets a little clearer (and more acceptable for me) form from time to time. After the start with accidental sounds, this side grows slowly and draws attention. But all these kwik kwaks, associating with sessions of free jazz, scatters any remainders of the mood that this record managed to create. Only last several minutes, the culmination of the side was something more acceptable.
This album is completely not for me and after the listening session I understand that it'd hardly caused any emotions. But I do also undertand that the sounds recorded here are from completely different space than I exist. I simply cannot understand that. I wouldn't even know how to call the genre of this album. Was it experimental? Free improvisation? Nothing? Garbage? Most of all I liked the cover of the cassette. As if it'd be from some tale. And after this listening session, the question remained like a fishbone, stuck in my mouth. Was it the record that had nothing in itself or was it my lack of understanding? I don't have answer to this. Maybe this was the goal of the release? To raise such questions?

Format: CS
Released: 2009
Label: Agharta
Edition: 50