Der Antirüpel – Recht auf Stille

This work, released by German label Antimoderne Tontrager is interesting because of it's conception at first. It is dedicated to German-Jewish philosopher Theodor Lessing and his work in German chapter of "Society for the Suppression of Unnecessary Noise". I have never come across this philosopher so I won't go deeper with perfunctory comments about him and his work. As far as I understood, he was rather contraversial person by his attitudes and declarations. I have never came across these German wall noisers, whose cassete is crushing my brains this evening, either. Wall noise is a strange phenomenon by itself. You cannot value it by some standard criteria. It is wall. Either you break through it or it falls on you and presses till you're dead. In this case Recht auf Stille energizes me. It is not pressing or dull wall - it is coarse, even joyfull in places, but strong and thick partition of noise. In the first side of cassette (the side from where I've started listening to this album because nothing is written on the cassette. But both pieces are untitled so let it be Untitled I) high tone cuts through my ear. Under that - wall of low rumble. High tone disappears little by little and that light drawing on the wall is gone. You are left to rub yourself into uneven, not quite monotonic, but flat and monolithic surface. By the end high tone appears once more, thrusts for a few minutes and becomes silent. 10 minutes by the wall are gone (the whole album is around 20 minutes). The second side of a cassete doesn't stand out with such "kick in the pants". In Untitled II - the sea of low and lower frequences in best traditions of wall noise. This side does not energize that much though that conditional absence of monotony does not choke you. Hiss and rumble interlace not aggressive, but soft and pleasant partition of consciousness and unconsciousness. Sound becomes calmer little by little - either it is going to total darkness or pleasure is reached through noise. In essence I liked this work. First of all I liked the concept. Thoughts came to conclusion that if you want to suppress unnecessary noise, you need to build unpassable and unclimbable wall. Second - the sound from cassette and good quality noise fits to this calm evening very much. To look from the other side - this wall noise was not too viscous and excruciating. Is it good or bad? I don't know. I liked more than disliked what I've heard. Right for silence (if I've understood the title correctly). But I want to rub to nubbly surface still.

Format: CS
Released: 2008
Antimoderne Tonträger
Edition: 18